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  1. Well, I just got an update on what the Cignal billing problem was (still is) and thought I would come back one last time to share it. My wife messaged the local Cignal people in Argao through Facebook and they responded. They said to disregard the bills (as if I wasn't already). The people who moved into the house we were renting got Cignal as well and the account name and information has not yet been changed in "the system" yet. That was over a year ago. I was right (for once). I could have called and emailed for years but good ole FB came through. Gotta love it. Au revoir, everyone!
  2. I don't believe they're cross-checking with the US embassy and I never said that all the US was interested in is financial security. They required the NBI clearance and some other stuff, really can't remember. I consider the line of questioning about going out at night to be highly inappropriate. Let's leave it at that. .
  3. If it's an honest open question why wasn't it asked in the common language of English, which we all understood and how we started off, instead of Cebuano slang between the kabayans? If you bring your spouse to Aus do they ask you if she screws around and drinks before deciding to grant him/her residency? Maybe so, I know nothing about Aus immigration. They don't for the US visa, I've been through that one. It's almost 100% financial requirements. Anyway it wasn't just that it was a lot of things. And since I left, like most others do (eventually), it was a waste of time and money. The point is that it's not a one-size-fits-all, whatever suits your situation.
  4. 62 years 5 months and twenty-odd days. Not being a smarta$$, that's really how long it took.
  5. There is no perfect solution, you have to pick what works best for you. For me it would be as I said because I want nothing to do with BI. I would not go through the 13a again. Besides all the forms and fees I find this probationary/permanent thing absurd. When we were interviewed for the 2nd time by the same woman lawyer she asked my wife in the lingo if I went out drinking and running around at night. Of course I didn't know that and didn't find out until much later. Would that disqualify me from their precious permanent resident visa when 99% of the male population does exactly that? Or would that qualify me because it would prove that I truly belong?
  6. You asked so here's my 2 cents. In perfect hindsight I would have stuck with the BB, it's absolutely free and you never have to deal with BI. As time goes on you'll appreciate that more and more. The only caveat is you have to leave once a year. Call it a sanity check. No Probationary/Permanent nonsense. As for the SRRV, I stopped reading at the $1400 "application fee".
  7. MikeB


    So do you live there now? For how long? Reason I'm asking is often foreigners see things quite differently after living day after day for a number of years. As compared to visits and holidays. And before you ask, I never set foot in Mindanao, lived 5 and a half years in Phils, mostly Cebu province.
  8. I'll bet dollars to doughnuts she grew up there. Parents were missionaries, diplomats, etc. I met a young black female in a place once. Looked like typical American. I was surprised to hear her speaking the local dialect like a native. Turned out she was, father was American soldier went back to US never heard from again. Raised by single mother in Phils. Lots of them around. Hard to tell by appearances.
  9. No, Pacific Cross (formerly Blue Cross Philippines) has a plan specifically for 66+ called Premier. I had it for the year before I left. Just look on their website, if you want a good agent I can recommend one privately.
  10. Also a possibility. Extremely unlikely.
  11. No, the only thing that "sorta" makes sense is that the local cignal people didn't properly terminate the service w/Manila (shocking!) and whomever rented the house after us established service with them so although they pay the bill monthly through the local place the main records still indicate my name, acct#, etc and I get the email once a month. I'll just keep shaking my head and deleting.
  12. I’m having a real bizarre billing thing with Cignal Satellite tv (Phils) and I’m wondering if any of the grizzled vets have any insight. The last year or so I lived in the Phils I had the service, which was pretty good. We got it thru the local Cignal people in Argao, they had a booth in the market. When I left more than a year ago we contacted the local people and they came and removed the equipment and said we had fulfilled the contract and all was good. Every month since I receive an email with an attached pdf of an outstanding current bill from the home office outside Manila. It’s always a little different and always has a credit from previous month (paid) and a current balance due, as if it’s still being paid every month. The balance is ~1000p which is what I was paying. In the beginning I tried emailing them but, of course, no reply. I checked the 2 bank accounts I was using to pay the bills and there have been no debits except tax since I left. I’m not worried about it, I could set up an outlook rule that would delete or junk email it, whatever. Just wondering 1) wth? 2) why did I bother paying when I was over there using it if I’m getting monthly bills for the past 1+ year indicating it’s being paid?
  13. It's already the next day in the Phils but we are in prime time for Thanksgiving here, a very rainy one with a tornado warning in our area. This song came out in 1967, 50 years ago this year. Where did the time go? It's a Thanksgiving tradition for a lot of people. You've probably heard it but if you have about 20 minutes, this is the original by Arlo Guthrie (Woody's kid). Happy Thanksgiving!
  14. I haven't read anywhere that he was diagnosed with Alzheimer's. He was evaluated as having dementia, a general term for many symptoms. Not uncommon for 65+.
  15. I guarantee he didn't buy his at Ayala Mall. Either Colon or some other deep discount joint. Filipinos know the angles, they have to.
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