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  1. Fair point - but how much stuff do we need v how much stuff do we want is the challenge
  2. Absolutely - but there is literally no storage space in some of those units and everybody has some stuff they need. I've even seen some 4-person families buying them - I just cannot see how it's doable for them!
  3. A frustration but not a surprise - the ability/desire to plan ahead is not part of the Filipino skillset.
  4. hk blues


    We had a small one here in Iloilo around 10am - I didn't feel anything. We have had a few small ones this year - more than in previous years I've been here
  5. Slightly off topic, but I watch some of these Tiny Homes TV shows - the thing that gets me is where the people put their "stuff"? I could live in a tiny house but my stuff couldn't!
  6. I guess we all know an ex-pat who somehow has the discount card? I always wonder if it's worth the risk as it's pretty easy to see that someone isn't a Filipino in most cases.
  7. I see she's got her hands ready to be cuffed!
  8. Sadly, it seems to me that hard honest work is not valued here - good to hear such a positive take on things in the above post
  9. From a financial point of view, you are of course correct. But, surely the point of mobile homes is that they are mobile and that brings with it the freedom many of us yearn for. This would apply for travel as well as permanent living.
  10. 2 or 3 years? More like 2 or 3 weeks! Seriously though, I have looked at GSAT, Cignal. Planet and Sky Cable and Cignal seems to provide the best choice of channels with less of the local channels that are of little interest to most of us foreigners. But, yes, they do tend to repeat themselves over time but when we compare what we pay here compared to the UK (and I'm sure the US) it's easy to see why.
  11. I have plan 1299 which gives me 100GB/10 mbps - actual speed is usually around 11-12 mbps! For cable TV, I'd say go for Cignal as they have EPL available and many more channels than GSAT (or so my neighbour tells me who has GSAT). I believe you can combine Cignal and Globe as one package. I can top up for 99php for an extra 50mb. I guess the unlimited data plan is great if you are a netflix user.
  12. I worked in 3 sites in the North West - Rochdale, Salford and Widnes - definitely the Widnes guys were by far the friendliest. They would even say thanks as they stole the wheel trims off the car!
  13. Hey, don't tar us all with the same brush!
  14. But wouldn't the Insurance need to be in the name of the vehicle owner (or driver) rather than the dealership?
  15. It's get a deal or stay in - parliament will not approve a No-deal Brexit Just my opinion
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