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  1. Our HOA is the gatekeeper in terms of what people can and cannot build. Basically, we go to the HOA office and tell them what we are planning and they will say yes or no. If it's a yes they will advise if any building permit is required. If the HOA say no then you will have a problem bringing in materials as the security gate will stop you. Now, how honest people are when talking to the HOA is another matter. A neighbour has effectively built an upstairs extension stage by stage without planning permits - a roof terrace became a roof terrace with a roof, then half walls and last week win
  2. I'm quoting your post OMW but not because my comment is at you necessarily - Let's cut to the chase on immigration. All governments would love to be able to pick and choose who comes in and who doesn't but for a multitude of reasons cannot. We're living in a time where our inherint dislike of immigration doesn't wash. And, I'm not naive enough to not be able to connect the latest act by the government to the Chinese immigrants. That said, I'm also not naive enough not to see that it may be just another example of taking advantage of the current sentiment towards the Chinese. Unl
  3. I don't think either Tom or the authorities here said anything about the Chinese. Anyone who thinks only the Chinese are abusing the system must be having a laugh.
  4. There was a lengthy case in Hong Kong on this topic - it went as high as the High Court there. The court said it was not discrimination because it was based on job type and applied to everyone doing that type of job. So, you and I would not be able to apply for residency either if we were OFWs. A convenient (for Hong Kong) finding considering the number of OFWs there! Pragmatic as well as double standards probably.
  5. I hear you, Tom. I think the reality is we are not comparing like for like - I am 100% convinced that property in the Philippines is cheaper on a comparative basis than property in the UK, for example. I agree that projects here get out of hand and the costs mount so I'm not surprised to hear your experience - I just think those experiences are not the norm. We do get taken advantage of as foreigners when it comes to costs, one way or the other.
  6. Very true - I've been in my place 5 years and I still spend a couple of hours every weekend on routine maintenance/touch-ups. That said, I sometimes wonder why I bother - We have some tile panels in our garden and one of them has bled some acid (i think) from the mortar below leaving an unsightly stain. Simple solution (after trying to clean and failing) was to move a plant and cover the area - I did that last night. Worked a treat. Today, I noticed my wife has trimmed the plant and now the stain is visible again. AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAArgh!
  7. My experience is very much different, Tom. I was able to buy a very similar size house here 5 years ago for 1/3 of what I sold my house in the UK for in 2004. Location of both was not so different - quality of build was not comparable but... I would say that if you want a western style, quality and design house here then you can definitely expect to pay a premium but do we really need that level? I'm willing to compromise to get a balance.
  8. Isn't this true of all ex-pats pretty much anywhere, though? How many of us Brits really appreciate what foreigners bring to the UK?
  9. Agree on that last part. But, I see no point in 2nd guessing anything at the moment as regards a vaccine.
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