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  1. Good advice, but it only works if the layover is when the MTR operares - it's not a 24-hour system and closes down between 12:30ish and 5:00ish. The alternative is an expensive taxi or bus - bus is fine from airport to the City. Personally, there is nothing to do in the small hours unless you're into clubbing and drinking, so i wouldn't go into the city after 11pm. There are 3 stops on the airport express to/from the city.
  2. Indeed. Just as an example, i was in McDonalds yesterday and the server asked me what drinks I'd like with my meals. After telling her, she told me they only had Sprite! Jokingly I asked her why she bothered to ask me the question. That apart, I've never known fast food restaurants run out of items so frequently as they do here.
  3. Even the term "Non-Working Holiday" is so typical - why not keep it simple and say non-working day or even better, just holiday?
  4. hk blues

    So She Said Yes!!

    This reminds me of the old joke - A guy arrives home from White Hart Lane late one Saturday night. His long-suffering wife says to him "I think you love Spurs more than me" to which he replied "To be honest, I love Arsenal more than you!" All the best BrettGC for a happy and more importantly peaceful marriage.
  5. hk blues

    New member living in Philippines

    Welcome John. Not all of us fit into the 3 categories you mention though, John. There are some of us who met a Filipina outside the Philippines and decided to come here for many reasons, including financial. Regardless, certainly those who are in category 1 and 3 will have more problems than Mr 2!
  6. hk blues

    Second visit

    I guess if she has an ongoing relationship they won't want to damage that so that's of some comfort to you. As for holding back money - it's a good idea in principle IF you stick to it and can ignore the sob stories that may (will) come. The price is always a difficult one - it's well nigh impossible to know what is a fair price as the materials can be expensive or cheap depending on how much extra the builder wants to make so, again, you can but hope that they want to maintain a good relationship going forward.
  7. hk blues

    Globe's Mobile WiFi Ripoff

    Depends what kind of movies!
  8. hk blues

    Globe's Mobile WiFi Ripoff

    I'm about 10km from the city but in a large subdivision so I guess we have reasonable infrastructure. I do know that each 'feeder box' has a limited capacity so it might be that the one you're connected to is already full. From what i've heard PLDT are just as bad in our area so it might be a frying pan and fire situation if you moved ISP
  9. hk blues

    Globe's Mobile WiFi Ripoff

    I know Globe frequently change their plans so that might explain you having 50Gb and me 100GB for the same price. As for no top up (data boost) - seems strange. I just call Globe hotline and (after a lengthy wait) ask for a 99php data boost and within 3-4 hours it's done. I'm not in the city centre of Iloilo either.
  10. hk blues

    Globe's Mobile WiFi Ripoff

    Agreed. As far as I know, location may affect the speed available but not the data capacity
  11. hk blues

    Globe's Mobile WiFi Ripoff

    Well no, you didn't. You said Globe Mobile wifi - for all I know that could be portable wifi.
  12. hk blues

    Globe's Mobile WiFi Ripoff

    I assume you are talking about using a smartphone - Globe home wifi plans offer sufficient data and you can top up when you run out to tide you over to the end of the month until your new capacity kicks in. I think my plan is 100GB per month for 1299php and I can buy an extra 50GB for 99php
  13. Yes. It doesn't specifically state you cannot work with a BB visa as far as I can see, but nor does it state you can. I'd imagine that means you cannot.
  14. Surely you can agree that darkness brings more danger than broad daylight? Nobody has said crime doesn't happen in broad daylight, but aren't more crimes committed after dark? Yes, many Filipinos are drunk in the day, but many more are drinking at night to add to the daytime numbers! To answer your last question - your instinct is perhaps about all you can trust.
  15. Your flippant is my light-hearted. I did add "Seriously..." to my comment but obviously it missed the mark. I've made it through 13+ years so far without incident so I reckon I'm OK to venture out after dark!