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  1. Might make you popular with the neighbours who love fast internet...less so with the neighbours who don't.
  2. In my area at least I think it's all down to supply and demand. The supply remains constant but the demand varies. Example - weekends are worst and that is when everyone does their washing etc - yesterday we had an all-day brownout and the water was great - nobody doing washing etc as no power and we all went shopping etc. In a country with so much rain it's hard to imagine why water is at a premium. Well, actually, not hard at all!
  3. I suppose they should - if people want to vote in order to influence the result then it's only fair they pay for whatever policies they chose to support.
  4. Why on Earth would "they" choose to control population using such a haphazard way - there are numerous better alternatives. You've been watching too much Netflix.
  5. That's the room to house the lift/elevator machinery Steve, mark my words!
  6. Nah Tom, not just the Yanks and the Chinese...Canadians are a bit iffy as well IMHO!
  7. Too True! We're all a bit guilty of thinking/pretending/believing our situation is not the norm BUT that is often because our partner is more clever at playing us than others!
  8. Hey Tom, just because you guys over the pond are crazy, don't tar us all with the same brush!
  9. I have access to my wi-fi router settings (Globe) but only limited - I cannot update firmware for example.
  10. We're all old enough and ugly enough to stand up for ourselves Steve. It's great to use this board to vent and get ideas, but as you can see there is a wide spectrum of ways we deal with things - from building an invisible wall between us and our family/friends/neighbours to bowing to the family demands. I'm in the middle(ish) - if it isn't doing me any harm then I'll go with the flow, if it is I'll dig my heels in. You need to decide which way works for not just you, but for your partner as well - it's her family and she may have some sympathy with their views.
  11. I was directed to one which was a guy eating everything off the Wotherspoon (UK pub chain) menu. Just cannot see how anyone would do this, less still watch someone doing it.
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