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  1. The problem is, as you say, the standard expected. Here, people in general don't look for so much so contractors of course work to meet this (low) expectation. The problems start when us pesky foreigners look for something better and the contractors are either unwilling to or incapable of upping their game. Following a couple of not so great experiences, I learned to ensure that my wife sets expectations before we agree the price and contractor. I make it clear I don't mind paying a premium (small) for above average work. That way, at least we have set a baseline. Now, that doesn'
  2. For sure. Despite what numerous members here say, I would still strongly recommend anyone living here for any period of time get a local account IF they can.
  3. The construction industry in general is notoriously "dodgy" wherever we are. That last line is exactly what I mean - it is soooooooooo true here. The concept "I live in a house so surely I can build one" is how it goes here (I'm exaggerating for emphasis, of course). Example - I had 2 roofs built in 2019. The contractor did everything (3 man team) from steelwork to concrete work to carpentry to electrics (very basic mind you i.e. extending the existing light fitting a couple of metres) to painting. You know better than me that in the UK that type of project would have had at le
  4. I think you're wise not to have resorted to using such places as who knows what type of security their PCs have, if any, and what sort of stuff they have lurking inside them. In a dire emergency I'd probably ask a neighbour to use their PC rather than use a cyber cafe.
  5. Ah, the use of the word "better"! Anyhow, in Hong Kong I used A4 for my 13A but since coming here all BI docs I've used legal or "long" as they call it.
  6. If you've already provided ID in the past then there would be no reason to have to provide it every time, Tom. Being foreigners, we probably stand out and thus are easily remembered.
  7. But they do, Clermont. At least, the UK ones do - the issue is it takes soooooooooooo long for the post to get here at the best of times. There are no security issues as the cards have to be activated before they can be used.
  8. I don't know but surely you need to hand over the card to make a purchase using the debit card in person? I always have had to do that here. For online purchases, obviously, it's not the case and the details are sufficient.
  9. I'm not surprised to read this. Even the electrician did a good job as you said previously on the house electricals, he took on a task that he must have known was outside of his knowledge/experience.
  10. The big difference here, Terry, is that over promising and under delivering is more common than in the UK - I doubt a contractor here would turn down work because they thought it may be beyond them.
  11. Good advice. As suggested in my post and by yourself, Mike, I am not so sure that talking to previous clients will be helpful in all cases - they tend to not want to criticise others and keep their ideas to themselves, especially if there is nothing in it for them. That said, if they do say anything negative or are non-committal you can probably read a lot into that. Looking at the work ourselves, and deciding if the quality is what we are looking for is probably best - your standard won't be mine.
  12. It isn't always an option - some, not all, banks are very strict about addresses and require documentary evidence linking the account holder to the address. When I first came here, we had a temporary address only so I asked my U.K. bank to use my ex-wife's US address in the interim. They agreed but asked for documents linking her to the address and said this would be allowed only for 6 months. Sure enough, at the end of this period they called me and asked me to provide my new address. Again, this was my experience with my bank, not all are as strict it seems.
  13. No, you stated that clearly already (finally) but you then went on try to identify/clarify why HSBC were able to send his card overseas which is of no relevance to a discussion on US banks. As I say, trying to square the circle.
  14. I cannot really take the credit for my choice - our neighbour used him and I was able to get an honest (well, honest enough) opinion and I could see his work. From the experience of others, it's also not advisable to use family members who often claim to be skilled in all trades. Your point on getting the other half to do the business may be valid, but it certainly wouldn't work for me/us. My wife doesn't have the skillset to negotiate and has practically no building experience at all. She is fine as a go between in terms of translation but no more. I'm a typical Scot so am not afrai
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