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  1. Nobody ever said 1) and 2) wouldn't happen. I don't really understand what your point is in 3) - are you saying the vaccination is actually causing covid? It's simple enough - the vaccines are "sold" on the basis that they will, in the majority of cases, reduce the impact of Covid on the individual i.e. they will reduce hospitalisations and ultimately deaths. Nothing coming out of the UK suggests this isn't the case - quite the opposite in fact. The vaccines are doing their job as it says on the tin.
  2. There was an article in one of the UK papers today about a hairdresser in Australia who has contacted all her clients and advised that any of them who had been vaccinated should cancel their appointments in order to protect her and her (as yet unborn) child. Now, whilst I do not agree with those opposed to vaccines I can accept their stance but this is a new take - actually thinking the vaccinated will cause harm to the unvaccinated! I dread to think what kind of a mother she is going to be.
  3. It hasn't been the case everywhere - the UK for example has seen a dramatic increase in infections but not a corresponding dramatic increase in hospitalisations. I did say "may not..."
  4. The same thing happened to the GBP a year or more ago - it was a result of a technical movement rather than anything sinister.
  5. I have no doubt that it will hit here, and hard. The only hope is that, whilst it s clearly more transmittable, it may not actually result in more hospitalisations or worse.
  6. How did we get to the topic of corruption from a post about how to get people to take the vaccine?
  7. That's what I thought when I read the OP - I thought such documents were only issued in an emergency to allow travel rather than as a regular passport replacement
  8. Excellent service - maybe they should take over the vaccination program from the govt. here!
  9. My mistake - I was not aware that public schools finished so recently. My son's school (private) finished early April and will restart mid August - still too long IMO at 4 months. I believe the other private schools in the area are similar.
  10. Yep, it will likely come down to using either the carrot or the stick approach. Carrot - money. Stick - cannot enter certain buildings i.e. malls.
  11. Yes, but who decided who was poor enough to get the support? And more importantly, what checks and balances were in place to match the amount given and the amount distributed to those in need? Anyway, it is what it is.
  12. And you'd save on the neutering or spaying!
  13. I also note that the start date for public schools is towards the end of September, the latest of the 3 options that were presented. So, the summer vacation will have lasted pretty much 6 months! Given that the system is modules, with almost no teaching time, I wonder why such a long vacation was decided upon? My son is in a private school and will restart in August, which means about 5 months holiday - still far too long and what's worse is we're paying significantly more in fees compared to last year.
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