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  1. Pretty much the same but ours are already wallet-sized when we get them - about the size of 2×credit cards so fit perfectly in the rear note section of my wallet.
  2. To add to the debate - Isn't it the case the wife has to be less than 10 years younger than the husband to receive anything from the husband's pension? I seem to recall that was a pre-requisite. That may explain why graham59's wife/ex-wife isn't entitled to anything.
  3. For me, the upside (enabling as many people to vote as possible) more than negates the negative (fraudulent votes). It could be argued in fact that preventing people from voting simply because they cannot vote in person is much more fraudulent morally speaking.
  4. Funnily enough, I just took a screenshot of my vax card today for that very purpose.
  5. Anything which ensures as many people as possible can vote is a good thing, right?
  6. I assume that would also apply if there were children but they had already grown up? I guess the answer is obviously yes!
  7. I suppose that's why it's better to have a much younger wife, shorten the odds in our favour! Joking apart, and I was joking, it does highlight a potential flaw in the 13A programme. I say potential because perhaps there is a process in place for such eventuality but we've not had to find out about it.
  8. Essentially you are right - I suppose it's as much about contributing to the economy as not being a drain on it.
  9. I hope you've allowed extra for the photocopies they invariably need that you don't have.
  10. In my case it was, Jack. She holds the purse strings so I needed her there for the 310php.
  11. Cheers. Without getting too deeply into something that doesn't really interest me all that much after 2 years, my perception (not backed by data but from reading a lot - not by choice as much as by accident) is that the vaxed are no more protected from getting Covid than those not NOWADAYS but are less likely to be more seriously ill than those not vaxed. If we apply nothing more than common sense (I know, I know) then why would a vaccination designed to attack a virus actually make us more vulnerable to it? Sure, science can and does get it wrong, but that would be a spectacular fail from a lot of parties.
  12. Check the source of the article you have inserted. Have they included the only 3 establishments supporting their cause, are there others with different numbers? I don't know, I'm just asking. As I've said before, I'm not here to get into debate on vax v anti-vax, life's too short. Cut to the chase - in my opinion, being vaccinated offers me a better chance of avoiding ending up in hospital. Others may have a different opinion. That's cool. Sorry, forgot to add this part. I haven't included stats as I'm a believer in the theory that raw data is too easily manipulated but I have included an article which explains why we should take data with a pinch of salt. https://www.politifact.com/factchecks/2021/dec/07/blog-posting/article-misleads-dangers-omicron-variant-using-uk-/
  13. Yep. The farther removed from "the risks of living in the Philippines" you are, the farther removed from actually living in the Philippines you become. Which begs the question, why not live somewhere that doesn't have all the baggage that the Philippines has? If I was rich, I'm not sure I'd choose to live in the Philippines.
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