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  1. Same with us - but, when I was a child I remember my dad giving my mum her weekly housekeeping money on a Friday. I suppose that was a kind of allowance. I think most families were the same in the 60s and 70s.
  2. I was reading today about Vietnam - although they have taken a hit in the last few days they have managed to keep it under control. As always with this virus, experts are guessing but they believe that the country's previous experience with SARS may be a major factor. Added to relatively low numbers in places like Hong Kong and China - both hard hit hy SARS, and we can see how herd immunity could be our saviour. I'm no fan of Boris Johnston, but his original plan to go with herd immunity wasn't so left field but, and it's a big but, the UK was starting from a zero base so it would have led to a catastrophic number of cases. Right idea, wrong place IMO.
  3. None of this should be a surprise - we closed down things to arrest or at least slow, the spread of the virus and, in the absence of any significant changes to the virus or vaccine, of course numbers will jump back up as we loosen restrictions. And the theory that it'll blow over as the temperature rises doesn't seem to be working. We need a vaccine - people cannot follow the control measures consistently over a long period of time.
  4. I'll ask - if last year's was good for 5 years why get another this year, Tom?
  5. You're almost certainly right! As my old granny would say "What you don't know won't kill you"!
  6. I've never really looked into my kettle to check but I suppose boiling the water will kill them off. Our kettle has a fine filter at the spout so I suppose this will keep the ants out of my cuppa. I'll take a look the next time I boil the kettle.
  7. Agreed - the only concern is if/when we are simply unable to climb stairs. We chose our unit because it has a master downstairs but my "office" is upstairs so I get my exercise. I definitely notice that as time passes, the longer I go without walking the harder it becomes to get in the groove again. Old age eh!
  8. My wife pays enough attention to me to make sure I'm OK - but not so much as could be annoying. I'm lucky to have her - I know this because she tells me it often!
  9. Just for perspective - 20,000 php is 400 USD, so 100 USD a week. As a foreigner living here you'll struggle to get by on that if you're having to pay your accommodation as well as other expenses. Not saying it can't be done but you'll really just be getting by. At the other end, 150,000 php a month is more than enough and would certainly improve the 'quality' of female companion if that's your thing!
  10. Yep...and I don't blame you which is pretty much what I said in my post, Jim.
  11. At this point I'll bow out and enjoy my 1st beer of the day.
  12. The poster said there was no HOA yet.
  13. I don't doubt it Jim - but that's not really the point. That's like saying you don't need to pay for stuff in the supermarket as you can shoplift. Edit To Add - I'm not suggesting you were wrong to do so, Jim - I think it's a poor show that Brits who have contributed to the NHS for decades are turfed out after 3 months away. Poor, poor show.
  14. Returning home Brits are not eligible for free NHS healthcare if they have been out of the UK for more than 3 months - this is a fact. I'm sure your family members can confirm this.
  15. We have an HOA and certainly don't pay for any deliveries but we are required to get a gate pass for larger items and building materials but there is no charge for this. Unfortunately, as this is the Philippines some residents think it's perfectly acceptable to circumvent this system and pass a few pesos to guards in order to avoid the hassle of getting the pass. Why do people always want to work around what is a perfectly workable system!
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