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  1. You forgot about the roosters and dogs Steve
  2. The Texan drawl for one thing, and I find the Florida speaking pace a little fast. Just a couple off the top of my head. As a native speaker I don't find it overly challenging, but I can imagine Toshio from Tokyo landing in Georgia struggling a little!
  3. I wasn't so much troubled by the term as curious, as I'd never heard it used in such a specific way i.e. to say someone was fluent in it. I understand what you are saying about regional accents in the UK, and can understand that many foreigners would struggle with them but I also think they would equally struggle with many of the accents in the US - the southern ones in particular. As for the Philippines, well - nothing annoys me more anywhere than fake accents regardless of where - there was a huge number of locals in Hong Kong using them and we have our fair share here too.
  4. So custom and culture have no influence on paying "custom"?
  5. Thanks for explaining - I'm still struggling with the general term "American English" when used to describe a big country such as the US as I'm certain the idiomatic expressions and pronunciations you mention vary from state to state, especially when looking at West coast v East coast and North v South. If TV has resulted in a more homogeneous US due to TV, then surely that same impact will have happened in the Philippines and the UK i.e. English should have become more standard globally rather than only in the US?
  6. What exactly do you mean fluent in American English? Yes, some of the words are different but not that many to make it hard to understand surely? If you are talking about accent, or pronunciation even, that would vary even within the US, wouldn't it?
  7. As a Scot, I do not really think the Geordie accent is at all similar to anything I've heard in Scotland - it really is unique. I'd say the Geordie accent is probably the most difficult regional accent but it's not just the accent, they have a lot of unique words that are impossible to guess.
  8. I have no idea but i know I find it irritating to listen to/read something in English and suddenly the language changes and I'm lost.
  9. Nice Kipper Tie too i'm sure! I'm a Tetley man myself
  10. That's the problem with paying customs - they become so complex and it can take the fun out of dining out. Years of experience have taught me that it's best to clarify in advance (through partner etc) what is expected. Than we can all relax and enjoy the food without having an eye on the upcoming bill.
  11. I'd say the West Country and the Midlands accents would give any of the Northern UK accents a run for their money
  12. I guess that's life - solving one problem is a sure-fire way to create another!
  13. Funny you should say that - i have a sure-fire scheme that will make us both rich - PM for details! Seriously though, i stand by my earlier comment that nobody shares great money making ideas with strangers
  14. I think we're on the same page in terms of what zero sum means - how we define those who start Ponzi schemes may be different in that I consider them as investors in the loosest sense of the word
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