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  1. Yep. I'm lucky as I'm working here so I can pay Class 2. That said, Class 2 payers don't get any additional benefits over Class 3 other than paying much less. The rates are not specific to those overseas, they apply to all regardless of living in the UK or abroad.
  2. I'll throw in my usual plug for this - anyone who hasn't got the max 35 years can make voluntary contributions of around 150gbp a year - well worth it in the long run IF you survive much beyond 67 or so.
  3. Yes, but there are still some who are entitled to the "old" pension which is 137-odd quid a week. I have no idea what the qualification differences are.
  4. I'm surprised you're getting such a small state pension - isn't the basic around £140 a week currently?
  5. I'm with you on this, Old. I do agree with RBM that deportation is not as easily activated as some would have us believe, but I don't want to test my own theory! Heck, we saw the case in the US yesterday where a police officer killed a guy when she fired her gun instead of her tazer - accidents happen and I wouldn't want to be the victim of such an accident here.
  6. Yep. It's a moving picture and we all need to adjust and adapt accordingly. I'm good with that.
  7. Good advice. I work as an online teacher full-time. My experience is that poor internet is one issue but you are more likely to experience power outages than internet troubles. It's difficult to say how many outages we have as they are like buses, ages waiting and then 3 come together! We went 2 or 3 months with none and last week we had 4 - all but 1 was less than 20 minutes which may or may not be ab issue for online workers. We are not allowed generators in our community so I manage my schedule closely and have a power back-up for the modem which outlasts my laptop battery. T
  8. Not having been to Dumaguete I can't comment but my good American friend who lives here has and said that it had a more lively nightlife by virtue of there being so many ex-pats - again, I think that's where the misconception is. Yep, don't fix yourself on PLDT as there are various service providers who MAY be able to offer you what you're looking for, including Globe. Also, ask around as the level of service is very localised - in my area Globe wins hands down (zero service interruption in the past 6 weeks since we upgraded to fiber) whilst my neighbours who use PLDTline (subsidiary com
  9. Indeed Jack. That's why I read his list of gaffes with a mixture of amusement and grimace. A different man from a different generation with a very different life compared to most of us.
  10. I'm of a similar opinion. Maybe we make too many allowances for his age and status; he always said his gaffes were simply a result of misunderstanding but I think It was a little more "sinister" than that in some instances. 2 great quips from him - 1- On a train from Aberdeen to Balmoral the conductor passed on the bad news that the engine had a problem and they would need to wait for a replacement from Aberdeen but not to worry, he would entertain him. Prince Philip quipped "What, are you a f***ing juggler?" 2- Again in NE Scotland he was chatting with a driving examiner.
  11. Oh, I don't know - he was just the type of guy who'd make jokes about Scots being mean.
  12. There was an article on the BBC website today with some of the "highlights." I'll admit most of them brought a smile to my face albeit I could see they were inappropriate in many cases. I think he was a man who was above the normal rules if you like, and thus was able to pretty much get away with anything. And he knew it hence his often amusing and sometimes offensive retorts. A bit like the cantankerous old man many of us know in real life. RIP
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