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  1. Indeed. I actually like the UK approach - 80% of salary subsidised to save jobs. The US approach is one I've experienced before in Hong Kong, it's not entirely effective for many reasons, including it being paid to all citizens many of whom are not going to put it back into the economy of the U.S. As for here, I'd keep it simple and make a weekly payment in vouchers that can be used in certain places. Would it stop corruption - nope. But it would reduce it a little. It's a pity that everything here has to be done with a view to how to minimise corruption but... If this continues for any length of time we may begin to understand why so many locals have developed their philosophical approach to life. Some guys I chat with in the UK say that a lockdown of 3 months or more is not beyond the realms of probability - could we survive that here? Could they survive that there?
  2. Interesting to see how the US are providing direct support to individuals on a level basis whilst the UK are choosing to subsidise salaries on a variable basis. I wonder which one the Philippines gov.will go with?
  3. Back on topic again - I'm venting so no need to read but I'm getting it off my chest! First, in my subdivision people on foot allowed out but 1 per quarantine pass As it should be except necessary exceptions. People in cars - waived through with no check on numbers or passes. I know because i was both today. Not good enough given the disruption the whole thing is causing. 2nd - Vista Mall - No bill payment counter open - offline. Also i curcumvented (unknowinglly) all security checks by using ATM then entering supermarket. They then set up a disinfecting station right next to, and I mean touching, the ATM machine - great security and social distancing. And they were moving stocks of electrical items into the supermarket - yep, essential items. And, worst of all there were no prices on the shelves for anything - and i mean no prices. I wonder why - i asked but the answer was unintelligible? 3rd - 7/11. My first attempt to pay a bill there - and likely my last. Sorry, CLiqq machines offline because it's impossible to keep screen clean! WTF - ATMs are all working despite this issue - see above for solution! 4th - 3 pawn shops all offline for bill payments. I also had to lend my neighbour 5k this morning for same reason - no cash pick-up available. Now, we are in troubled times but surely we can expect some kind of reliable systems to operate. All of the above told me not to worry, 30 day extension applies to bills. Great I said, should I keep my place in the line now because it's gonna be a long one! Please nobody reply it's more fun in the Philippines!
  4. Tom, selective quoting there - I said " hope common sense prevails"
  5. Each to their own but kinda smacks of racism IMO. I see no reputable media reporting this as anything other than Corona or Covid and i don't see any good reason to add a 3rd but hey ho.
  6. Why do you keep calling it the Wuhan Virus?
  7. In which case you've answered all your own questions. You can only do what you can do in these times and hope common sense prevails when it all shakes out.
  8. If it were me, that's what I'd do - or call them. I often say to my wife that it's better to ask forgiveness than permission - dealing with the BI is the exception to that!
  9. I suppose each of us would define desperate measures in a different way. I'd say a complete lockdown, with the only exceptions being health-related. All food delivered to us by truck etc etc. I am not aware of this being imposed anywhere as yet so i think we are far. far from that. How about you?
  10. I'm not so sure they don't want to open, rather they cannot because staff cannot get to their offices due to the transport problems.
  11. I'm not so sure given the huge economic impact of the current lockdowns - why would a government choose to continue that longer than necessary without any good reason? I cannot see any political advantage in doing so.
  12. That would make sense but... The communication specifically states Luzon, and does not say anything about other regions that I can see. A reasonable person would say that it would apply to any area with similar lockdowns but we know how it can be here.
  13. How would that work? Families live together and interact. Family members go to work in essential jobs (and I mean essential) and therefore interact with other people who may be infected. I understand desperate measure are needed for desperate times but it is pointless to set a goal that both cannot and will not be achieved. If we do reach the desperate stage, and in my opinion we are not there by any means, then desperate measure may be needed but I doubt we'll face that.
  14. I haven't been out since Saturday, but then all the pawn shops were open as usual but it may depend on local situation i.e. can staff get to the office etc. With restrictions on movement probably becoming more stringent I hope they don't lose sight of the fact that certain things need to operate to keep people safe - the financial system being one.
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