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  1. hk blues

    Very sick wife

    But it's not just here though - I'm sure in your country and 100% certain in mine that many/most people like to see the bad guy get one over on the system as long as it seems to be a victimless crime. As for surprising political successes - we don't need to look as far as the Philippines to see some strange choices for the top job!
  2. hk blues

    Very sick wife

    I know what you mean, but isn't it not so much the meaning of honesty that varies, rather the importance of it?
  3. hk blues

    Being used

    I'm a heartless Scotsman - When my wife and I got together in Hong Kong she stopped working and she said that it was now her older sister's and younger brother's turn to subsidise the family in the Philippines. I didn't argue. I just don't buy into the culture here and expect my wife's family to take care of themselves as I, and my family (parents and sisters) in the UK, have to. Would I help in an emergency situation - yes, I would. But, my definition of an emergency may not match theirs. In the past 6 or 7 years we haven't had any emergencies. I have a good relationship with my wife's family and am sure it wouldn't be improved by me financing their lifestyle. We all have different ideas on this topic and I respect those who choose to finance their relatives here.
  4. hk blues

    Bletchley Park

    I watched the movie a couple of times - an excellent story regardless of it's accuracy
  5. hk blues

    Being used

    I drew a marker in the sand from the outset - not consciously but I suppose my instincts kicked in. Being Scottish, I've worked hard to earn a decent living and expect others to do the same rather than live off my hard work (in other words, I'm mean) . I'm extremely lucky in that my wife NEVER asks for anything and her family the same but, as I say, I set the boundaries very early on so that may have impacted on that - or they are just a genuinely good family which I prefer to believe and I've no reason to doubt. The problem is, like feeding a wild dog or cat, once you start you have kind of taken the responsibility and created expectations.
  6. hk blues

    Scrub it... or it won't be clean.

    I think it's more to do with preferring/trusting traditional methods than anything else. In my childhood days we were living in a multi-story and had a communal washing area and drying area - I used to love the smell of the laundry area.
  7. hk blues

    Scrub it... or it won't be clean.

    Best not to ask too many questions or you may end up getting to do the job yourself!
  8. hk blues

    Transfer US Social Security to Philippines?

    Pretty much correct yes - the Philippines operate a global tax system for citizens but not for foreigners so only income earned here is taxable here for us foreigners. Technically, bank interest earned here should be taxed but when I checked at the BIR (I'm always wary of falling fowl of the government here or indeed anywhere so i decided to ask) - they said as long as the amount was small. They didn't define small but we can make our own judgement. I'm not a fan of the "If it ain't broken, don't fix it" philosophy when it comes to such matters - something may be broken but you don't know it and it can be helluva hard to fix when you finally discover it was broken!
  9. hk blues

    Newbie question

    One other thing to check - some email services will require a security code when you access for the 1st time outside your country so best to check this before you go. I had a problem when I arrived here as I wasn't aware of that. Make sure you use a device which doesn't need this verification to set up the verification or you will end up in a loop that you cannot escape from!
  10. Will work as long as the poster doesn't intend to actually view the place first!
  11. hk blues

    Very sick wife

    From my observations here but mostly in Hong Kong which has a significant population of Filipinas, your understanding is half-right! I'll let you decide which half
  12. hk blues

    Very sick wife

    I see. What is it about the Filipino culture you like? Divorces tend to happen because of faults on the husband's side/the wife's side/both sides. I doubt in the USA that women are more responsible for divorce than men! Anyway, now that divorce is legal here we may see some changes.
  13. hk blues

    Very sick wife

    I'm just interested - Why are you so interested in meeting a Filipino in particular rather than an American, considering the baggage that comes with many mixed relationships?
  14. hk blues

    Very sick wife

    ...a social media expose may be another option BUT I'd tread carefully for a multitude of reasons
  15. hk blues


    Never a borrower or a lender be isn't the worst motto to live life by