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  1. Yes, agreed the exact same problem must exist elsewhere, I've just not visited those other places to witness it. Related - nearby one of the shopping malls in my place there are some rice fields - you would be forgiven for thinking they were growing trash rather than rice! The mentality of people who think it's ok to dump trash bags in open fields is questionable.
  2. I'd imagine it varies from area to area, but where I am in Iloilo in Western Visayas I haven't seen such things on the beaches but I have seen plenty of other debris. It's one of the negative things here, the lack of respect for the environment.
  3. That's something I never though about before, I always use boiled water to shave but them proceed to wash my face with the tap water so could be a problem. I haven't had any skin problems but who knows?
  4. To be fair, here in Iloilo I haven't seen anything as yet but it won't be long I'm sure!
  5. I guess that now we're in the 'ber months they are starting to save up for the festivities - it's an expensive time of year!
  6. exactly - BBQing is simply what we do to pass the time whilst drinking. It kinda gives an air of respectability to drinking in the garden!
  7. It's a kind of placebo effect - if you think it's making you drunk it will.
  8. I just play along - take the plate of food graciously and eat as much/little as I want and find a nice little place to leave the half-full plate and feel not one bit of guilt in doing so. It's a pet peeve of mine when people impose their hospitality on me despite my already having said I don't need anything.
  9. I'm in Iloilo ice Patrol, nice to hear you had a good time here. I know all the places you mentioned - we often spend a few nights in San Joaquim at a nice resort hotel there. As for Iloilo, It's a very nice area to be in and has enough of everything we need without being overly busy or overly expensive.
  10. Given the price difference and convenience of just 1 change, I might be willing to risk it if you don't have any pressing need to be here for a specific event i.e. the worst is you would be holed up in the airport for a few hours or so. To some, that may be a big deal to others not so much.
  11. I bet your name isn't Arizona Kid!
  12. As I said in my 1st post on this AK, I do hear you. But...
  13. Goes without saying AK...but still doesn't begin to justify trying to pull such a stunt
  14. I'd say why take the chance and be worrying about whether it will be OK or not? I'd choose an alternative route.
  15. I hear you AK, but it's not the way to go about things. There are procedures in place for international adoptions and plenty of wealthy locals may be able to give a good life as well.
  16. Your friends and acquaintances clearly have better taste than you Geoff!
  17. I'm not familiar with that brand. I though the word SPAM was derived from Spiced Ham but it seems it stands for Specially Processed American Meat! I like spam but my wife has a habit of heating it before serving - i prefer it cold!
  18. I don't think your link worked Tom i.e. @robh isn't highlighted so maybe he won't see it?
  19. I imagine you wouldn't want him to anyway - all trust is gone and he'd just be trying to claw back some of the discount he was forced to give you in other ways (if you were able to discount the 41K)
  20. Actually Jim. we got by for 2-3 years with just the fans and it was fine but my son seems to feel the heat more than we do so we put a unit in the bedroom because the ceiling seemed too low for a ceiling fan - I was worried my kid would jump on the bed and hit the blades! Of course, this led to a 2nd in the living room a bit later - and a 3rd in my son's bedroom recently. Like you, we keep the ceiling fans in 2nd gear for the same reason.
  21. We have 4 Westinghouse (I think - the brand they sell in SM) and have had them for 4 years - no problems so far and work well enough. The only concern I have is when at full-speed they swing a little more than I'd like - not wobbling but as per a post from Jack, this is a design feature so perhaps not concerning. In all honesty, we don't use them much as the A/C is way more effective.
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