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  1. I suppose if they're saying kids can't go to school they can hardly approve trick or treating.
  2. Maybe it's just where I am, but the simple life where kids play in the streets rather on their devices doesn't exist here. We don't get carol singers at Christmas either (Not that I'm complaining!) and the only Halloween trick or treaters were the ones our HOA organised. As far as I can see, the kids are not much different to those in the UK albeit perhaps a little less well-off but not always so. This is obviously location dependant.
  3. Welcome! It's certainly a great place to retire/semi-retire to and enjoy a more relaxed pace of life and where the pennies can go further. As per Geoff's comments above ref ink, I would be very surprised if it caused any issues at all. I have more than my fair share and have never encountered any issues - plenty of folk with tattoos both male and female. I can't really offer much advice (well, i can but where to start) but will just say that those of us who can get used to the idea we're not in Kansas anymore probably have a better time than those of us who constantly compare with what it's like in XYZ. Best of luck!
  4. Again, why would they lie about it? It just doesn't make sense to do so for all sorts of reasons. The fact that it's getting us talking here, and elsewhere, is exactly why they'd do it for real - a fake situation in a studio wouldn't get anyone talking.
  5. Hard to tell from such a distance!
  6. 1- Yes IF your provider accepts overseas numbers 2- Not an internet issue, just a general reception issue. I have great internet but poor phone signal, one is wired and one is not. 3- That will always be a problem - write the ones you have down and you'll know who to contact should the need arise. 4- You can use a US number here but paying for it here is another matter - the providers are not the same. 5- A VPN will not help for SMS issues as far as I know.
  7. Why would they explicitly lie though - they have been directly challenged on the video and insist it's genuine? There's a difference between saying nothing and actually lying.
  8. In itself it's not a problem in that SMS from overseas can and do make it here. But...The obvious 1st point is the signal where you are, it may or may not be enough to receive messages. I have to take a 100m walk to get a good enough signal which is great if you know the message is coming. 2nd issue is the provider may not send messages here - one of my UK banks doesn't so that's a problem. 3rd issue - and this is a strange one - one provider does send messages here but they are not received on my phone so I have to take the SIM card out and out it in another (identical) phone and we're good to go! 4th problem - time delay. Some providers codes expire before the message makes it here. On of my UK banks also uses a pin generator machine - it's temperamental but we get there in the end. So, it's certainly doable but there are challenges depending on provider and location. If only they'd all accept email verification but most don't. All things considered I've been here 6 years and managed to get by somehow.
  9. She wasn't an employee - she was a professional skydiver hired for the ad
  10. No idea, I was charged and paid in pesos for the fee plus express fee.
  11. The ad is 100% real according to Emirates. The only thing "fake" is that a professional skydiver acted as the female. I doubt they'd lie about it t.b.h.
  12. Yep. I asked the question based on the idea I would possibly miss the Annual Report once but would be able to do it sometime later in the year so wouldn't have stretched into a 2nd "miss" anyway so didn't ask the question.
  13. 1 - No - I renewed mine at the Iloilo BI. It's true not all BI offices can do it but there is a list online of each BI office and what services they provide. I'm damned if I can find it now though! 2 - From memory, 2,500php 3 - As per Mike's reply, I think you'd still need an ACR for a 9a. 4 - You're probably right IF you 100% think you won't be back. I see Mike has noted that the 13A will expire if you are out 12+ months - I enquired about this before and was told there was no set limit, the key thing was to ensure you get your Annual Report done as soon as you return. I wasn't 100% convinced but became immaterial to me anyway so didn't take it any further.
  14. We bought a new build - Camella Homes. The price was in the 4m php range so neither cheap nor expensive. It did come with tiled CRs and floors as well as a sink unit but no cabinets. Fully painted albeit in one colour, wooden doors but cheapish quality. Over the past 6 years we have upgraded most things but the original state was acceptable - 6.5/10. I often muse if choosing the self-build route would have been better but the reviews on here have been mixed in terms of costs/quality etc etc.
  15. I guess that's what I'm getting at - there is a system in place but frequently circumvented. Just to add - I would 100% do the same if I had the chance.
  16. Indeed! We were finally able to get the AZ vaccine 2 weeks ago, 2nd shot end of the month. It was just frustrating to hear all our neighbours getting the premium jabs due to their connections when they were as far down the priority list as I. I'm whistling in the wind but why can't things here simply be done according to the well-documented process? I know...I know... I am truly grateful to get a vaccine despite my frustration. You too Viking, stay safe and well over there!
  17. I know, but it is galling to see all and sundry around me getting the 'premium' vaccines just because they have a family member/friend/friend of a friend working in City Hall. That's also not fair. But, it's the way things work here.
  18. It would have been nice if one of the conditions of donation was that citizens of the donating country were prioritised rather than everyone and their dog who happens to know someone at City Hall.
  19. The strange way of thinking here makes it difficult to have a reasonable negotiation. Example - one neighbour of ours was selling up as the (new) house was in a mess (poor construction) and another neighbour was 'helping' them sell. The 2nd neighbour told them the price should be at least the same as the exact same model house which was totally new. Where in the world can you sell old for the same as new? Very, very strange thinking here when it comes to selling 'old' stuff. They eventually sold about 1 year later for just a little below what they paid for it and way less than the price of the new unit.
  20. Yep. We had set a deadline of end October for an alternative and, if no luck then we'd have quite happily taken Sinovac.
  21. I suppose if you're not intending going outside the country then Sinovac is fine. That said, when faced with being able to choose between it and something else I'd be surprised if anyone chose Sinovac. Unless Sputnik was the other option!
  22. We got our 1st shot of Astra Zeneca 2 weeks ago. We could have taken Sinovac weeks ago but had concerns over being accepted in the UK. They're pretty switched on here in iloilo - the Mayor's facebook page has the vaccination schedule posted a few days in advance showing location/appointment or walk-in/type of vaccine. We checked daily until we saw the availability of walk-ins for anything but Sinovac. In terms of the process itself - we went at 6am as it was a walk-in day and there were already around 300 people ahead of us. Registration began at around 8am and we were registered by 9am - straight into the vaccination room, medical interview, basic tests, vaccination, basic tests again and issued card then out by 9:30am. In terms of protocols, strictly followed and announcements every 10 minutes. Impressed overall.
  23. The UK doesn't recognise any vaccines, regardless of type/brand, from certain regions including Latin America, Africa and some parts of Asia.
  24. Yep, that's what I would hope would happen to deal with the temporary surge in demand due to Covid.
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