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  1. We have one who seems to have gone back in again!
  2. I made this very point a few posts ago. But, this assumes you are able to make the long trip home.
  3. Unfortunately, money talks and people often don't see beyond the headline figure
  4. Without wishing to sound like a broken record, immigration is the main issue but immigration from non-EU countries is,and has been since 1991 significantly higher than from EU countries. It has also been suggested that once we stop accepting EU immigrants we will need to accept a higher number of immigrants from non-EU to pick up the labour shortfall in industries/jobs where locals are unwilling to work for various reasons. In short we may end up simple swapping immigration from the EU to immigration from non-EU. Again, this is all part of the propaganda so who knows how true it is - we will find out but by then it will be too late if we have been duped!
  5. Happy to hear that. My wife's family live in a smallish compound and one of the relatives keeps pigs - only 2 - and the pen is only around 30 metres from the houses. It can get a bit wiffy at times. OK for the owner, he lives in another area completely.
  6. I think there has been a good exchange of views between posters ,with no heated posts (well, almost none) - good for the forum to have such healthy debate.
  7. Great idea as long as you put them downwind of the house, John!
  8. It might be a terrible club, but we may find being a member of a terrible club is better than not. Time will tell...I think everyone is done with the whole thing and just want us to get on with it and make the best of a bad job. Pretty much as we have been doing since we joined the EU.
  9. I agree, but with the ongoing budget deficit in the UK NHS the treatment is, if not stopping, being delayed and people are suffering, and dyeing, as a result. Regardless, our NHS is still up there with the best in the world and let's hope it can remain so.
  10. You would like to think so, but apparently not. I don't think the government wants to cut NHI funding, but the pot is limited and there are a lot of other demands on it i.e. education. welfare etc etc
  11. I don't doubt it RBM, but i found it kinda unlikely that all were liars etc etc. - it is usually wrong and unfair to generalise to such an extreme. Also, regardless, it's surely wrong to call people dumb and dumb as sh*t? Honestly speaking, I found the whole thing offensive to the people of the Philippines but hey ho, it takes all sorts!
  12. No, that's the result of a referendum - it's not the same thing in a political sense but I'm splitting hairs I admit. What I meant was that democracy at play is where a government is elected by the people and it is then for that elected government to manage the country as they see fit. That is what is happening now, our government does not believe a no-deal exit is in the interests of the country - and they are right - so they are unwilling to vote for it to go ahead now. It's not that the government is trying to defy the will of the people - that is political suicide - rather they are not willing to exit until we get an exit deal/plan that is in the best interests of the people. Surely that is more important then following a schedule that was not mandated by the people anyway?
  13. We're not going to agree on this, are we? Which is why the country is divided, pretty much 50/50. We won't get the chance to see which was the bigger liar so let's see what happens when we leave.
  14. People voted to leave, yes. No deal - never discussed but promises were made by the Leave Camp which suggest a deal would be made, and a good one at that. As for the divorce analogy, you wouldn't divorce without agreeing the terms so it's not really at all the same thing. To be fair, if elected politicians vote leave but only once we get a deal then that's democracy. We elect them to run the country and it's up to them to do so as they see fit - we can then decide at the next election if they did a good job or not. That's democracy.
  15. Reading this, I for one cannot understand why you have problems with your employees!
  16. There is a lot of emotion around the topic, and luckily those of living here are a bit remote from things. I do worry that exiting the EU is being seen as the solution to many of our problems but it won't IMO - it may partly resolve some but others will pop up and replace them. The spongers off our welfare system are mostly our own people so nothing much will change there. Most of the crime is carried out by British people, not immigrants. The number of immigrants coming to the UK has been made up of more from non-EU countries then EU countries every year since 1991 so the impact may be less than people hope. We'll continue to pay our taxes to the fat cats, just British ones rather than European. That said, clearly the EU experiment isn't working so we are better off out of it.
  17. I'm sure you will, but make sure all your ducks are in a row with the various insurances and legal stuff. These things have a habit of being fine as long as they are fine, but as soon as something goes wrong you can get a nasty surprise. Leaving the house unattended for 30+ days will give you a problem - even if your family are staying you may need to let your insurer know. Honestly speaking, I wouldn't choose the 50/50 option as it seems to have a lot of organisation both ends for me.
  18. I do recall another poster posting about a website where you could get a ticket which can be shown to the BIR and then cancelled and refunded. Beyond that I cannot help.
  19. I have a kid - we're training him to become our helper!
  20. The problem is, EU emigration into the UK is much less than non-EU, and has been every year since 1991 when they started collecting data. I worry that all that will do is swap EU immigration for more non-EU and, if anything be worse off in terms of quality of emigrants. To be fair to the UK Government, the deal was rejected exactly because of the backstop issue i.e. because it would potentially compromise the Good Friday agreement. Credit where credit's due and all that. I wouldn't call the other EU leaders dictators - it's simply a case that we in the UK have never bought fully into the EU concept, and continually tried to exempt ourselves from regulations. Now, I'm not saying we/they were wrong and they/we were right, but simply put we were a member of a club which we didn't fit with so the decision to leave was probably correct. The means to leave is treacherous as we are finding out.
  21. My wife and I have an unspoken agreement - she doesn't discuss the crap she reads on facebook and I don't discuss the bollocks I read on here! it works well for us!
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