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  1. They'll need to triple their portion sizes if they hope to compete with McDonald's!
  2. I'd love to say you're right, Brett. Of course you are in a sense but the working culture has to be a top-down approach if it's going to change. This is partly/mostly due to the respect for authority people have here - they simply cannot and will not go against their superiors. The KPI and customer service things reminds me of when I visited Beijing 20-odd years ago. At immigration there were 2 buttons just in front of the desk - one smiling face and one frowning. Passengers were "required" to push one or the other before proceeding to the official. So, we had to give feedback on a service not yet provided and I'd bet dollars to donuts that the satisfaction rate was 100%! 350 years of colonisation and everything that brings won't be wiped out anytime soon. It just needs to be chipped away one chunk at a time, a bit like eating an elephant which can only be done one bite at a time.
  3. Fa Yeung Street (Sneaker Street) in Hong Kong is the place to go for cut-price Nike's etc - mostly legit as well albeit not the latest releases. Much of the stuff sold here cheaply is fake even though they claim they're factory seconds.
  4. I wasn't able to test out the latest status on this because both BPI machines in the 2 malls I visited on Sunday were not dispensing any cash!
  5. I'm very, very familiar with the brand - my 1st wife is an R&D Director for Nike based in Portland ,Oregon. The fact that brands such as Nike and Adidas have actual independent stores here, as well as outlets in all the major stores in the malls confirms there is a market for such a product and that there are sufficient numbers of customers willing, and able, to pay the prices at such outlets. The point is that in a country of 115m people there will be a sufficient number able to buy more expensive items regardless of the average wage being so low.
  6. I suppose in a population of around 115m there will be a sufficient number of people who can afford the prices. Plenty of those 115m people earn enough to afford a weekly treat but plenty don't. We could ask the same question about stuff such as Nike's - for some it's the equivalent of 2 weeks wages to buy a pair but I see plenty of folk wearing them. I guess I/we are not actually exposed to a cross-section of the population and tend to mix with the better-off part.
  7. I think it's probably a stereotype but, like most stereotypes, it has a grain of truth in it. Probably comes from 2 things - the frugality of the Church of Scotland compared to the Catholic religion and the simple fact poverty was prevalent so people had no choice but be frugal. All that said, you wouldn't have to wait long to be offered a pint in a bar in Scotland so we're not all that bad!
  8. Hands up Colsie, I'm really struggling to think what issues there would be if not related to the age difference. Maybe you're overthinking things a little?
  9. I'm not sure why you'd worry or care about looks and I doubt many if any comments will be made within earshot. It's just a matter of getting on with it - I'm confused though about this as in 1 post you talk about your partner having to toughen up yet in the next she's feisty! Hopefully not too feisty as that won't necessarily end well.
  10. I don't live on a condo but in a gated community so we suffer/benefit from much of the same stuff. Visitors are supposed to be pre-registeted- rule ignored. Deliveries pre-registered - ignored in the main except for big stuff (ironically, it's the big stuff which is less likely to be dodgy IMO). Parking is poor - a slalom when driving down a street. Construction requires a pass or permit but the same permit seems to last a lifetime. All in all, they apply the rules pragmatically so all's good.
  11. Better use British English - we don't tip as generously!
  12. He'd need to wear a helmet on his a** to ensure that!
  13. The OP said beer here was cheaper...I stopped reading after that as what else do we need to know?
  14. The examples you cite are controversial and thus worthy of debate to some - I don't think the safety of seatbelts is all that debatable to most.
  15. But how many lives have been saved due to wearing a seat belt?
  16. A quick online check confirms it will need to be translated by a certified translator
  17. I'm gonna need a longer wallet and pants with longer pockets!
  18. From one perspective it's cheap as chips (pun intended) but if you consider many locals would have to work 2 hours or so to buy it it puts things into perspective. How many of us would think $30 was cheap?
  19. I see - so more advanced in terms of mindset, behaviours and attitudes than necessarily infrastructure etc - makes sense.
  20. 17php for the big guys, 14php for some smaller ones. I think it's damned expensive t.b.h. especially if you need to do 2x transactions - almost enough to buy a beer. Even checking your balance is like 3 or 4 php. I've also noted in the past month that the two BPI ATMs I use have now started limiting withdrawals to just 1 or 2k, no chance to get 10k. I'd need to do 5 or 10 transactions to get my 10k. I gave up and use another banks ATM and bite the 17php charge.
  21. Same. But, I wonder I'd it's more a case of such attacks being more newsworthy now due to the Covid agenda?
  22. We had a neighbour who actually used bottled water to shower! I use tap water to brush my teeth with no problem but cooking and drinking is always bought water.
  23. I didn't really want to get into disecting ThaiWolf's comments for fear of being accused of being defensive towards Iloilo (again) but we have all of those here in Iloilo as well. Cycle lanes thin on the ground admittedly but there are some. Brownouts are running at about 3 a month and all under an hour , never had a water outage in the last year or more. All of this is in my area. YMMV. As you say, it's all about location and not just within the country but within the province and even city. For the avoidance of doubt, I know this reads as a defence of Iloilo, and it is, but I think ThaiWolf has maybe been unlucky in his choice of location and perhaps hasn't experienced other parts of the province. The case for the defence rests M'Lud!
  24. I'm interested in knowing in what ways the Philippines is behind Cambodia?
  25. Agree. I have not had to resort to going up the ranks much, but when I have had to I have had some success. Funnily enough, it has not had a negative impact on my future dealings with the bank, quite the opposite in fact.
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