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  1. It's not such a big deal but he did say 400 for a gardening job but we were talking about a job offer for factory workers - not the same at all.
  2. I don't find it as bad here compared to Hong Kong - they are World Champions there!
  3. Not drinking is to blame for as many, if not more, things than drinking Steve.
  4. Let's not be too hard on the man - we've all posted BS on the internet when drunk.
  5. ONE did read - several times. I guess we have to join the dots between different posts. Regardless, there is no need to use such a tone when replying to a forum member.
  6. Keep out of family problems where they don't concern you would be good advice. However, where they do impact you then what do people expect us to do...do nothing and let others take the proverbial? Obviously, we need to use some discretion when deciding whose toes we step on but at the same time...
  7. I don't see how the relationship between salary and working hours can ever be called a mute point. Maybe you were offering a half-day's pay for a full day's work - you didn't mention any number in your OP? In any event, prospective employees are perfectly entitled to state their requirements and employers are just as entitled to reject them as you did. I agree that on the face of it they were taking the piss.
  8. I've seen construction workers on the large sites with PPE but never on small projects - slippers being the norm along with a rag tied around the head to protect from the sun and a pair of (fake) Raybans for welding. Not surprising as life seems cheap here when you see how they drive/cross roads.
  9. Dogs are not pets here in the sense we may understand - they are security or status symbols. Ridiculous to see them walking around SM City with their dressed up dogs and diapers/nappies.
  10. Coincidentally, I did such a job today. I used spare hardiflex with a thin metal furring frame to give stability and to fix to the wall.
  11. I guess we'd need to know the rate you were offering before we can really judge?
  12. I had my own example of the mind-numbing bureaucracy here today - I have a payment I make annually to the BIR which has to be done through an agent bank. So, along we went to our local BPI to make the payment (due end January). Sorry they said - the form needs to be verified at the BIR before payment as of this year. So, a trip to the BIR for a person to stamp the form "verified" - nothing was verified or checked. Then, a rush back to BPI to make their 1pm cut-off time (why so early I wonder????) As mentioned above, it's more fun in the Philippines!
  13. I suspect many newbies already know the score having probably visited other parts of SE Asia but choose the convenience of bar girls for what they are.
  14. I wonder why you are so desperate for internet in the bedroom? Unacceptable or not, it is what it is - Can't you get the landlord to look into this and find a better solution?
  15. I only vaguely remember them - they certainly were the 1st of the celebrity chefs. Johnny was a bit henpecked in the kitchen - something many of us can empathise with!
  16. It's quite ironic that we all have communication issues with the two main players in the telecommunications industry here,
  17. Hmm...her father is Ian Gray and he was born in Fraserburgh in Scotland. I'm claiming him as one of ours!
  18. You're quite right - I was thinking of the 2018 Miss Universe winner Catriona Gray.
  19. Might make you popular with the neighbours who love fast internet...less so with the neighbours who don't.
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