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  1. Yep...agreed. We had no choice in the matter as the tiles/tiler were the developor's. We had 3 separate areas where a good 6-8 tiles popped. Gave up and pulled the lot up and replace with laminate - at the developer's expense which was nice!
  2. I cannot see how they can be country specific other than because of the fittings being different - and there are ways of overcoming that anyway. I'd imagine they are just covering their asses and giving the safe answer.
  3. I had nothing but trouble with the 60x60 tiles I had laid - they just wouldn't stay down! Too much movement, poor quality tile and not the best installation I suspect. I'd say go for smaller tiles even if the fitting is slightly more expensive/troublesome. I'm not sure about the wood effect tiles, they are rectangular and not standard sizes but I don't know about problems.
  4. If it were me. i'd just send her the money to load the phone in a way that is most convenient for her - I know sending money isn't always a favoured option but hey, if you can't trust her to use the money for its intended purpose I wonder if you should continue the relationship anyway.
  5. I am totally confused - Steve has posted a link to shower enclosure panels and the replies relate to shower heads!
  6. Obviously each location will be different, but from memory I got my visa about 2 weeks after submitting all the requirements - this was in Hong Kong 5 years ago. Strangely, there was no interview - the staff simply confirmed all requirements were there and then i had to pay, show the receipt for payment to her and told to come back in 2 weeks to get the visa - they had to affix to my passport, they insisted on that.
  7. I looked at the list - there are a couple of additional requirements i.e. the certificate of good character and the GMC verification of the doctor's crudentials - i didn't provide them in Hong Kong. All others seem to be the same. To be fair, it was 5 years ago so they may well have tightened up everywhere. Certainly, the process once here looks new - i was given a 13A valid for one single entry within a year of the visa being issued - but Permanent from day 1 - no requirement to report for 3 consecutive years and then move to permanent, Of course, I still do the Annual Report as we all have to.
  8. I applied in Hong Kong so cannot help with the UK requirements, but aren't the requirements the same regardless of which country you are applying in? I would be surprised if the UK had different rules to other countries for those applying for the 13A - I thought the requirements would be centrally decided rather than locally.
  9. I perhaps misunderstood Tom. It could happen to anyone in the wrong place at the wrong time. Who knows why in this case - perhaps they saw something they shouldn't have?
  10. The problem is most of the lessons are likely to be in the evening - may not suit everyone! If you have stable internet and power then you're good to go Tom.
  11. The lessons are conducted on Skype and most of the students are Japanese or Chinese. Good grammar knowledge and clear pronunciation are a must along with a chatty personality. WARNING - the salary is very, very low and is more of a pastime than a job for most Westerners.
  12. Why do you think so, Tom? The article clearly states 6 were killed and that there were 2 who hid so could confirm what happened.
  13. I had a "OO" layout in one of my old places - it was about 10 foot x 8 foot. I really enjoyed building the layout but when it was completed I found I had zero interest in actually "playing" with trains so I ended up dismantling the thing and selling all the track and buildings etc at a Car Boot Sale! Was a damned expensive hobby! As for retirement - I came here 5 years ago to retire at 50 but, after 2 years and having set everything up for out house, I became very bored so I started back teaching again - online this time. I'd say 50 is too early to retire unless you have a bottomless wallet and/or activities/hobbies that keep you busy.
  14. As I see it, the regulations are often no more than paying lip service - they officials have to be seen to be doing something but maybe their hearts are totally in it?
  15. Pretty much the same for me - it's much cheaper than my home country. That comes at a price, of course, but it's a sacrifice i'm willing to make.
  16. We'll rename you Lucky Kid! P.S. I'm the same
  17. Great if you have the expertise, Tom...IF being the key word
  18. Completely agree with this. As a good friend of ours who was an OFW in Singapore and married well said to me "The only difference between my life here and before in Singapore is that I now clean my own shit from the toilet instead of somebody elses! I would love to use that one on a few of the superior types here.
  19. I'm half joking but not completely - if your partners are as bad/nervous drivers as it seems I wonder if calling a taxi wouldn't be safer and/or quicker in an emergency!
  20. Yes...I have 2 stock answers to such questions - How much do you earn - not enough. How much did you pay - too much. It's fun to switch them around too!
  21. Given that people here work things until they die, and then try to fob them on to someone else for the same price they originally paid (OK...I'm slightly exaggerating) I'd avoid buying used Steve. Plenty of options at all price ranges here (no pun intended) so you won't have to spend too much if you don't want to.
  22. Regarding 1. Mike, when i applied 4 years ago in Hong Kong I was given a 13A Permanent from the outset i.e. no probation period whilst my neighbour, who obtained his here around the same time, received a 13A Probationary. My understanding is that a 13A Permanent was issued if the visa was obtained outside the Philippines. Things may have changed now.
  23. If you have experience of building then by all means get hands on but, as they say a little knowledge is dangerous. I found this out when I made some suggestions to a contractor on a relatively small job and then, when we got him to do a bigger job he sent his guys and told them to ask me if they had any problems with the job - kinda embarrassing to tell them I had no building industry experience. I'll admit that whilst some of the work is not the best, it's outside of my knowledge to advise and guide. Indeed, it can have the effect of creating even worse results due to damaged pride - as anyone who has tried to advise a professional in their country will know! I'd always say the absolutely best policy is to do everything you can to choose a suitable contractor upfront and then leave them to do their job - i don't have the time, energy or knowledge to manage a building project better then they. Just me though!
  24. I know you are right, Baston, but sometimes it's just unavoidable - or at least damn difficult without. Adaptors I do not use as I really don't trust them but I do use power bars. In my LR I have 2 sockets near the TV area - I need 4! I try to buy good quality power bars and do check the load but still not the absolutely best I know.
  25. My wife has started to show the same problem Jim, It's only a matter of time before she too stops working!
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