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  1. I seriously doubt it if you had a valid reason to cancel the cheques
  2. Yes, agreed. I just don't think it's a great plan to deal with an emergency by saying I'll not have one, RBM.
  3. No half-empty cup here, Terry. You have totally missed my point - you made a statement about how the vaccine system will work here in the Philippines - it turns out that it wasn't based on any information, simply an assumption. I again say it's never wise to make assumptions about how things will work.
  4. With the best will in the world, Tom, staying healthy isn't going to help if you are involved in an accident. Add to the fact that with age comes health issues regardless. No amount if couscous or salad is going to save you in the long term!
  5. Not sure about other countries, but in the UK we use the term senior citizen to describe people of retirement age - it's nothing to do with citizenship.
  6. If you pay cash then I agree with you, but if it's a post dated cheque you can simply cancel the remaining cheques surely?
  7. Most likely explanation is he got it caught and ripped it off - pardon the pun! Seems highly unlikely someone would have been able to catch him as you say he doesn't let people touch him.
  8. Not only do I struggle with the method, but even the instructions are so unclear. I'm not sure what it is here, but they simply cannot convey things clearly. I had an email from BPI today titled "You don't need to worry about uninterrupted payments" - I don't, it's the interrupted ones that worry me!
  9. I guess your 2nd line was really what I was getting at - until the gov't here state that I wouldn't assume it's automatic, Terry. Probably will be, but...
  10. In theory, yes. But, here it's sometimes difficult to get authorities to apply their own rules so applying rules of others may be less easy than we expect.
  11. You might not be able to access certain settings - I'm with Globe and certain router settings are only accessed by the Administrator login details which they don't disclose.
  12. That certainly explains why we have much fewer disconnections since we moved to Fiber Hybrid - the only issue now is between the box and our house whilst before the issue could have been anywhere on the line. I think!
  13. As Geoff says it is very much dependant on the individual boxes - we used to get similar to you (at least 8 hours) but nowadays that's dropped to 3-4 hours. My battery back up fore the modem way outlasts the main box.
  14. The box in our area does have battery back-up but it won't last more than 3-4 hours. And, of course in time that diminishes as the battery gets older and isn't a priority for replacement.
  15. Fiber hybrid is Globe's euphemism for fiber cable on the mainline to the service box in the community then copper cable from that box to the subscriber's home. It's more reliable than copper only even though no faster. I know what you mean about Globe in the past but, as I said, things have improved a lot in the past 2 years or so and I doubt I have problems more than once in 3 months. Problem is, when the brownouts come there is not much you can do IF your service box runs out of power which it may after a long brownout. Some posters on here have actually said their internet stops as
  16. I don't even think Globe offer such a plan in my area anyway - and if they did I wouldn't be looking at paying that amount. In all fairness, compared to even 2 years ago the reliability and speed have improved considerably - rightly so given the relatively high cost of internet here.
  17. 6,100php is very expensive IMO. I pay Globe 1899php for 20mbps fiber hybrid - works well 99% of the time. I get around 16-18mbps without fail even at night when many say speeds drop. Upload is not so great at around 4-5mbps but more than enough for our needs.
  18. I place a great deal of value in the old adage that people can do whatever they like as long as it doesn't impact on others. So, if it can be shown that not taking the vaccine does impact negatively on others then it should be compulsory - it's for the courts to decide ultimately.
  19. That's pretty much what I've read - it seems a bit of a hit or miss given it's troublesome to try if it turns out not to work. I'll just stick with using my LAN cable out and in the upstairs/downstairs windows between my laptop and the modem. It's a little primitive but totally reliable. Thank You for the info.
  20. You may be able to answer this, Geoff - I've read that these units will only work if they are on the same the same circuit i.e. I have my downstairs outlets on 1 circuit and upstairs on another. Both on the same fuse box of course. Any idea?
  21. Good News - but the efficiency rate I'm reading is around 70% so a good bit below that of Pfizer and Moderna.
  22. I know, Dave - I had the same discussion with the UK govt. when they told me I couldn't have my pension until I reach 67!
  23. Again, Tom, the problem is not the Chinese or any other nationality, it's a really down to issuing retirement visas to people far. far from retirement age. Good you were able to take advantage of the leniency of the system as well, Tom.
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