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  1. I've always set a budget and stuck to it as a matter of discipline. However, any unexpected expenses, and irregular but expected ones too, come out of a different pot so I'm sure I really have a budget in the strictest sense. I can imagine how stressful it must be to have to stick to a budget when on a fixed income with almost no savings to fall back on in an emergency.
  2. I cannot see why people feel the need to express dislike by hitting a button - it's nice to be nice and one of the good things about this site is the relatively easy going nature of things - why upset that by adding a "mean" feedback feature? We're all capable of expressing our point of view and if we feel strongly enough then should put it in words, if not then there is no need to say anything. Let's not get into playground point scoring as happens on some sites.
  3. Yep...that trumps being called an American!
  4. I seriously doubt this is a regular occurrence and may just be one of those stories told to kids to stop them going away with strangers.
  5. If it helps my son avoid kidnapping then it works for me!
  6. All family of Spanish descent? Unlikely though
  7. I was thinking of going for NOT Phil-Am?
  8. I'm British so, whilst my son is incredibly cute (aren't they all ) he isn't a Phil-Am so he'll be safe enough. Actually, I should perhaps prepare a sign for him to carry around to confirm this as I wouldn't want him to be kidnapped in error!
  9. That applies to pretty much everywhere rather than just here though
  10. Why waste money on maintenance when someone will buy you a new one when the thing breaks down and gives up the ghost?
  11. In my subdivision, foreigners are not even allowed to be board members of the HOA! They really do want to keep us pesky foreigners from upsetting too many apple carts, even at the lowest level of politics.
  12. I understand, but it is available on most phones so it seems strange that there is a demand for apps to carry out this basic function. Perhaps the apps offer more sophisticated tools rather than just simply blocking.
  13. Likewise - I wonder why anyone would need an App to do this fairly basic function available on most phones?
  14. We are in Iloilo and we went to the local DFO office to renew my wife's passport, which also required a name change following our marriage. Only then did we know about the seminar. My wife kicked up a fuss about this and somehow they agreed to renew the passport and change the name without the seminar attendance slip. I assume (I know, I know) that when she comes to renew again there won't be a problem as no name change is involved - the DFO won't be looking for any seminar certificate/stamp in such a case (I hope!)
  15. I don't have a strong view on this, I really don't think it is particularly harmful compared to any type of competition. Here, as had been mentioned before, any kind of talent is nurtured and exploded - hence the disproportionate number of Filipinas/Filipinos who take part in the countless talent shows on TV etc. A chance to escape poverty?
  16. Of course it stinks more than your septic tank must have - why didn't they make the claim at the time? But, fight and you win - you lose in other ways.
  17. That is my thinking too hence my comment about verbal assurances
  18. I understand - nobody likes to be f*$@#d over. Verbal assurances, whilst not as good as written obviously, do have some value so it's worth at least asking the question
  19. Of course you are correct, but if it's just down to the financial aspect then I'd say it's not worth it - the fees for 2 years cannot amount to much? Fair enough if you simply want to know the actual legal position.
  20. How is pushing a button compared to turning a dial so different as to be baffling?
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