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  1. 7 hours ago, Kuya John said:

    I think you missed that they weren't social distancing too.......should of gone to Spec-savers :hystery:

    No - that was the point I made in my earlier post.  This pic was exposed in the UK as being a tad mischievous as it was taken at a particular angle which distorted the distance between people. Apparently they were, in the main, socially distancing.

    Keep up KJ! :tongue:

  2. 2 hours ago, Huggybearman said:

    Any of these changes to home working will be restricted by the weakest link. In Phil’s the weakest link is PLDT or Globe. During the recent GCQ here, with increased demand on home internet, both (we have both PLDT and Globe fiber) have been pretty sporadic to say the least. Especially late afternoon and evening. My wife teaches online and she has lost quite a few sessions due to internet unreliability. :571c66d400c8c_1(103):

    I hear you - I also teach online.  That said, I have very few issues related to internet itself and If I was to invest in a 2nd line I would be able to get that down to almost zero BUT then I have to consider power outages - the internet back-up in the main box lasts a few hours but my laptop less.  I can buy a back-up for the laptop if I really wanted to I guess.   If someone was really serious about working from home they can probably get around 99% of problems.  


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  3. 15 hours ago, GeoffH said:

    If the companies can save money (like heating, cooling, rent, furniture and maintenance and still get similar productivity then I can see some heading that way.

    Absolutely they will IF they can get similar productivity.  I have my doubts about that part. 

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  4. 14 hours ago, carbpow said:

    I would like to get fiber or broadband in my house but cannot seem to, perhaps someone else has had our experience and can offer advice. PLDT and Converge both have fiber on the main road at the entrance to the subdivision. Converge said they could provide service and took our 5000php deposit. Installers came and said it was too far to run as there was no space in the box close to our subdivision. So we requested a return of our deposit but that was 2 months ago and they are unresponsive. Next we contacted PLDT. Salesman came  and said they could provide service, didn't ask for a deposit. Installer came and said no available connection in the box. Called salesman and he said he checked and there was space. Made another application and another installer said no space in the box for another connection.

    To my simple mind the thing for both companies to do would be to install a bigger junction box as there are two new developments being built. When I mentioned this the office of PLDT said, "They are expensive." Converge doesn't reply, their customer service is worse than average.

    So we remain on a wifi box from Globe. Slow and expensive.

    It's a common problem - they aren't really interested in expanding their capacity in the boxes.  In our area we had the same issue where the PLDT sales person insisted there was capacity but the technician said not.  I can guess why!  We finally managed to get Globe to install a line but it has pushed the box beyond capacity which very occasionally causes an issue if everyone is using it at the same time - a rare occurrence. They seem to be focusing on expanding the fiber network than adding to existing junction boxes. 

  5. 1 hour ago, insite said:

    With the earlier , pre CV , expanding trend of working from home online now turbo charged due to the lock down there is a distinct possibility this will continue in many sectors well after the immediate crises has been mitigated or suppressed.

    The attractions of this for companies / employers are apparent in the main whilst the implications both positive or negative are as yet far from clear.

    It has been reported that in the UK property market presently there is already a considerable elevated level of interest in rural or small town property and one might think this could be for these reasons.

    Should a trend such as this take hold it has vast implications for city commercial and residential property values , infrastructure and services development and employment this perhaps being but the tip of the iceberg.

    Interesting days ahead methinks .

    I'm unconvinced that there will be a significant change to most worker's arrangements in the short term.  It was an interesting topic during lockdowns to pass the time but as soon as lockdowns are lifted the target is to get people back to working as before IMO.  

    We'll see.

  6. 1 hour ago, OnMyWay said:

    Are you referring to the beach as being a dangerous place for Covid transmission?  I agree that if people crowd together it would be, but if they a sufficiently apart, it should be fine and healthy to be in the sun.

    Regarding the Tombstoners, if people do that of their own choice, they should not send people out to look for them.  Sharks should take care of them.  When I was young and dumb and usually drunk and stoned, we used to go as high as 60-70 feet, but not dumb enough to do 60 meters!

    There is a photo i saw of the scene mentioned above - the rescue helicopter was on the beach therefore all the beachgoers were huddled together in a small area - no social distancing at all. 

    Whilst I agree with your sentiment ref. those who take risks not being rescued - where would we draw the line?  Should drunk people be treated when they get into fights at closing time?  And so on... 

  7. 1 hour ago, Jollygoodfellow said:

    Seem to be making great strides today in my area, first day of GCQ here as I look out my window and see nothing has changed at all. Still no people, jeepneys or taxi. Instead of 2 cars in the carpark down the road there was three so I guess some changes. :tongue:

    Unfortunately, in the UK they seem not to be so self-disciplined - give them an inch and they'll take a mile.  

  8. 1 hour ago, Kuya John said:

    Here's how foolish people can be, lockdown has only just been opened with advice not to gather in groups of more than six, so some people headed to places known to be popular in their hundreds!

    Durdle Door: Tombstoning continues despite three seriously hurt - BBC News

    Yes...I read about that.The problem is there could be 100 groups of 6 equating to 600 people in 1 place!  As long as people are going to be people then it's going to be an uphill battle to make great strides.  

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  9. On 5/30/2020 at 8:03 AM, RBM said:

    This one that has been caught, makes me wonder how many other shit bags are operating out there.

    The answer is plenty - 

    The rather 'soft' immigration requirements make it easy for law-abiding people like us to live here. The same rules also apply to scum who exploit women,  and worse children. 

    Makes me wonder why the authorities haven't tightened things up. I also wonder why the Thai government don't shut down places like Pattaya, Patpong etc etc in Bangkok Maybe the answe to both questions is the same?


  10. 14 hours ago, Old55 said:

    What you say is exactly right. In many cases a surcharge could be reasonable and fair. Often here in the States a surcharge is an underhanded way to pad a bill.

    To add to this -

    My son's school are required to keep school fee increases within DepEd parameters - which they do. However, the miscellaneous fee is not DepEd controlled. You can guess what happens year after year - crooks.  Nobody challenges this, myself included, because the system is against us.

    We accept the low cost of living and other benefits of living here so I guess we also must accept the 'system' that operates too.


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  11. 14 hours ago, Gator said:

    I guess it depends on how you look at it. One would expect a surcharge to go away after a reasonable amount of time. If they simply raise raise prices then imho it’s unlikely they will decrease them once they've recouped their losses. Ppl will simply get used to paying higher prices, then where does it stop? ........inflation anyone? 


    This is one of the problems of living where we do - the total absence of accountability and presence of being able to do pretty much whatever you want as long as nobody (important) complains.

    Thus far i haven't seen any evidence of gouging except with alcohol price which I can kinda accept as selling an illegal product comes with certain risks. But, as things begin to open up I can well imagine the odd peso or three being added to prices because...well, because they can.

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  12. On 5/29/2020 at 9:35 PM, intrepid said:

    Yes it is.  However, during our entire construction there was never one inspection until construction was complete and then it was only a walk around the outside to make sure our construction was only on our land.  From what I have learned, construction inspections are very rare to never.  This includes plumbing, electrical, and building inspections as well. 

    This has got me wondering if any members know of any inspections during their constructions?:tiphat:

    Our house is on a sub-division so the developer's engineer did perioduc inspections at various key stages - not as often/stringent as I'd have liked but at least to a minimum standard.

    Despite my misgivings, we haven't had any real problems with plumbing or water and block work is fine except in one room where it seems they didn't tie well enough in 1 corner. It's our closet room and 3rd bathroom so not a big deal really.



  13. 18 hours ago, jimeve said:

    Just bought some San Mig @ 770 a case, the small bottles. I remember paying 580 a case in December. That's some price hike. How much are you guys paying?

    Here in Iloilo I'd pay 42php for SM Light normally but i don't bulk buy. During alcohol ban I'm paying 60php so a very hefty jump. Profiteering on one hand and a risk premium on the other.

  14. 4 hours ago, GeoffH said:

    Cases were always going to increase once lockdown was reduced, this virus has still got a long way to go before it runs it's course.

    Agreed - but the lockdown hadn't yet been reduced in Manilla where 61% of the new cases were recorded.  Of course, maybe the Manilla number was in line with previous days and the remaining 39% accounted for the excess?  Who knows.  

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