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  1. 20 hours ago, Gary D said:

    I'm sure this although dressed up as benefiting the passenger it more about saving money, landing and taking off again halfway is very expensive.

    Mutually beneficial though?  Reduced costs can be passed on to travellers and the time saving is significant.  

  2. 19 hours ago, stevewool said:

    ...but I want space I want to see a view and not a view of concrete just a few feet away, but each to there own some may like that.

    I don't think anyone like it Steve, but for a whole host of reasons people choose to live in gated or developed communities where properties are closer together.  Safety in numbers and convenience were/are more important to me than the view.  i'd love to have both but that isn't always possible and comes at a premium.  

    That said, If I were to do it all again, I'd definitely think more about choosing a location with more space but hey ho.  

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  3. I'd say yes, they are more jealous, or at least more openly so, than women from our countries.  I often think it's a result of observing the behaviour of many of us foreigners (Westerners) when around women here.  Also, for many of us here it's our 2nd or 3rd time around with marriage (myself included) so maybe that influences things too - based on the idea if he could leave his 1st wife and family then he could leave me too, perhaps?  

  4. We have bought 3 Split-type Panasonic units from Emcor appliance store - we shopped around and they were the cheapest.  However, the price difference wasn't that great so i'm not sure it was worth the effort.  One thing we noticed was that some stores were significantly cheaper for the units but significantly more expensive for installation (on one occasion SM Appliance wanted 5K!!!!) - which, whilst not compulsory, was pretty much required as they said the warranty would not be under them if we chose another installer.  What we like about Emcor is that they don't sub-contract the work, all installation/repair/cleaning is done by them whereas SM, for example, use sub-contractors.  

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  5.  "Everyone thought this was a good idea and so this will be their method. I think they may do it on some projects, but maybe only when requested".

    Therein lies one of the problems/frustrations with contractors here - they don't always seem to carry good practice with them hence the property owner has to be on their toes IF they know anything about building work.   

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  6. On the topic of building supplies -

    I wanted to buy some nuts and bolts today so went into Handyman.  The assistant helped me find the right size - i was shocked to see they wanted 45php per bolt - M4 size!  And, she put the icing on the cake when she said they had no stock of the nuts!  Totally grrrr'd at this - what a farce!

    Got what i wanted in a small hardware store for 7php each - including nut and washers!  

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  7. 12 hours ago, RBM said:

    Great opportunity now to do the festival walk an look around, the area is very upmarket, clean and dog free. Lots of small shops and semi heritage buildings.


    It's an efficient office - like most Government departments in Iloilo to be fair.

    The whole area that the BI is located in is new as you can see.  My petty complaint however is that it's the same old shops and restaurants inside the mall, along with a few "temporary" stores.  I really do not know how the restaurants survive - they are hardly packed at peak times so must struggle.  At SM Southpoint - just a few minutes away, there remain many empty spaces and several of the restaurants only stayed 6-12 months before closing.  For me, a classic case of "build it and they will come" principle not working.  Sure, as the city develops (and it is and will continue to do so) things will pick up but it's not there yet.  

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  8. 13 hours ago, OnMyWay said:

    I have tiles in the main living areas and a cheap laminate in the bedrooms.  When the time comes, I was thinking about doing the whole house with laminate.  Can laminate be installed directly over tiles?  I would probably replace all the baseboards, etc.

    Laminate can be laid on any stable surface so, in theory, yes.  We lifted all tiles first because they were not stable.  If you can get away with not lifting the tiles much better - it was a real mess and we had to smooth the area first as the tiles had left a grid pattern on the concrete pad.  You'll probably need to replace the baseboards, yes.  

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  9. 4 hours ago, jimeve said:

     It's all down to the builder who does the slabs and foundation, and of course the tiler. 


    Yep...agreed.  We had no choice in the matter as the tiles/tiler were the developor's.  We had 3 separate areas where a good 6-8 tiles popped.  Gave up and pulled the lot up and replace with laminate - at the developer's expense which was nice!

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  10. 1 hour ago, ChrisUKCANADA said:

    Agreed....however, I already have the expensive BBQ and it’s wonderful for cooking lots of things and I’d love to be able to use it.

    I cannot see how they can be country specific other than because of the fittings being different - and there are ways of overcoming that anyway.  I'd imagine they are just covering their asses and giving the safe answer.  

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  11. I had nothing but trouble with the 60x60 tiles I had laid - they just wouldn't stay down!  Too much movement, poor quality tile and not the best installation I suspect. I'd say go for smaller tiles even if the fitting is slightly more expensive/troublesome.  I'm not sure about the wood effect tiles, they are rectangular and not standard sizes but I don't know about problems.  

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  12. If it were me. i'd just send her the money to load the phone in a way that is most convenient for her - I know sending money isn't always a favoured option but hey, if you can't trust her to use the money for its intended purpose I wonder if you should continue the relationship anyway.  

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  13. 10 hours ago, Huggybearman said:

    How long did your 13A process take from start to finish? Did you do it in London?


    Obviously each location will be different, but from memory I got my visa about 2 weeks after submitting all the requirements - this was in Hong Kong 5 years ago. Strangely, there was no interview - the staff simply confirmed all requirements were there and then i had to pay, show the receipt for payment to her and told to come back in 2 weeks to get the visa - they had to affix to my passport, they insisted on that.

  14. 1 hour ago, Huggybearman said:

    I would think that they are the same regardless of where you make the application. Did you not have to provide them in Hong Kong?

    If you scroll down to 'Non-Quota Immigrant Visa' the requirements are there.



    I guess what I am trying to find out is how straightforward is it in reality to complete the 13A process. I have a months vacation in the UK but if it seems unlikely that I can complete the process in four weeks, then I won't even start, preferring instead to do here the Philippines. Has anyone completed it in that time frame?


    I looked at the list - there are a couple of additional requirements i.e. the certificate of good character and the GMC verification of the doctor's crudentials - i didn't provide them in Hong Kong.  All others seem to be the same.  To be fair, it was 5 years ago so they may well have tightened up everywhere.  

    Certainly, the process once here looks new - i was given a 13A valid for one single entry within a year of the visa being issued - but Permanent from day 1 - no requirement to report for 3 consecutive years and then move to permanent,  Of course, I still do the Annual Report as we all have to. 

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  15. 18 hours ago, Huggybearman said:

    They also require a “Certificate of Good Moral Character”. I don't think anything like that actually exists in the UK as far as I can determine.

    Do you think my UK doctor, who would be doing my medical exam, be able to do it?

    How have UK applicants dealt with that one?


    I applied in Hong Kong so cannot help with the UK requirements, but aren't the requirements the same regardless of which country you are applying in?  I would be surprised if the UK had different rules to other countries for those applying for the 13A - I thought the requirements would be centrally decided rather than locally.  

  16. 55 minutes ago, Tommy T. said:

    HK, my question is really, why were these people murdered like this? Was it premeditated, planned, an accidental conflict? That is why I am a bit confused. I am just curious about the reason, mainly because I was formerly a mariner on a yacht and just wonder if I had come across this boat of killers, could it have happened to me? Or could it happen to others?

    I perhaps misunderstood Tom.

    It could happen to anyone in the wrong place at the wrong time.  Who knows why in this case - perhaps they saw something they shouldn't have?


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  17. 4 minutes ago, Tommy T. said:

    Skype is easy. grammar is not too difficult for me... but am I chatty? Hmmm... low salary is not an issue. I am thinking about something like that for maybe 20 hours or less per week as a pastime with benefits...?


    The problem is most of the lessons are likely to be in the evening - may not suit everyone!  If you have stable internet and power then you're good to go Tom.  

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  18. The lessons are conducted on Skype and most of the students are Japanese or Chinese.  Good grammar knowledge and clear pronunciation are a must along with a chatty personality.  WARNING - the salary is very, very low and is more of a pastime than a job for most Westerners.   

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  19. 3 hours ago, Huggybearman said:

    You will be very welcome Tommy. This is a long term project. As I mentioned earlier I already have a hundred or so buildings for it. My interest is in the late 50's era which is what I remember the most.  I also want to re-create an 'end of steam era' scrap yard which I used to play around when I was a kid. Literally hundreds of old rusting steam locomotives just rotting away in sidings.  I have already created and weathered about 30 old locomotives for this scrapyard scene from a collection of about 50 old ones I got off eBay over the years. It is certainly a labour of love, which keeps me occupied for hours on end!


    I had a "OO" layout in one of my old places - it was about 10 foot x 8 foot.  I really enjoyed building the layout but when it was completed I found I had zero interest in actually "playing" with trains so I ended up dismantling the thing and selling all the track and buildings etc at a Car Boot Sale!  Was a damned expensive hobby!

    As for retirement - I came here 5 years ago to retire at 50 but, after 2 years and having set everything up for out house, I became very bored so I started back teaching again - online this time.  I'd say 50 is too early to retire unless you have a bottomless wallet and/or activities/hobbies that keep you busy.  

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  20. 14 hours ago, gerrysanders said:

    Nothing is ever enforced past the 2nd month of it's commencement.

    Angeles City had a big regulation enforcement to get makeshift vendor shanties off the the roads, enforcing no parking on many streets too narrow to accommodate parked and doubled parked cars, removal of obstructions in general, removal to trikes using the road a their personal parking area  and sidewalks cleared of obstructions, where they exist. Now, 2 months later, everything is back to as before. Clogged streets illegal vendors squatting, and near impossible to drive again.

    Clean up was nice while it lasted.


    As I see it, the regulations are often no more than paying lip service - they officials have to be seen to be doing something but maybe their hearts are totally in it?

  21. 2 hours ago, scott h said:

    This is an easy one. I will love anyplace where I can retire at the age of 55 and my standard of living goes from solid middle class to middle upper class just by getting off the airplane. Are there things here that bug me? Yep, but I can put up with a lot of crap  for the quality of life I can afford here :56da64b51da2f_36_1_681:

    Pretty much the same for me - it's much cheaper than my home country.  That comes at a price, of course, but it's a sacrifice i'm willing to make.  

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