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  1. This is true - as long as both countries recognise dual-nationality! I thought the Philippines did?
  2. Even at 27 degrees I find it too cold in the middle of the night. The bedroom is at the rear of the house and only gets a little sun early in the morning so that helps a lot. The living room is at the front and gets the afternoon sun so is much warmer in general thus the need for A/C but only from 5pm or 6pm - we always have to turn it off around 11pm as it's too cold! We don't have insulation which would reduce our bills even further, but do have window blinds and curtains etc as well as a concrete tile roof - every little helps! We do get the units serviced annually, and I clean the filters every quarter - it does make a difference and only takes me 15 minutes to clean each set of filters. Well worth the little effort.
  3. Eyes on is great, Tom, but only when the eyes are on! We realised early on in our build that we were unable/unwilling to spend too much time watching over things. This will depend on individuals as well, but there is a risk that too much interference can pee of the contractor and lead to other issues. It's a fine balance. Yep, I'm sure most of us here can identify with the 2nd point!
  4. For me, with a monthly bill of about 2-2.5k, the payback was going to be about 10 + years so it didn't make sense. I'm not sure why our bills are so low - in addition to the usual stuff we run 3 A/C's but only at night and set to 27 degrees. That might seem too "warm" for some but works for us.
  5. If you're only interested in a back-up, i wonder why you wouldn't choose the less expensive option of a generator? Also, I hummed and hawed about installing solar power but the numbers didn't stack up for me as our power bills are circa 2k a month only. Also, the power supply is pretty reliable in my area, with only a couple of small outages a month and never more than a couple of hours so we can survive easily. I realise this is location dependant but the situation is more likely to get better than get worse IMO. Given that, i'd opt for a generator before a solar system.
  6. I think that is the intended purpose of imprisonment/incarceration - loss of liberty. The idea of rehabilitation is noble but seems to have got lost in the reality of the system.
  7. With all due respect, Tom, I hear this often. The hotel rate doesn't include 24/7 security. all meals, etc etc etc. If it was that simple, governments would be renting hotel rooms rather than building prisons.
  8. The one taking the picture of course. Tom!
  9. I wonder how effective it would be. Tom - Flu strains tend to change?
  10. I'm shocked it isn't more given how crazy you guys are! Only joking guys!
  11. I'd say a good starting place would be where your wife is from - that may not be the best choice but it's a starting point at least to make a list of pros and cons which you can then use to "rate" other places. If you want a better indication from the people here, I'd suggest you note down a simple list of what you're looking for and what you're looking to avoid. Posters can then advise how their locations measure up - what works for me may not for you.
  12. If you ask 100 people from 100 different places here you'll get about 100 different answers. Many of us are where we are because of our partner's connection - myself included. So, I'll throw in Iloilo - safe, developed/ing, moderate prices, moderate traffic and so on. Not a great ex-pat community though which is OK for me but not for everyone. Also, whilst some of the country may seem like the 3rd world, I'd say any of the developed cities absolutely do not. We can get most if not everything we need here most of the time, water and electricity are, in the main, quite reliable and internet is good enough in the developed areas. It's no Hawaii but not a bad 2nd choice!
  13. Ours is that depth to allow for plumbing etc. If you are not going to run plumbing or suchlike in the cavity then you can reduce the depth to a minimum i.e. the total height of the framing and the ceiling material. However, If you are not going to have a usable cavity I wonder what the point would be of having a drop ceiling? Edit to add - you seem to have around 8.5 feet ceiling height - that doesn't leave much to play with.
  14. Got it! You can still insulate the attic area with a drop ceiling as long as you have access hatches in strategic places. If the current plywood ceiling is the floor for the attic you will probably want to retain it and the insulation can simply sit on it. Again, check you have sufficient space for a drop ceiling without losing too much height in the rooms.
  15. Ah...that makes sense now. We had that problem with the main door in that the tiler brought the tiles flush with the door instead of leaving them an inch or two back. That meant the rain would hit the door, run down and hit the tiles and then flow into the house. The solution was to chip away the concrete and tiles by an inch or so!
  16. If you have the height then I'd say why not. You probably need at least 12 inches for a reasonable cavity and framing etc. I'm not sure what you mean by isolate the attic?
  17. Perhaps I'm not getting it but why would you want to stop water in an open carport - the rain will be coming in on 3 sides anyway so not such a big deal if a few drips make it down? Anyway, I'd suggest sealing the corrugated sheets with silicon and then using flashing inserted into a groove cut into the wall with the groove also sealed with silicon. It might be a bit overkill though but would probably provide a good seal. Our flashing was installed using this method and seems OK. Edit to add - remember to make sure they seal the bolt holes with silicon to stop drips there.
  18. Yes, it would be normal to adjust to give you the required height and the builder did this but the open plan living/dining/kitchen area has a metal ceiling flush to the slab above - this results in 2 different ceiling heights obviously and the higher ceiling is better. Our cavity is about 12-16" i'd say - not really enough to call a crawl space but enough to run pipes etc
  19. Intrepid has pretty much nailed it - pun intended. Our ceiling is Hardiflex fixed to the light metal frame and we have several hatches to allow for inspection/repair of the cabling and plumbing in the cavity. I'd recommend it even thought we lose 12-16" of height in the rooms - reduces a little the need to run cabling and plumbing through walls.
  20. Yep, that's the way our downstairs plumbing is managed - all the way around the house and then through the walls as required - only waste plumbing is under the slab in our case. For upstairs, we only have 1 CR there and the plumbing is in the cavity between the ceiling and upstairs slab and just pops through the slab to feed the 3 things there - quite efficient.
  21. With all due respect Tom, you are contradicting yourself in this section. Everything we do to protect our property is at the same time sending a message we have something to protect! It's a balancing act and perhaps a timely reminder to us all that we need to be very, very careful about where we choose to live. Edit to Add - you are not only at risk when at home - once you've stuck your head above the parapet there's no ducking down again.
  22. The strange thing I noticed here is even the gloss paint is not what I'd call gloss i.e. it's not thick and doesn't take 12+ hours to dry here. The term here seems to refer only to the "shine" . I'd say enamel here is the closest to the gloss we have back in the UK - I don't like the finish with enamel paint though.
  23. Haha - if you see my post above that is exactly what went wrong in my wife's place!
  24. I believe it's called a tray ceiling - you can search online Funny Store - In my wife's family place, they showed the contractor a picture of a tray ceiling (not unlike the one in the pic above) and asked him to make. He made it the wrong way i.e. it's convex and not concave! When i saw the picture I could see how it could happen - without contex i.e. a light fitting etc, it was an optical illusion. Of course, i kept quiet when they complained that the contractor was at fault rather than them for using a dud picture!
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