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  1. Certainly when I opened accounts at both BPI and Metrobank they were only interested in my ACR card rather than my visa type. That said, they had my passport and the 13a visa was there so maybe the question never arose. It was no more difficult to open an account here than in Hong Kong I'd say. I'm not so sure an introduction is needed - It's my opinion that this is a throwback to different times and people here love to be viewed as valuable and important so perpetuate the myth. My estate agent was one of those - she was always insisting we needed to have contacts at BI/BIR/Bank etc etc to get anything done - nonsense!
  2. I'm not sure I've learned much to be honest. The lack of ability to organise and communicate is not new information. An example - today, for the 1st time, we will be getting an emergency package - better late than never springs to mind! Will I stockpile food etc -no. The supply of everything has remained stable and we have wanted for nothing - of course,alcohol is the exception but that wasn't a supply issue as we know. One thing I did notice was that having to rely on public transport has been a challenge but not insurmountable. I have started to use online banking as much as I can so that's a move forward. On a positive slant - this place seems to be held together with a bandaid, an elastic band and a lot of optimism. This has all held together even during these challenging times.
  3. That was my follow up question if you said you had no battery back up - why not just disable the whole system and pay for power if it's cheaper than paying the additional fee? We shied away from solar when we discovered the quoted prices were without battery storage units - we really wanted something to keep us going in a brownout. Given our low electricity bills - 2k a month - the solar system just didn't turn us on enough - pun intended! Hopefully the electricity company are switched on (there i go again) and get you sorted soon.
  4. We were excited to go out together for the 1st time in weeks under our new GCQ. What a let down - no noticeable change to ECQ that we could see. And, alcohol still not for sale outside the city itself and still no public transport for people to get into the city as yet. Hardly justified all those meetings to move to GCQ from ECQ.
  5. Maybe a stupid question, but is there no way to disable the system once you have enough for your needs? That assumes you have a battery storage system though.
  6. Thanks! We (Iloilo) are now under modified GCQ, same as the other 3 provinces now. I understand the alcohol ban has been lifted but there will be restrictions.
  7. Yep...my family still send physical cards so I feel the need to reciprocate. As I said, they take 3-4 weeks outbound and 10-12 weeks inbound. I have never tipped our postman here, we've had 2. That said, when the postman delivers packages I give him 200php even though the fee is only 112php.
  8. Particularly strange given IKEA is famed for encouraging people to do some DIY!
  9. I've not seen such tanks here, Tom. I doubt my supplier has them. Anyway, my wife would no doubt ignore that anyway! As I said, we can get a tank in a few hours and we have a microwave, a toaster oven and the electric burner so unless we have a brownout and the cylinder goes empty at the same time we're good.
  10. We were in ECQ, are we now moving to GCQ instead rather than nothing?
  11. Really has to be down to the locality. I send 7 Christmas cards every year and, according to family feedback, at least 5 of them are delivered and the other 2 I have no idea but they do continue to send me a card so I assume they are getting through. In terms of receiving cards, I get probably 6 out of 7 every year - not much different a failure rate to the UK I'd guess. That said, they arrive mid January or later!
  12. We have an Elba stove/cooker - we chose the particular model because it had a side section for the gas cylinder so more attractive. It's all gas but has 1 electric "burner" so even if we suddenly run out of gas we have some means to cook. The problem with the gas is there is no way to tell how much is left so suddenly running out always happens. That said, we are able to get another cylinder quickly so no big deal.
  13. I had a birthday card make its way here 9 months or more late. The sender forgot to put the country on the envelope so it made its way to Savannah, Georgia - I live in Savannah, Iloilo. Credit to them for showing some initiative and geographic knowledge but I wish they had just searched where Iloilo was. Regardless, kinda impressive that it made its way here at all. Just in time for the next year!
  14. The age restrictions remain as under ECQ,Tom. So, unless you can convince them that your visit to the worksite is essential it shouldn't be taken under the guidance. You may be able to convince them it's essential by saying you need to pay the workers, for example. That's the angle I'd be looking for.
  15. I do but a couple of my neighbours say the same as you - they don't get mail delivered and have to pick it up. Strange given we live in the same community.
  16. I'll look into it - I don't see a DHL anywhere but there will be an office somewhere in the city.
  17. For LBC to the UK it's $60 - pretty expensive so I'd only use it for something really necessary i.e. passport. Everything else has gone normal/registered and so far. no issues i'm aware of. Takes 3 weeks give or take. Inbound - takes 2-3 months. I'd say the same as you - the issue is getting from Manila to my local office. Sounds like your system is like ours - the postman brings it periodically. In theory twice a week but I usually get a bundle at the same time so more like once a month. To be fair, he does bring any packages quickly even though we are supposed to pick them up. All in all, I do wish the inbound post was quicker but I cannot say it's that bad given it hasn't caused me any issues in the 5 years I've been here.
  18. We had a couple of hours of heavy rain and light thunder.
  19. I'm surprised by this. I can understand the inward mail being iffy dependant on the location. As I said, my area is good and to my knowledge only 1 or 2 items have gone astray. Even going the other way, I'm not really aware of much going missing but I do have a little trick in that for important documents I send two copies, one registered and the other not.
  20. I get mail fairly regularly and reliably - we haven't had any mail at all since the ECQ was implemented. I'd imagine everything will be delivered but by then any cheques will be nulled due to time limits.
  21. Thanks Old55 - I wasn't really trying to suggest the US government wasn't doing enough, just trying to emphasise how much the UK government is doing. My post didn't read the way I intended.
  22. With all respect, it depends on your situation. The UK has been paying 80% of salaries - absolutely astounding level of support. Even our friends over the pond haven't come close to matching that. I don't know what your govt. has done but if it's anything like the 70 quid, a few kilos of rice and some tins of sardines then it's fallen short. Sorry to be so direct, but the UK has stood by its people in the economic sense thus far and deserves some credit. The UK surely screwed up the initial response to the virus, but I'm not buying the idea that SE Asian governments have suddenly acquired a level of competence hitherto unseen. Anyhow, good to hear your situation is stable - for most of us foreigners here it's not so bad. Stay safe!
  23. No, still under ECQ. The same store was a week or so behind others when it came to closing down too.
  24. It's simple enough to comprehend the strategy - the virus will not simply go away (sorry, POTUS) and will continue to multiply until we cure it or curtail it with a vaccine - neither looks imminent. So, we then have to look at how to contain it - lockdowns being one solution. The problem is there is a tipping point where people will no longer tolerate lockdowns. The whole point of the lockdown is to even out the infection rate over a longer period of time - not to reduce it - to help health services cope. Politicians should not be decidingbwhen this is the case - scientists should. We can open up when the rate of infections can be managed. Testing would help establish that but with few exceptions nobody is doing enough testing. So, the idea that time itself will dictate things is flawed - we'll wait forever for some sign that isn't going to come. Unfortunately, we're in the wrong place if we're hoping for a scientific influence - it will be an economic one here. Our local mall has now opened its electrical appliance department - I guess they think they've waited long enough and lost enough money already!
  25. For our , foreigners are actively encouraged to participate in events and welcome to meetings. In fact, a couple of them have led sub-groups on various issues. And, the current HOA President is married to a German. But, the election rules specifically state Citizens only, no foreigners - both are stated to avoid and doubt.
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