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  1. Strangely, I'm not a fan of native chicken. I find the taste too strong and the meat too tough. Give me a Chooks To Go anyday!
  2. The ones I've seen on TV were black based with kinda smoke-like swirls for pattern - very impressive if done well.
  3. On a similar vein - I was in Dunkin Donuts and wanted the meal deal for 3, which included 3 hot coffees or 3 iced coffees. I asked for 2 hot and 1 Iced - "Sorry sir, you cannot mix the drinks - it's 3 of one style only". Beyond belief at times!
  4. What have you got against her?
  5. It's something I've thought about having seen it done on some home renovation shows but my concern would be finding someone capable of doing the job to a good standard i.e. domestic quality rather than industrial quality.
  6. I think it's what we call an adjustable spanner as opposed to a spanner
  7. I just did a quick search and it seems it's neither Chinese or American, it's a local brand. As to where they are actually made, I have no idea but if I were a betting man I'd say China.
  8. Alternatively, there is little wrong with Greenwich Pizza that 3/4 of all expats find it OK or better.
  9. I've got Cignal as well as Netflix and Amazon Prime Video. Yes, Cignal do repeat movies regularly and some of the series as well but I find they refresh them often enough to make it watchable. For movies, with the 3 systems I have there is more than enough choices. As for local TV - forget it!
  10. Come on guys, a bit of good natured ribbing never did anybody any harm, let's not get it out of proportion and start spouting the expletives etc - not cool.
  11. How was it? They've been promoting it in SM and selling it at a cheap price but I'm not a fan of Tiger anyway and I tried one of the variations a few months ago and didn't like it so I'm interested how it compares to Red Horse for example.
  12. Whilst we jest at such things - what else can we do? - it is indicative of the disdain in which authorities hold the general population
  13. Bein Sports used to do football for 500php a month but it stopped just as the season ended. Mind you, it was the real football so may not have interest
  14. Just as an outsider looking in, I can understand why a tourists poses less risk than a spouse for a short-stay visa. Tourists probably have less resources to sustain a long and illegal stay whilst a spouse may be more easily able to do so. Now, there are countless examples that contradict my theory but I still think it holds true.
  15. I'd take San Mig all day long before a Corona but I would prefer a Heineken to either. That said, it's twice the price here - I don't like it that much to reduce my consumption by half!
  16. Joking apart, not only here but also in Hong Kong I would see people in fast food joints eating food from another fast food joint!
  17. Tomorrow is the start of the Rugby world cup. C'mon on whoever is playing England.
  18. hk blues


    In defence of the food here, there are several nice dishes as mentioned previously, as well as plenty of fusion dishes and a wide choice of different cuisines to choose from. I was just concerned that the OP was a bit of a foodie but it seems not. I'd imagine he'd be Ok here with the food as long as he chooses a reasonably sized place to live.
  19. hk blues


    I'd say all reasonably sized cities here have the types of restaurant mentioned, but they tend to be in shopping malls and perhaps generic i.e. if you look at the list of restaurants in SM Malls, you will see the same one in numerous SM malls throughout the Philippines - the same applies to Robinsons. I doubt these places are authentic and based on the few I have tried they wouldn't impress a foodie.
  20. Forgive my bluntness - How much do you pay a mechanic to fix your car here compared to the USA? Now, I know that may not be considered as being the point but the old adage "You get what you pay for" is absolutely true anywhere and everywhere.
  21. Unrelated, but not completely. We were at a family event on Saturday. My group were travelling by public transport but we needed to get to the Jeepney stop. The whole group jumped onto the truck and off we went. When we got off I was surprised to see that the uncle, not the aunt, was driving. He had been drinking all day along with the rest of us! I asked my wife and her sister if they knew who had been driving and they said yes. Now, I could have lectured them on why they shouldn't have got on the truck etc etc but what would be the point? The general lack of appreciation of danger and risk here is shocking.
  22. ^^^ The best way to get by here rather than hunt around for something that probably isn't that critical. To be fair, I'm not a foodie of any sorts so I can make do with alternatives or do without completely.
  23. hk blues


    Whilst Iloilo is a reasonably sized city, the choice of cuisine is quite limited although there are some Korean, Chinese, Japanese, Mexican etc but they tend to be in shopping malls and not authentic. Like has been said, the Philippines is not a place that you'd visit for the food and most of us foreigners perhaps find the local cuisine OK but no more than that. If you're a foodie, it's going to disappoint.
  24. Yes, agreed the exact same problem must exist elsewhere, I've just not visited those other places to witness it. Related - nearby one of the shopping malls in my place there are some rice fields - you would be forgiven for thinking they were growing trash rather than rice! The mentality of people who think it's ok to dump trash bags in open fields is questionable.
  25. I'd imagine it varies from area to area, but where I am in Iloilo in Western Visayas I haven't seen such things on the beaches but I have seen plenty of other debris. It's one of the negative things here, the lack of respect for the environment.
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