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  1. Strangely enough, that very message popped up when I was about to do my Annual Report mid-January but when I tried to confirm this a couple of days later it was no longer there.
  2. I haven't had to change the battery on mine as I use it about once or twice a year but the instructions that came with it do say the battery can be changed so maybe each device is different. I have two anyway just in case. I was surprised to note that other bank's machines can also be used to generate the code.
  3. Yep - it's hardly rocket science to designate different staff for different duties.
  4. It sounds like the device I had in Hong Kong with HSBC and also similar to one my UK bank uses. For the UK bank I insert my ATM card and PIN and then a code depending on what function you need - this then generates a 6-digit pin which you use to authorise the transaction. It works well.
  5. Yep. My own wife is capable of letting a phone ring out and then check who was calling before deciding her next move! It's also not entirely unrelated to how many here can happily sit and ignore a barking dog. To be fair though, on another forum (UK) I participate in it seems the idea of actually answering a phone call is alien. One poster actually said it's presumptuous, impatient and obnoxious to call someone without making an "appointment" first!
  6. I see what you mean - where would the checks be carried out? Then again, pre-Covid times, where did passport checks take place for drivers? For sure, there are border points but not across the whole border.
  7. As far as I understand, different EU countries have their own rules on Covid i.e. Germany has specific restrictions for people coming from Spain.
  8. For sure you need an appointment in order to complete the Annual Report - the point being made is that some folk go to the office to make the appointment rather than make it online. For me, in order to make the appointment I had to register my details with the BI first in order to log in - that means the BI then have all my details electronically that they didn't before this year. On the day, as you say, go, hand over passport and ACR and the cash and then get your receipt and go. In iloilo at least.
  9. Hardly the point. I thought the exclamation mark would give a clue but obviously not.
  10. I'm not sure, but isn't the information from the appointment used to update the computer record at the BI?
  11. Isn't that the standard M.O. for You Tube? I've watched guys take 15 minutes to take a pair of headphones out of a box!
  12. Yep. Here in Iloilo, the express fee is compulsory for every transaction with the exception of the Annual Report.
  13. It was only yesterday but I guess he didn't get any inspired responses from us lot and went elsewhere!
  14. I kinda understand it may be useful for transport between Islands etc and as most living on Boracay will likely be doing this it makes sense for businesses there to also use it. As I say, here in Iloilo I've never seen anyone use it then again I've never travelled out of the city.
  15. Not directly, but have witnessed it many times back home in the UK!
  16. Whilst I'm not a big fan of Winter sports (or Winter itself) I was surprised to note there doesn't seem to be any channels showing any of the Beijing games. I would have thought that there would be at least channel showing the events - for Tokyo there was at least one on Cignal, maybe more. I know we are in a climate where such sports are not possible but you'd imagine there would be at least some interest in a global event.
  17. Hands up here, I had never even heard of the VaxCert until Snowy opened this topic. That shows how much it is needed around here - at least in iloilo.
  18. I have to say my experience this time was kinda similar to yours - despite the appointment system the guard contrived to mess this up by gathering a pile of passports at the desk and then taking them into the actual office in bulk, with the one on the top being the last one to arrive and served 1st! From start to finish was just over an hour. I was in no great hurry but could feel myself getting irritated at the unfairness of the system the guard was using.
  19. Most Flight Attendants are female and one of their responsibilities is to be able to open the exit doors. I've been lucky enough to get the exit seat a few times and I'm by no means tall. I would be very surprised to hear there is any such policy favouring tall single males given the focus on equality nowadays.
  20. Neither my previous nor current wives are guilty of asking me what my preference was for meals and then ignoring what I said - they simply never ask what I want anyway!
  21. First off, It's not just the BI with a dress code - the BIR and DFA have the same as per notices they have up. My wife had to buy a t-shirt covering her shoulders when she renewed her passport. Here in Iloilo it seems to be quite strict as I don't see folk with shorts and slippers although uncollared t-shirts are normal. Actually, I never wear shorts when I'm going to the mall or city as I rarely wear jeans these days so it's a chance to dress up a bit for me. Everywhere has a/c anyway so no real problem.
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