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  1. The answer is plenty - The rather 'soft' immigration requirements make it easy for law-abiding people like us to live here. The same rules also apply to scum who exploit women, and worse children. Makes me wonder why the authorities haven't tightened things up. I also wonder why the Thai government don't shut down places like Pattaya, Patpong etc etc in Bangkok Maybe the answe to both questions is the same?
  2. To add to this - My son's school are required to keep school fee increases within DepEd parameters - which they do. However, the miscellaneous fee is not DepEd controlled. You can guess what happens year after year - crooks. Nobody challenges this, myself included, because the system is against us. We accept the low cost of living and other benefits of living here so I guess we also must accept the 'system' that operates too.
  3. Agreed. This is one of the problems of living where we do - the total absence of accountability and presence of being able to do pretty much whatever you want as long as nobody (important) complains. Thus far i haven't seen any evidence of gouging except with alcohol price which I can kinda accept as selling an illegal product comes with certain risks. But, as things begin to open up I can well imagine the odd peso or three being added to prices because...well, because they can.
  4. From what I've seen here so far, the standard is to thin cover the perimeter and have a rebar handle inserted - works and a practicality zero cost option - to Western standards no but...
  5. Not enough antibody testing done yet but to be honest my comment was more of a general observation that the Philippines is likely to be no different to most countries in terms of general infection levels.
  6. Our house is on a sub-division so the developer's engineer did perioduc inspections at various key stages - not as often/stringent as I'd have liked but at least to a minimum standard. Despite my misgivings, we haven't had any real problems with plumbing or water and block work is fine except in one room where it seems they didn't tie well enough in 1 corner. It's our closet room and 3rd bathroom so not a big deal really.
  7. Here in Iloilo I'd pay 42php for SM Light normally but i don't bulk buy. During alcohol ban I'm paying 60php so a very hefty jump. Profiteering on one hand and a risk premium on the other.
  8. Agreed - but the lockdown hadn't yet been reduced in Manilla where 61% of the new cases were recorded. Of course, maybe the Manilla number was in line with previous days and the remaining 39% accounted for the excess? Who knows.
  9. Didn't they do the same in 2008 but inflation didn't jump that much? Or did it?
  10. Would he need a work visa or alternatively some kind of business licence? I do online tutoring but am not an employee but did have to set myself up as self-employed via a business registration - no work visa applicable. I'm dubious that a work visa would be granted to a foreigner working as a caretaker as a local could do this job. I think most countries follow the same principle on this.
  11. 621 new cases yesterday - the highest daily number since the virus arrived. Perhaps we are about to enter the worst phase rather than exiting it? It may well be that a stricter lockdown is required OR is it the case that testing is now happening more so of course the number will increase? The death count will be an important indicator to tell us which way it's going.
  12. I'll second that but I'd swap Filipinos for all nationalities.
  13. Quite! For me, and probably many of us members here, the lockdown is no more than an irritation and we can carry on without all that many inconveniences relatively speaking. Think of the jeepney drivers, trike drivers, shop staff and restaurant staff etc who are getting by on next to nothing - and that was before Corona Virus struck.
  14. Regarding Tondo - Not necessarily so. Despite the large numbers of infections everywhere, they don't all result in mass outbreaks. Why? I'll leave that to the experts. Regarding tech giants etc - I don't think anyone is wondering why at all - it's fairly obvious!
  15. My wife tells me the weekly grocery bill is up a little and my beer is absolutely more expensive. Otherwise, no changes to our expenses.
  16. We're now on our 3rd separate alcohol ban. The 1st reprieve lasted 1 day and the 2nd about 6 or 7 days!
  17. I understand that you were not allowed to re-enter but I didn't know this was going to continue once the lockdown is over.
  18. But, you don't know what you don't know so it can be helpful to get a heads up here even if it is not always reliable or correct. I don't see any problem as long as false claims of authenticity are not made.
  19. I'm not sure why he doesn't just do a visa run to wherever he can once the lockdown is lifted and come back as he would normally do - it seems an easier option than the work visa route.
  20. You raise a good point - many of us here live a life removed from the reality which is life for much of the population here so when I hear how easy (relatively) this lockdown has been - I'm guilty of this too - but it's a real, real issue for many. And the longer it continues the more a matter of life and death it will become for many. Social distancing is probably not even on their radar. On the other hand, an outbreak in one of those densely populated areas could be disastrous. Not an easy dilemma.
  21. No idea but I wonder how easy it is to get a work visa as I believe they are not easy to obtain unless he has some unique skills that locals don't. What did the BI say about the many who will be in the same situation?
  22. I sympathise Jim - I've a couple of things I need to do in July so hoping at least the outward mail is kinda working by then. I guess this is one of those times when living here is a negative - in places like the UK the population wouldn't accept some of the things we have to here, or at least the government are able to maintain a reasonable level of service even during such testing times.
  23. With us having a 7-year old, we are really not going out at all so saving a bit there. We aren't really spenders anyway in normal times so not a significant change under lockdowns. I'd say we are definitely spending less BUT my main expenditure is my beer and that is varying from 42php to 60php!
  24. Yes, but we should still be able to post things based on what we have heard on the basis it is clearly stated as exactly that - something we have heard on the grapevine. It's when something is posted as fact when it's no more than rumour where the trouble begins.
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