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  1. bought a nice Cherry Mobile Burst.. 1 gig , dual core , 5 mp camera, NOt bad... camera is working well, wifi good. BUT .. it gets a little glitchy sometimes imputing text messages.. The SMS software isn't the best. Also wish I had waited for the 1.2 ghz Burst 2.0. Its a buy for the money. Also local brands have service and 1 yr warranty.
  2. Something not right about this story. A Filipina would know exactly what circumcision is as its part of the Pinoy culture ..as already mentioned. I am guessing that 95% of OFW's working abroad were snipped when they were young lads. Perhaps it was another SEA nationality but the saudi reporter...just figured they were Pinoy.
  3. Love using that office... However i was a bit peeved last month they went ahead and stuck me with a 1000 peso late fee even though my expiry date was the Day the office was closed for Typhoon Yolanda. I rushed to the office the next Monday to avoid the fee changing my afternoon plans ...but alas was penalized. In a similar situation last year.. the Mandaue office waived the fee. I am thinking the Mactan office isn't making quota and squeeze all they can.
  4. Full service stations are just one of the "perks" for living here . Especially when its below freezing and sleeting outside...that gas pump sure is miserable to deal with.
  5. When I was a TX student in HS, The principal issued a gun ban --- no more guns in gun racks. Why --- Several deer rifles had been stolen in the parking lot.
  6. I am Joe Cluless and I walk around the Philippines with a Ben Franklin glued to my Forehead and my ATM pin # printed on my T - Shirt. I hope meet a good girl in the PH and avoid kidnappings can anyone help me ?
  7. What US bank do you use? We set up a Citibank account for this reason , but found their exchange rates were very poor. Back to Xoom .
  8. My brother in SF area opted to go to Costa Rica to do his implants procedure. Yes the savings allowed him to fly his family to CR spend a week surfing and mountain climbing before he went to the Tooth doc. Once back his Cali Dentist was amazed at how fast the healing of the posts was taking place. He will make another visit to place the crowns or whatever its called in about 6 months. The same can be done here the PI .
  9. wow some very gifted kids jj . cool I feel so Guilty for bringing my kids to Cebu at ages 12 and 9 now they are 14 and 17 and my daughter just enrolled at Southwestern University. She is so depressed and aching to go back to Texas even to go to a real high school again would fit her fancy where the schools actually have a library and athletics and etc. etc. ... I tell ya I now hate to hear folks back home complain about the US educational system. There is so much there if the students want to take advantage.
  10. I don't know 3/4 of the folk mentioned on this thread. My Pinoy Celeb run ins are few but I did live in the same condo as Mayor Lim when he as mayor the 1st time around. rode the Elevator with hm several times .. No body guards and of course he was very politically friendly. At the Chioropractors office my wife ran into home province Idol: Lucy Torres who I think had just married Richard Gomez. My 2 year old daughter at the time was being curious and kept trying to grab her Pencil she was using filling out the form. She was very sweet and talked with my wife Hometown news from Ormoc like they were old Barkada. Had a beer with Jim Sibbick once and he slipped me mickey and I don't remember anything else ...fortunately.
  11. What I don't really like about Malaysia is the Political Correctness -- religious correctness that now pervades. If you look at old photos of Malaysia education from the 1970's you will see modern western styles of dress. Young ladies in 70's dresses even mini skirts and go go boots. Today if you go back you see only a smattering of women on campus that are not wearing the Hajib , In order to make professional advance men and women must play the part... Once in the privacy of their own homes pretenses of the "good" Islamic life are disbanded, It is forbidden to "convert" from Islam (if you are born into Islamic family) . I know a couple that met in the US were married and converted to Xtianity. (or perhaps the other way around) anyway upon return to Malaysia for high paying jobs.. Their children born in Malaysia had to be listed as muslim as the state didn't recognize their conversion. BUT outside of that... If my wife was Malay. I would be in Malaysia in heartbeat. It is Thriving , does have a multicultural society, is very peaceful and there are many benefits that Islam does bring. (see Islamic finance amongst others) . Malaysia on many many levels has leapfrogged the Philippines in governance and livability.
  12. Not clear if its ok to spear fish without scuba equipment. But it is certainly more sporting
  13. So they don't arrest the owners of the sub that are crashing into the Coral wall, but they arrest a spearfisherman LOL. He must have been Scuba Spear fishing..and he should have known better than to do it there.. as there is a regular outpost of Fisheries and costal guard stationed nearby. I met them at Kon Tiki once getting in practice dives which next door to the yellow sub.
  14. It seems to be the question but most people have a base or place they live so are you willing to travel to any part of the Philippines to spear fish or have you some where in mind like Manila etc. We are able to trvel any where as we live in Australia. We are looking at RP as a location we could do Scuba diving and spear fishing but we have no knowledge of any place to do this there. Scuba operators are in nearly all parts of the Philippines. Fish are in nearly all parts of the Philippines, spear gun fishermen are in all parts of the Philippines. You would just have to find someone who would be glad to take you which shouldn't be any problem. Scuba spear fishing isn't very sporting , but to each his own...keep your catch down to minimum. There are operators who outfit their divers with air tubes, regulator and connected to an on board compressor. theses gatherer/ divers stay down for hours at a time harvesting Sea cumbers, clams and the occasional fish that swim by.
  15. Yes, but there is a science to it and those that flourish, do so systematically and are comfortable with placing many wrong bets, but confident they have more winning bets. Its kind of like studying horses and trainers and track conditions... any bet is a risk but if you study up you can maximize your chances at coming out ahead.
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