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  1. Talking about persistence: A cousin of ours has taken 7 years to get enough units of a normal 4 year civil engineering course in Bacolod. Then she did the review and failed the board exam. Then she did a second review and failed the board exam. She is now in her 3rd and final review. Only allowed 3 strikes. The sister of our daughter's b/f took a 4 year business course, did the review and passed the board exam. Then she got married to a seaman who does not want her to work so she stays home with his mother. that's called "Life"... sometimes it sucks. Predicting an outcome of the future is mostly impossible, because "always" something unexpected happens.
  2. Thanks for the page. My question is just, what are the (cheaper, but still effectif) alternatives of a review-course.
  3. i suppose that it will not be that easy for a nurse.. ;-) I like your nephew's persistance. :-) ;-)
  4. This is funny as I was just talking to my sister-in-law about this yesterday ..... she is a teacher and has one boy just graduated last year and one girl will graduate this year .... we also have a niece that graduated nursing school 2 years ago ..... her review was 3 months .... and this is what I understand about taking the boards exam ..... Depending on the ranking of the school best to worst ..... top schools may not have to take a 3 to 6 month refresher coarse to take board exam depending on the coarse ..... depending on the students ranking in the class they may not have to take the refresher coarse ..... the better school start preparing for the exam the last 2 months of their schooling ..... my niece (pharmacy student) is doing her prep and review now ..... she graduates in March ..... Yes it is very confusing and in my estimation just a way for the school system to make extra money and supply jobs to more teachers .... when we lived in Cebu the apartment building we lived in was next street over from a review center and we had students staying in some of the apartments .... they were there for 6 months as they were engineering students ..... as soon as one batch left the next group started ..... bad think is if you fail the exam you have to do the refresher all over again ..... as far as cost I really don't know ..... my guess is it would depend on the degree you are going for ..... JMHO ...... :tiphat: :cheersty: Thanks a lot. :-)
  5. Good morning Frank? (is this what we should call you?) So Board Reviews and Board Exams. Like Prosecutors, taking a case to court, they will only do it if they are fairly sure of a Conviction. The Board Exam is a National Exam and of course the Students may come from a big variety of Colleges and the Like so to ensure that time and Exam places are not wasted they have a Review to see if the candidate has a pretty good chance of Passing. No Good wasting a Place and stopping another Student getting a chance. they only allot the Exam to the Top 100 students. ( I guess you can see where I am Going on this?) Costing on these things is very ambiguous, Most in this Area of the PI are done in Cebu at a central Place to have Control, Even the Uni Students in Dumaguete have to go to Cebu When our nephew did his Nursing Board review and Exam I think from memory they Told him 45.000 peso would be the cost But that was to include his accommodation Travel and Such. We have family there so this was a + the Actual Academic Part was 25.000 piso + Travel and a few piso to spend So yes, if you have a way to Travel and the candidate likes to have an Extended stay away I can see 100.000 piso being the amount needed Now this is only 2 years ago and is my own story, as all things your Mileage will vary. The Philippine Authorities have this way of Giving you a Top Figure and up to the family to reduce it any way they can but According to my Nephew, this years board Exam and they only sit once a year, is in the region of 30.000 piso then you would need to add the other things to get your total. Hope this has helped you a little. :thumbsup: Jack :) Thanks for the detailled numbers. ;-) I appreciate it.
  6. Is it obligated to take a review in order to participate in a board-exam? (i don't think so, but i am not sure)
  7. Do you mean making exam tests WITHOUT having teacher, just study yourself? We have such in Sweden. Beside subjects I have studied without bothering to get grades, I have done such myself (Business Economy, Acounting, Society Sience.) I hope my future kids will do similar in Phils, but it seem there aren't any such in Phils. I have asked some Phil teachers, students and one at a rather high TESDA position (but she is at Elementary school level) and no one of them know of any such direct tests. I suppouse even less chance there are such direct tests in occupations which need licence. Nurses even need 1 year (?) unpaid practise after school exam before they get licence. Sorry, if i was not very clear about it. My ex-in-laws will graduate this year form their universities. The graduation in the university is (almost) worthless for all 3 of them, so long they don't succeed in taking the board-exam. It seems to me, that all students now find it almost obligated to take a review-course (sometimes in their own university, sometimes in other places, like in Cebu) and pay big money for it to rehearse all the topics of the last 5 years. My gf did the same for the board-exam as a teacher. She succeeded in, but was a little bit disappointed that not even 1 question of the exam was rehearsed in the review-course. So even you take the course and pay big money for it, it is still no guarantee that you will succeed or that the questions of the board-exam will be in it. I also don't get the whole idea. Why not just study in your own house? That is for free. But i think this is also a result of the mentality of most of the Filipinos/Filipinas; that they cannot refuse what an older person in a higher function (like a professor) will advise/almost force them to do.
  8. ..hehe, no i don't need to take any board-exam anymore... This is for my ex-in-law-siblings. I promised them to support them till they finished their studies, but seems that graduation is not the end yet. And now i am surprised how much it is for their (so needed) reviews.
  9. Is there someone who could help me with this item : "review" for a board-exam? Here in my place (Belgium/Germany) we are not familiar with it. Here to get pass the board-exam, you just study in your house or in a library just for free. Seems that PH have a different system, one which includes a lot of fees/costs. These reviews are very expensive (i heard some more than 100.000php) and i would like to know, if there is an alternative or some "do's" and "don't do's". Especially for the reviews for following board-exams : Nurse, Electrical Engineer and Industrial Engineer. If possible in Bohol. Thank you in advance for helping me out.
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