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  1. Thanks mate. I have been offered a job in Korea, so money IS coming soon, actually an advance is coming soon. i overstayed previously for two months and it cost me 10,000. I think I am agoraphobic, I dont like going outside.
  2. Dave, twas me mate. Perhaps there really was a frig in the meter. The bill the month he came was about 3k next month 5.5k this month 8.3k The month he came it was really hot so we ran the AC all the time. But then it cooled down, the rains came so we only have th AC on occassionaly. So we have drastically cut down our usage. Am I mistaken to think 8.3k is too much for a shoebox house lived in by two people? I mean we only have 4 ceiling lights in the house. What sort bills do others get each month?
  3. Our power bill has gone from about 3k per month to 8k. In 1 month. We have actually cut.down on usage over the last month as it has been raining. We have 1 ref, water cooler, tv, lights and an aircon that we use lightly, when we do use it we keep it on about 25 degrees and that just to keep the humidity down. Two of us live here in a 2 bedroom house. 8k is just plain wrong. I am thinking aomehow someone is using our power, just I cannot see anything obvious in the disgraceful rats nest of power cables. Hmmm. I complained and they will send a tech out on Monday. 8k a month? Thats bullsh1t and I wont put up with it. Maybe the AC has gone bung and chewing threw the power. I dont know. 8k for 2 poeple in a tiny.little house
  4. 1 death is too much. Duterte and his program of mass death harks back to Germany in the 1930's. He admitted it himself, he said he is the Hitler of Asia instead of killing, he should focus the police on doing their job... no matter how many people this mass murderer kills, he will never get rid of the drug problem. Drugs will never go away, no matter how many people you kill. Duterte is an ape, he is is a disgusting example of humanity. i lived in Thailand during the Shinawat war on drugs. People died, innocent people died and nothing changed. Same here. duterte needs to be gone.
  5. Folks, due to $ concerns I have not been able to extend my visa now for 3 months. Do you folks see any issues when I finally front up to the BI office here in Davao? I know there will be a fine, thats why I cannot go there yet, My Mrs and I dont have a piso to rub together. I stress everytime I hear a car outside, maybe it is BI coming to get me. Thoughts???
  6. Hopefully RBM that is why we have places to go, like this. So we can let off our steam before approaching the barangay captain. On a positive note, my Mrs has gone back to college to study Business Management, and last night I attended her report card giving ceremony. She did well, all scores in the 90s. Go girl.
  7. Cos I would be really interested in your input my friend. Once again, I apologise for saying bad things about the Philippines in a previous post, it was deleted by a mod. It seems foreigners, just like Philippinos cannot have their own opinion in the time of Duterte. Must tow the line. Must say yes. Must not disagree. Must not say anything bad.
  8. Good job USA32. did you actually have anything to say? Or just quote me.
  9. Anyway, sorry about my outbursts. The owner is coming today with a Davao Light person. They have both called me today to make sure I dont let the the scammer inside my house, they say it is normal MO for him to demand entry to check what appliances I have, what kind of power usage I have. But it is really a scoping oit my stuff mission. The house owner has got me really worked up, they are freaking out over this and it has hed me stressed for the last few days. Without them stressing I would have just moved on from it but the owner is not letting this pass. Constant calls and messages to us. Sorry JGF, if I crossed a line earlier, a guy needs an outlet sometimes to blow off steam. I hope you and the other forum members understand
  10. Update. The owner called me today asking me to wait. She has a cousin that works for Davao Light, he told her there is no report regarding our meter, he told us to do nothing, wait until he comes back for the next money installment and for me to get his picture so Davao Light can investigate, ofcourse they told us to pay nothing, get his picture and basically tell him to f off. I dont like this, I dont want to get involved with any of this [email protected] We both just want a simple life. With Duterte killing everyone, scams like this, the [email protected] Mrs has to put up with due to being with a foreign (not to mention the daily disrespect I get, my name isn't joe, and how rude, I am not americano). Maybe we should leave. I have a house in Sriracha Thailand, a house in Batam Indonesia. I have lived in Asia since 1996 but I have never had this kind of overt racism (I speak Thai, so am aware of how Thais talk about us when they think we do not understand) nor had this kind of scam before. Am I being too sensative? Help guys, I am feeling really disallusioned with the Philippines right now. it seems to me the only positive is the ease of visa. Sorry guys, can anyone help lift my spirits?
  11. Yeah, agreed. I just hope she does it quickly. All the neighbours agree that somehow it has become known that a foreign guy lives in this house and this guy has taken advantage. so, not really complaining. Just asking for advice and giving a heads up to our fellow punters. JGF, should this be in the scam section?
  12. Wow. Alert everyone, this is definately a scam, with preparation for the next ohase of the shakedow. See attached picture, whether he was a Davao Light employee or not, he left the meter without a seal. Strange thing about it is that I saw him put the seal on the meter, checking today the meter is unsealed and therefore illegal. we had the house owner here today and she has promised to get everything fixed with Davao Light asap. But I am concerned. With an unsealed meter we are wide open to any threat of legal action against us. am I correct? Or am I stressing about nothing?
  13. Hahahaha. You are correct. Lets see what my next bill is, because at the end of the day maybe I am the scammer, by ignoring such low bills. Anyway, nobody from Davao Light came yesterday. And by oaying him off I think we have the upper hand now. The house owner shat herself, and has tried to take it further. Lets see how this plays out.
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