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  1. Cattle. All i was trying to say if you do fly business like Daves mom did, you do get a much better service (well you pay alot more, so its expected). My problem with PAL wasn't with the service on the plane, but their customer support. I have had plenty of my flights changed before the flight (for whatever reason) and every time I wasn't happy with the change, it took me a short little call to have it changed. No questions asked ever, no bullshit. Not with PAL. None of the other Airlines did any retard rebookings either like PAL (the two 24h+ connections between short local flights and a 15min connection time in Manila with a terminal change).
  2. They would have probably served her like the Queen on Cathey aswell if she was flying business and not cattle ..
  3. gastropub ˈɡastrəʊpʌb/ noun BRITISH a pub that specializes in serving high-quality food. "we've built our reputation on searching out obscure ethnic restaurants, gastropubs, cutting-edge bars, and superlative food venues"
  4. The Iloilo one is the original (now in Bocolod and Cebu). Great place, used to enjoy it. Their all you can eat dinners were pretty good for ~400php. A huge selection of beers, but prices are abit high (as you would expect). Walked/drove past the Iloilo branch a few times last trip, but did not have time to stop in (it was packed tho). They did advert a all you can drink western beer for a few weeks on their FB for like 300pesos :D. They were lucky i didnt have the time as i would have consumed far more then 300 pesos worth of beers hahaha...
  5. They are ok until you run into trouble. They changed our Iloilo-Ceb-Puerto Princessa and back booking 6 or 7 times in 3 months or so. Twice they rebooked us on a flight with a more then 24h layover (original 2-3h layovers) in Cebu and once they booked our return thru Manila with a 15min connection in Manila inc a terminal change 😂😂😂. Lucky that the wifes sister was in Phils and called them.. every rebooking started with a "we have to charge a fee" even tho they xxxx our booking up with their flight changes and it took 2-4 calls every time to get the flights rebooked so they are actually normal (with a few hour layover max each way). Felt like their whole customer support team are wild monkeys working for bananas as they had no logical thinking etc what so ever. Dont expect anything good. They are as good as your regular cheap shit airline like Jetstar etc.
  6. If you say, if you say so mate 😂😂😂. I do have to admit that i had quite a few Emu Exports in WA (Western Australia not Washington) haha. The boss was a big fan of them and had a cooler full of them for "a few after work" in hes ute (truck for you yanks). Im not a person that spits into a glass. So whats my favorite beer? A FREE ONE. Lets just say that after those couple free Emu's i moved onto better brews at home. God i miss a Fat Yak Pale Ale... The only "Aussie" beer we have here is Fosters (didnt find ONE buy in 5 stats of Australia that had it in stock haha).
  7. If you ever visit Iloilo or Bocolod, then have a look in a pub called The Brewery. Alot of imports and local craft beers. Bit pricy as a pint will cost you almost 200pesos on avarage. Selection at supermarkets is really shit. I couldnt find any decent beers.
  8. Id like to add Camotes Islands near Cebu. Very laid back and minimal ammount of tourists.
  9. My gf back then(wife now) visisted me in Australia for three months no problem. I was just on a temp working holiday visa for two years. Aslong as they have proper income or you can prove that you have money to pay for their trip, then the tourist visa is still kinda easy.
  10. They are an okey dark beer if you can find them :D. Wish they had some Pale Ales or anything with alot of hops in them. Lagers and Pilsners are just so boring and tasteless.. Theres a nice pub in Iloilo with craft beers and shitload of imports called Brewery. Only problem is that a pint costs 150-200pesos depending on the drink. They do buffet nights on special days (i last went on fathers day last year) with cheapish entry and quite good food. Once i went with wifes family during a booz ban day. Half way thru the meal i found out that the ban was only for Filipinos and me as a white guy could still enjoy a cold one (i was looking at the selection and the owner came to me asking what beer i want). Wifes sister was really pissed off on the fact that they sold beer to me and not to her 😂😂😂.
  11. It was easier then i thought it would be. Just went to immigration with the new and old passport. Told them the story. Filled a form and paid the fees for a new residence permit card and we were done.
  12. This is a lie. I had 3 or 4 beers with you a year ago 😂😂
  13. Ginebra or Gilbeys gin for me. A litre costs less then the tonic to mix it with. Cant go wrong and an hangover guaranteed. All Filipino beers (mainstream ones) are shit. No taste what so ever. Almost as horrible as the XXXX and Emu Exports all the Aussi locals were drinking in the outback :D.
  14. My son is a duel citizen. He will leave Europe with hes Estonian passport and enter HK and Philippines with hes Filipino passport (wife will be with him and ill come later). On our way back he will exit with hes Filipino passport and enter Japan and Europe with hes Estonian passport (Japan is visa Free for most Europeans). Shouldnt be a problem aslong as we have both passports with us.
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