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  1. Same problems here in IT park, Sky was disconnecting often in the past few days and is still experiencing slow connections (although the latter is pretty common). Strange to hear there's a similar problem with other providers. On a side note water pressure also low these days due to all kind of repairs and floods as reported on the MCWD facebook page. Hopefully they got on top of things soon :)
  2. You can try to look into Gerochi (Makati), they're reputable and I personally visited them (Dr. Tan) and felt very comfortable there, she was also honest and didn't try to do the money grab tricks many other dentists do. Although I actually only did a very minor procedure with her, so do ask around more. Prices for Gerochi are on par with other so called high end clinics. I find root canals to be insanely expensive in the Philippines and you may want to travel to Vietnam for that. Even with flight costs and visa you're still saving a ton.
  3. Just to update on this as I just extended at BI Makati. The ACR belonging to my previous passport was no problem, as many of you suggested. I didn't need to re-do my ACR as it is still within the validity period. I asked both on Facebook and at BI Makati and both said that it is not possible to apply for ACR in one branch and pick it up in another. It must be done in the same branch. ACR can take 2-3 weeks to arrive. The good news is that according to them there's no rush to pick it up. If you're traveling (within the country), you can come back and pick your ACR up a couple of months later all the same. Supposedly you want it with you when you leave the country at the very least, but personally they never asked me to present it at the airport. Then again, it's probably not the best idea to leave it at the BI office forever. Just pick it up when you're back in the city.
  4. You can only exchange at the rate they offer at the moment of the exchange. You can keep your money there in the borderless account for an extended period but I wouldn't recommend it. It's not a bank, don't trust them blindly. Use them for what they're good for and nothing more. By the way, if you convert your pesos back to USD it's another 1% fee. So if anyone considers a lot of back and forth.. it's not going to be cheap.
  5. Transfer your origin currency into the borderless account and there convert to pesos, and then send the pesos (or just use them directly with the TW debit card). By the way, the source currency determines how much fee you will pay when converting to pesos, and USD isn't the most favorable - if you transfer in Euros or GBP, you pay less fee (0.5%) when converting to pesos. For USD it's 0.75%. So if you do happen to have EUR or GBP, transfer them in instead of the USD.
  6. Yes, if you do that then conversion seems immediate so they can't play around with the timing of the exchange rate. You can also use the funds with their debit card (if you have it). You can then make a transfer at any later time for a fixed fee. It actually all ends up cheaper than doing their 'classic' transfer.
  7. I've had instances when the money arrived in 2 hours and then again instances when it took a few days. I think it goes faster if the account you are sending to is yours (not sending to someone else).
  8. My "old passport ACR" is due to expire in March 2019. I entered the country again just recently (with my new passport), after a few months in Europe. So I hope to extend once (for 2 months) in December without a new ACR, then for the next extension, I would already need a new ACR anyway. That's interesting because I had the same situation at the beginning of this year with a previous ACR, and at BI they told me "sir you want to extend for 2 months but your ACR is valid only for one month more, so you already need a new ACR". Exactly the opposite than what you experienced :)
  9. Thanks sonjack for asking there! And thanks everyone for the answers. This sounds encouraging, so hopefully I won't need a new ACR for the upcoming extension. For the extension following that, I'm still curious if they can send an ACR to a different BI office than the one you extend your stay in, and how long it takes to receive it these days. Since it kind of restricts your travel if you have to pick it up from the same office and it takes roughly 3 weeks to arrive (that's the length of time it took last time I did it). I'll try ask them about it once I go there and report here :)
  10. Thanks sonjack, please update if you managed to ask them. Otherwise if no one is experienced in the situation then yeah I'll have to go there and inquire..
  11. I see a topic about 'new passport' but it's about entry stamps rather than the specific ACR thing :(
  12. Hey everyone, so my ACR is still within its validity period but I've just recently received a new passport due to the previous one expiring. In a few weeks I need to go to extend my stay, would I need a new ACR or can they 'transfer' the existing still-valid one to the new passport, assuming I show them the old passport as well? And if I do have to apply for a new ACR, is it possible to ask them to send it to another BI office in another city instead of to the branch I applied in? And finally how long does it take to receive the card? A few months ago when I did my ACR I had to wait for 3 weeks for it to arrive. I'm just trying to plan my travel as these procedures may restrict me to certain places at certain times.. Thanks for any info! Jim
  13. Hmm I finally found the commissions info I was looking for ( https://www.bpiexpressonline.com/p/1/695/inward-remittance ), looks like TransferWise is still cheaper. I was just pissed off that they raised their fees for small transfers so was looking for alternatives, but I guess a direct transfer isn't cheaper still.
  14. Does anyone have experience with sending USD from abroad directly into your PHP account in BPI Family Savings? Is that even possible or is it rejected by the bank? If it's possible are there any fees at BPI or they just automatically exchange it to PHP at their exchange rate? Thanks everyone :)
  15. To update my original question, just made a transfer to a BPI account, seems no fee was taken.
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