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  1. Not everyone meets a good one - not everyone meets a bad one. The same all over the world - online dating - face to face - arranged. Then you have those of us who have met the right one. I know i certainly did - and that was online .. Nice and slow and easy - like ever important moment in live ....
  2. Hi Guys, Generally we do have accounts and transfer larger amounts between banks - but takes a few days and generally multiple banks (=multiple charges). Rates are OK. Western Union is same day / next day. (CASH ONLY), Same thing - rates still very acceptable as generally you would only transfer small amount of CASH. BPI has the ability to use OZ ATM - but needs to be setup before you come to visit. My wifey is visiting PH after Xmas, and that is her agenda. I do agree DO NOT airport money change facilities - rates are NEVER in your favour.
  3. Do NOT select DIRECTDOWNLOAD link, as that is the commercial site (asks for CC). Use of any of the other links is FREE .
  4. DO NOT SELECT DIRECTDOWNLOAD link, as that is the commercial site (asks for CC). Use of any of the other links is FREE .
  5. My Australian Bank had this for years. I quickly got used to it - considering they are protecting my money and off course their arses. I just use my Aussie mobile number - put it on roaming - problem solved. Then again I am lucky nobody calls me on that number :-).
  6. Hi We came without any visas. Sherry was the returning Filipino. Straight in showing marriage certificate. Got BB stamped. Voila.
  7. Hi Dave, No 18 months on a balikbayan privilege. You have to enter philippines together with your wife. Free for the first year then p3k every 2 months renewal. http://www.philippineconsulate.com.au/balikbayan-one-year-visa-free-stay.html Hope that helps.
  8. Hi everyone, I have a very similar experience as noted above. Very professional, very courteous, very friendly and above all very efficient. 1 hour in and out. Now if only some of the other BI offices / staff could learn from these guys , it would dealing with BI offices so much more pleasant. Mind you I have no real problems with Dumaguete BI, but the Cebu office was a total new level. A big THANK YOU to the staff and management.
  9. I got a clock that makes that sound on the 1/2 and full hour .
  10. Hi Guys, SM Hospital saved my live. For me that is the end of the story. Were there things that shocked me ?? Absolutely YES. We went there the 1st time after I collapsed on our way to Cebu. In emergency - Sorry Sir, but you can not stay - we have no doctors here - they are on a seminar in Manila. Come back in a few days. Hmmmmmmmmmmmm. 2nd visit - made it to the doctors office and collapsed again. Back to Emergency. No beds (well explains the extensions). Sat in a wheelchair. Pretty much ignored by the staff. My angel Sherry came to the rescue. She hounded the nurses for a bed, for admission, for taking my vital signs. And they pretty quickly found a bed. We mentioned I can not eat or drink. Doctor and 2 nurses came and insisted I have a drink. I took a mouthful, swallowed and instantly vomited it up - yellow / green stomach acid followed by blood. That should have been an indication that it was not heart or lung - but what do we know. BTW never saw the doctor again. Anyway from there we will observe you for a few days - we good a room for a few days. I was allowed to use the mobile toilet. Whilst they are moving me out of bed onto the toilet, I collapse again and ALL of my orifices relaxed. Well there was a mess and a smell that one can not believe. But the penny dropped - off to ICU. I actually went into Hypovolemic shock. In ICU my body is shaking uncontrollable. Everybody is asking me - are you cold sir?? Well the doctors still stuck to heart and lung, till someone finally put the symptoms together. After 4 days - finally someone looked beyond my oz records. From there is was all POSITIVE. Nurses were polite, effective and happy. Nurses Aides very very capable. My feeling Doctors have limited experience, thus multiple doctors see you (which reflects on the bill). But my biggest shock was the obvious priority of MONEY MONEY MONEY and more MONEY. The administration has to learn how to deal with stressed and emotional and grief stricken people. Did the Hospital do it's job - YES. And I am thankfull for it.
  11. Hi Guys, We have a virtually BRAND NEW Scooter 4 Sale. Less than 1000klm travelled (wifey only at 50kg wet). Yamaha Soul 125i Mio - beautiful in black. Purchased 1 month ago for 80,000php - Selling at 70,000php. Complete with cover and helmet. Reason for Sale - Back to OZ (unfortunately). Contact: 0977 802 5073 - here in Cadawinonan, Dumaguete.
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