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  1. Not everyone meets a good one - not everyone meets a bad one. The same all over the world - online dating - face to face - arranged. Then you have those of us who have met the right one. I know i certainly did - and that was online .. Nice and slow and easy - like ever important moment in live ....
  2. Hi Guys, Generally we do have accounts and transfer larger amounts between banks - but takes a few days and generally multiple banks (=multiple charges). Rates are OK. Western Union is same day / next day. (CASH ONLY), Same thing - rates still very acceptable as generally you would only transfer small amount of CASH. BPI has the ability to use OZ ATM - but needs to be setup before you come to visit. My wifey is visiting PH after Xmas, and that is her agenda. I do agree DO NOT airport money change facilities - rates are NEVER in your favour.
  3. Do NOT select DIRECTDOWNLOAD link, as that is the commercial site (asks for CC). Use of any of the other links is FREE .
  4. DO NOT SELECT DIRECTDOWNLOAD link, as that is the commercial site (asks for CC). Use of any of the other links is FREE .
  5. My Australian Bank had this for years. I quickly got used to it - considering they are protecting my money and off course their arses. I just use my Aussie mobile number - put it on roaming - problem solved. Then again I am lucky nobody calls me on that number :-).
  6. Hi We came without any visas. Sherry was the returning Filipino. Straight in showing marriage certificate. Got BB stamped. Voila.
  7. Hi Dave, No 18 months on a balikbayan privilege. You have to enter philippines together with your wife. Free for the first year then p3k every 2 months renewal. http://www.philippineconsulate.com.au/balikbayan-one-year-visa-free-stay.html Hope that helps.
  8. Hi everyone, I have a very similar experience as noted above. Very professional, very courteous, very friendly and above all very efficient. 1 hour in and out. Now if only some of the other BI offices / staff could learn from these guys , it would dealing with BI offices so much more pleasant. Mind you I have no real problems with Dumaguete BI, but the Cebu office was a total new level. A big THANK YOU to the staff and management.
  9. I got a clock that makes that sound on the 1/2 and full hour .
  10. Hi Guys, SM Hospital saved my live. For me that is the end of the story. Were there things that shocked me ?? Absolutely YES. We went there the 1st time after I collapsed on our way to Cebu. In emergency - Sorry Sir, but you can not stay - we have no doctors here - they are on a seminar in Manila. Come back in a few days. Hmmmmmmmmmmmm. 2nd visit - made it to the doctors office and collapsed again. Back to Emergency. No beds (well explains the extensions). Sat in a wheelchair. Pretty much ignored by the staff. My angel Sherry came to the rescue. She hounded the nurses for a
  11. Hi Guys, We have a virtually BRAND NEW Scooter 4 Sale. Less than 1000klm travelled (wifey only at 50kg wet). Yamaha Soul 125i Mio - beautiful in black. Purchased 1 month ago for 80,000php - Selling at 70,000php. Complete with cover and helmet. Reason for Sale - Back to OZ (unfortunately). Contact: 0977 802 5073 - here in Cadawinonan, Dumaguete.
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