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  1. There are many well to do Filipinos that live in Nueva Vizcaya, my wife and I are friends with several. I live in Aritao (pop. 38,000). Please do some research before posting inaccuracies.
  2. Believe me Jack I am far from perfect like mortals. After re-reading my post perhaps I was a wee bit harsh, but I will stand by the post for the most part. Although in retrospect I word have changed some of the wording. Remember I am not here by choice like others on the forum although I am married to a Filipina. I am here temporarily to satisfy the residency requirement for my 7 year old daughter's domestic adoption. My wife is a politician who sits on the municipal council of our city so I have a unique perspective on the inner workings of the country, albeit only at the local level. So maybe I see things differently than others on the forum. I was just so darn frustrated about the locksmith issue. It was a 4 hour round trip drive because of the traffic and cost me about 1500p for the petro, and it was all in vain as I could not stay at the studio because of the broken lock. I just had to vent! I will try to avoid negative posts in the future.
  3. Oh please, spell checking blog posts? I am sure that you have much better things to do with your time!
  4. If you profession is a locksmith and you cannot do a simple install of a lock than yes I would consider you to be mentally challenged. If I change the word "most" to "many" will that make you feel any better?
  5. I had the house built in 2005 with no plans to ever live in it or live the Philippines. It was a house for my wife to live in after I died. That changed when my wife's son was killed in motorcycle accident. I was working abroad at the time. She took in an infant from a poor neighbor and has raised her for the past seven years and. I came to the Philippines to meet the residency requirement for a Philippine domestic adoption and I am three years into the process. When that happens we will return to America. My wife is a dual US/Philippine citizen that I met in 1997 working abroad. My post was not intended to be racist. What does barking dogs and loud karaoke have to do with race? Let face it this place isn't for everyone so please don't be so thin skinned if you disagree with a post. If you wish to delete my account than so be it!
  6. If DU30 thinks that drugs are the root cause of the all the problems with the Philippines he is delusional. The problems with the Philippines go much deeper. If you were to eliminate all the drugs pushers and drug users in the country you would probably see a slight drop in crime but the country would still be a 3rd world s-hole. Corruption at all levels of government is the real problem along with the laziness of the Philippine people themselves. I don't know whether the education system is a fault, but let's face the facts, most Filipinas are mentally challenged, maybe it is a genetic thing, I don't know. I have a studio apartment about 50km from my house where I go when I know that there is going to be all day blackout in my city.The place was broken into a couple of weeks ago and the landlady had a locksmith replaced the lock. I went there yesterday with the new key and the door opened fine, so far so good. I then attempted to lock the door from the inside and the key would not turn. The boneheaded locksmith who installed the new lock never tested to see if the lock could be locked from the inside! What a moron! This type of thing would never happen in a western country. There is no hope for this country. People buy dogs and then refuse to feed them. The dogs will bark all day and night because they are hungry. The Filipina could care less if his neighbor doesn't get any sleep because of the barking dog. I posted a thread on another forum about barking dogs not being fed and a few people said "oh that a cultural thing" learn to live with it! BS, it is plain rude and would never happen in a "civilized" country. One call to the police and the problem would be solved. Filipina people have total disregard for their neighbors and think nothing of singing off key Karaoke songs at 3 am at maximum volume. Oh, that's another "cultural thing" according to another forum. BS, again it's is plain rude. In America one phone call to the police and the music will stop, end of story. The fact that the Philippine people elected DU30 is proof of how mentally challenged they really are. As soon as the domestic adoption of my daughter is finalized (it's been in the works for three years know) I am out of here. I will be leaving a very large and expensive house behind but since I am 15 years older than my wife, she can make use of the house after I die in America. I think that all the expats that call this place "paradise" are the ones that are on drugs. It is and it will always be a 3rd world s-hole regardless of who is in power unless the Philippine people themselves change and I seriously doubt that.
  7. JGF, with all due respect, this entire thread is about American and Philippine politics!
  8. Dave, agreed. I am a life long Repub that voted for HRC.....sometimes country trumps (no pun intended)ideology.
  9. Chris, there are other routes to the northern provinces especially to Baguio from Manila. The highway (Marcos Highway?) is not completed, the last time I traveled it was about 50 to 100km short of Baguio. That was about three years ago...I am sure that the completion of the highway has progressed or has been completed. It's a new highway but not many facilities when I traveled it. It is a world class highway and a great road for touring bikes. The road to Baguio up the mountain is scary, even in a car. In the past there have been buses that when off a cliff and many perished. My point I was trying to make is to avoid AH26 in the mountains at all costs. Safety for friends and family is always my number one concern.
  10. I agree that the National Highway through the mountains is clear, maybe with a few more bottlenecks then usual due to recent road damage from Sakira, but being clear doesn't make it drivable for a Harley or a touring bike. I have driven this road tens of dozens of time and believe me you don't want to drive AH26 through the mountains right now now on a motorcycle. I have a Pajero and a small Toyota and there is no way I would attempt it now with the Toyota let alone a Harley. One think for sure is your ass is going to be very sore by the time you make it Santa Fe.
  11. Avoid the Pan-Philippine Highway (AH26) between Nueva Ecija and Nueva Vizcaya. AH26 goes through the mountains and is the only road to take to get to the northern provinces of Luzon from the south. The road is normally bad going though the mountains but after Typhoon Sakira it is a real mess. I have ridden Harleys my entire life and there is no way that I would attempt AH26 through the mountains. I actually took the drive from my home in Nueva Vizcaya to San Jose in Nueva Ecija the day after Sakira and the road took a real beating. I think that I may have to replace my shocks.
  12. Sorry my mistake David, I took the above quote to be anti American, I meant the Argentinians not the people of the Falklands, The UK did liberate the Falklands in 1982, but there is no love lost between Argentina and the UK, same as Vietnam and the US.
  13. This comment shows you how delusional the guy is. He is elevating the Philippines to the same level as China and Russia? If the planet earth was to receive an enema believe me the Philippines would be the insertion point.
  14. You probably could have saved money by having them manufactured in the Falklands, oh wait, I don't think that they have many fond memories of the Brits for some reason.
  15. The US and Vietnam restored diplomatic relations over 20 years ago. Duterte seems to be heading in the opposite direction.
  16. I rather take matters into my own hands!
  17. JGF, not that I believe that Trump is going to be elected but if he does I would love to be a fly on the wall when he meets Duterte for the first time!
  18. All Duterte's rhetoric aside, IMO there will be little or no impact of the average American expat living in Philippines. His rhetoric may affect some tourism but that's about it. The worst possible thing to happen would be the expulsion of all US expats from the country which is extremely unlikely, but not beyond the realm of possibility given the fact that he is a scary loose cannon. If the US replied in kind and expelled all Filipinos from the US who would lose the most? Right about now returning to the US doesn't sound like a bad idea to me. My wife and spent a huge amount of money on a retirement home. If I was force to leave the country I would burn the house to the ground before I left for the airport rather that have Duterte and minions confiscate the property ala Castro in Cuba when he took power, or even worse have my lazy in-laws move in. If my useless relatives moved in the house would be destroyed within a year.
  19. Windows 10 does have a product key. It is stored in the BIOS by the PC vendor. I have a Windows 10 laptop that I bought here in the Philippines. It came with a licensed copy of Windows 10 already activated so there shouldn't be a need to "activate" a Windows 10 laptop after buying it. It is unlikely that the original PC manufacturer delivered a PC with a pirated copy on Windows 10 as that would be outright fraud. This almost sounds like someone has installed a pirated copy of Windows 10 after the PC was delivered to the vendor which is really strange. I have a utility that will actually go into the BIOS and extract the Windows 10 product key. I can email the OP the tool to extract the Windows 10 product key if it will help.
  20. Writing to the higher ups is wise move and may pay dividends. I met my Filipina wife while working in the UAE in the late 90s. After a three year contract I returned to the US in 2000 (unmarried). My wife was able to get a six month tourist visa to come to the US to see me. Near the end of her six month tourist visa we decided to get married in the US which we did. A foreign national marrying a US citizen while on a tourist visa is frowned upon by US Immigration, but not illegal. Just before her US tourist visa expired her mother in the Philippines had a stroke and was on her death bed. I told my wife to fly back and see her before she died which was a bad move on my part. I was very naïve about US immigration law, I just figured that since she was my wife and we were married in the US she could leave US and come back. Wrong! In retrospect had I known that I would have to go through the I-130 process to get her back into the country I would never have let her leave the US. At the airport when she was leaving the US the female immigration official started giving us a verbal lashing for getting married. This was my first exposure of many with US immigration officers and I quickly realized that most of them a flaming a-holes with God complexes. Anyway, I filed the I-130 as required, received a letter from the USCIS in California stating that the I-130 process would take a couple of months, no problem. After about three month passed and hearing nothing from the USCIS I decided to drive the 100 miles to the USCIS service center to find out what was going on. After waiting about five hours I finally got to speak with an immigration official. He very rudely told me the I-130 process was going to take a year or maybe two and quickly dismissed me. The guy way a real a-hole and I wanted to punch him in the face. Every month I would drive the 100 miles to get an update and was told the same thing and treated the same way. Most of the people who visit that particular USCIS are Latinos from Mexico and the US immigration officials treat them like [email protected] so I guess their modus operandi is to treat everyone, including US citizens (who pay their salaries), like a pieces of [email protected] . Every time I went to the USIS there the would be 100 or 200 Mexicans waiting in line two hours before the place opened and I would take my place in line and usually I was the only non-Hispanic in line. After about six months passed and nothing was happening I decided to write a letter to the US Ambassador at the US consulate in Abu Dhabi. I explained my situation, and I explained how the US immigration officials at the USCIS where treating people, etc. I was a long shot and I never expected to get a response. About a month later I received a personal letter from the US ambassador. It basically said if you fly to Abu Dhabi, my wife had gone back to work in Abu Dhabi after her mother died, I will grant your wife a visa to enter the US. I was in shock! A week later I was in Abu Dhabi, it took the US Consulate in Abu Dhabi a couple of days to process the I-130 and a week later we were in America. I have many experiences over the years, for a variety of reasons, with US consular officials and for the most part, IMO, they not only are incompetent but most are flaming a-holes!. I have learned over the course of my life to go directly to the top when confronted with situations like this. Good Luck, I hope that you are as successful as I was.
  21. I am sorry that my post had to send you to a dictionary for the definition of the word "ideology" as that was not my intent. All religions are "ideologies" in the truest sense of the word, but generally they are refer to as religions not ideologies. My intent was to point out that political Islam is more of an ideology than a religion.
  22. You hit the nail right on the head. Islam, historically has been spread by the word. The Christians and Protestants had their problems a few hundred years ago but they moved on. Islam refuses to. In Pakistan and India the Shia and Sunni blow up each other's mosques on a tit for tat basis. Ironically they always do the bombings on Friday, the Islamic holy day. Not all the Muslims doing the bombings are "radical Islamists" in the western sense. The dogma of Islam, and the hatred between the Shia and Sunni is the main driver. How often to you see a Baptist blow up a Roman Catholic church? The western world is starting to wake up to the threat that radical Islam represents. The irony here is the liberals in the US , the very people who ignore the threat of radical Islam, will be the first ones to be beheaded by ISIS!
  23. Duterte not only wants to expel the US Special Forces from the Southern Philippines but his comment said all "whites". My sympathies are with you as that basically means that you (and other "whites") will in effect have to forfeit you property if you have to move. Even though you don't legally own it you did pay for it. I hope for you sake he backs off.
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