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  1. I read that Mike, wasn't too comfortable about it. Today many senators slammed the idea.
  2. I'm not worried about the cost. I don't think that it would be an unreasonable amount. I'm just glad to hear that we're now included. Now let's hope that vaccines will start to arrive ASAP! Thanks Sonjack for finding this article!
  3. Well, agreed on repayment HK blues, that you can really only go to the well once..
  4. Loans are rarely paid back here. Whenever deciding to loan for a good reason, consider it a gift.
  5. Thanks JGF--I think I'd stick with just one seller, if I could get most of what I want. Wow their hard liquor was kind of pricey for my taste!
  6. That's good news, gbmmbg. I panicked and brought in all of mine except the biggest one. I guess in the morning they'll all have to go back. It has been pretty windy for a while these past few months, so this isn't the first time they'll have gone in and out! All good though--greetings in Sibonga!
  7. Storm pretty much a no show here, after looking ominous on friday. Looks like it veered out and maybe hit the tip of Cebu on Bantayan Island. Now I'll have to put back all my pots, and rehang all my windchimes! Well good news after all. Hope everyone in their areas fared well too.
  8. It's pretty calm right now here in our area. Rained a bit earlier, but just light wind now. We'll see how it goes..
  9. No Mike--we live in Tabogon in northern Cebu. I'm not familiar with many places in the south and west. I have been to Moalboal once but a long time ago. Very nice..
  10. I think anything that's light enough to blow around should be moved out of harms way. You talked about not watering, but this morning we had to water a lot of our pots before we brought them in--they were bone dry from the heavy wind! We're right by the sea--I'm sure that the waves will crash up on our sea wall..
  11. Thanks Tommy! Let's hope it's not too bad.
  12. Jack, we've had strong winds night and day for a couple of days now. It got quiet last night , butnow this morning the wind is starting to kick up again. We took all my herb plants and such inside from the balcony last night just in case.
  13. Oh I'm sure HK Blues. Cebu has fallen far short of keeping up with childrens' vaccines. and people are all the more suspicious since the Dengvaxia scare. The governments lack of ready funds for the purchase pf Covid vaccines, will really set back the ability to get herd immunity here for a while too I think.
  14. Actually Steve, This decision was handed down by the President and federal government, not a local decision. There are so many incredibly poor folks here as we all know, that could never shoulder the cost of vaccines for themselves and their families. In order to reach herd immunity, the government has to make vaccines accessible and free to all.
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