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  1. Hi guys, I know that it's still a little ways away, but I was wondering how the annual "Head Tax" will go in the new year Jan./Feb. Has anyone heard anything about a possible extension or postponement? No new tourists to contend with yet, but wondered if anyone had heard any BI news about it?
  2. I haven't ever brought a pet parrot to the Philippines, but I guess you can within the guidelines. I found this on a quick search. This might help. I assume that you're an American. https://www.aphis.usda.gov/aphis/pet-travel/by-country/pettravel-philippines
  3. Well AK that may or may not be the case, but we're just doing a little towards local awareness, and getting a minuscule amount of trash out of the sea nearby. Reaching the generation before is a tough call. You know that saying--light a candle instead of cursing the darkness.
  4. Possibly Tommy--I'm not sure. I'm not sure how much conservation is taught in local schools over time. We've asked our neighbor kids if their teacher discusses such things, and they said yes. Littering seems just second nature. Even among adult local fisherman there is a real disconnect at times it seems about the environment that they might depend on to make a decent living or to just to feed their family. Caring for surroundings doesn't come in to play it seems for some. Not to mention that on a larger scale having more tourism draws might come from more efforts to keep environments clean. L
  5. Well--the little that we do in our little area might make only a small impact, but you never know what one child might take away fro the experience. In the past we've had neighbor children planting a few mangrove seedlings too. Some have washed away, but others have held. Sometimes when you encounter something discouraging, it's an option to try to change it in even a small way..
  6. My husband and I live near the sea, and sometimes we have local neighbor children on a saturday picking up trash (with gloves) and we collect many sacks over the course of a morning, that we have picked up on trash day. With a small payment, a snack and a simple mini lecture about them having helped in a small way to save the ocean, we have a fun morning. Win win
  7. I tend to agree, Intrepid. Sometimes over time here, I felt like the situations that bothered me or that I was not comfortable with, could be accepted more if I had a quiet refuge to be more my old self in at times, even while being still living solidly in the Philippines. I can't change things that I'm not always comfortable with, or that were not what I was used to before, or up to "my standards" even. Having a quiet place where I can be more myself, helps me to adapt and make peace, and realize what makes me happy, and how I best fit in to the scheme of things here. Maybe other people
  8. Hi Dave, I've been away from the site for a while--are you leaving for good?
  9. In my case, I felt personally that there was a real learning curve to adapting to living here permanently. For me it took about five years, and things that used to bother or frighten me I've learned to pretty much take in stride now. There are so many different personal reasons and variables I'd think, that might give an expat reasons why they would feel the desire to go or stay permanently or go elsewhere. My husband worked hard many years in the States, and was able to live a new life back in the Philippines again. Although he misses certain things, and family and friends back there, h
  10. It's true Dave.. I wasn't even aware that bicyclists already had a desigated lane!? Sometimes when driving in to the city on a sunday, there are so many bicyclists that often at times attempt to join the main lane. I know that they're just trying to get some exercise, but they can be a hazard too. So little space for vehicles of every size and ilk and all going at different speeds.. Sometimes I feel like we're in a Mad Max movie.
  11. There has been a recent move with the local government in Cebu, to ban tricycles from main public highways.. They are deemed unsafe for passengers and a traffic hazard and slowdown it has been determined. Yet to be ironed out, but in the works I guess. I read that tricycle and tricycad drivers had not been allowed to ply public roads, but the drivers could just not make a living from the fares on the secondary roads. Time will tell. Today the National Federation of Tricycle Drivers Association of the Philippines states that their drivers want a designated lane on the outer right side o
  12. That's illegal to have now.
  13. I consider myself a city girl, but more and more I'm drawn back and overall prefer it out here in Cebu province near the sea. With all the chaos around the world, it's a beautiful sanctuary for me out here. I still love Cebu City in small doses though..
  14. That's good info to share Rod. My husband and I went online and applied in December,anxious to get our votes heard this coming election. I got and email saying that we had to apply again in 2020 so it won't be difficult to do it again. It's not a difficult process.
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