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  1. That's always a fear for sure. Let's hope not. Good Luck on getting yours.
  2. Sounds like a good plan HK. Many folks are waiting for their turn I'm sure, in spite of those still not interested or still on the fence about getting vaccinated. I have faith too, that It's just a matter of time, before many more who want to will get their chance.
  3. That's so frustrating HK. I don't know for sure, but I think that the metro area islands like Manila Cebu and Davao have been given more stocks early on, and over time other areas will be provided with more steady stocks over time. I read that the National Capital region and surrounds having seen the worst rise in cases, have had more interest and participation in vaccine rollouts. There have never enough steady stocks yet, but supposedly that will change with more vaccines coming into the country I think. While waiting for more activity in your area, you might possibly want to go be
  4. Glad that you were able to get your first shot this morning OMW, without any issues. Every eligible person that wants one, who gets it is heartening I think. Pretty tacky for that foreigner you mentioned to have possibly jumped the line, if he wasn't eligible though. Maybe he just looked younger?
  5. Hi Graham, Not sure how your local area in Luzon is organized, but just as a thought on our rather rural town situation. My husband called the local DOH LGU office and the local health center last month to let them know that we were very interested in getting the vaccines. We were told that our names would already be on the town master list, but my husband also submitted our names again for general purposes, as eligible seniors We called again with a friendly inquiry a week later when we heard about the nearby town of Carmen getting some vaccines out. None yet for us yet we were told.
  6. "He said it was not the vaccine brand that caused the hesitation of some, but the lack of proper campaign approach to educate the people." I agree with Senator Tolentino on that Mike. I think that more participation from people in local governing positions could get the word out better and help allay some fears fears and mistrust among some townspeople. We don't live in a subdivision, but in a regular barangay neighborhood along the national road in our town. Somehow we missed their stop at our gate? but the Department of Health made stops in the neighborhood as maybe they have a tow
  7. I observe that too Snowy. With your reference to Raffy Tulfo as an example, I think that many more Filipino people are becoming more assertive of their rights instead of often in the past accepting the status quo.
  8. Other than the occasional brownout, or the usually great water pressure cuts out for no good reason, I'm pretty chill living here. The ongoing pandemic and upsetting happenings around the world, for me has really rearranged my priorities, and what is important to me, and what were stupid things that might have upset or annoyed me in the past. Being rather an introvert, and because the pandemic has tended to keep me more at home, and often to myself more than in the past, I've spent more time just trying to be more in the moment, and accepting things or adjusting to and/or appreciati
  9. I read that too, HK. It's seems rather a toss-up between trying to extend the interval, to possibly missing out over here. It has been reported in the Philippines that stocks of many varieties will increase over coming months. One can only hope. We'll ask the health center that we deal with about what kind of stocks they're expecting towards the end of July. There doesn't seem to be any hard evidence on how much of a percentage difference it makes, so we'll se how it pans out for us in Cebu province. I just really want that second dose regardless.
  10. That's sort of the dilemma here maybe, OMW. I've been reading that Astrazeneca's efficacy might rise somewhat by waiting a longer period between first and second dose, with the longest being twelve weeks. In Canada they seem to be recommending those 12 weeks. Maybe Dave Houndriver in Canada or others in other home countries that have received Astrazeneca could fill us all in on what their dose gaps were. I'm a little nervous about whether to go with what is recommended here, or waiting and possibly losing the ability to get my second dose. I think that the onus is on the DOH to provide b
  11. That's great OMW I'm wondering about how long they tell you between 1st and second doses.. I'm thinking of trying to see if I can be able to extend the second dose a little later than six weeks if I can, but not sure if that's possible. Please let me know if you find out. Queenie
  12. I was just going to post that, Freebie. Helps with many itchy skin things I've found.
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