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  1. My bad Jack--just corrected that.
  2. Hi Mike, There is a similar private owned hospital in Consolacion, Cebu.The style that they manage though, is to have a nursing staff available all the time, but all doctors, including in the emergency room ones (except maybe one) are on call and under contract. They appear at odd times and are often not available because they have their own office and contracts in other hospitals in Cebu City. They probably started out with similar hopes as this one, but this one is actually more expensive and serves less. My husband stayed there during his past motorcycle accident, and we would not use them again. Maybe this one will be different, but budgets for running a small private hospital must be high. When the new director of Cebu Doctors' Hospital in Cebu City spoke to the public this year, he pledged a new branch of Cebu Doctors' Hospital in Bogo City here in the north within the next five years. High hopes maybe, but we'd welcome it if it pans out for people like us in this area.
  3. Queenie O.

    Whole Wheat Flour in Angeles or Dau?

    Hi Dave, I don't often see any bugs in my flour. One time a small bag of local whole wheat flour that had a lot. If there were they'd probably be just little black seedlike dots. You'd see them I'm sure. They wouldn"t hurt you I'll bet, but who needs them! You know like when you rinse rice grain out before you cook it in case there were some little bugs in the rice. Seeing as you only use your flour sometimes, you might want to keep it in a ziplock bag in the freezer or ref. Any grains and nuts can go rancid/sour in this tropical heat or even lose some nutrients or flavor. Sorry to go off topic a bit PurpleHaze.
  4. Queenie O.

    Whole Wheat Flour in Angeles or Dau?

    Oh yeah Clermont--I read recently about a weevil infestation in some sacks of rice stored in a warehouse in Luzon. Any grains like flour can get pests of some sort I guess. We always keep our flour in the freezer so it doesn't have the possibility of going rancid or getting buggy. Rice we store in those plastic cracker boxes with the tight fitting lid. One thing that happens for me-- I buy some spaghetti, and it looks fine but after a short while if I don''t use it it can get buggy. I wonder if the bugs were already there in packaging?!
  5. Queenie O.

    Whole Wheat Flour in Angeles or Dau?

    OMW, I've purchased what was a nice quality five pound bag at Healthy Options in Cebu before, and I don't remember it being super expensive. A bag that size goes pretty far in my experience, depending on what you're making with it.
  6. Queenie O.

    An unexpected sight!

    All in a day's work, Mike!
  7. Here's an unexpected sight from this morning. While I was sitting on the bamboo bench in the garden early this morning, I happened to look up into the palm canopy to see a little bat just hanging there, appearing to be asleep. Maybe the rainstorm last night sent him there, and he didn't make his way away until it started to get dark early tonight. So many bigger and scarier Indiana Jones type creatures that one sees here, you could almost get immune to being startled (sometimes) after a while. This little guy was cute though. I've seen bats flying around certain trees at night on a full moon especially, but so far this is the first I've ever seen hanging so close by during the day!
  8. Queenie O.

    Beam me up Scotty turns 61

    Happy Birthday Scott!
  9. Queenie O.

    New Typhoon Named After One of Forum Member

    Thanks for the warning Rod! Luckily it seems that on it's current track it might not even make landfall here after all. So far so good, but not the best claim to fame for me! Rey in latin means king so is it presently called King Kong?
  10. Clermont, I think that I remember that as an expat you're only supposed to carry around with you your Alien Certificate of Registration Identity card (ACR-I Card) I guess the chip inside has the information that the government requires. I don't always carry mine though, because I imagine there would be hell to pay to get it replaced if I lost it.
  11. Queenie O.

    Do you ever worry whether you're on the right track?

    I agree Intrepid. I think that you and others who in the past are right about how travel sometimes to different places can be fun and improve your outlook.That's a plan for us too, in the not too far future.
  12. Queenie O.

    Do you ever worry whether you're on the right track?

    I've gotten subtle hints Old55 that probably they are too busy, stressed etc. to have us there for a visit. I don't blame them for how they're dealing with our being far from them, but it has been frustrating at times. I've not gone back to the States since moving here. I'd love to go back to San Francisco again some day though. I know what you mean about finding one's life direction. I also know that there are so many positives to my life here. At times I might lose sight of certain pluses when focusing on the frustration of a moment. Male expats here are able to get together and just shoot the breeze and sometimes vent about what's bothering them at the moment and get a little solace or change of scene from each other I imagine. Many times a male expat will not even nod or say a quick hello to me, lest they deal with the wrath of their partner. At a gathering of mixed foreigner/Filipina couples that happens once in a blue moon, it's the Filipinas' that want to gravitate to me first. They're curious about the novelty of me I imagine? In my life here as an expat woman, I sometimes feel that I'm up on the high wire trapeze without a net, or jumping out of a plane without a parachute. Don't get me wrong--I handle sometime challenges pretty well I think for the most part. I have to count on my partner more, but I'm convinced and confident that I'll figure out things and have a good quality of life overall day by day. Thanks guys for letting me vent just this once. I don't feel the need to that often, and also I know I came here knowing that I might have to be braver and work harder while living here as a foreigner expat woman.
  13. Queenie O.

    Do you ever worry whether you're on the right track?

    Thanks for sharing Dave. I can relate to some instances of your story too. too. That might be a case for trying out a place for a while to see if other places are more appealing before settling down and building/buying a house like we did. (Although my husband is content more often than not here.) You have some good experiences and advice all around 'dI say. Thanks for the encouragement too !
  14. Queenie O.

    Do you ever worry whether you're on the right track?

    Thanks Intrepid --you've got your hands full getting your daughter to school! Good advice all around. I envy you that you still share a closeness with your family. I used to be very close to my family--in fact my brother and sister and I worked together in their mail order map business. They never quite grasped why we wanted to leave our old life and move to the Philippines. They are all out busy trying to work and live their hectic lives. I'm not sure if it's a sense of betrayal or jealousy, or just being kind of overwhelmed in work and paying bills etc. When I hear from now it's always a short email it's always short note with not much substance or meaning. I'm always encouraging and positive about their lives, and I used to see chirpy FB posts from my sister, but again those reasons that I'm living this perceived "dream life" seems to spur resentment. I believe that if there was an emergency or we needed help they would always rise to the occasion, as we would, but otherwise we're literally worlds apart om their part. Sometimes makes me sad and frustrated, but it's just a reality that I have to accept. Maybe some day that will change. Anyway I'm glad that the case is not the same for you.
  15. Hi Forum friends, All my life I've tried to think for myself and figure out problems on my own when they come up. I think oftentimes people I know my think that I've got everything figured out and under control. so they don't ask me how I'm doing. Many folks back home family and friends think that I'm living the good life here--no work for one, and being just free as a bird. Can't relate and not that sympathetic about my thoughts on fine tuning my life I've been here about 4 1/2 years now. You know that I've said that I live out in a rural area with hardly any fellow expats around., so sometimes I long to hear what others living here feel about the path they've taken so far. Do you ever waiver in your thoughts about why you chose to settle here? Do you look at your daily/yearly life here sometimes and think about how you might change some things you're doing, or how you might make your quality of life better for your self and your partner? Do you remember that old song that says "accentuate the positive, eliminate the negative"?I try to do that but sometimes when things go right one day, but on a day or week? that I have some wavering, it's hard to not gravitate to those" negatives" I'm always trying to introduce new hobbies to enhance my time, seeking out time with my partner to go to a movie, out to eat socializing with the certain family and local friends that I get along well with etc. Spending time in my garden and playing with my dogs etc. Facebook is a downer for me and I quit going there, because the daily lives and perceived trivial problems seem a universe away for me. I still get sad and frustrated sometimes trying to think if I'm on the right track. I sometimes wish that someone could give me an "attagirl"! and tell me that I'm on the right track and that things will all fall into place over time. I think of my neighbors that have a lot less, and they just go about their business of living the best way that they know without a lot of apparent angst. Forum friends--could you tell me if you ever have doubts or get encouraged or discouraged on any given day or for a period of time? How do you cope if you do? I know in my heart of hearts that it's all in the doing that will get/keep me me on my path, and I strive to focus on making the most of my choices, and the time that I have left here. I know that there is no paradise on earth, so I think my expectations are pretty realistic. Please share your thoughts if you have some. Any words of wisdom or encouragement I can give or receive would be much appreciated! Honest answers only please!