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  1. That was awful Mike! He said the ankle had not been an issue until the celebration. Tough break for his lost chance. FYI --Petecio chases Gold at 12:05 PM today, (Philippine time) and this morning Paalam will fight this morning, at10:15 AM. Marcial will go for the Gold on thursday, Aug. 5at 2:03 PM I hope that they all do well!
  2. Mike--look for a lot Olympic boxing on Cignal, channel 5
  3. Eumir Marcial, Filipino Middleweight just knocked out his opponent in the first round, for the bronze! He'll go on to win the Gold I predict!
  4. I was so excited to see Hidilyn Diaz win the gold, and to see an up and coming female weightlifter Elreen Ando from Cebu. Female boxer Nesthy Petecio is hopefully headed for gold, as well as male boxer Carlo Paalam! Pole vaulter EJ Obiena has a good shot too! I'm really only interested in the Filipino Olympians now.. They have a lot of heart!
  5. Unfortunately, out here in the province rats are part of the wildlife. Our neighbors have cats, so that might be a help. From time to time, early morning a rat might be heard running around in the eaves up above, but they don't stick around. In the early evening occasionally there might be one rustling around. We try to keep all branches along the roofline trimmed as that seems to help. Last time I made a large Meoww sound, and the rat disappeared, but not sure how that would work for anyone else. We close our kitchen windows at night so as not to entice any with cooking smells from the day. It used to be scary and annoying for me to hear the sound of a rat, but now I've accepted that these animals are part of nature here, and will come and go from time to time, whether we're aggressive about chasing them or trying to catch them.
  6. I forgot to mention, no side effects this time.
  7. FYI--Just saying that we were notified that there were doses of Astrazeneca vaccines available at our local town hospital this week and to come in to the hospital to get the second dose. It has been just about 12 weeks now for the interval between the two, so I was relieved for that availability. I believe that these doses came from a recent supply manufactured there and coming from Japan. The vaccine card was filled in completely and we were told to get it laminated with a 2 X 2 color photo placed on the back side, which we did. I think I've read that there will be a government issued card down the pike, but I'm not sure how that would work. I was very grateful to get my second dose.
  8. Hi Folks, Not sure if this has been posted before, but thought it was so cool https://econ.st/3hUoYPr
  9. That's always a fear for sure. Let's hope not. Good Luck on getting yours.
  10. Sounds like a good plan HK. Many folks are waiting for their turn I'm sure, in spite of those still not interested or still on the fence about getting vaccinated. I have faith too, that It's just a matter of time, before many more who want to will get their chance.
  11. That's so frustrating HK. I don't know for sure, but I think that the metro area islands like Manila Cebu and Davao have been given more stocks early on, and over time other areas will be provided with more steady stocks over time. I read that the National Capital region and surrounds having seen the worst rise in cases, have had more interest and participation in vaccine rollouts. There have never enough steady stocks yet, but supposedly that will change with more vaccines coming into the country I think. While waiting for more activity in your area, you might possibly want to go beyond the homeowners association, and just go through the town hall DOH office and your local health office that every town and city area has to find out when and where vaccinations will happen. Rollouts seem to be happening on mondays and tuesdays during weeks that have continuous supplies. In my husband's town next store, my brother- in- law was told when he went in for his shot at the local health center that stocks were used up, but he got his that following monday. Yesterday my other brother-in-law who just turned sixty went into the city to get vaccinated along with his wife who now just got hers because she works in a skin care center. and was eligible because of working with the public. From personal experience so far, I guess we all have to be as creative and resourceful as we can about making sure to get our names on any and every list/ master list, and to tell as many people from barangay to councilors health nurses, neighbors of your interest to get vaccinated Never assume that you are already on a list, or that one list or person is in charge. That's just my suggestion, but with that said, we all will still have to go along with supply chains. I'm sure that your wife can be I good advocate for you. I really hope that you and others who want a vaccine will get it soon.
  12. Glad that you were able to get your first shot this morning OMW, without any issues. Every eligible person that wants one, who gets it is heartening I think. Pretty tacky for that foreigner you mentioned to have possibly jumped the line, if he wasn't eligible though. Maybe he just looked younger?
  13. Hi Graham, Not sure how your local area in Luzon is organized, but just as a thought on our rather rural town situation. My husband called the local DOH LGU office and the local health center last month to let them know that we were very interested in getting the vaccines. We were told that our names would already be on the town master list, but my husband also submitted our names again for general purposes, as eligible seniors We called again with a friendly inquiry a week later when we heard about the nearby town of Carmen getting some vaccines out. None yet for us yet we were told. I think that it doesn't hurt to be vocal about your interest in wanting a vaccine and getting any info about coming local rollouts, if and when they might be happening. They seemed glad to be adding numbers to their list of interested folks, so "nothing ventured nothing gained" I'd say. Of course every area might do things differently. Just a general thought that you might have already acted on. I don't know if our calls made any difference in the scheme of things, but the following week we heard about the town rollout.
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