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  1. Have had similar problems with California for back taxes and such with bank accounts frozen, penalties paid then the bank charges $75 on top of all the money they can get. It is true that is you just get SS deposits only, they can't touch the account. The problem is you are dealing with California. If you bank account is in California, CA get pretty aggressive. The trick is to have a Bank account that is not based in California. You could get a national account(BofA, Wells Fargo..etc) but they have offices in California, so that they can still dink with your account. You have to have an account that does not have extensions in CA. I have USAA , a federal account that CA cannot touch( or Credit Unions anywhere outside Calif) seem to work. They can only check banks in California! So the legal issues you have a California based charges. If you live outside of CA, and your bank account is outside CA, there is nothing they can do! Now if it is FEderal(IRS, Student loan, child support..etc) then all bets are off. Even if just getting SS deposits, the IRS can and will withhold up to 15% of your SS payment.
  2. You don't even need anything fancy! I have an old Samsung tablet. It is the best in reading experiences, bed, bathroom whatever. You can change the font size larger with my ageing eyes love. It holds your last page read even if you power off. I keep a library of 10-15 novels that I enjoy. Just look for novels in the .epub format(electronic publication). Using an ereader app is all you need. There are many places to download for free if you know where to look. Much cheaper than trying to find paperbacks or order while here in PI! Cusslar fan thru and thru!
  3. Only if you don't consider California is in the States! Read my flag...oh, its still not working!
  4. Depends on what veg from the States you are trying to grow. Some like lettuce and brussel sprouts require a cooler climate, maybe up in the mountains here. I just got a survival seed pack from the US that have the most common seeds found. Right now I am growing Cantaloupe, Beefsteak Tomatoes, Lima Beans, and Watermelon, carrots , radish and best of all...Pumpkins. You cant find any out here. Craving pumpkin pie! Right now, all plants are growing and look healthy, but they haven't flowered/fruit yet. Time will tell! I found a planting trick to start the garden! If you buy your eggs in a 24 count flat. The paper cups are a good starter. Just fill each cup with good soil, then plant your seeds in the cup and keep watered. After the plants sprout, the plants root grow thru the cups. So when big enough. when the cups are kept moist, they are easy to tear the individual cups out. Just take each cup/plant and dig a small hole in your garden and put cup/plant in the soil. No need to remove the plant from the cup since the roots grow right on thru!
  5. Been doing that the last 3 years! Leave early morning from Cebu to Hong Kong, spend a couple hours eat lunch there and return same day(afternoon thru manila).
  6. You mean Choc King....hard to swallow! Actually they are the best in Cebu! I think better than Jollebee!
  7. Hey Jack, you know what they do to pigs here!?HaHa Honestly, I'll be into 5 years here soon myself. People always compare to back home. The food's not the same, the law is not the same, etc.etc.etc.... You are not back home, you are here! You have to learn to adjust to a different culture. Sure its different, part of the fun is learning the differences! Its always how you look at it, its easy to compare and be negative. If you retire here, I advise to get your hobby going, learn to unwind and chill, for both stress and health and learn to live a different life. Thats the name of the game!
  8. I can attest to that. I have a Whites MXT and GMT detectors. MXT is for coins and jewelry and such, while the GMT is for gold nugget shooting. I have just been to a couple areas here locally. When I take the MXT out locally, the kids start following. I select a couple on the way to assist in the digging. What I find are alot of coins. These I check and if not rare, I give back to the kids. Sure makes for for a fun afternoon. I've only gone out a couple times since I've been here for the last 4 years. Would be nice to have some one else along! There is gold in the hills here since they do some mining there. So would like to check some of the river beds. Also many parks around here in Cebu, from Magellan landing in Mactan. to early Spanish settlements in the area. Would have to check on the laws for the checking though. On the western side of Cebu where I live, the beaches are pretty rocky, so not to good to detect, but the are some sandy areas that would be better.
  9. I did receive my form(proof of life) from SSA in Jun. Took about 3 weeks by standard(slow) mail to the local PI post office. Filled out the form and noticed it was to return to PO Box. So I used LBC to send to my son in Calif. Instructed him to put a stamp on it to send SSA Po box. Works okay, but you need someone in the States to send it to and put a stamp on it and forward from there.
  10. If your last names the same, they generally wont ask. I assume your wife's passport is in her maiden names o...as Jollygoodfellow says. best to carry certificate for proof. Then you have 1 year, either leave somewhere quick and return(Hong Kong) and repeat another year, or near the end of the 1 year, file 1st extension, till you reach the 3rd year when you have to leave again!
  11. Can't agree more! Been married to my filipina going on 27 years now! Don't let the little head govern your life, just use your big head all the time with maybe suggestions from the little one occasionally! They are here friend. My golden rule is if you meet one, listen! If you hear "I need" or "I want", RUN! And if you can't get them to say such things, walk around the mall here and say "Oh look at the nice jewelry, "Do you want anything"" Same with clothes! Always catches a ladies eye's Then the true self is exposed! My girl when I was dating just said I don't need anything!
  12. This time had a chance to try out Vikings buffet at SM Cebu. I was really impressed with the variety of food on the buffet line. From lamb to steaks, whole shrimp, bolo bolo and sashimi with plenty of wasabi(if that doesn't clear your nose!) They had several different drinks even beer on tap! Many different desserts but no pie(apple,cherry,pumpkin) but plenty of other cakes and Filipino types. Mexican, and other international cuisine. I was impressed with the variety. Even had an assortment of cheeses with my salad there. I sure do miss the variety of cheese in PI, but was not disappointed at Viking. I will definitely go there again. The only caution is that you fill up so much then when you go outside the heat and humidity makes you fill bloated and not feeling well. I would suggest to walk it off in the mall before leaving. The price was P799 per person. A little pricey but I think it was worth it! I could almost do that for beer alone haha! I think the wife even got a discount card for next time! It was almost as good as the buffet in the States like Hometown Buffet or Golden Corral! So was surprised I found something similar here..... Cheers!
  13. Not all VPN's are created equal. I have found that some VPN's have leakage which means on the internet, some sophisticated programs can still see your true IP in the Philippines, thus can still block some of the programs like Netflix. Google the VPN I use called expressvpn. They definitely block any leakage of your IP and present the server ip in the state/country you are connected thru. They have diagnostics for leakage detection.
  14. If you like horror stories for online purchase, do NOT purchase from Galleon.ph . They have a nice selection like Lazada and they state they 90% of the products not found in the Philippines! So I tried them on since they said they carry 16 oz 3 sticks of bridgefort pepperoni at @ P2000. They didn'mention the international shipping would cost another P2300! I ordered on Dec 01. On Dec05 they said could not get it shipped since it was a restricted item to go to the PI. Then why have it on the online catalog? The answer was the automated program did not remove from the online catalog( had to open a case). They told me this and closed the case. Opened another case and asked for a refund. Several days pass then get email, this has been forward to accounting to get a refund dec19 takes 6-8 days to process. Since it passed to accounting case closed. Jan03, still no refund, opened another case and complained why the keep closing the case if the problem is not resolved. Just because you pass it to another department does not resolve the issue. I even complained online in FB Galleon page. Still no response. Did see one cust rep respond on FB and needed order number which I supplied, still no response. Just found out that Galleon also sells on Lazada. Beware, check that the supplier is not Galleon under Lazada! At least I have an Ace whole card, that is I paid thru PayPal. I've had other online purchases that went bad and PayPal has refunded my purchase and back billed supplier! Paypal will definitely save your bacon in online matters! More to follow! If I don't get results from Galleon, I will turn over all corespondent with Paypal!
  15. Cebu J mall BI also issues 6 months. I've got one but haven't tried 2 at one time.
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