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  1. GeoffH, I think you were referring to a "Fur Seal" , haha!
  2. Retired on Soc Security, checked Get My Payment from IRS says check was mailed Apr 24. PhlPost has suspended delivery from May 14th, about the time the check may have been in the PI....but alas, still no check until Phlpost starts moving mail from Manila. Why the Stimulus didn't get deposited, there must have been a snag from SSA getting direct deposit info. The second Stimulus will be discussed yet in June. Congress on Memorial vacation this week. About 7 or 8 possible distribution methods will be discussed to narrow down to 1. Dems have already voted to approve but Reps killed it before going on vacation!
  3. This is the second night in the past 2 weeks where after midnight, my dogs start barking and I get the flashlight out and catch a guy standing at the gate, probably looking to break in. When I shine the light, he takes off running! I told the wife that I expect more will be trying to do this as the economic suppression continues. People getting hungry and desperate. I expect more crimes to follow! No money, no food, probably just trying to feed their families. A time to be more vigilant!
  4. That's strange,I was able to take our favorite trip to Puerto Backyardia with no restrictions or quarantines!
  5. There is already a subject on this matter. Just do a search for stimulus. To quickly answer you on this, seems the only ones who have gotten this is thru direct deposit. If your check has been mailed(like mine and a few others) that have used their address here in the PI, then it is most likely hung up in Manila due to corvid-19 quarantine. PI has a lock down of international mail since 5/12. Even those that have pensions mailed to PI are in the same boat. Don't know when this lock down will resume. Hopefully it won't be too much longer as I believe the checks have payout by date. Don't know if 90 days or 6 months, cuz I haven't seen one in years! Still waiting!
  6. And now for something (easy) completely different! How about English Muffins(american style) with all the nooks and crannies for fresh butter melting in all the cracks! Or with a fried egg, cheese and ham for breakfast. For a little additional flavoring I added homemade sourdough starter to the dough. Recipe at English Muffins | Allrecipes
  7. Just keep/get a bank account in the country you are from and do money transfers or ATM cash withdrawals. There are so many money transfer companies listed, so why worry can/can't get a local bank account here with form xyz/ID. Just wait until you are established here before opening an account and where!
  8. Your paper check maybe delayed: https://about.usps.com/newsroom/service-alerts/international/welcome.htm make sure you also scroll down for more info. Its a little vague, it states medical and checks will be processed, but once it gets to Manila or Cebu could be held back until May 15 due to quarantine or is it now may 31? Does anyone know how long a gov. check is good for, 90 days,6 months, one year? At least when I get mine, my US bank can do online deposit!
  9. Also for the SSA form. if you know when it comes out(like for mine its in June) and you don't get it, you download it from SSA, fill it out and send to SSA.
  10. AK, never missed my SSA dead or alive form from the USA, but I have never mailed anything back. What I have done to return the form is use LBC to send to my son in CA. Then he puts a stamp on it and mails it in for me. Also for the local Post Office, make friends with the workers there and tell them if I get something in I offer a little reward like P50-P100 depending on the value of the mail. This causes them to be on the look out for my mail knowing they will get a reward! Don't think I have missed any mail in over 6 years. So waiting on the stimulus paper check so I let them know I was expecting some US gov documents. They are looking in earnest to see which of them gets a reward! Problem is with the quarantine, mail from Manila only gets delivered to them once a week.
  11. Raining here in Cebu Toledo right now!
  12. CA is a bad state to be from. A year after I left the state, they noticed I didn't file State Tax, so they assess by taxes based on my previous years income and charged that I owe them tax money! On top of that I didn't register my autos that I gave to my kids, and charged me more tax even though I didn't live there any more! They also wiped out my CA. bank account. so I had a bank account with negative balance. Found out they can get to your bank account if it has offices in California (ie BofA, Wells...etc) . They can't touch Federal accounts like USAA! Anyway, back to the topic. I was looking at the Reddit topic for IRS and I noticed someone post that "Get my payment" tool was now working for expats. So I took a gamble to try it and NOW IT WORKS! It says my check was mailed Apr26 by slow mail to PI. The PI Post office here in Toledo is only open 1 day a week(thurs) so I will have to check then. Even though i get a Direct deposit from SSA monthly I was hoping to get a DD to my US bank account. Seems they didn't look at that! I filed e-file TurboTax 2019 late Mar but did't get DD info on my e-file since I neither owed or had to pay- so Turbo Tax will not let you put bank info if you don't get a refund.
  13. Tommy T. Had the same problem trying to access my USAA bank account in the US. Seems a lot of US company's do this to prevent malicious internet attacks from overseas. Especially financial institutions. I know most have been doing the last 5 years or more. If you use a cheap vpn, sometimes they don't work because well in the States because they leak your origin IP. So any IP address in the PI will fail access to some financial institutions. I use ExpressVPN, and never had an issue. So if you use a freebie or low cost vpn this will sometimes give issues. And important to select a location of the server thats closest to your old address in the States. A good VPN will let you access Netflix and other streaming services, even some news feeds. You won't get any "video not authorized from your location"
  14. Yes, both have SSN. She even lived with me in the States for 23 years! Still no payment!
  15. Just wanted to get a quick result from other US guys on stimulus check/deposit! Since I have lived in PI since 2015 and now retired. I still have not received a check or deposit yet. I have filed taxes in 2019--- zero filer(0 pay, 0 refund) which has problem if trying to us irs "get my payment" tool Also if you use your foreign address when filing I suspect has problems not recognizing a PI address- fails with "information does not match" when inputting initial ssn#, address. I was hoping that at least the irs would use my retirement ssa1099 to get direct deposit bank info to at least get my $1200 for myself. Tax return that I e-filed would show file jointly so would expect $2400. After seeing that my SS was direct deposited a couple days ago- but no stimulus deposit. Several sources said the irs would use your SSA1099 to direct deposit on Apr 29th. So I wanted to see if you guys from the US: Did you get your stimulus deposit or check? Did you file 2018 or 2019 taxes? Was it jointly where both had SSN#? Did you try using the irs tool "Get my payment" online and could you get in with a foreign address for verification? ( I was never able to get in to verify my info or get direct deposit info in. Been trying everyday since the tool came online Apr 15. No success!) If not , just waiting for irs to use your SSA1099 info to get direct deposit or paper check: I suspect since I didn't see my Stimulus deposit, that it may be coming by snail mail from the US, and that it could take a month to get here in the PI if and when if it ever gets here.
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