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  1. About 2-3 Lbs......Sorry guys, I just couldn't resist that one!
  2. I watched the series and was surprised at the number of deaths and the cover up that was involved. Bottom line, the fuel rods had a bad design that caused the failure. Now the Russians want to make their own series on the disaster and blame the CIA according to Yahoo news.
  3. Yes, the US Embassy Cebu does Notory service/
  4. ExpressVPN gives you 30 days free/trial. I would try that then once Norton installed, turn off VPNand see if still works. I've been using Norton from the US for the last 5 years here, no problems.
  5. No problems on the other side of Cebu Toledo area. Who is your provider? We are on PLDT. Knock on wood, no outages for the last 2 months so far on Fibre!
  6. Yes we were in Cebu was thru US Embassy SSA outreach program from Manila. Went thru the filing, they asked to see my son and Mom on Phils passport(not US citizen). Asked for Bank acct info. Nothing said about child/caregiver had to have a local bank acct. Guess it depends on who was taking all the info. And USAA requires a US address to open even if its a PO Box in the States. Like I said, use a relatives address in the States, then open an acct online with that address. Then use a VPN to login the bank so the VPN shows an IP address from the States. If you don't your Phils IP will show and you cannot login.
  7. Thats interesting Cuz when I filed for SS benefits, our address was listed as living in Cebu, (wife,kid). But our bank account was in the US. Does wife have a soc sec number, also kids?. If so, then you can open an online bank account like USAA. I used my sisters address to mail ATM cards and such. I see you already have a US bank account. I would think you could just add thier names to your account
  8. Dengue on the rise Davao https://www.sunstar.com.ph/article/1806470/Davao/Local-News/Dengue-epidemic-expected-in-Davao-region-this-year?fbclid=IwAR0SY_WnU5AcxoEGu1zNDLrSdF17XLGO7DGMTSVyOw930-g1ZkkpA2YwsNY THE Department of Health (DOH)-Davao reported that dengue cases in Davao region have more than doubled to 2,468 from January to May 16, as compared to the same period in 2018 with only 1,050 cases. DOH-Davao records further showed a total of four deaths have been recorded due to late discovery of what is presumed to be just a mere fever but the condition of the patient has gotten worse when brought to the hospital. In a press conference on Monday, May 20, DOH-Davao Regional Dengue Control and Prevention Program Manager engineer Antonietta Ebol said they this may still increase in the coming weeks. “Nag-expect tayo na epidemic year kasi ang last kaso natin [in] 2016 umabot tayo ng 12,000 ‘yon yong time na umupo si PRRD (President Rodrigo Duterte) na nagalit siya sa lahat so after three years niyan kasi cyclical pattern, we’re expecting for that [dengue cases to rise],” Ebol said. She said the figure is gradually increasing despite the measures and interventions that they have undertaken to minimize dengue cases. They will continue and intensify their awareness campaign down to the grassroots level to at least reduce it if not eliminate mosquito-borne diseases. “Hindi natin maiiwasan talaga kasi naging virulent na ang mga lamok. And then lahat ng zero type nasa Region 11 (We cannot avoid the epidemic because the mosquitos have become virulent. All the zero type are also in the region),” Ebol said. Zero type means mosquitoes that transmit dengue and chikungunya diseases to humans. Based on the cumulative total from January 1 to May 16, 2019, of suspected cases based on the signs and symptoms presented by the patients, Davao City posted the highest number of dengue cases with 1,039 and one death. It was followed by Compostela Valley with 525 cases; Davao Oriental with 487 and one death; Davao del Norte with 323; Davao del Sur with 75 cases and one death; and Davao Occidental with 75 and one death. Ebol clarified that these are not confirmed cases. In comparison to the 2018 data, Davao City has 509 cases with one death, followed by Compostela Valley with 253 cases; Davao del Norte with 116 cases; Davao Oriental with 113 cases; Davao del Sur with 40 cases and one death; and Davao Occidental with 19 cases and one death. Ebol said the upcoming rainy season and the warm temperature do not bode well for the dengue situation in Davao Region. The rainy season will produce breeding sites while the warm temperature may multiply the number of mosquitoes. They have also strengthened their monitoring system and submit weekly reports of dengue cases from different areas. These reports are submitted to the Health secretary. “Aside sa mandate sa DOH, gina-capacitate nato atong mga local government unit partners ug nagahatag pod tag commodities nga magamit nila. Ato pod gi-tap ang iba’t-ibang sector, nagsulat ta sa governor, city and municipal mayor, ug DILG (We have also capacitated our local government units and provided them with the materials they may need. We also tapped different sectors and reached out to the governors, city and municipal mayor, and the DILG),” she added. The Anti-Dengue Task Force was also revived to monitor what is being done in different areas to mitigate the effects of the spread of dengue.
  9. We had my son's and wife as caretaker and my own benefits deposited into one account in the States. From there use ATM or transfer to local RCBC account.
  10. No I didn't. Can not justify the costs and restrictions associated with the insurance.
  11. Well guys, just got back home from the hospital after getting dengue fever. Amazing bug I must say. I don't get too many mosquito bites that I miss cuz when I do get bit. they itch like crazy, so I know that I got hit. This time though, didn't notice. Went for a drive to Cebu City with my boys visiting from the US. Since we live on the other side of Cebu opposite the city, have to drive over the seven mountain passes to get to the city. Anyway, started up the steep mountain grades, but noticed I was getting car sick. Had to stop and empty my stomach. This drive rarily bothers me. After getting back on the road I noticed a strange red puffy mark on my finger. No pain, no itch, just slightly raised spot. Well I feel asleep in the car till we arrived at SeaCrest SM mall. Walked around the Mall with my grown boys and did some shopping and prepared to drive the 1.5 hours back home. That is the last I remember till I woke up in the hospital 2 weeks later! I don't remember anything. Wife filled me in a little. I had it bad! I remember snippets of arguing with a Doctor,because I was restrained. Kept pulling out my IV's. I do remember talking, more like arguing with my Boys. I do remember the oldest saying if I don't go he said I would die here! Then wife saying that I was trying to chew her fingers! Strange what you do when you are not lucid. So now still in bed rest. When I stand, I get dizzy and have to lie back down. Just amazed that I lost that much time. Unfortunately lost the remaining time with my boys since they had to return back to the States. So I only got to spend a few days with them that I remember. The ambulance ride to local hospital. They didn't know what was wrong with me. Then another ambulance drive back to Cebu city hospital where I was diagnosed. Had tiny white spots all over my body. They had me intravenous, stomach tubes, high fever and not lucid. What a ride! Don't want to do that again!
  12. Have had similar problems with California for back taxes and such with bank accounts frozen, penalties paid then the bank charges $75 on top of all the money they can get. It is true that is you just get SS deposits only, they can't touch the account. The problem is you are dealing with California. If you bank account is in California, CA get pretty aggressive. The trick is to have a Bank account that is not based in California. You could get a national account(BofA, Wells Fargo..etc) but they have offices in California, so that they can still dink with your account. You have to have an account that does not have extensions in CA. I have USAA , a federal account that CA cannot touch( or Credit Unions anywhere outside Calif) seem to work. They can only check banks in California! So the legal issues you have a California based charges. If you live outside of CA, and your bank account is outside CA, there is nothing they can do! Now if it is FEderal(IRS, Student loan, child support..etc) then all bets are off. Even if just getting SS deposits, the IRS can and will withhold up to 15% of your SS payment.
  13. You don't even need anything fancy! I have an old Samsung tablet. It is the best in reading experiences, bed, bathroom whatever. You can change the font size larger with my ageing eyes love. It holds your last page read even if you power off. I keep a library of 10-15 novels that I enjoy. Just look for novels in the .epub format(electronic publication). Using an ereader app is all you need. There are many places to download for free if you know where to look. Much cheaper than trying to find paperbacks or order while here in PI! Cusslar fan thru and thru!
  14. Only if you don't consider California is in the States! Read my flag...oh, its still not working!
  15. Depends on what veg from the States you are trying to grow. Some like lettuce and brussel sprouts require a cooler climate, maybe up in the mountains here. I just got a survival seed pack from the US that have the most common seeds found. Right now I am growing Cantaloupe, Beefsteak Tomatoes, Lima Beans, and Watermelon, carrots , radish and best of all...Pumpkins. You cant find any out here. Craving pumpkin pie! Right now, all plants are growing and look healthy, but they haven't flowered/fruit yet. Time will tell! I found a planting trick to start the garden! If you buy your eggs in a 24 count flat. The paper cups are a good starter. Just fill each cup with good soil, then plant your seeds in the cup and keep watered. After the plants sprout, the plants root grow thru the cups. So when big enough. when the cups are kept moist, they are easy to tear the individual cups out. Just take each cup/plant and dig a small hole in your garden and put cup/plant in the soil. No need to remove the plant from the cup since the roots grow right on thru!
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