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  1. I have used one for the past 4 years and since I back a lot, especially breads, pizza, sourdough, dinner rolls, breakfast rolls--- the bread machine is definitely the way to go. Depending on what type of bread, load flour and ingredients, set and go! Very easy, low cleanup, and enjoy anytime of the day. Some models you can make homemade jams and jellies in the breadmaker. Some models believe it or not even makes icecream and even yogurt! Just don't buy chinese cuz the manuals and buttons on the machine are in chinese. The manual in english usually has many pages for recipes and suggestions! I bake so much that it is best to buy bread flour 20-30Kg sacks, and yeast 1/2 kg for best savings. I even have the local priest asking for the occasional loaves because it tastes so much better, and warm and fresh! There are so many brands and models, buy the one that fits your budget and needs. But I suggest to get the one that makes the larger loaf size (2.2lbs)!
  2. If you go to FaceBook, try Healthy Meats. They deliver to Toledo Cebu. Close but not quite Negros. I ordered 1st time a couple days ago. The Angus beef was nice and tender, best I have had in Phils! https://www.facebook.com/LodiSteakCebu/
  3. I am guessing that the suspicious activity is because you are using your ATM card in the Phils! To the US Bank, that is suspicious! As Geoff's back sends emails, others like mine (USAA) also lock your account unless you have posted a travel advisory( to what country your traveling and if so for what duration). So I repost mine every 6 months online or can call customer service to extend! Different banks, different ways they notify or lock accounts due to charges overseas! Just call customer service to advise you are traveling in which country and for how long. You do not want to say you are living here, cuz some banks don't like having your address outside the USA. Yeah, I'm on vacation! That's the ticket!!!!!
  4. Thats what I was told a few years ago(2003) when we went to Moal Boal. I asked before I went cuz I was going to bring my fishing gear - I asked and they said no fishing! So when I got there and was at Pescadero island, the owner of the banka was catching fish and was cooking the fish on the engine of the boat. I asked I thought I was told no fishing! The boat captain motioned with his hands- no fishing with dynamite! Back then, Pescadero underwater was beautiful. Many colors of coral and fish. Went back a few years later in 2017, and sea-life colors were just shades of grey. Very sad, few fish!
  5. Have done it here in Cebu with my own boat. Dragging lures to catch King Mackerel (tinigue), fun to catch. Bottom fishing for LapuLapu. Even done some squid fishing at night with lighted lures! Now fishing equipment(rods and reels and lures) are hard to find. Some sporting goods stores in the mall sometimes has some. If you cannot find it, do as the locals do. Get heavy monoline with several hooks, Lay a long line out away from shore on the bottom with weight at end and floating buoy on the other end. use little minnows or chicken pieces on the hooks, set out on bottom and wait a few hours, come back and pull in. Sometimes get a cornucopia of different fish! Even tried making a crab trap so sent on the bottom. Didn't work out so well. Eventually someone stole my crab gear!
  6. Ongoing saga continues! Called IRS on Jun 24th, eight weeks from when GMP reported my check was mailed and had IRS put a trace on the check. They said it would take upto 6 weeks to see if check was accepted or returned or lost between the US and Philippines or between Manila and Cebu! Just for grins, checked Get My Payment portal with IRS, surprise, surprise( as Gomer Pyle would say). Now asking for additional info. Input my US bank info and it was accepted! Just half to check back in a few days to see when direct deposit is! From the research on Reddit for MikeJ, I don't think they will accept a foreign bank account. So for those of you waiting on a mailed check to the Philippines( which because of Phlpost in quarantine) , you could try to put a trace on your check, and if you have a US bank account, you can get your bank info into the IRS!
  7. Here is an example in Cebu: https://sugbo.ph/2020/kang-irag-peak-cebu-city/
  8. Here in Cebu, there are many places to camp in the mountains. They are called ECO-Parks. Most permit tent camping and also some have huts to rooms with aircon that you can rent. I would suggest some of the motorcycle clubs and talk with them or even join in on some of the rides. Don't know much about beach camping. If you find an area your interested in, check in with the local Baranguy capitan and talk with them. They are very knowledgable about the local area or even if it is safe. Usually in remote areas should be fine, but check in the local town and ask. Near a large town, stay in small hotel!
  9. Well Mike J, because Phlpost has suspended delivery, it maybe a while yet. If you are lucky, USPS was suppose to mark any mail to PI as deliverable and return to sender(treasury). If and when the IRS see's this return, then they are to update your "Get My Payment" portal online as needing more info, then you can update by supplying your bank account info. But how long does it take to register the return is anyone's guess. IRS still haven't processed 1040 returns sent by mail. I understand they had 10 million pieces of mail in trucks to process. So maybe yours and mine checks are in the same truck. IRS said to monitor your GMP portal when it updates.
  10. An update for all you expats still waiting on their stimulus checks or maybe I am the only one: Due to the suspension of service of Phlpost for international mail, you may not see your check until the quarantine is at GCQ. The problem is Cebu City is still ECQ so no mail for me. I called the IRS Stimulus line yesterday, on hold for 1 hour to see if I could get my paper check canceled, and reset my Get My Payment portal to reset to ask for more information, thus putting in my bank DD info. The IRS said they cannot cancel check, the best they can do is put a tracer on the check which takes about 6 weeks. If not deposited, they would send another one in the mail. Kinda like a catch22. If still in quarantine and Phlpost still suspended, it will join my first check somewhere at Phlpost Manila unless USPS catches this and does a return to sender(IRS) which would reset the Get My Payment portal requesting more info.
  11. We have always been able to fly out before BB visa expires ( 1 yr) no ECC. By what you are saying if you only been 6 mo on a 1 year visa, can you return on that same BB visa? I don't think you could without the filipina in tow. To continue on the same 1 year BB visa on return, I would bet that you will enter on visitor visa without wife. Can't answer if she does accompany if you are trying to use the unexpired portion for sure. I think your BB visa expires the moment you leave the country! Upon return -no wife with you cannot get BB stamp!
  12. One other thing to try, is look for any oriental food store. Most have shipping to asia . If not they may know who does. And if you are really lucky and find a Pinoy food store, I'm sure they would know! Also try LBC freight, and ask to see if they would ship Balikbayan! Good luck!
  13. GeoffH, I think you were referring to a "Fur Seal" , haha!
  14. Retired on Soc Security, checked Get My Payment from IRS says check was mailed Apr 24. PhlPost has suspended delivery from May 14th, about the time the check may have been in the PI....but alas, still no check until Phlpost starts moving mail from Manila. Why the Stimulus didn't get deposited, there must have been a snag from SSA getting direct deposit info. The second Stimulus will be discussed yet in June. Congress on Memorial vacation this week. About 7 or 8 possible distribution methods will be discussed to narrow down to 1. Dems have already voted to approve but Reps killed it before going on vacation!
  15. This is the second night in the past 2 weeks where after midnight, my dogs start barking and I get the flashlight out and catch a guy standing at the gate, probably looking to break in. When I shine the light, he takes off running! I told the wife that I expect more will be trying to do this as the economic suppression continues. People getting hungry and desperate. I expect more crimes to follow! No money, no food, probably just trying to feed their families. A time to be more vigilant!
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