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  1. We use transferwise bank-bank ACH from USAA to RCBC. Trnsferwise only charges @$6.99 and it takes about 3 days to appear at RCBC with no addition costs. I have not read if there is a maximum with transferwise though. The exchange rate is only 1 Peso less than the current exchange rate , ie if Peso at 54.05 then exchange rate would be P53.05 for USD.
  2. roddavis

    Clean but Dirty

    All these new warning lights on the new cars these days! Course you may not see this in the PI.
  3. Just watching PAGASA for typhoon reports. Looks like another possible super typhoon to follow the on last week. As per PAGASA " Typhoon "KONG-REY" is expected to enter the PAR this afternoon and it will be named "QUEENIE"." You should be happy, PI named one for you Queenie!
  4. roddavis

    US SSDI Survivor Benefits

    My question is BTW, how did you report that your daughter was still in school at 18 to the SSA. I haven't found any info age/school for child collecting benefits or how to report it.
  5. roddavis

    Metal Detecting in the Philippines

    I agree if you are looking for treasure, you need a permit. The local barangay I checked and the detecting on beaches and such for coins/jewelry is no problem. Just be aware of your location. If you are near any war memorial, then a permit is required. City parks probably best to get a permit. Else the last 3 years I have had no problems. People sure do lose alot of coins. Probably make P50 an hour in change!
  6. And that is what you will find here if you look in the right places! I have lived here in Cebu for the last five years and have never been bothered by anyone or anything> Just the errant drivers that never look your way then pull out in front of you, is about the worst I have seen here. But all else is no different than the States!
  7. roddavis

    My journey to finding a Filipina girlfriend...

    As I have cautioned my buddies when looking for the perfect mate. the advice I gave them is if you hear I NEED or I WANT, run because you will be in trouble. I used that on my asawa of 28 years! When we dated, we would go shopping at the mall. I would ask do you want some new clothes. She would say no, I heard a ding as a point was made. Looking at jewelry, I questioned, "do you need some new bracket", she said no, another ding! All said, after 2 weeks we were married! Brought her to the States for 24 years where we had 3 sons! Now retired here in Cebu for 4 years, living in the province where we built our house 10 years ago, and now living there. So it can be done. Good Luck!
  8. roddavis

    Dumaguete? Be honest please.

    Is in it amazing that the dogs here sleep at the edge of the road without getting run over as you pass by then. Only seen a couple walking across the road avoiding one trike only to get hit by another trike passing the first one! But cars/vans they will not move unless directly in front and the horn is blowing.. Else at the edge of the road sleeping will not move even when sounding the horn( don't bother me!).
  9. roddavis

    US Bases In The Philippines

    Not necessarily bases but small outposts. Here in Cebu on the opposite side of the island(Toledo City) I saw some American service guys at SM, so I chatted with then. I think them were navy. Said they had a survival training camp in the foothills here, near Toledo. So not a base but a camp. Was nice to here decent english spoken for a change with no accent. That was one of my peeves. Asked what the average speed in America was(55) if they replied pipty pive, then I knew they philippino! HAha!
  10. roddavis

    Proof of life form stuck in customs examination?

    Pretty normal with LBC! I just sent my form to the States(to my son to mail) . The tracking shes the same in tie up, then shows arriving in States, then delivery and signed by Son's wife. He stamped the envelope and sent USPS to SSA. That seems to work ok thru LBC. In all took about 5 business days to get in my son.s hands!
  11. roddavis

    Proof of life form time again !

    Just got my form today. It was mailed out Jun 01 to PI. According to the post stamps, it arrived PI Jun 04 then Toledo Cebu Jun 18. Snail mail does take its time. The last mail from SSA was form 1099 mailed out on Jan31. I didn't receive that one for over 5 months! Goes to show the local post office has no priority for foreign mail! You need to have in place a local contact/ reward system for important documents
  12. roddavis


    We have also had for the past year and half the 50MB option for P2899. We have 2 other computers in the house that needed cat5 hookup. Wifi/modem/router in Master bedroom, so out the router cat5 to a 5 port switch, then connect the 3 desktops cat5 to 3 ports on 5 port switch. Run cat5 lines above ceiling into the other bedroom on the other side of house for sons xbox/ps4/desktop. Now everyone connected. The 5 port 10/100 switch is very inexpensive, As far as the PLDT services. Haven't noticed any slow connections. When I need speed it is there. Now as far as customer services. very slow, sometimes do not respond to requests. When the service is running, great. But when there is an outage(usually mainline down to accidental cutting of trunk further upline in town due to road construction). PLDT can take 3-5 days to repair. In the last year we have had @6 major service interruptions that take a day or more to repair and @5 minor outages of 3to8 hours to repair.
  13. roddavis


    The cheapest UPS (battery backup) can be had at most large computer store or home improvement store. I bought one a couple years ago, cost about P3000, that powers my desktop PC and 50 inch display for about 20-30 minutes when there is a brownout. Plenty of time to shutdown apps without harming windows. Battery also acts as surge suppressor. I can tell cuz doing some welding on fence, lights would dim but PC/TV no glitches. Power comes in to charge the battery, but output comes thru battery and inverter, thus protected from voltage fluctuations. I suspect it will also protect from lightning strikes during storm. Computer and LCD TV were protected from a lightning strike last year, but did lose TV's in other rooms not protected by UPS.
  14. roddavis

    Proof of life form time again !

    Found the form online thru Soc Security. Can be filled out and sent online. https://form-ssa-ocr-7162.pdffiller.com/ SSA form 7162
  15. roddavis

    Proof of life form time again !

    Thanks Lobojohn. I thought I read that it would be in June! The mail situation is indeed pretty slow. Our Toledo mail usually arrives, and they sit on it for a month or so. I have setup a reward system, that if they deliver it right away they can make a couple hundred pesos for it. But if I go in and find it there, no reward.