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  1. roddavis

    Very sick wife

    Can't agree more! Been married to my filipina going on 27 years now! Don't let the little head govern your life, just use your big head all the time with maybe suggestions from the little one occasionally! They are here friend. My golden rule is if you meet one, listen! If you hear "I need" or "I want", RUN! And if you can't get them to say such things, walk around the mall here and say "Oh look at the nice jewelry, "Do you want anything"" Same with clothes! Always catches a ladies eye's Then the true self is exposed! My girl when I was dating just said I don't need anything!
  2. roddavis

    All you can eat buffet.

    This time had a chance to try out Vikings buffet at SM Cebu. I was really impressed with the variety of food on the buffet line. From lamb to steaks, whole shrimp, bolo bolo and sashimi with plenty of wasabi(if that doesn't clear your nose!) They had several different drinks even beer on tap! Many different desserts but no pie(apple,cherry,pumpkin) but plenty of other cakes and Filipino types. Mexican, and other international cuisine. I was impressed with the variety. Even had an assortment of cheeses with my salad there. I sure do miss the variety of cheese in PI, but was not disappointed at Viking. I will definitely go there again. The only caution is that you fill up so much then when you go outside the heat and humidity makes you fill bloated and not feeling well. I would suggest to walk it off in the mall before leaving. The price was P799 per person. A little pricey but I think it was worth it! I could almost do that for beer alone haha! I think the wife even got a discount card for next time! It was almost as good as the buffet in the States like Hometown Buffet or Golden Corral! So was surprised I found something similar here..... Cheers!
  3. roddavis

    Help me with Netflix ?

    Not all VPN's are created equal. I have found that some VPN's have leakage which means on the internet, some sophisticated programs can still see your true IP in the Philippines, thus can still block some of the programs like Netflix. Google the VPN I use called expressvpn. They definitely block any leakage of your IP and present the server ip in the state/country you are connected thru. They have diagnostics for leakage detection.
  4. roddavis

    Stressed Beyond Belief by Online Shopping

    If you like horror stories for online purchase, do NOT purchase from Galleon.ph . They have a nice selection like Lazada and they state they 90% of the products not found in the Philippines! So I tried them on since they said they carry 16 oz 3 sticks of bridgefort pepperoni at @ P2000. They didn'mention the international shipping would cost another P2300! I ordered on Dec 01. On Dec05 they said could not get it shipped since it was a restricted item to go to the PI. Then why have it on the online catalog? The answer was the automated program did not remove from the online catalog( had to open a case). They told me this and closed the case. Opened another case and asked for a refund. Several days pass then get email, this has been forward to accounting to get a refund dec19 takes 6-8 days to process. Since it passed to accounting case closed. Jan03, still no refund, opened another case and complained why the keep closing the case if the problem is not resolved. Just because you pass it to another department does not resolve the issue. I even complained online in FB Galleon page. Still no response. Did see one cust rep respond on FB and needed order number which I supplied, still no response. Just found out that Galleon also sells on Lazada. Beware, check that the supplier is not Galleon under Lazada! At least I have an Ace whole card, that is I paid thru PayPal. I've had other online purchases that went bad and PayPal has refunded my purchase and back billed supplier! Paypal will definitely save your bacon in online matters! More to follow! If I don't get results from Galleon, I will turn over all corespondent with Paypal!
  5. Cebu J mall BI also issues 6 months. I've got one but haven't tried 2 at one time.
  6. roddavis

    Cataract Surgery/ Eye Exams

    Sounds like a winner. I'll put it on my list. Vision center that does lasik sounds like the most up to date ophthalmologists, instead of the usual that doesn't have much test equipment available, I was not impressed with those that wave a lense in front of your eye asking which one is better. Not what I am used to.
  7. Well its finally got to the point that my left eye is getting to foggy to see well. Like that eye is looking thru smoke and halos around lights, even some double vision. The right eye is fine with no problems. All the classic sign of cataract. Anyone know of a good Dr in the Cebu area to get an opinion and surgery if needed? I wonder what that would cost to get the eye done here in PI? Thanks in advance.
  8. Type 2 here also! Wife gets my insulin at local pharmacy. Humilog is hard to find so I replaced it with Aphidra which is the same and Lantus. I can get a box of 5 pens (300units/per) for around P5000 or about $100 per box. $20 per pen without a prescription and that she is a regular customer so they don't ask for a script. Hope this answers your question. Don't know about vial cost, but I understand it was more than the pen cost 4 years ago I got the vials, so they can be purchased here.
  9. Case in point, three years ago had a large thunder storm with lightning. I was standing under the front porch watching when a lightning bolt struck the cell tower 150 feet away in front of me! Tower survived but it never had its red light on at night anymore since then. When I walked into the house after the lightning strike, the 2 tv's didn't work anymore! The cable was connected to which came from the cell tower! So as long as there are any structures or tree's taller than your house, I don't think you need a lightning rod!
  10. roddavis

    Pear shaped ham

    I make my own ham here in Cebu. Just need plastic container that the ham and brine fits in then let brine work for a week in the fridge. Bake and you have the best ham in town! Google make ham! Spice to your liking(cloves, mustard seed, fennel etc..) easy peezey! Just go to the market a pick out a fresh front or back leg the size you prefer. Buy a half kilo salt and your spices. Put in a plastic container with water. Takes a day in brine per lb!
  11. Transferwise ACH transfer from US bank to PI bank cost involve echange rate fee of about 1 Piso less than current exchange rate, then transferwise fee of $7.99 per transaction. Example, if the current exchange rate is $52.31 then transferwise would give you $51.31 rate per dollar then take out $7.99 for the ACH transfer fee. The PI account would get the the Piso 51.31 per dollar amount deposited. So $7.99 plus 1 piso per dollar. If transfer $1000, cost would be $7.99 plus P1000 for a cost of $26.00 total.
  12. I use USAA from the States and transferwise to do an ACH transfer to the wife's account at RCBC. No problems so far after a year doing this monthly. I do know there are issues if trying to send $10000 as per banking regulations. I always use personal living transactions in the reason box. USAA is great if you were in the military or have a brother/sister/parents that served!
  13. roddavis

    USA IRS Audits - Anyone?

    For the US IRS had to reply to this. Having retired here in the PI. I used some funds from my IRA to live on until my 62nd year (about 3 years) till I started getting Soc Security benefits. Still, I filed taxes to USA using TurboTax online so the USA had my PI address on file. Well it seems I miscalculated how much I took out from my IRA for living expenses here that were reported come tax time. Sue enough, they sent a letter to my PI address stating I still owed an amount over $5000. So they requested I send the overdue amount ASAP and I had 30 days to do that!. Well you bet that I got my mail in time here in PI, haha! It took for like 2 months before I got the letter! IRS didn't wait. My Soc Security check is auto deposited in a bank account in the US. I logged into my account and noticed my normal amount was a couple hundred dollars light! Guess who? The IRS started taking funds out of my account! So no audit notification since I was abroad. Did some checking and turned up some info about the IRS you might like to hear about. They can take money out of account in the US without your permission. But if that account gets your Soc Sec benefits, They cannot touch this( also applies to State Taxes). Instead they can deduct up to 15% of what you receive in the direct deposit or monthly check . Now you can establish a different amount with IRS online( the link is in the letter sent) and negotiate a lesser amount than 15% which is what I did! How much, depends what you can negotiate and IRS agrees upon. Now here is an additional bit of trivia. If you owe the IRS more than $50.000 they can put a travel restriction on your passport so you can not leave the US, don't think it would apply returning, just leaving! Luckily not in that situation, found in my research. Aren't taxes FUN!
  14. We use transferwise bank-bank ACH from USAA to RCBC. Trnsferwise only charges @$6.99 and it takes about 3 days to appear at RCBC with no addition costs. I have not read if there is a maximum with transferwise though. The exchange rate is only 1 Peso less than the current exchange rate , ie if Peso at 54.05 then exchange rate would be P53.05 for USD.
  15. roddavis

    Clean but Dirty

    All these new warning lights on the new cars these days! Course you may not see this in the PI.