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  1. I found the best bacon the other day aside from making my own! I don't know JGF if you tried Bel Chris in Banilad(many stores across Cebu City) , they have a thick cut bacon that is close to my own home cured. No funky honey/smoke or hickory flavor or sugar. Just straight thick cut bacon by itself or with eggs. Even makes a great BLT if you so desire. If you are a bacon lover, you might want to try! Also the USDA steaks are worth a try. Reminds me of a little bit of home in the States.
  2. I use navigator app on my android tablet while I drive. Just need GPS locator running. Also best to find where to want to go first with an internet connection. then save them to favorites folder before the trip. Works great! One thing that frustrates me in the PI.... no addresses! Cross streets names if you are lucky. Thats why I say search before you drive on the map, then save to favorites. When on GPS, bring up favorites and say go there! Then while your dring and looking at the maps. you see the name of the roads. You will find many posted physical signs in the city.
  3. Bread machine just makes it easier to start until you get the basics down and the baking in the machine is done for you. But just as easy rolling up your sleeves and dive right in. You get to the point you don't even need a recipe to follow because you learn what you need. what consistency of the dough etc. Whats fun is trying new ingredients from fruits to nuts. Even made Pina Colada dread with pineapple crushed and coconut milk. Comes out like Hawaiian bread! Most ingrediants you can find at SM, but whole wheat flower is sometimes hard to find. One caution with the flour. Don't leave any unused containers of flour open, they get these pesky flour bugs in the flour. Nasty things! If you see them, throw it out. But if you keep the flour in the fridge. seems to keep them away.
  4. Been making my own bread for the past 5 years! The local breads here have too much sugar(filipino tastes). I used to have a bread machine in which I just dump all my ingredients, Then within a couple of hours, out popped a new loaf! The neighbors knew when I was baking. Nothing better than the fresh aroma of baked bread! Now as far as the ingredients- whole wheat flour, bread flour you can buy 25 Kilos for P750 which is the best buy! The yeast you can get in 1 Kilo bags which will last me for a year if you store in the refridge. The bread machine can even make jams in short order, just the fruit and sugar and the bread machine cooks it up nicely. This year the bearings froze, so now making by hand. The family likes baguette breads so found baguette bread pans at Lazada for cheap The latest, been making sourdough (from scratch) so have Large sourdough breads and baguettes. Also great for making sourdough pancakes with fresh banana jam. YUM! The local priest knows I do this so he stops by with requests to have some with his evening meals. If your serious about breads, PM me!
  5. So I would like to see what is the cheapest ticket to buy for throw away. What have you used?
  6. roddavis


    Bought 4 packs and salami at S&R about 3 months back, but didn't see it there last week.
  7. Or better yet, use prisoner labor to make plates and cards. Seems to work in the States. Even prisoner get some pay for their labors. Instead cramming so many in jails, use them for the benefit of the country , pay them for the labor and everyone comes out ahead!
  8. Birthday today. Went to Vikings and had roast beast and gravy. Loaded up with Cheese and beer ten a plate of Sushi. Not bad for a free lunch The beer was import German on tap!
  9. roddavis


    Just bought some more steaks at BelChris: JGF: The one by IT Park Cebu is on Gov M Cuenco in Banilad where the road divides one elevated and the other just goes straight. Bout five kilos frozen USDA steaks at P500 per Kilo or under $5 US per pound. Not a bad price for a steak, USDA, taste great!
  10. For those with kids born in PI to American Spouse in Cebu. Cebu outreach on Oct 9th. United States Embassy Manila, Philippines Message for U.S. Citizens: Consular Report of Birth Abroad (CRBA) Outreach at Cebu Consular Agency on October 9, 2019 The U.S. Embassy's American Citizen Services (ACS) unit will provide Consular Report of Birth Abroad (CRBA) outreach service at the U.S. Consular Agency in Cebu on Wednesday, October 9 from 7:30 a.m. to 11:00 a.m. Services will be provided by appointment only. Please note: Please email ACSInfoCebu@state.gov by October 7 to sign up for a CRBA appointment. Due to high demand for services, ACS may not be able to accommodate all appointment requests for this outreach date. Citizenship applicants must read all information on the U.S. Embassy website (https://ph.usembassy.gov/u-s-citizen-services/citizenship-services/) and bring the completed checklist (https://ph.usembassy.gov/wp-content/uploads/sites/82/CITIZENSHIP-CRBA-Checklist-August-2019.pdf) with them. Applicants who do not bring the required documentation and photocopies will be turned away and must schedule an appointment at the U.S. Embassy in Manila. Schedule of Fees (Consular Report of Birth Abroad - $100; Minor (under 16) Passport Application - $115 (if in conjunction with a CRBA). This outreach is for CRBA applicants only. Embassy staff working at the Consular Agency during this outreach will not be able to provide other services or address other questions.
  11. The problem is that the pizza sauce has lots of sugar that the filipinos love. If you havean oven bake your. S&R carries the pepperoni sliced in the deli meat section, and carries pizza sause in the jar!
  12. Ame thing happend to me. You will eventually get your money, but latter. Thats why I now use trasferwise. 2 years and no additional checking!
  13. roddavis


    I found USDA steak at Bel Chris in Cebu. Has about 5 stores from Minglanila to outside IT Park in Cebu. The steaks sometimes comes individual wrapped frozen, but the best deal is to by, rib roast or sirloin roast by the lbs/Kg around 10-15 lbs some even larger. just cut the size you need from the large piece and freeze the rest. I like thick steak 1-1 1/2" and grilled on the BBQ with baked potatoe with thich sour cream found at S&R....ultmate yummmmmmmmmmm!
  14. roddavis


    S&R had a pint size in the dairy glass last week. Bought the litter sour cream and it was great!
  15. roddavis


    In response to the K-cups. Was able to get some at S&R a while back but just a couple types. I haven't seen them for the past 6 months. Now Lazada and Shoppe carry them and quite a few new/different ones, like Bananna Foster k-cups. But those are a bit pricey for my tastes. Averages about $2 a cup or more. About as much as going to Starbucks
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