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  1. When our Balikbayan visa came due( 1 year in PI) just grabbed a flight to Hong Kong in the morning, had lunch and returned sameday to get another Balikbayan visa good for 1 year!
  2. Bigger than I've got. You will need a van to get everyone around.
  3. In the city are several very old churches, Santo Nino etc. Magellans Cross downtown, more old churches @ 15-1600's? Mactan island. Moal Boal-coast, Kawasan falls...many places!
  4. I got one here in Cebu. Car 2016 Suzuki (Ciara, our car and driver my SO,s brother-in-law. he drives us all over Cebu). PM me if interested.
  5. Just reported in Yahoo and local news: https://www.sunstar.com.ph/article/1811787 Looking to move Manila Gov up north by 100KM to New Clark City. This is because of commute times, distances of over 20 km to other gov offices just takes too much time to travel. Manila has the highest density population than even India by 10000. The infrastructure is being put into place for widen highways, trains/buses terminals. Looks like reale estate in New Clark City and surrounding areas should climb fast! Be interesting to see what may happen in Manila in the future!
  6. Hey Sitra...welcome to the forum. FYI. I am a vet from California like yourself(Sacramento). I've been here in Cebu the last 5 years retired of course. Let me know if I can help with some info or get together!
  7. Sounds like peripheral neuropathy to me and it just gets worse if you do not correct what is causing it. I've had it for about the last six years. I have been treating my diabetes type 2 which caused the problem but the numbness and pins and needles on the soles just get more sensitive. About the only thing to lessen the problem is with daily 150mg Lyrica at most drug stores. I get them with no docs prescription. I am also now starting the vitamin E. B-complex with 600mg Alpha Lipoic Acid( reportedly help nerve regeneration. Also taking a local flower said to help is Banaba. Its flowering now in the PI. Its been less pain almost everyday since I have been taking these. Check the research on the plant! Given another 3-6 months I'll be rid of that burning/numbness in my feet.
  8. It may work, but when I had my sons passport renewed , they asked for 2-3 pictures per year. We just got his passport yesterday(almost 4 weeks since submitting)
  9. Dave, Not trying to hijack this topic, was the numbness in the feet due to Neuropathy(perphial)? I have this, been looking for a way to get rid of this! Rod, hope you don't mind but I split this to a new topic. I think it's a good one on it's own… Dan
  10. I agree that most transfers require your presents to initiate the transfer. The best I found is just do transferwise to move the funds to the PI. I have mine sent to RCBC and it usually deposits in 7 hours for @ $6.50 fee. Otherwise I use the ATM most of the time.
  11. Started with with 2 local askals. Must be the Pedigree dog food!
  12. About 2-3 Lbs......Sorry guys, I just couldn't resist that one!
  13. I watched the series and was surprised at the number of deaths and the cover up that was involved. Bottom line, the fuel rods had a bad design that caused the failure. Now the Russians want to make their own series on the disaster and blame the CIA according to Yahoo news.
  14. Yes, the US Embassy Cebu does Notory service/
  15. ExpressVPN gives you 30 days free/trial. I would try that then once Norton installed, turn off VPNand see if still works. I've been using Norton from the US for the last 5 years here, no problems.
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