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  1. This just came out on the news wire! Watch for the Sinovac efficacy is being looked at: https://news.yahoo.com/world-most-vaccinated-nation-sees-212354694.html Seychelles is one of the most vaccinated countries like Israeli's people, but predominately with Sinovac. Most of the population has been vaccinated but now are starting to see an increase in covid cases. Could it be that Sinovac efficacy is not as high as stated, the variant of covid is to blame? Watch this for updates guys! Better to know this before I get shot!
  2. I also had my 1st shot today! But I had to wait until the waitress came back before I got the second. Go figure!
  3. Sounds like a problem of not using a VPN. Seems most places in the US don't like logins from overseas because of phishing/hacking reasons. VPN enables you to look like you are login in from somewhere in the US depending from what server location is. Banks and such are notorious for this!
  4. I've only gone thru the SocSec Portal MySocialSecurity. Did online(suggest 3 months before 62nd birthday) Had my money 1 month after birthday. No calls just a couple emails, done! Never used SSA in Manila! https://www.ssa.gov/
  5. Well to start, the US donates P170M to support vaccinations here, with more to come, does that mean we will get a jab for free! haha! I'll bet we still will get charged at least more than double the going rate! https://www.philstar.com/headlines/2021/04/15/2091365/us-donates-p170m-support-covid-19-vaccination-philippines?fbclid=IwAR2lVB9fsapzhH9PjjKh2fjGFj6aFNNxc6iXP8ZOcEXnKt5dh-dFsDkVpOo MANILA, Philippines — After the Palace incorrectly claimed that the US has not donated a single vaccine dose to the Philippines, its embassy on Thursday said Washington has donated an additiona
  6. I'm positive that I am negative! Had to have cataract surgery on my right eye(left already done 1.5 yrs ago). Here in Cebu to get the cataract surgery, I had to have a Neg. Covid test done before the surgery. So I started to check around and found the the PCR test takes about 3-5 days to get the test results and the cost for us Americanos was P10,000 sometimes more in the city of Cebu around P20,000 (non Philhealth). Boy they like us foreigners for this price! So I had the test done on a Friday and scheduled the surgery the following Friday. 7 days I should have the results back in time.
  7. Welcome back Queenie! Long time, no hear! I haven't heard specifically about the ACR what happens, but I think it will be the same as visa's renewal and such! As of now, you need to make an appointment for anything, less personnel availability. Also, if your older than 60, they don't really want to see you for visa, acr renewals. I was told that I would have to wait until out of quarantine. Some info is avail. to the FB BI page if you can navigate it. I was told that anything would have to wait until the quarantine ended. When that will be is anyone's guess. Mr Pres has stated everything
  8. I saw on a tee-shirt with the quarantines these days: If you hear my farts, your closer than six feet If you smell my fart, you are too close!
  9. IMHO, I think to wait a little while. I've read the differences in some of the Covid vaccines and they vary on implementation and dosage. Some replicate the virus, some block the protrusion on the virus, others replicate the antibodies, and the list goes on. What nobody can tell you for sure is how long it lasts. Is it with the first method last 3 months, then the second last 2 months ...etc. To get a little clearer picture requires the vaccine to have been around for at least a year! So do you want a booster shot every 2-3 months, and probably not free. I think I would wait a little latter to
  10. I have found the same problem. The Bisaya spoken here is not structured enough like Tagalog.+ I have tried some but was disappointed. I know Spanish, some german, Italian and of course spoken English. I gave up when I went to the adjacent province speaking bisayan, and the locals looked at me like I was from the moon! My bisayan was from a different province, and therefore foreign to the locals there. So unstructured and different in many areas, that is the way of Bisayans!
  11. For "PROOF OF LIFE" form in the USA, have not seen the Usual form in June! Was it due Covid-19, was it sent in the silly Phlpost slow mail and never arrived? I will never now. I wish we had a email version that I could send in. What I did this year was download the SSA-7162 proof of life form. I printed it out, signed it in blue ink. Scanned it to my sister in the USA to send from there along with the PO BOX address that you can't send with LBC/FEDEX/USP since it is a POBOX address. Why did I sign in blue ink, cuz with scanners now adays, it is hard to tell a scanned image with a real for
  12. New alert from BI for foreign spouses must have valid visa for entry: PRESS RELEASE 08 August 2020 Alien spouses of Pinoys need visas to enter PH - BI MANILA, Philippines - The Bureau of Immigration (BI) told foreigners who have Filipino spouses and dependents that they can only enter the Philippines if they have the appropriate visas. "It is clear from the latest updates from the Inter-Agency Task Force on Emerging Infectious Diseases (IATF-EID) Resolution 60 that foreigners, including spouses of Philippine citizens, allowed to enter country must have the proper vi
  13. I have used one for the past 4 years and since I back a lot, especially breads, pizza, sourdough, dinner rolls, breakfast rolls--- the bread machine is definitely the way to go. Depending on what type of bread, load flour and ingredients, set and go! Very easy, low cleanup, and enjoy anytime of the day. Some models you can make homemade jams and jellies in the breadmaker. Some models believe it or not even makes icecream and even yogurt! Just don't buy chinese cuz the manuals and buttons on the machine are in chinese. The manual in english usually has many pages for recipes and suggestion
  14. If you go to FaceBook, try Healthy Meats. They deliver to Toledo Cebu. Close but not quite Negros. I ordered 1st time a couple days ago. The Angus beef was nice and tender, best I have had in Phils! https://www.facebook.com/LodiSteakCebu/
  15. I am guessing that the suspicious activity is because you are using your ATM card in the Phils! To the US Bank, that is suspicious! As Geoff's back sends emails, others like mine (USAA) also lock your account unless you have posted a travel advisory( to what country your traveling and if so for what duration). So I repost mine every 6 months online or can call customer service to extend! Different banks, different ways they notify or lock accounts due to charges overseas! Just call customer service to advise you are traveling in which country and for how long. You do not want to say you are li
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