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  1. I do not own this account, this belong to my 67 year old father Rod Davis. I am his son Ande Davis (20 years old), My father passed away due to Coronavirus and other complicated health, he was a loving and funny father I have ever had, I lost both of my parents in Philippines last year on August 2021 and December 2021. I wanted to write this because my father was always on this site just reading the topics and current situations happening in the Philippines. I have been struggling the passed months missing both of my parents, my parents always loved visiting different islands of the Philippines. Living in the Philippines since 2013 was the best time I ever had with them, going on vacations from island to island. I had nothing left when both of my parents passed away. We had a house in Cebu City and during the storm it destroyed our house, roof came off and flood came in. I tried my best to take care both of my parents, my dad was a type 2 diabetes which was hard for me to take care. Ever since my mom passed away in August, my dad was depressed and I've always tried to make happy all the time, when the time he was getting sick. No fever or anything was involved, just chest pain and hard to breathe. I even tried to get him to eat but he didn't want to since he refused. I even gave him vitamins and his other medications but it was getting worst and worst and then I took him to the hospital but the hospital was messed up and left him outside, I get it that the hospital was full but still as a doctor/nurse you are suppose to take care of the patient, not let them suffer. It was hard for me to see him in pain. The hospital didn't do anything at this point, I was mad, furious, and angry with them since they did not do anything but tell us to wait outside in the hot sun. From there I took him back home, I bought all the medical equipment for him. Oxygen tank, insulin, IV Bag and syringe of course I hired a medical nurse to help me out. But it just got worst and worst. I did what I can to help him. I blamed myself for everything, his death was because of me. So then I decided to move back to California to start a new life, till this day I'm still scared that they are both gone, I miss both of my parents a lot. Too all the Philippines Expats, please watch what you eat and drink, always take your vitamins and drink a lot of water. I just want the people to hear my side of the story. May my father and mother rest in peace.
  2. That's another thing I have not found. A large enough green pepper to put the Jack Cheese in. Sure smaller local peppers I can find. I ordered the hatch chili pepper seeds from Lazada but I haven't got them to grow yet. Soil not sandy enough, too much humidity? One of these days I'll get it to grow. My favorite recipe for chili rellenos is large green chilis roasted and remove hard skin. Slice open and put in jack cheese, then roll in egg with flour coating then back. The best to deep fry the chili/egg/cheese till crispy then serve hot(authentic way). I'll have to check Lazada for refried beans to make my classic beef burittos with sour cream and cheese! yummy!
  3. I haven't made this since I left Calif. 7 years ago! Where did you find/name of store where you got the ingredients like green chili peppers and green salsa. Would even like to make some chili rellenos if I could find whole peppers even in a can! Then what about a can of refried beans for making some beef burritos , dying for some good Mexican around here.
  4. This just came out on BI Facebook page! Immigration Helpline PH 3m · 10 September 2021 PRESS RELEASE BI suspends ‘Order to Leave’ of overstaying foreigners during the COVID-19 pandemic The Bureau of Immigration (BI) announced on Thursday the temporary suspension of the Order to Leave (OTL) of foreigners who have overstayed their temporary visitor's visa in the country due to the coronavirus disease (COVID-19) outbreak. BI Commissioner Jaime Morente said that the order to suspend the OTL was imposed in consideration of the effects of the pandemic to domestic and international travel. “Pursuant to various resolutions from the IATF directing the public to exercise social distancing and minimize travel, and in the interest of public safety and welfare, we will be implementing this order as a form of regulatory relief for foreigners,” he said in a statement. Morente further shared that the suspension also reciprocates the leniency extended by other countries to Filipinos who may be experiencing the same situation abroad. The BI Chief then discussed that the relief shall apply to holders of temporary visitor’s visas: 1) who have reached the 24-month period maximum stay for visa-required nationals and 36-month period maximum stay for non-visa required nationals, as of March 1, 2020; or 2) who have overstayed beginning March 1, 2020 regardless whether they have been in the country beyond the maximum allowable period. Concerned foreigners will still, however, be assessed and shall still be required to settle their immigration fees and penalties in lieu of the OTL. So, when was the OTL issued!( order to leave). Does this mean if you are at/or after 36 months in country, you don't have to do anything until the pandemic ends? Then pay up to date for previous fee's due before you leave country. What is your take on this? Since I am now at the 36 months on a 9a visa, I'll be watching this!
  5. Here in Cebu, the main hospitals are full and not accepting new patients(Chong Wa, Soccor, Phys Med...), even the local hospitals in Toledo, Balamban, Austurias full. Wife had medical emergency non-covid related. Only could get emergency support in a tent in the parking lot tent. No dedicated DR. or nurse. Needed CT scan has to go another hospital in the City because hospital here does'nt have the necessary test equipment only lab tests available. Need swab test to move to another location where covid is rampant. Its another 2 hours to Cebu City hospitals . What a joke! Long story short...wife passed on just 2 days ago! This pandemic crap throws a wrench in the medical care! Beware!
  6. This just came out on the news wire! Watch for the Sinovac efficacy is being looked at: https://news.yahoo.com/world-most-vaccinated-nation-sees-212354694.html Seychelles is one of the most vaccinated countries like Israeli's people, but predominately with Sinovac. Most of the population has been vaccinated but now are starting to see an increase in covid cases. Could it be that Sinovac efficacy is not as high as stated, the variant of covid is to blame? Watch this for updates guys! Better to know this before I get shot!
  7. I also had my 1st shot today! But I had to wait until the waitress came back before I got the second. Go figure!
  8. Sounds like a problem of not using a VPN. Seems most places in the US don't like logins from overseas because of phishing/hacking reasons. VPN enables you to look like you are login in from somewhere in the US depending from what server location is. Banks and such are notorious for this!
  9. I've only gone thru the SocSec Portal MySocialSecurity. Did online(suggest 3 months before 62nd birthday) Had my money 1 month after birthday. No calls just a couple emails, done! Never used SSA in Manila! https://www.ssa.gov/
  10. Well to start, the US donates P170M to support vaccinations here, with more to come, does that mean we will get a jab for free! haha! I'll bet we still will get charged at least more than double the going rate! https://www.philstar.com/headlines/2021/04/15/2091365/us-donates-p170m-support-covid-19-vaccination-philippines?fbclid=IwAR2lVB9fsapzhH9PjjKh2fjGFj6aFNNxc6iXP8ZOcEXnKt5dh-dFsDkVpOo MANILA, Philippines — After the Palace incorrectly claimed that the US has not donated a single vaccine dose to the Philippines, its embassy on Thursday said Washington has donated an additional P170 million to the country's vaccination program, bringing its total pandemic assistance to nearly P1.3 billion. The US Embassy in the Philippines in a statement said the donation was coursed through the United States Agency for International Development (USAID) and handed over to the Department of Health. Related Stories Top COVAX donors US, EU welcome arrival of AstraZeneca jabs in Philippines 'Where is Uncle Sam now?' Roque twits US, a top COVAX funder "Through this new funding, USAID will support the Philippines in strengthening the vaccine supply chain, monitoring vaccine safety, and delivering effective communication campaigns to address vaccine hesitancy," the embassy said. "This assistance will also support local government units as they plan for, track, and administer vaccines." US donating 44 million vaccine doses "If the president did not come to power, our only BFF will be the Americans," presidential spokesman Harry Roque said on April 7. "Have we gotten a single vial of vaccine from the Americans? The answer is No." "[W]here's Uncle Sam now?" he further taunted. But the US Embassy in a fact sheet posted on its website said Washington would be donating a total of 44 million COVID-19 vaccine doses to Manila, 487,200 — or 1.10% — of which have already been delivered as of April 15. The fact sheet also shows that one in five Filipinos will receive a vaccine from the COVAX facility, a World Health Organization-led initiative to which the US is the largest donor. The Biden administration in February pledged $4 billion, or P194 billion, in funding to the COVAX facility, half of which has already been released through USAID.
  11. I'm positive that I am negative! Had to have cataract surgery on my right eye(left already done 1.5 yrs ago). Here in Cebu to get the cataract surgery, I had to have a Neg. Covid test done before the surgery. So I started to check around and found the the PCR test takes about 3-5 days to get the test results and the cost for us Americanos was P10,000 sometimes more in the city of Cebu around P20,000 (non Philhealth). Boy they like us foreigners for this price! So I had the test done on a Friday and scheduled the surgery the following Friday. 7 days I should have the results back in time. I also found out that the Covid test certificate was only good to 7 days so the surgery had to be done on that last day! Well more fun in the Phils again! I called on the 5th day looking for the results 2 days before surgery. I am sorry sir, it should be ready tomorrow! Tomorrow came and I tried again. I don't know what happened sir! It should be ready by the afternoon at 4pm! So I tried again at 4:30pm! I'm sorry sir, but we are closing and the Certificate is not ready. But I have surgery scheduled tomorrow which the Certificate is only good until then (the 7th day). So I called the Doctor, woke him up! Said Dr. do you have something for this belly ache. You put the lime in the coconut and drink bot up! (whoops different problem!) On the 7th day called for the Certificate. None available yet. So asked if I could at least get it emailed to the Dr. doing the surgery and get him a hard-copy latter(after the test expired!) Luckily the Dr. accepted the response so was able to get the Cataract Surgery done. Now I can see clearly all the pretty girls again! Dam, now they are all wearing masks and I can't see the face again! Sorry to hear JAKE that you tested positive. I'm glade that you are not showing/have any symptoms! I too am a type II diabetic. If you took the PCR (Swab tests)they are known to be only 95% accurate! Maybe you got a positive result due to the inaccuracy of the test. Good luck!
  12. Welcome back Queenie! Long time, no hear! I haven't heard specifically about the ACR what happens, but I think it will be the same as visa's renewal and such! As of now, you need to make an appointment for anything, less personnel availability. Also, if your older than 60, they don't really want to see you for visa, acr renewals. I was told that I would have to wait until out of quarantine. Some info is avail. to the FB BI page if you can navigate it. I was told that anything would have to wait until the quarantine ended. When that will be is anyone's guess. Mr Pres has stated everything will remain the same until Sept.30 2021, if they are lucky to get most people vaccinated by then. I would guess then you would have to get a certification letter or proof of vaccination, and required travel for visa purposes. So Sept.30th 2021 is my guess or latter even. Then it will be a trip to BI to get visa.s and acr and such brought upto current levels. BI states that you will have 30 days when the quarantine ends to pay any back due fee's to bring you current!. This could potentially cost a $1000 or more dollars to BI. Again. welcome back!
  13. I saw on a tee-shirt with the quarantines these days: If you hear my farts, your closer than six feet If you smell my fart, you are too close!
  14. IMHO, I think to wait a little while. I've read the differences in some of the Covid vaccines and they vary on implementation and dosage. Some replicate the virus, some block the protrusion on the virus, others replicate the antibodies, and the list goes on. What nobody can tell you for sure is how long it lasts. Is it with the first method last 3 months, then the second last 2 months ...etc. To get a little clearer picture requires the vaccine to have been around for at least a year! So do you want a booster shot every 2-3 months, and probably not free. I think I would wait a little latter to get mine! Even when du30 heard about the Chinese version of the vaccine when it was first announced, he made a deal to the Chinese to get it first for the Phil. people to do the initial test. He even agreed to take it first. Then weeks latter, he declined to accept the injection. Probably somebody got to him and let him know it wasn't fully tested! Its okay for the people, but not him! As with anything Chinese (and Russian), it does't last long!!! So check out the requirement for a monthly, bi-monthly, or even 4 month booster shot!
  15. I have found the same problem. The Bisaya spoken here is not structured enough like Tagalog.+ I have tried some but was disappointed. I know Spanish, some german, Italian and of course spoken English. I gave up when I went to the adjacent province speaking bisayan, and the locals looked at me like I was from the moon! My bisayan was from a different province, and therefore foreign to the locals there. So unstructured and different in many areas, that is the way of Bisayans!
  16. For "PROOF OF LIFE" form in the USA, have not seen the Usual form in June! Was it due Covid-19, was it sent in the silly Phlpost slow mail and never arrived? I will never now. I wish we had a email version that I could send in. What I did this year was download the SSA-7162 proof of life form. I printed it out, signed it in blue ink. Scanned it to my sister in the USA to send from there along with the PO BOX address that you can't send with LBC/FEDEX/USP since it is a POBOX address. Why did I sign in blue ink, cuz with scanners now adays, it is hard to tell a scanned image with a real form. So hopefully they will accept the color scanned image with my blue signature! See without the form, the SSA pension may stop shortly as per the proof of life form. Although I talked with SSA when they were in Cebu, the SSA-7162 proof of life form says it must be signed in 60 days. As per the SSA Cebu, it would be 6 months in reality(so about the 1st of Jan). Hopefully it works!
  17. New alert from BI for foreign spouses must have valid visa for entry: PRESS RELEASE 08 August 2020 Alien spouses of Pinoys need visas to enter PH - BI MANILA, Philippines - The Bureau of Immigration (BI) told foreigners who have Filipino spouses and dependents that they can only enter the Philippines if they have the appropriate visas. "It is clear from the latest updates from the Inter-Agency Task Force on Emerging Infectious Diseases (IATF-EID) Resolution 60 that foreigners, including spouses of Philippine citizens, allowed to enter country must have the proper visas prior their arrival in the country," BI Commissioner Jaime Morente said in a statement. He added that the same requirement applies to children of Philippine citizens and children with special needs, regardless of age, as well as to foreign parents of Filipino and children with special needs, also regardless of age. Morente pointed out that prior to the issuance of said IATF-EID resolution, non-visa required foreign nationals married to Filipinos were indeed allowed to enter the country upon presentation of their marriage certificates and other proof of their matrimonial relationship. "But that is no longer the case with the issuance of this latest IATF-EID resolution . Foreign spouses of Filipinos must now secure entry visas from our Consulates abroad before traveling to the Philippines. Otherwise, they will be denied entry by our immigration officers and sent back to their ports of origin," Morente warned. BI Port Operations Acting Chief Grifton Medina disclosed that pursuant to the said IATF-EID resolution, the Department of Foreign Affairs (DFA) issued a Foreign Service Circular 36 - 2020, last 03 August 2020, exempting the said foreigners from the suspension of visa issuance by Philippine Consulates abroad. Medina, however, clarifed that the visa requirement applies only to foreign spouses, dependents and parents of Filipinos who do not have existing visas. "Those aliens who already hold valid permanent and temporary resident visas which they acquired by reason of marriage to Filipinos under Section 13(a) of the Philippine Immigration Act can enter the country anytime," Medina said. He explained that said aliens don't need to apply for new entry visas, as being immigrants and holders of long-term visas, they already fall in the categories of aliens allowed to enter the country since 01 August 2020. Medina also reminded foreign spouses of Filipinos that they must always bring with them their authenticated marriage certificates and other supporting documents when traveling to the Philippines so they could readily present them when asked to do so by immigration officers. "There have been many instances already wherein foreign passengers claiming to be spouses of Filipinos were turned back by our officers at the airport due to their failure to show proof of marriage," he added.
  18. I have used one for the past 4 years and since I back a lot, especially breads, pizza, sourdough, dinner rolls, breakfast rolls--- the bread machine is definitely the way to go. Depending on what type of bread, load flour and ingredients, set and go! Very easy, low cleanup, and enjoy anytime of the day. Some models you can make homemade jams and jellies in the breadmaker. Some models believe it or not even makes icecream and even yogurt! Just don't buy chinese cuz the manuals and buttons on the machine are in chinese. The manual in english usually has many pages for recipes and suggestions! I bake so much that it is best to buy bread flour 20-30Kg sacks, and yeast 1/2 kg for best savings. I even have the local priest asking for the occasional loaves because it tastes so much better, and warm and fresh! There are so many brands and models, buy the one that fits your budget and needs. But I suggest to get the one that makes the larger loaf size (2.2lbs)!
  19. If you go to FaceBook, try Healthy Meats. They deliver to Toledo Cebu. Close but not quite Negros. I ordered 1st time a couple days ago. The Angus beef was nice and tender, best I have had in Phils! https://www.facebook.com/LodiSteakCebu/
  20. I am guessing that the suspicious activity is because you are using your ATM card in the Phils! To the US Bank, that is suspicious! As Geoff's back sends emails, others like mine (USAA) also lock your account unless you have posted a travel advisory( to what country your traveling and if so for what duration). So I repost mine every 6 months online or can call customer service to extend! Different banks, different ways they notify or lock accounts due to charges overseas! Just call customer service to advise you are traveling in which country and for how long. You do not want to say you are living here, cuz some banks don't like having your address outside the USA. Yeah, I'm on vacation! That's the ticket!!!!!
  21. Thats what I was told a few years ago(2003) when we went to Moal Boal. I asked before I went cuz I was going to bring my fishing gear - I asked and they said no fishing! So when I got there and was at Pescadero island, the owner of the banka was catching fish and was cooking the fish on the engine of the boat. I asked I thought I was told no fishing! The boat captain motioned with his hands- no fishing with dynamite! Back then, Pescadero underwater was beautiful. Many colors of coral and fish. Went back a few years later in 2017, and sea-life colors were just shades of grey. Very sad, few fish!
  22. Have done it here in Cebu with my own boat. Dragging lures to catch King Mackerel (tinigue), fun to catch. Bottom fishing for LapuLapu. Even done some squid fishing at night with lighted lures! Now fishing equipment(rods and reels and lures) are hard to find. Some sporting goods stores in the mall sometimes has some. If you cannot find it, do as the locals do. Get heavy monoline with several hooks, Lay a long line out away from shore on the bottom with weight at end and floating buoy on the other end. use little minnows or chicken pieces on the hooks, set out on bottom and wait a few hours, come back and pull in. Sometimes get a cornucopia of different fish! Even tried making a crab trap so sent on the bottom. Didn't work out so well. Eventually someone stole my crab gear!
  23. Ongoing saga continues! Called IRS on Jun 24th, eight weeks from when GMP reported my check was mailed and had IRS put a trace on the check. They said it would take upto 6 weeks to see if check was accepted or returned or lost between the US and Philippines or between Manila and Cebu! Just for grins, checked Get My Payment portal with IRS, surprise, surprise( as Gomer Pyle would say). Now asking for additional info. Input my US bank info and it was accepted! Just half to check back in a few days to see when direct deposit is! From the research on Reddit for MikeJ, I don't think they will accept a foreign bank account. So for those of you waiting on a mailed check to the Philippines( which because of Phlpost in quarantine) , you could try to put a trace on your check, and if you have a US bank account, you can get your bank info into the IRS!
  24. Here is an example in Cebu: https://sugbo.ph/2020/kang-irag-peak-cebu-city/
  25. Here in Cebu, there are many places to camp in the mountains. They are called ECO-Parks. Most permit tent camping and also some have huts to rooms with aircon that you can rent. I would suggest some of the motorcycle clubs and talk with them or even join in on some of the rides. Don't know much about beach camping. If you find an area your interested in, check in with the local Baranguy capitan and talk with them. They are very knowledgable about the local area or even if it is safe. Usually in remote areas should be fine, but check in the local town and ask. Near a large town, stay in small hotel!
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