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  1. If there is any Bisaya speaker who would not mind translating a very short news story for me, please PM me. I would be very grateful. Google translate only takes me so far. I really would consider it a kindness. Thanks
  2. Bayugan. If there are anyone living here could they send me a PM. I have received some bad news and want to verify the facts I have been given. Thanks
  3. ahead thanks, Utah was the Spanish architecture that attracted me.
  4. I hear vigan is a nice place to visit. Has anyone been? is it best to get in via ilocos norte by air? thanks!
  5. I read the post to my asawa. She is convinced that was written ''to keep filipina behaving too good to the man''. I said, ' no, you're just a revolutionary filipina' She cackled.
  6. when I arrived on 17 the August, I got an extension on arrival at naia. they let me past immigration twice. Once to visit ATM and onve to pick bag up. think it was 2750. took ages about 1 hour plus plus. let me sit in the officer break room. very friendly. worth doing. 59 days.
  7. I miss in white beach at the moment, mostly Filipino and short term tourists, if you go to sabang or Puerto, expat quota of riff raff is noticeable. Expat riff raffle does none of us any favours.
  8. Bruce has a reasonable point. Though, i would not do it. I would feel no obligation to shatter the womens realities by telling them the truth.
  9. Yeah, seeing as the ticket is outside the 59 extension period as well and my ticket is a super restricted business one with no changes allowed, I think I might get the throwaway, in the knowledge that there is a 99 per cent chance of anything being requested.
  10. I ve been looking at the Internet and now am more confused than ever. In the past, I ve always booked a retun ticket, heavily outside the 21 day period and got an extension afterwards via a travel agent. Never had a problem with that, (arriving early August, leaving early December). However, now they are enforcing the regulations more, I m wondering whether to book a throw away ticket too. Theoretically, my retun or onward ticket, should be within the 21 day period, because technically they can refuse to give me an extension. Is that right? So, the way around that is a throwaway ? Or is it ok, as long as I have a return? Even though it is 4 months on? Also, which is the cheapest throwaway at the moment?
  11. Ah ok, so I guess I should stock up on peso before arrival then. Yeah, I don't think staying in Sabang would go down too well; though it probably would be more entertaining. How far is Sabang from White Beach, as the trike trundles, any how's?
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