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  1. It's very hazy in the PNW. My water bill is going to be high, with this hot dry summer. I'm just thinking about retirement and having some sort of small business on the side to keep me busy. Ping pong clubs are very popular in Korea too, so possible to capture the Hanguk market as well.
  2. So, even with a private school, this would be a problem? That's okay. I was just trying to figure out how things worked. I just wanted to keep my brain sharp and give a little bit back.. I think now I will just start a ping pong or backgammon club
  3. I am a career high school teacher in the United States nearing retirement. I have no expectations or ambition to get a working visa to teach. And yet, I am interested in volunteering in public or private or even university schools - not full time. I am only interested in 20 hours a weeks or less. Is that possible? Does anyone know of people who have done that? At this juncture, I am not site specific on where I might land, but I would be interested in hearing general thoughts on the topic. Thanks
  4. Never been to Phils, booked a trip for two weeks late July/early August to Cebu. Looking for day trips to beaches. 1. Looking for reliable driver 2. Not particulary interested in swimming or snorkeling, but interested in a lounger. 3. ok with boat ferry transport 4. not opposed to paying for an awesome beach (with services) but don't want to pay too much 5. ok with day pass at a resort is my time frame low season, or does it matter? what is too much? I don't know maybe 1500/person PHP; would prefer a place that pay with credit, meaning I pay an "entry fee" which credits things purchased Any help appreciated
  5. I smoke. It's a terrible habit, I know. I would like to find a good four or five star hotel in Cebu that has a balcony for which I can smoke. Perhaps counter intuitive or an oxymoron, I don't like smoking in the room, even though I know I can get smoking rooms. I'd rather be in a nice hotel with a balcony that I can smoke. Any help most appreciated.
  6. Thanks for all the great replies. I currently live in a 1900 sq. ft./175 sq. meter house, and I would really not expect to that in Phills. Half that or even a little less would be fine, as long as it was a dedicate one bedroom - not a studio with dubious sliding doors that some people would make the claim of being a one bedroom. To be honest, I've lived abroad previously, in South Korea in the 1990's long before the ROK became globalized. having said that, would I live like a Pinoy? Probably not, but I could certainly adjust. My gluttonous vices are cheese, beer and the occasional shag. My initial plan is six months on/six months off during our winter/rainy season. Not worried about the visa, can easily do the 10k visa if required. And while I'm there, occasional forays to outer reaches of Phills, along with other countries. Initially I thought about going to LOS. There are upsides and downsides. These days I sense Thailand doesn't know what it wants to do or be. Since this is a PI forum, I hope I don't have to worry about lese majeste, but I'm thinking the junta is waiting for the King to die, adn then figuring out if it will be the Prince or the Princess to ascend. It just seems dicey. The lure of Phills is an (mostly) English speaking country, an interest in providing services for ex-pats, and a sightly more globalized world view. Of course, I need to come and have a look about. So, if any of you would be so kind to save me some steps, are there realty agents around, something of the sort of market based valuations on condos or long terms rents? Send me a link if it is not too much trouble, or just respond in kind. Thanks so much.
  7. When I find you, we'll start a euchre club. I grew up in Michigan, but moved to the Pacific Northwest for work. While our winters are comparatively mild, I don't want to endure them much anymore. However, we have fantastic summer. I am certified ELL/ESL, went through a program at Washington State for it, and taught i in public schools. But I agree, I don't want to be in a language school. I did that in Korea in the 1990's. And to you, since you know, summer break is like retirement practicum. I like it. I like it a lot. I suspect you are right. And perhaps I am feeling the pressure as a teacher in my fifties from a significantly younger faculty and administrative cadre to get out. Yhank you for your kind and insightful words Manfromthecoldland.
  8. I have spent some time in Thailand, specifically Phuket. Thailand has one of the worst road fatalities statistics in the world. Phuket is even worse, so bad to the point that the government doesn't even keep official counts. Oftentimes, those injured on the road die on the way to hospital because people don't obey the ambulance. Is this the case in Phills? Or is congestion the major concern?
  9. Greetings, I've read through several of the living costs threads, including the how cheap can you live in Phills. Currently I spend about US$3k (all taxes included) and I have a fairly decent life. So let's say I live in a one bedroom condo in Cebu, or a small house in a gated community near Cebu, would US$2k (Php 90k) give me a spectacular life? I know some will want to say, "no, US$10k will give you a spectacular life," and this is not my intent. It just seems as most people posting spend around US$1k, and my question is whether doubling that really adds value? I realize there are a lot of variables that I don't speak to, like how often will you eat out, drink beer or other kinds of entertainment. I am not married to a pinay, and it is unlikely I will. I will likely do the 10k retirement visa as visa runs seem horribly inconvenient. Any insight is most appreciated.
  10. I would like to go to Mass while I am in Cebu. Are any of the services in English, or are they mostly in Bisayan or Tagalog? Thanks,
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