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  1. The Red Arrows are the greatest aerobatic display team in the world. Used to see them live every year when we were on our family holiday in llandundo
  2. So where would the route go if it was changed? Maybe a less affluent area???
  3. The original poster was Intrepid and even i thought you were him earlier on when you posted .
  4. Dealing with Metrobank is like going back in time 40 years. Did they make you change the pesos to US dollars then HK dollars . After 25 years i have got used to the inconsistency. In my neck of the woods land and property is always under valued.
  5. Without saying too much we or should i say my wife sold some land last year and the money was sent to our daughter in Australia. There was no mention of CGT and looking at the form she didn't even fill in the section that asks the 'Purpose/Reason' for sending. As you mentioned in a earlier post the best option is to go in and ask at the bank. We have used BDO and Metrobank to move money abroad and it is much easier at BDO.
  6. Have you actually met someone who has payed 6% CGT on a 10 million peso property in Laguna? What is the assessed value on the property? I think you might be overthinking the whole process, as what is written is never followed when it comes buying or selling in the Philippines.
  7. I have transferred quite a bit of locally earned money to another country on several occasion's over the past 2 years using BDO. Wasn't a problem just took one hour for the payment to be approved by someone at head office. They do ask for a TIN number and SSS which i have , but you can also use your passport. The transfer fee is 500php and there is a additional charge of 737php for documents!
  8. Yes, somewhere on your island has as we are shipping there on a regular basis from just outside manila. Taking a bit longer than normal but packages are getting to Bacalod and also down to Dumaguete. I also just asked at the J&T courier office which is next door to my little sweat shop and they are also shipping to Dumaguete. Now i am curious and i will find out the exact details tomorrow Jack.
  9. I thought you lived in Dumaguete? I know passenger flights are not moving, as one of our sewers went home just before lockdown, as hasn't made it back.
  10. Jack, we are sending goods to Bacolod and Dumaguete on a regular basis using JRS, so couriers are operating. The will not deliver direct to the home address, but you can pick up at their office. What's your order, business has been slow for 6 months
  11. They are not checking any vehicle's between Angeles and Batangas at the present time. Traffic in Manila was not too bad early morning yesterday, but you never know from day to day. Like you i look forward to flying over manila, i just hope the off ramps have more than two lanes.
  12. Who knows, maybe the Chinese vaccination has been at the trial stage a lot longer and more affective.
  13. Would be disturbing to me if it came from a more reliable source That's if there is such a thing
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