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  1. In theory, but once you check the local travel restrictions on where you can visit and stay it cuts down the options. We had planned to travel to another province and stay in a resort for a few days at Xmas, but the only except guests who are residents of the province. https://www.google.com.ph/amp/s/guidetothephilippines.ph/articles/ultimate-guides/philippines-travel-covid-19/amp The coronavirus disease 2019 (COVID-19) pandemic has heavily affected the tourism industry. With travel restrictions put in place to control the further spread of the virus, leisure tourism has
  2. I do and write 6 post dated cheques for a building i rent to use as a workshop. The landlord lives abroad and his niece comes every 6 months and collects the cheques. You do now! Very common here to write post dated cheques if you own or in my case run a small to medium business. I wrote 3 checks this morning to a supplier and the dates are spread over 90 days. I usually pay cash cheque, but they prefer that the payments are staggered.
  3. Reminds me of the Crow bangers we used to use for scaring the birds
  4. I doubt there will be a very strict lockdown during xmas, as the economy was hit hard earlier this year and the government doesn't have cash to dole out to everyone. Food is classed as a essential item, so farmers are allowed to work. During the first lockdown the farmers in my area were happy, as they continued to work and received 13k from the government.
  5. My 90 year old mum has been sending me and the kids birthday and Christmas money to the Philippines for the last 25 years. For some reason not a single card or package has ever gone missing. Probably the postie cant be bothered to open the letter for a fiver ($7)! My wife used to send cash in the 80's when she worked abroad. A few times it went missing and everybody presumed it was the postal service until around 20 years later the neighbour confessed to intercepting the postman and pocketing the $100.
  6. The local market prices have always gone up at this time of year due to the rainy season and of course Christmas. The price of some imported stuff is just ridiculous. For healthy stuff like nuts, raisins etc i buy them locally, as it is much cheaper and the quality has always been spot on. I order them online from https://www.lazada.com.ph/products/roasted-split-cashews-unsalted-1kg-i207160453-s262140613.html?spm=a2o4l.seller.list.1.2bf152bengNzB6&mp=1. They also have a page on Shopee if you want to order smaller amounts.
  7. Yep we will see the sign for Tommy's Tanduay on his house build thread soon Our town has had a liquor ban since March, however i haven't heard of anybody being fined for selling or drinking alcohol, so its pointless.
  8. The direction was very erratic and when we lost power mid morning i presumed it was still heading towards us and we would take a direct hit around 8pm. In the end there was some strong wind and rain mid afternoon that petered out in the evening. Seems Catanduanes took the brunt of the storm and my heart goes out to the victims.
  9. Only slightly. We are in Southern Luzon and preparing for the worst and hoping for the best. Higher please!
  10. At a closer glance a lot OFWs get treated like shit and do not get the same benefits, as other expats. For example you or i go and work in say Hong Kong for 7 years and we can apply for residency. Mary from the Philippines spends 30 years of her life working in Hong Kong, but she is counted as a guest and cannot apply for residency. Double standards?
  11. The prices in the Lipa area for agriculture land have actually been increasing this year. There is definitely a new trend of people from Manila buying up raw land in Batangas and Laguna. I doubt the price of raw land will drop, but i think it might for condos and houses.
  12. Some of the largest pharmaceutical companies in the world have manufacturing facilities in the Philippines.
  13. I recommend you stay at home or find a more 'western' country to live-in, as the Philippines isn't the place for someone with PTSD.
  14. The Castlemaine adverts are still XXXXing funny.
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