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  1. We entered on Sunday night and the only thing they checked was the onehealthpass. Did have our vaxcertph ready but nobody really checked. As JGF said you need to be boosted to enter without any problems.
  2. Makes sense why they didn’t care if they got your business, as they probably operate on a small profit margin. My wife’s business installed credit card readers around 15 years ago and within 3 months we uninstalled them because of the ridiculous charges. If I remember correctly I think there was a 3% charge plus another 3 to 4% BIR tax which came of automatically. Her business operates on a profit margin of a few percentage points and paying 6 to 7% fees would have made a huge dent in her bottom line.
  3. Only for certain nationalities. We entered and exited Australia this month and I was allowed to scan my British passport but my wife (Philippine passport ) still had to queue up and speak to immigration official. On entering the Philippines it was my turn to queue up and she just scanned her passport.
  4. Do your ECC at the airport. There is never a queue and takes only a couple of minutes. There is no application form and all you need is your passport, card and the fee. Also there is no document saying anything is valid for a year. You get a printed receipt with the fees.
  5. Not sure how you have come to your conclusions but it’s obviously not from visiting McDonald’s in the Philippines. I was in there on Friday morning for their excuse for a breakfast and there wasn’t a sole under 25 eating. Also I doubt anybody there was eating as a status statement. Just my boots on the ground observation.
  6. She might not want to leave! Visas applications are taking a bit longer than usual. My wife’s took 60 days were as in the past it was below 30. Pisses her off as mine takes under 24hrs and she has more money than me!
  7. I had a similar problem and tried emailing. No reply after 5 days, so went to the local health unit and they sorted it out within 12hrs. Even printed me a copy Have used it abroad without any problems.
  8. I can set my BDO debit card to my desired limit for online transactions. Local credit cards work the same way as any other country. The higher the credit limit, the more the company trusts the borrower to repay the debit.
  9. We have full coverage on all our vehicles with Fortune insurance and never had a problem making claims. The wife's Honda Civic has been hit twice when parked and both times they payed out around 80,000 to have it fixed at Honda. I have driven around 50,000km per year for the last 20 years and never been involved in a accident, so in theory i could have saved a fair bit of cash if i hadn't bothered with insurance. For me having insurance helps achieve peace of mind especially nowadays with so many high end cars on the road. Not sure how you are still ahead Geoff. Insurance on a second hand Wigo would be around 12 to 15k per year and if it involved in a accident it would be repaired at Toyota.
  10. I think expat was referring to the 13a. When I did mine in the 90’s there was a 3 step medical which involved 3 different doctors at 3 different locations in Manila! My guess is the yob probably payed a agency/fixer to do his documents and bypassed any problems.
  11. Tried the sticky traps a few years ago. Great for mice but the rat chewed up the board and added it to its nest
  12. Kills everything! You can buy it at agriculture stores. Don’t bother with the stuff they sell at places like Ace Hardware as they don’t seem to work very well.
  13. Up the inside of the drain pipe and into the gutter. We get a rat in the ceiling every few years and they enter the drain pipe outside the garden and manage to head up to the second floor. Do you not have a access hole to the attic/roof? I usually stick the poison up there, so no chance it will harm the dogs. Might smell a bit if it dies inside! Plus buy a decent poison that they use in the rice fields and not the blue stuff as its not very strong.
  14. Things have improved at PAL Took me 12 months and the wife 16 months to get a refund for our Manila >Brisbane return flights. My wife's refund was only payed after the attorney at the Philippine Civil Aeronautics Board pestered them for around a month. Would we fly PAL again. Like Dave said never say never! We have a daughter who lives in the Gold Coast and the PAL flight was very convenient as it was at night and direct to Brisbane.
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