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  1. Haha. Top of what league? You haven't played top flight football this century.
  2. I know a couple of boys from the Leeds Service Crew that live here in Laguna. They would fit in well with their smart clobber!
  3. No, it was the RP/SRC fee that was halved from 1,400 to 700php on my second trip.
  4. Snowy 79 recommends his caretakers husband for the job
  5. I would imagine it has to do with initial set up costs. I have have often thought about using solar panels, but when you look at the overall expenses it means we would never get back our return on investment.
  6. Gas

    Kanu tax

    I dont see it as kano tax, as neither party had to buy the land. From the sound of it Bastonjocks girlfriend negotiated a better deal or there may have been other factors that made their land cheaper. Just because two lots are near to each other doesn't mean they will sell for the same price. You can negotiate a price for almost everything in the Philippines if you so wish. When it comes to buying big ticket items like materials for our business, i am the one who deals with the suppliers, as i can always get a better deal than the wife. When it comes to buying food in the market, i very rarely haggle the prices as a few pesos is not going to change my life , however i do expect to get a decent deal or i will just use another stall the next time.
  7. Yesterday i went to the main Bureau Of Immigration office in Manila to renew my 13a plastic card, as it was due to expire. Normally the card lasts for 5 years, however the new cards will now be valid for 10 years. You are only renewing the card, so it doesn't involve going through the whole process again. Arrived around 7.45 and was directed to a sign that said Step 1 ACR I Card renewal. There i was given a very simple application form and told to photocopy the bio data page and lastest arrival stamp on my passport. Filled out the details and then had to buy a folder for 20 pesos. You cant use your own . She then asked if i still lived at the same address and i was sent to window 5. The guy looked at the application and again asked if i still lived at the same address, to which i replied yes the same. He then asked to see the visa implementation page in my passport. This is the first time they have asked, so luckily i had brought my old black uk passport from the 90's, just in case. Then window 44 for finger printing and picture. Back to window 5 and given my payment receipts and number to call in 2 weeks to pick up the card. The whole process took around 45 mins. I think i was asked on four occasions if i had changed address. The staff have obviously received a memo to keep checking if someone has changed address and not reported it. Renewal fees : ACR Fee 1,000 Legal research fee 10 ACR I card fee 2,692 X2 Express lane fees 1,000 Total 4,702 php
  8. Burying the pipe may cause a new problem We had a similar set up a number of years ago and there was no problem with the land owners or the people living in the area. The problems arose if the pipe burst. We knew there was a leak, however the land it past through was full of coconuts, bananas and grass making it very difficult to pinpoint. Sometimes we would wait days until the area around the leak became saturated. Thankfully around ten years ago a new mains pipe was installed and we now have water 24/7. I live about 20 miles South of expatuk and he is more than welcome to run a pipe from our house!
  9. The terminal fee is included in the airline ticket. You will pay the travel tax at the airport when you depart.
  10. My receipt for the first exit this year is the same. The 2nd time i exited the RP/SRC Fee was only 700 pesos.
  11. Gas

    Car hire

    Yes, i have sat in a Wigo and they are nice little cars, however Steve is well built bloke and i think it would be too small for him.
  12. Gas

    Car hire

    When driving along the Skyway there is a huge billboard advertising car hire for 999php per day. I think the picture is a of a Mitsubishi Mirage or Toyota Wigo which is probably a tad small for you. Some of the major companies have outlets at the airport, but they probably charge a arm and a leg. I would look at some of the smaller companies away from the airport. You can always use me again and work for your keep! Found it online. Its a Wigo and pretty small. https://www.reservecarrentals.com.ph/?gclid=Cj0KCQjw5s3cBRCAARIsAB8ZjU2CQbimMnBkIurxmxXCf1Qi5IuLYwoTB9unWBzgyP3X0hfq8YyCqfMaAnqZEALw_wcB
  13. If it is for outside why not use spandrel, as even when wet there is no damage. I changed ours around 10 years ago and it looks as good as new.
  14. Yep, technology is seen as a threat to their jobs. Their is a international rice research institute not far from me and even though they provide free training to farmers, they still go back to using their old cultivation techniques.
  15. My first suggestion would be to establish a base here in the country before trying to open a business. Sending money to someone and expecting them to have the business up and running before you arrive will more than likely end in failure. I dont live in Bohol, so i would be only guessing what may or may not work. One thing that has become very popular in my area over the past 3 years is bicycle riding. Maybe a bike shop with bikes for hire? Can you cook? Maybe a small restaurant. Running a business here is a whole new ball game. I have seen guys with a wealth of experience running a business abroad fall flat on their face because they tried to run it their way and not the Philippine way. It can be done, however you need adjust your way of thinking which in my opinion is easier when you are younger. You may succeed you may not, but its better to fail than not try at all!
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