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  1. I only wish I didn't do it sooner. My wife and I relocated to Iloilo with our 2 young children when I was in the early 30's.
  2. loveiloilo

    Why oh Why

    I can only assume there is a huge age gap between them... if so she was probably in it for the money from the get go... if she comes from a poor background them I am 100% certain of this. They can pretend to love you but at the end of the day its all about the money. You old timers will never fill the place of a local guy they can relate too.
  3. My great grand parents on both sides of the family where homesteaders from Spain... came to the Philippines in the early 1900's. Back then, if you developed the land, built the roads, the land adjacent was yours for free.
  4. Filipino-Chinese kids in the Philippines are way more of a target then Fil-Am kids. In fact, I can't recall ever hearing of a Fil-Am kid being kidnapped before. Any parent should be protecting their children and keeping a close eye on them whatever country they reside in. I was born in the Philippines but raised abroad, both parents also born here but 100% Spanish blood. I literally could pass as a white guy. All my cousins are mixed Mestizo looking, have grown up here and none have ever had a problem. Like all things in the Philippines, use common sense and you will be fine.
  5. I assume this was at a public school? Most private schools, well at least in Iloilo have a zero tolerance policy. A bully would get expelled asap.
  6. The majority of the members on this forum are dating or married to woman who come from poor families, lower middle class at best. Upper class and rich Filipinos don't act this way.
  7. Vikings is a good higher end buffet. They are pricey but if you go on your birthday you eat for free.
  8. The best rate I was able to obtain was through the Development Bank of the Philippines. They gave me a very good rate because I am using this money as a 20% down payment on a Agro loan through this bank. My wife maintains a BDO US Dollar savings account. They could not come close to the rate DBP gave me.
  9. Hello all, I would like to send 200k CAD to the Philippines. What would be the best way to send the funds to ensure I get a good exchange rate with no hidden cost. Thank you!
  10. Most foreigners get taken advantage of because they are not assimilated to the country, its people or at least understand the local dialect. They also rely to much on their wives and the wives family to do business for them and most of the time these woman come from poor families with no real "pull" in the communities. Lastly the business ideas are what ever other foreigners tries with vary few succeeding. Its a recipe for disaster. I have friends, locals, with large piggeries. I'm talking 500+ heads and in recent months, with the over importation are not making any money the last quarter.
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