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  1. There's an option in your profile under followers to not allow others to follow you.
  2. This way is how I do it as well.. As far as take out chicken, I don't like chooks either. We love the chicken from Mr. Liempo.
  3. Leave. Love is blind but he'll get taken to the cleaners again. Pretty soon there will be medical emergencies and etc. How much money is enough to these kinds of people? Answer: There's never enough. I thank God every day that my wife isn't a sucker for her family. She helps a little but has limits and if they're lazy...she doesn't help at all.
  4. Peppers like full sun and soil that drains well. Most pepper varieties here are perennial and will keep on growing. My brother in law has a Thai chili plant that is huge and has had it over five years.
  5. Since I live pretty close to Nasugbu, I'll chime in. Nasugbu isn't all that crowded and there are some decent beaches there. There's a local group that tries to keep them relatively clean. A little north of there is Punta Fuego with some decent beaches but the prices for land/housing is astronomical. South of Nasugbu is Calatagan. Also some decent beaches. Welcome to the forum.πŸ˜€
  6. Are you planning on making neem oil? Its a great pest killer.
  7. We just picked a bunch of carrots, collard greens and corn. We are planting more okra, tomatoes and carrots. Hoping everything goes well during rainy season.
  8. Time to lock this one, probably.πŸ˜… My eyes started to bleed before I was a quarter of the way through the post.
  9. I would also be one of those advising to apply outside of the Philippines. Lots less hassle.
  10. Excellent post. Of course, like you said every jungle has snakes. The problem with Pakikisama is you have to walk a tightrope between taking advantage and being taken advantage of. My wife and I have set down firm and inflexible rules to deal with this especially when it comes to family.
  11. I never flew on KAL but have used Asiana many many times and in their frequent flyer club. Hope they keep the same excellent service I've always experienced with Asiana.πŸ˜€
  12. Think I'll "weigh" in on this topic as well.πŸ˜€ I can relate to the attitude that many Filipinos have about walking as my wife and I take an hour long walk every morning. Seems like she's always explaining that we are doin it for exercise which seems amusing to many of them. Also the Filipino love of sweet foods has a lot to do with the obesity problem here. And too many carbs. Since we started our garden we have a lot of excess produce that we've tried to give to my wife's family. At first they didn't want to accept it. In fact one niece who is pretty portly said "Uncle, only poo
  13. Hey Scott, Nope. I'm here on a 13A also. I've just never felt its my place to talk about Philippine politics or any other countries for that matter. After all...the USA is the only place I can compare to and it's far from perfect. Why else are most of us ex-pats from one country or another.πŸ˜€ Regards!
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