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  1. Lol. Having lived in the Philippines in the 80s and 90s those sorts of questions did come to mind. However when they rear their ugly head I just shrug and answer my own question with "It is what it is". Living with a Filipina wife for 34 years has taught me a lot of patience.πŸ˜‰
  2. Thanks JGF. I'll have to look around and see how to go about doing that then. I also reached out to the Philippine embassy in San Francisco CA to see if they can clear some stuff up. I'll share what I find out. Kind of annoying that this information isn't clearly visible on many sites I've visited. NAIA should have this plastered to the top of their Facebook site. ahh well, If I have to do the above then that's the breaks. I can hear the wife though. "I don't want to stay and quarantine in Manila! Expensive! " πŸ˜‰ my response will be "Do you want to move now or not?" Hers will be " grumble, moan, complain then acceptance...begrudgingly " πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚
  3. Hi BrettGC, Thank you! I have booked a flight with Asiana airlines so we'll see what happens.
  4. Thanks scott. I'll definitely look into that. My understanding was that if you test negative then you quarantine at your place of residence listed on your visa. I'm this case my Inay's house. But I'll keep an eye out on the rules. THanks!πŸ˜πŸ‘
  5. Well, we still have our plans on moving to the Philippines in October. I'll be retired at the end of this month and reading the rules for foreigners coming into the country with a Filipina spouse, I should be good. If we test negative then we'll do our quarantine at my wifes Inay's house and then look for a place of our own in Tagaytay or Lipa city. I just put this topic out there because I know a few people are putting their moves on hold but in our case I see no reason to. I've always tried to follow Warren buffets's advice and this one applies to more than money. "We simply attempt to be fearful when others are greedy and to be greedy only when others are fearful." Any one else see something I might be missing in moving during this period in time? Looking forward to hopefully hoisting a beer or two with some of you after the craziness subsides.
  6. A bit of general advice but as a lot of members have indicated the best is to do your research and meet them in person. I'll put some advice though on the younger girls. Your mileage may vary but unless they have a good job or are financially independent in some way my spider sense starts tingling. This is a fairly common saying for the gold diggers though, especially the younger ones. Tread carefully. Also the girls who are interested in marrying rich foreigners for mostly their money have a saying. Mayamon, Matanda, Madaling, Mamatay....loose translation. Rich, old, easy to die.
  7. Has anyone done this survey? If so how intrusive is it? What are they really trying to accomplish?
  8. It's been pretty much standard practice for savvy ex-pats in any country that they reside in not to get involved in local politics period. I refuse to talk politics or criticise even if I'm just talking to relatives and that includes talking about U.S. politics as it invites comparisons. Keep your head down. Always a wise policy.
  9. We aren't totally sure yet but it will be either the Tagaytay area, Lipa city or San Pablo. We love all those areas. Regards πŸ˜€
  10. I hate to wish ill on anyone but you have to jump on opportunity when it occurs. In this time that we are looking to relocate to the Philippines my wife and I will be looking for a bargain on a house and some land. We are counting on an adjustment to the Philippine real estate market given the rate of OFW unemployment.
  11. This is exactly what my boss is suggesting to me after I retire. He wants to avoid a huge brain drain, even though I have fully documented my functions in a day to day basis. If the price is right I might seriously think about it.
  12. Definitely agree JGF. This guy is another Big Mac waiting to happen.
  13. I still plan on retiring at the end of July but yeah, the move to the Philippines might have to wait a little while. Guess we'll see. Best wishes to you and your wife.πŸ‘
  14. What a disgusting a**h*le and yes, they should arrest and jail the parents also to send a "message". Child pornography is not justified or tolerated...period.
  15. Interesting. Me and my wife are supposed to move to the Philippines hopefully in September so we are watching announcements like what JGF posted like a hawk. And as an aside, nice to see you posting again JJReyes.😁
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