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  1. Balisidar

    Very sick wife

    I was just thinking that very same thought JGF. I think this topic has run its course.
  2. Balisidar

    Very sick wife

    Would have, could have, might have, should have...all in the past now. All you can do is live and learn. I'm sorry for your experience Big Mac but as others have said there are some real honest living women here who won't take advantage of you and treat you like a king. I'm fortunate to be married to one for 33 years. Don't give up.
  3. Balisidar


    My God is this stuff evil...or my over-indulgence was, I'm reality it's pretty smooth, smoother than vodka but it can put you flat on your back. I swore I'd never drink it again. I swore off Red Horse back in the 80's.
  4. Balisidar

    Family allotment

    That's exactly what I was going to suggest. Then the agency can worry about SS, taxes and etc.
  5. Most sites nowadays offer 2 step verification. Gmail, Amazon, Netflix etc. Definitely use it if your able. If you don't know..2 step verification is when you log into the site, change your password, order something etc., The site will send a verification code to your cell phone (or other device or email) that you've set up, to ensure that it's actually you.
  6. Balisidar

    Logic - No

    At least update to Windows 7. XP hasn't been supported in almost a decade😂😂
  7. Balisidar

    A nice birthday surprise

    Very nice story and Happy birthday 🎂. I'm all about the "teach a man to fish" philosophy. Nice to know that someone else has had it work on their favor! Congrats
  8. Balisidar

    Homesick for good Pizza

    I remember Didi's had some pretty good pizza when I was stationed at Clark AFB. Their tacos were pretty awesome also. I was pleasantly surprised that they're still around 😀
  9. Balisidar

    Met a phillipino in england

    True enough, Clermont. My wife was originally from a little Barangay near Nasugbu Batangas. When I asked her to marry me I also made the trip from Clark AFB to Batangas to ask her father's permission. He looked at me and said "so. You want to marry my daughter?". I said " yes, sir. ". He said " ok. It's alright. If she every give you a problem you come talk to me. ". That was 33 years ago. Barangay= country girls☺
  10. Balisidar

    Planning my "scouting" trip

    Welcome to the forum.☺ I would add a few cities to your list, depending on your interests. Tagaytay...it's maybe a bit more expensive than your budget may handle but it's higher elevation so it's cooler. Also known as the second summer home in the Philippines. Baguio being the first. San Pablo..also fairly high in elevation with 7 lakes around. Decent prices and not too far from the bigger city of Santa Rosa. Santa Rosa. Not far from Tagaytay and San Pablo, Manila is also fairly close. Less expensive than Manila and Tagaytay and lots to do there. Regards and welcome again.
  11. Balisidar

    Oh to be young again lol

    You know..Stevewool said On another post that I must have seen a lot of changes in the Philippines in the thirty three years I've had in planning my retirement. I have from politics, to changes in law, to development etc. This phase however is one that disturbed me the most. When I visited the Philippines in 2001 I saw my nieces texting on smart phones. I think I had a flip phone at the time and didn't even know what texting was. I recall thinking at the time..these people can hardly afford food. How in the hell can they afford these phones and the monthly phone charges? I think that this, in addition to other society changes around the world are a bad thing. I always make it a rule when our to dinner...phones down. Let the conversations continue😁
  12. Balisidar

    Power and Freedom Brings Out Who We Really Are

    Unfortunately, this is why many ex-pats in the Philippines are miserable. You never go to another country thinking you can change things to suit yourself. You go to another country knowing you can't change things and willing to make changes in yourself.
  13. Balisidar

    Making the move to the Philippines

    I think the ones who have problems in the Philippines and leave didn't spend enough time there to really know what they were getting into. It's like that all over. I knew a couple who retired to Belize. I asked them before they left..have you been there? Have you spent a lot of time..boots on the ground? They said no but we've really researched it a lot. They were back in 6 months. The guy had to get another job to make ends meet and they were bad mouthing about Belize to anyone who would listen. The whole problem seems to be attitude. You don't move to another nation (any nation, third world or otherwise) thinking that things will be the same or that people will change to conform to you. You move to another country knowing that things will be different and excited for the difference, warts and all. And willing to change yourself and conform (if even a little) to enjoy your new home. I've spent the last thirty three years thinking, planning and spending time in the Philippines that my wife and I know it's the right choice. Every time I visit there I wish I didn't have to leave. Only 2 1/2 years to go.
  14. Balisidar

    Pili nut tree

    Nice JJ. Yes, I saw that Pili nuts are becoming a popular export. I actually convinced the Filipino food store in my neighborhood to stock them. It's how I got my first taste. Delicious 😋. Macadamia trees are also pretty available and another up and coming agricultural product in the P.I. Like I said though, I'm more into the home use and using a hammer 🔨 to crack em open don't bother me. Any more suggestions on local nuts? My wife and I both love cashews and cashew apples.😁
  15. Balisidar

    List of visa free countries for Filipinos

    Awesome list. Thaks!