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  1. Hmm. I never minded Eden or Velveeta since they work out well for some recipes. Guess this is why. Eden is a processed filled cheese food brand owned by MondelΔ“z International. It was first launched in the Philippines by Kraft Foods in 1981. Wikipedia Owner: Mondelez International Introduced: 1981 Product type: Cheese Markets: Philippines I also love the real cheeses though.πŸ˜‰πŸ˜
  2. So I talked to my wife and she thinks that your Nueva cija girl (my wife is tagalog) is using you for her family. My wife says this area is made up of poor farmers. Just to put some things in perspective, my wife and I have been married for thirty four years and we've had a few fights about supporting her family so we've compromised in giving money. Bottom line we don't give much. My wife also thinks your wife is messing around. She was pretty frank on the subject and thinks your wife wants your money, not your heart. She said your wife has no heart. She said be careful. She also said she feels sorry for you 😒. That's her Filipina take on things. πŸ˜‚πŸ˜
  3. ITgeek, So you've established some decent timelines here but let me comment on her first child. As you probably know, most times many Filipinas aren't hesitant to discuss personal things unless they stand to lose face or are ashamed. I would suggest if you want to know more then have her first child secretly DNA tested. I'll leave it at that. Regarding your intimacy with your Asawa this all appears to have started around the time that you were diagnosed with dementia, along with the financial troubles. There are some rather strange Philippine superstitions regarding various illnesses. I'm not sure which ones might be coming into play here as I'm not knowledgeable about the area your wife is from but a couple of questions an d comments. 1) Is she pretty religious? If so I would recommend having a couples session with her priest. She may be willing to discuss things in that environment. Insist on no other family present. You sound like the type to want to solve your problems without an intermediary, but a priest might be a great option 2) Do you suspect she may be having an affair? Does she suspect that you may be having an affair. Almost as a general rule most Filipinas are insanely jealous. Even general suspicions on her part may be causing a tampo tantrum.πŸ˜€. If you have any suspicion she is having an affair, we'll that should be easy to find out. In large part it sounds like the family dynamics are causing a large part of the problems. Stop supporting them. And when you want to take your wife somewhere for some alone time insist on not taking along an entourage. I know your living there with them but talk to the wife about leaving there together with the kids. And the two island or 8 hour rule comes to mind. I think personally that a move out on your own at this point isn't advisable until you've put your foot down about a few matters and have exhausted your possibilities.
  4. Mehh. I'm going about my retirement plans like this never happened. Applying for a 13A Visa this week. I don't really think this will have an effect on ex-pats.
  5. Hey all, Didn't want to ask this question in the maid renumeration topic. So has anyone tried the services like maidprovider.ph or any of the other maid provider sites? I would imagine it's a bit more expensive but I wonder if you'd find someone more reliable. when we move to the Philippines later on this year, we most likely won't be looking for a live in full time maid. Just a part time. Thanks!
  6. When me, my wife and daughter were going to Baguio in December 2017 we made a game out of doing this.πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚
  7. He's not living in the Philippines so he has no reason to keep a low profile. I didn't click on the petition as I just don't care.πŸ˜‚πŸ˜
  8. Will they give you free internet?
  9. Nope. Sorry. Just can't see Steve doing the Tom Cruise dance from "Risky Business". πŸ˜‚
  10. I've been reading that they're keeping it high because they're seeing new fissures opening up. That and the earthquakes mean that lava is still making its way into a chamber. Which indicates another eruption might happen soon...or not. You never know
  11. Or a Night Moves forum? https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Night_Moves_(song)
  12. I actually have AK. I was stationed at Clark when the volcano started rumbling. Came out one morning from the RAPCON and heard a blast off in the distance. Looked towards Pinatubo and saw a huge plume. Me and my family left Clark about a month before the fireworks really started. I was also living in Tacoma WA when Mt. Saint Helen's blew up. Hmm. Seems like I have a thing with volcanoes.
  13. I doubt it will be good. Just depends on how long the eruption keeps going I suppose.
  14. I'm also wondering about house prices, etc. This is the location we planned on living at...not right in Tagaytay but neighboring area like alfonso, Amadeo or Silang.
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