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  1. This is exactly what my boss is suggesting to me after I retire. He wants to avoid a huge brain drain, even though I have fully documented my functions in a day to day basis. If the price is right I might seriously think about it.
  2. I still plan on retiring at the end of July but yeah, the move to the Philippines might have to wait a little while. Guess we'll see. Best wishes to you and your wife.πŸ‘
  3. What a disgusting a**h*le and yes, they should arrest and jail the parents also to send a "message". Child pornography is not justified or tolerated...period.
  4. Interesting. Me and my wife are supposed to move to the Philippines hopefully in September so we are watching announcements like what JGF posted like a hawk. And as an aside, nice to see you posting again JJReyes.😁
  5. PAL was supposed to start a route from Seattle in May. I would imagine that isn't going to happen now. Ahh well, hopefully this will all be over by Early September when I'm set to retire and move to the Philippines.
  6. Hmmm.. Looks like the next balikbayan box I send to myself will have a lot of liquid love in it..just in case.πŸ‘πŸ˜œ
  7. Phew...I was already issued mine here in the USA and as my wife is a dual citizen looks like it's still valid.πŸ‘πŸ˜€
  8. Hi, I've never been into the online dating scene but a few of my wife's nieces join Facebook groups to meet foreigners. No fees or anything like a lot of the dating sites. But I'm sure the same cautions apply as other posters have mentioned. Good luck.
  9. I don't think your quite into the spirit of what I'm trying to discuss here. I hope this doesn't develop into a bash session. Definitely not my intention.😁😁
  10. So I was just thinking that most topics here are from a foreigner point view, naturally. I wanted to start a topic though, hopefully lighthearted, that will show many times what Filipinos think of Us.πŸ˜‚πŸ˜ So I'll relate a couple of stories just to get things started. Back in 1984/85 when I was stationed at Clark AFB and was dating my wife, I asked her to marry me. She said Yes (no wisecracks, please😁). Then I asked her if we could visit her province (Batangas) so that I could meet her family and ask her Dad's permission. She got kind of a shocked look on her face as this totally surprised her that I would want to do this but agreed. So we went to her province, met her family and I asked her dad who told me "Hmmm. So you want to marry my daughter huh? Ok. I let her marry you. If she give you problem you tell me.". So we stayed a couple of days and I took my first bucket shower. They had an outdoor pump so I figured I'd shower there and just wouldn't remove my shorts. So I merrily asked my wife for some soap and asked her to pump the water for me. In the meantime, I hadn't noticed that her oldest brother and brother-in-law had taken a seat nearby to watch this 22 year old 'kano take his first bucket shower. So I was just blithely tossing the water over my back (missing myself half the time) and they were snorting hard not to laugh. Years later they told me and just about burst themselves laughing. I did too and my wife was laughing so hard she was crying.πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚ Next story is quicker. I was a pretty new Dad and my oldest son came down with a case of stomach worms. We took him to the doctor and the doctor prescribed some pills. The next morning my son threw up and I saw these worms, which I thought were Huge! Well, I went in a rant about how this could happen and how I thought this was such a nasty country and rushed off to take the worms to the doctor, who calmly explained how this was a normal parasite here. My wife's younger brother was staying with us at the time and after I had left to see the doctor, asked my wife what was all the fuss about? They're just worms. My wife just shrugged and said " You know how Americans are..."πŸ˜‚
  11. Wow. Did you read his post? Got to totally disagree with you on this one my friend. How are they being paid? He bought the kids some treats after they took him swimming. And the guys? Seems like they just wanted some interaction with a foreigner. I'm fact it seems he entertained them while he was being entertained himself, life in the provinces can be a little humdrum at times. Me, I find it a little refreshing that some honestly good people are still out there. Especially the kids, when they haven't been corrupted by the adults. I'm pretty cynical myself especially in the touristy type areas or cities etc. But there are times, depending on the situation, when I'm certain that I'm not being scammed or generally taken advantage of. Then I can relax my guard, if only a little. Heck, I wouldn't have married my wife if I had listened to the advice my Air Force friends were giving me back in '86. She was just a mis-placed country girl though, kind hearted and honest as the day is long. She still is but caught some healthy cynicism from me.πŸ˜πŸ˜‰ -A-, I enjoyed the video. Siargau is definitely one of the places my wife and I have on our Philippines bucket list after we retire.
  12. Hey OMW, I was just reading a CNN article where they were advising people to buy either refundable tickets or cancle-for-any-reason travel insurance. Both are fairly expensive but may give people some peace of mind.
  13. I don't think your reviled. I'm sure we've all posted things that rubbed the wrong way or were a little out of line. I'm good with you.πŸ˜€ if you did post drunk then just do what I do when I've had a couple too many. Goto sleep.πŸ˜‰πŸ˜΄πŸ˜΄ morning all. (At least here in Washington state.)
  14. I plan on buying also. All my kids we made dual citizens so it just makes sense as all properties we own will go to them. As always...your own mileage may vary
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