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  1. I'm pretty much the same way. I also share stories which may impact our lives or plans moving there. She's pretty up to date on the Philippine news though since I subscribe to her favorite channels here.
  2. I just went back through some of the posts in the charity forum where big Mac posted about his wife. Call me a stickler for details but his math doesn't seem to add up according to my calculations, which are limited according to the information but from one of his posts. I have supported her and the child very well. However $500 weekly for two years to get her meds for a fake disease....That's just a little over the top, wouldn't you say?" So let's say $500 times 104 weeks (2 years)=$52,000. 52000*50 (usd exchange rate)=2,600,000 pesos. So what other money has he been giving her. I know they had a total 6 year relationship so the totality of this scam is blowing my mind. Maybe Knightrider (pointman) can provide some details or not but......like.........Wow.
  3. Whatever your reasons Knightrider, thanks for posting. If nothing else it brings some closure to the topic at least in my mind. I'm sure the tale goes on for Big Mac and his soon to be ex. It boggles my mind like many other members that he let it go on for so long but, as they say, Love is blind. Also deaf and dumb.
  4. You ought to go back and skim through it JJ. Make sure you have popcorn, a cold beer and maybe share the reading with your wife.😀
  5. Hk, they will be taxed by the u.s.government for earnings but they won't be taxed by the Philippine government.
  6. Quick answer is No. From the Philippine embassy website. Hence, all Filipinos abroad, including those who have reacquired their Philippine citizenship, have been exempted by the PhilippineGovernment from paying Philippine income tax on incomes earned abroad. Incomes earned in the Philippines, however, will be subject to Philippine income tax.
  7. You know it's a really easy process for her to become a dual citizen? We did that about a month after my wife became a naturalized U.S. citizen.
  8. Are the doing any earthquake proofing in the design?
  9. Mine is the same. After being in the USA and using washing machines/dryers for the last 28 years she is well used to the convenience. Funny though that when we visit the Philippines she can revert in a heartbeat when she doesn't have a machine available. I know when we move over there though she'll want a machine. Quick story though on how provincial they are about washing clothes though. My wife was helping some of the woman do the laundry. She handed me some of the clothes to fold as I always do. One of the woman said in Tagalog "why are you handing that to him? This is woman's work." I turned to her and said in English " this is woman's work? So I guess I shouldn't be making her change the oil in our car? "... Silence reigned...
  10. Chow king is good. Never got sick from there before. I also like Jollie Bee chicken. The burgers not so much.
  11. I think this topic has gone completely off the rails, as sometimes many of these do. Lock the thread maybe?
  12. Judging from many of the OP's posts, he's never really got comfortable living in the Philippines. As many others have said, it's definitely not for everyone. Best of luck to you in Texas.😀
  13. Bigmac, Again, sorry for your troubles and I'm sure you'll have your eyes wide open next time. If I could give some advice though I would up your age requirements. In my opinion it's easier to get scammed by the younger girls. This newer generation seems to be getting away from the precepts that made Filipinas so attractive to marry. God first then Family. Also the girls who are interested in marrying rich foreigners for mostly their money have a saying. Mayamon, Matanda, Madaling, Mamatay....loose translation. Rich, old, easy to die. I would also suggest that you learn more about Philippine culture. See the culture page of this forum. And if your still interested in Filipinas then you spend more time there in the Philippines. Tread cautiously and good luck.
  14. I was just thinking that very same thought JGF. I think this topic has run its course.
  15. Would have, could have, might have, should have...all in the past now. All you can do is live and learn. I'm sorry for your experience Big Mac but as others have said there are some real honest living women here who won't take advantage of you and treat you like a king. I'm fortunate to be married to one for 33 years. Don't give up.
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