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  1. U.S. Embassy Manila, Philippines  U.S. Consular Agency Cebu, Philippines  March 30, 2022 Message for U.S. Citizens: Restrictions for Foreign Nationals during the Philippine Presidential and Local Election Campaign Period The 2022 Philippine presidential and local elections are scheduled to be held on May 9, 2022. As the election nears, we remind U.S. citizens that foreign nationals are prohibited by Philippine law from engaging in partisan political activities in the country. The election period officially ends June 8, 2022. For their safety during the election period, foreign nationals, including U.S. citizens, are discouraged from participating in large rallies or crowds. Foreign nationals found engaging in a protest or mass demonstration could be considered in violation of their immigration status, as stated in Operation Order SMB-2015-026. Civilians are reminded to continue to observe COVID safety measures, including the wearing of masks and social distancing, throughout the election period. The Philippine Commission on Elections (COMELEC) has measures in place to ensure the safety of civilians during the election campaign period: In accordance with the gun ban currently in effect for the election season, COMELEC Resolution 10728 stipulates that civilians, both local and foreign, are not permitted to carry firearms outside of their residences. There will be at least one checkpoint in each town or city manned by military or police personnel who will be in complete service uniform with visible name plates or identification tags. Checkpoint personnel cannot require motorists to open the vehicle’s trunk or glove compartment but may ask routine questions of the vehicle driver or occupants. For further information on local safety and security measures during the Philippine election period, please consult: Philippine Commission on Elections: COMELEC Philippine National Police: PNP Philippine Department of the Interior and Local Government: DILG _____________________________________________________________________________ For further information and assistance:  U.S. Embassy in the Philippines:  +63(2) 5301-2000; ACSInfoManila@state.gov State Department – Consular Affairs 888-407-4747 or 202-501-4444 Philippines Country Specific Information Enroll in the Smart Traveler Enrollment Program (STEP) to receive Alerts Follow us on Twitter and Facebook
  2. Had this happen when my wife and I were getting a police clearance (Our bank required it when we opened our account.) I asked and the police chief said that one of the requirements for the police officers was to have an interaction with a foreigner.
  3. Same experience I had. PLDT never even answered our questions about whether fiber was available in our area. Globe had us installed and working in three days. Only tiny hassle was writing a letter of approval and getting our housing community sign it but no biggee.
  4. Old topic but it looks like he's still here in the Philippines. Their fundraiser went no where (All three of them) and there's been no media followup whatsoever. I hate an unsolved mystery.😆😆
  5. You can apply for a compassionate 13a VISA if your wife passes away and you have no children. I believe it's also the only time that the house and land can pass to a foreigner as well.
  6. I've been fishing here in the Philippines many times in many places. Just recently close to home in Batangas. Never been shore fishing as the kind of fish I prefer are deeper water fish like grouper (Lapu-Lapu) or fish like tuna, giant mackerel (Tanigue), barracuda etc. General advice is to find a nice fisherman and ask him to take you. Let him know what fish you're looking for. I recently paid 500 pesos for about six hours or so. General consensus here is the fish caught for the most part belong to the bangka boat fisherman that takes you out. I usually keep one or two, depending on how many were caught with no problems. More than that I pay for. That's the usual guidance even if you go on a professional charter boat like in Zambales or Siargao. And as usual good advice from Graham😀
  7. Lol. After all these years together my wife and her one liners can still crack me up. As you probably all know of me and my wife by now, we don't loan money. We sometimes give an occasional and small gift. One of our air headed nieces apparently forgot that today and asked her aunt for money (this is after we had given some for Christmas). My wife just looked at her and said "What you think I am, ATM?" and made motions like putting a card in her mouth and crapping out money. The niece quickly left and I was left howling with laughter after she was out of earshot.😆😆😆
  8. Interesting. After their insulation properties break down, I bet it could be used as a raised garden bed until it totally deteriorates.
  9. Lol. I've found myself doing that for years. 😆😆
  10. Quite simple. I think of my wife, knives or scissors and something called a Filipina haircut.😆😉
  11. I usually use transfer wise or wise as they're known now. Never had any problems with that amount using them. Low fees and also getting lower.
  12. There's an option in your profile under followers to not allow others to follow you.
  13. This way is how I do it as well.. As far as take out chicken, I don't like chooks either. We love the chicken from Mr. Liempo.
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