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  1. Does anyone know where you can buy Oil of Oregano in Iloilo?
  2. Thanks to everyone for their fast replies and for all the information and insights they provided. As I said before, this is like a leleserye. A drama showen from two different sides. I know it sounds intriguing but I don't want to post the details online. If anyone would like to communicate personally with me, I'd explain only if it wouldn't go online. I will say that several people might be involved. It's either a matter of jealousy or a scam. One woman said she'd email me a copy of the birth certificate to prove her case. I read the official rules and they would disqualify her from being able to obtain it. She might be the baby's aunt. But she said she doesn't even have an official ID. She would use the ID of her boyfriend or husband. The woman getting the birth certificate copy does not have any ID from the baby's relatives that have the legal right to it and an authorization letter/note. She is doing this on her own. She isn't the baby's legal guardian, but she can claim to be the guardian of course like you said. But she doesn't even have her own ID. I understand what's been said about how lax the enforcement of rules and laws can be in the Philippines. I just would like to know that what she sends me is official and not fake. That she sent me a counterfeit birth certificate to make me take her side in the issue. Thanks again to everyone. I look forward to your information and comments.
  3. This seemed the best place to ask this question. I'm involved in a complicated discussion with some friends and their family members in the philippines. I'm in the USA and can't get there to look into it myself. There seems to be a drama worthy of a Philippines' Teleserye. Who is the mother of a baby born last year. There are a few candidates. I can't go into all the details now because I'm not sure where this is going to go. A woman who claim to be the baby's aunt said that she would go to an NSO office to get a copy of the baby's birth certificate and email me a photo of it. Long official quote to follow. From what I read on the Philippines official site, only NOTE: ISSUANCE OF CERTIFICATION OF BIRTH IS SUBJECT TO THE CONFIDENTIALITY CLAUSE OF ARTICLE 7 OF THE CHILD AND YOUTH WELFARE CODE WHICH PROVIDES: Art. 7. Nondisclosure of birth records. The records of a person's birth shall be kept strictly confidential and no information relating thereto shall be issued except on the request of any of the following: The person himself, or any person authorized by him; His spouse, his parent or parents, his direct descendants, or the guardian or institution legally incharge of him, if he is a minor; The court or proper public official whenever absolutely necessary in administrative, judicial or other official proceedings to determine the identity of the child's parents or other circumstances surrounding his birth; and In case of the person's death, the nearest of kin. Any person violating the prohibition shall suffer the penalty of imprisonment of at least two months or a fine in an amount not exceeding five hundred pesos, or both, in the discretion of the court. So an aunt can not legally obtain a copy of a nephew's birth certificate. If she did so by fraudulent means which would mean she would risk legal punishment. This woman is, perhaps, spreading lies about her sister. How well are these rules followed? I don't want to be led astray with false claims by false documents. Thank you so much for your help.
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