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  1. In my neighborhood I've become acquainted with most of the people. There is one guy in his upper 40s who is openly gay. I don't believe he has ever had a job since I first came here back in 2001 but he seems to jump from one network marketing company to another and often tries to sign people up to work under him. I think most of us know how these companies (some call them pyramid companies) work. This story took places a few years before the USA made gay marriage legal so you will see why I had suspicions from the start. The gay man began going from house to house saying he met the right man in his life on the internet and told people they were engaged to be married. His dream man was an American from New York City and immediately after their wedding they would live in Singapore for 1 year after which they would move to New York city to live together happily ever after. He went house to house inviting all his neighbors (including me) to the ceremony the coming Saturday at a nice hotel here in Puerto Princesa the coming Saturday. You can imagine all the shock and the talk around the neighborhood as everyone wanted to be his close friend as he was now to be a rich man through his marriage. Everyone was excited to attend the wedding celebration. Of course I knew something was wrong with the story but remained silent as I didn't want to be the dark storm cloud on everyone's excitement. The day of the wedding came and so many people dressed up in their finest to join in the celebrations with smiles of excitement on their faces. It didn't take long till I saw all the neighbors return with scowls. I asked what happened and could barely hold my laughter from what they told me... They arrived at the hotel and found the groom (neighbor) in the lobby with a big smile on his face waiting for their arrival. They asked in which room would the celebration be. He replied... Oh! I was just joking about the marriage. It was all a joke. But since you're all here anyway please attend our seminar on (name of New marketing company) and find a promising future for you and your family.
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