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  1. Reboot

    RANT- What cheese's me off

    It's not just Filipinos that do the amen posts and gore. It's quite common on latin american faceborg
  2. Geez I meant only 9 year age difference!
  3. I am good--only 9 years old.
  4. Sounds more sinister than foolish
  5. Reboot

    Legal Capacity To Marry Gone Wrong!

    How much you want to bet Americans tipped them off. I bet it was the President's son in law who is real close to the prince.
  6. Reboot

    Legal Capacity To Marry Gone Wrong!

    It's been all over the news. He's framed as a journalist and so his alleged death is framed as the killing of journalists. But facts emerge that he was a high level spook who knew too much and supported political orgs that wanted to topple the Sauds. One of his suspected killers has just died in a car accident. Interesting timing.
  7. Reboot

    Securty Door Lock

    There is Home Depot in the Ph? You learn something new every day here.
  8. Reboot

    My first time

    Went to the cockfight in Jetafe. My BiL was a cop there before he transferred. The guy running the event pointed at me in the crowd and said how much do I bet? "QUINIENTOS!" I shouted (500) after indicating the bird I preferred. The whole place roared. I won that bet but I lost 2500 on my BiL's bird (the one being prepped with a steel spur). Bohol is my favorite place in the Philippines so far. ezgif.com-rotate.mp4
  9. Reboot

    My first time

    Went there for my 43rd b-day. Amorita there at the end of the beach is seriously the nicest hotel I have stayed in while in the Ph, and it ranks up there overall internationally IMHO. Beautiful place and great service. The man that manages the place approached and asked me what I thought and he beamed with pride when I told him so. Didn't do the boat tour, but rented a scooter and rode up to the Chocolate Hills which was a great experience. Was just a couple days' trip and back on the ferry to Cebu City. If you want off the beaten path next time you are there then I highly recommend the other side of Bohol with Anda Beach. This was a different trip where google maps led us wrong and we had to get out and push a toyota through mud. But the place was worth it. White sand cerulean sea. A well maintained statue of a US Marine making a landing right there on that gorgeous beach. I will try to find the picture.
  10. Reboot

    Going back to Cebu in November to see GF...

    I hear Siargao is a really awesome, and a seriously underrated place compared to other Ph locations. Didn't make it there on my last trip although I wanted. Wife's cousin had newly built pumpboat, double motors, nice rig. So we ran out to General Island instead for a primitive beach weekend, ate weird shit like sea urchins, mantis shrimp (and of course lechon and rice) and got drunk on tuba and tequila. Never saw so many stars before at night. Sending him a fish/depth finder for christmas so he can be the most badass fisherman in town. Maybe I can do Siargao next time. I have a connection for a place to stay near the action.
  11. The place looks good to me!!!
  12. Reboot

    Going back to Cebu in November to see GF...

    Sounds like you are going to have a blast!
  13. Reboot

    Anvaya Cove, Morong, Bataan

    Beautiful place !
  14. Reboot

    Yamashitas treasure

    Philippines seems to be rife with these stories. I have heard of one family that is supposedly rich. All they seem to do, as far as I can tell, is run a small "short time" hotel establishment. But the rumor is that they found a hidden cache of Japanese gold when they dug in the ground to build the place!
  15. AirBNB has been good for me personally. First time was Makati where I met the missus. Another was Puerto Princesa. Then El Nido. A few months later, a month in Cebu at a gated location near a golf course. Sure I got some good deals via the coconut telegraph. But for someone without access at some times, it was better than every other option I had easy access to. That said, I haven't relied upon it for a larger party as our original poster friend requires. Might be a different world then.