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  1. Novavax has a new vaccine on the verge of getting emergency approval. While originally developed before Delta, perhaps it will prove useful. It is a subunit vaccine, not at all like the J&J or the mRNA vaccines.
  2. There is a good deal of evidence it can help. I know only one thing: it does a decent job of deworming my chickens.
  3. Covid-19 is here to stay for the foreseeable future. Mutations are making it endemic.
  4. I use Pot Perm in my water system in FL. We are on a well. Removes iron deposits.
  5. We all got it last week. Daughter tested positive. I was a bit under the weather on Monday. Basically everyone in a household of 6 exposed. Wife had a headache. Teenage son, toddler, and baby are like nothing happened. We're all quarantined. *yawn* Talk about a bullshit crisis to herd people like cattle.
  6. Booster shots. huh? I guess the original shots were super good weren't they?
  7. Boomer speak: "I am taking a defensive position for just in case I live long enough to survive what our policies will do to every generation that came after us." COVID-19 wasn't engineered well enough.
  8. You lucky bastards. All Uncle Sam sends me are tax bills, not stimulus checks.
  9. More than 90 million people have received at least one dose in the US, so some immunity there. Add to that the 31 million cases to date, and the likelihood that for each officially counted case there are two others that never were detected, and we are talking over 180 million people with at least some immunity right now. That's over half the US population. Herd immunity is expected to hit at somewhere between 60 and 80 percent of the population, so we should be getting there very soon at the current rate of over 2 million shots per day and roughly 60,000 official cases per day. Once that occurs maybe the US will start sending more doses overseas, including the RoP. The UK has also done very well with its vaccination program.
  10. Other than the initial 2 week lockdown last year, my home state of Florida has had no statewide lockdowns, mask requirements, etc. The children went back to school like normal at the end of last summer, with the provision they wear masks. Our COVID-19 numbers hover around the national average, and are better than many states that took drastic restrictions to slow down the spread. Florida, by the way, is booming. Our unemployment level is below 5% and we have been flooded by COVID refugees fleeing other states.
  11. This is biochemist Kary B. Mullis talking about Anthony Fauci. This is many years ago. Mullis won the Nobel Prize in Medicine in recognition of his invention of the polymerase chain reaction technique (PCR), which is today being used in many COVID-19 tests. He had Fauci's number.
  12. Thanks for starting this tread Tommy T. I too am starting construction on a Filipino house. We just engaged an architect to start drawing up plans. I've owned a small piece on a beach for about 3 years. The value of the land has doubled in that time. Beautiful view of the pacific. I want to build on it now (at the moment it's just vehicle parking for pamily, a nipa party hut I had built a couple of years ago with electricity for lights and karaoke of course, and my brother in law's fighting cocks). I plan to mine your thread for information, and hopefully I won't make too many expensive mistakes. Again thank you for sharing. I have two children now with my wife, so I look forward to spending time there with them when it is finished. Maybe I'll get old here one day.
  13. It's the other way around for me. Got my first child registered at the DC embassy so she could have her Ph citizenship, now have to do the same with the two month old.
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