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  1. If you're EZ, then why the hell do you need someone to do your taxes? You can self file online. And if you need a professional to help you know how bad you got fleeced there's lots of people and orgs in US with phone lines and internet connections. You don't need someone in the RoP. https://www.e-file.com/
  2. When I build my place I plan to use splits. Looks a lot better without a box hanging out your window. The ones I've worked here in the states were reliable and powerful (Mitsubishi), used them to cool computer rooms full of expensive equipment (and even more valuable data). I have a window type here in the states, but it's just emergency backup to run off a generator for when hurricanes come (and they do).
  3. When you leave the water on in the bathroom half the day so the bucket will be full enough for bath time because there's no pressure.
  4. Just a huge problem. https://www.usatoday.com/story/news/nation/2019/05/16/trash-washes-up-remote-cocos-islands-indian-ocean-near-australia/3684479002/
  5. I installed a bidet on my toilet for my wife. But she doesn't use it. She wants a hose!
  6. Woe is me I bought on the same island. It's a big one, but I am just a 10 minute trike ride away!
  7. In writing as JJ suggests is general sound advice. Written arrangements preserve relationships. Reduces misunderstandings.
  8. It's obvious at this point (if it wasn't a long time ago) that DU30 is Donald President in a barong.
  9. Not a trival amount of money. I've been put on the hook too. 100,000 PHP for a brother in law's emergency healthcare costs (half paid back already). 100,000 in costs for a political campaign (my father in law is now in barangay office thanks in part), which I gave in respect for the old man (not a loan). And 200,000 for an aunt (to be paid back in June). She's got plenty to pay me back, however. The old lady is a brilliant operator.
  10. I am an American but ANZAC day has been brought to my attention by a friend. Here it is just an hour or two but I know it is already ANZAC day in the Philippines for you expats. Many Aussies and Kiwis on this forum. I just saw how much you like your vegemite (I actually like it too on crackers). In the US we all appreciate your sacrifices and those of your fathers in the fight for good. May we all always stand together.
  11. Armed Mexicans entering US? Might be time to resurrect Pershing. or Patton.
  12. Maybe a national campaign tapping into Filipino patriotism? https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Don't_Mess_with_Texas Don't Mess with Texas is a slogan for a campaign aimed at reducing littering on Texas roadways by the Texas Department of Transportation. The phrase "Don't Mess with Texas" is prominently shown on road signs on major highways, television, radio and in print advertisements. The campaign is credited with reducing litter on Texas highways roughly 72% between 1986 and 1990.[1] The campaign's target market was 18- to 35-year-old males, which was statistically shown to be the most likely to litter. While the slogan was not originally intended to become a statewide cultural phenomenon, it did. Beyond its immediate role in reducing litter, the slogan has been popularly appropriated by Texans. The phrase has become "an identity statement, a declaration of Texas swagger".[2] Though the origin of the slogan is not well known outside of Texas, it appears on countless items of tourist souvenirs. Since the phrase is a federally registered trademark, the department has tried at times to enforce its trademark rights with cease and desist letters,[3] but has had very limited success. The slogan is the title of the book, Don’t Mess With Texas: The Story Behind the Legend. "Don't Mess with Texas" has been awarded a plaque on the Madison Avenue Walk of Fame and a place in the Advertising Hall of Fame, a distinction given to only two slogans annually.[4] "Don't Mess with Texas" is also the official motto of the Virginia-class submarine USS Texas.
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