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  1. Never heard of it and just looked it up. Wow that's crazy.
  2. I remember that. I was scheduled to fly to that airport. Made me have to spend an additional night away from home because of the delay.
  3. I brought two bolos back with me from the Ph to the US...not the same thing, but it wasn't a problem.
  4. Reboot

    Our(well her) new house

    The place looks great!
  5. Reboot

    Globe's Mobile WiFi Ripoff

    I asked my wife what "malibog" means. The bisaya word didn't make sense in the context of your post. So she googled what it meant in tagalog...that was a very interesting bunch of links! Then one thing led to another and....it was a good Saturday afternoon.
  6. Reboot

    Globe's Mobile WiFi Ripoff

    This was at a smaller provincial town (Tandag, Surigao del Sur). I don't have a wealth of options there, which is why I've never stayed for more than a few days (I have done Cebu and Manila for extended stays). But this time we were going to stay in my wife's town so our baby could be there with her family, and she could be with them too. There aren't many decent choices there to stay that are livable and have good internet. When I finally did find such a place, it had no internet (access but no installed connection). So I installed it. It was 3 bedroom with aircon in each room. One for me. One for maid/babysitter, and one for a friend I brought from the states (best man at my wedding). Water pressure sucked though. I went near a month without using a shower. Once I have a place built to my own specs it won't be a problem to stay there anymore, I hope.
  7. Reboot

    Globe's Mobile WiFi Ripoff

    I had it installed before I even arrived in the country. Had relatives handle it who run internet cafes, so they know a few things (and people). And yes, basically, money wasn't an object. Having decent internet is a make or break for me if I am going to be away that long.
  8. Reboot

    Globe's Mobile WiFi Ripoff

    I had wifi installed in my apartelle. I was there for 6 weeks. But I needed reliable wifi. And not just for fun. It was a work connection.
  9. Let's be realistic about that 10%. The women felt threatened and the men felt jealous.
  10. Ha! It's funny. No matter how old we get, Mom's approval still matters!
  11. Is it really cheese? During my stay I couldn't find anything but the Eden stuff, which isn't real cheese in my book. I couldn't even find real butter! Dairy was in short supply. I went without cheese or fresh milk for over a month. Then I got home to the US earlier this month...downed a tall glass of cold milk...and got the shits for the rest of the day. Apparently, I went so long without dairy that I've lost the ability to digest it!
  12. Reboot

    My journey to finding a Filipina girlfriend...

    Hi Redfeather. Divorce rape survivor here. What an awful thing to live through. I fought on my end for my half to the teeth so it ended up not being so bad for me, and really good for my lawyer! I met my wife online and we chatted and video'd constantly as you do now. After my first trip to the Philippines, I realized she was as genuine as I thought before hand. We just got back from a 6 week stay to visit family and I can't be happier with decision. I agree with the poster above, watch with those who come out straight with NEED or WANT. I would offer my wife things when I was over there, and she'd turn them down. That said, it's Filipino tradition to support family to some degree if you're better off, so something to keep in mind.
  13. Reboot

    How to drive a Filipina crazy

    More confused than a dike at a fish market. Oh man this is evil.
  14. Child labor always dies on its own once an economy and people becomes wealthy enough.