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  1. Reboot

    Are Filipinos Racists?

    I've heard of no such behavior in my local public schools. I currently have 2 children attending school. I think it probably depends greatly on where you live.
  2. What they are doing in NE Mindanao with the mining is awful. Some of those mountains are wrecked and you can see the dust coming off from islands miles away off the coast. My wife's relatives near there never had a flood impact their homes their whole lives. In the past couple of years they've had two. My sister in law's place had water almost up to the ceiling early this year. Ruined everything.
  3. Reboot

    Is Tipping 20% Too Much in the Philippines?

    My wife would never allow it LOL.
  4. Reboot

    fork and spoon

    Some things must be eaten by hand. Fried chicken and crab come to mind. There's just no other way.
  5. Reboot

    fork and spoon

    Had to cut the grilled chicken into bite sized pieces for my wife yesterday so she could eat with just a spoon. Of course, that was because she was holding a 6 month old in one arm, and also didn't want a knife on the table within baby's reach! To be honest, I have a hard time trying to eat rice with just the fingers.
  6. Reboot

    Shipping (Again)

  7. "No. Security guards only."
  8. I see lots of security guards with shotguns, can't say I've seen them on police though. It's usually sidearms and worn looking M16s. Three of my brother in laws are Ph police.
  9. Plus they've imposed a raise in the minimum wage. 40% of businesses in 'zuela have now closed their doors because they can't pay their workers...that and a brain drain in the country as millions flee. Socialism works!
  10. Some dead economist once said that inflation is always and everywhere a monetary phenomenon. And fiat currencies seldom, if ever, strengthen in absolute terms. Only relative to other currencies.
  11. Reboot


  12. This storm looks pretty bad. Last I checked the track it looked like landfall in northern Luzon. But I just saw a video of a bunch of coastal stilt houses get washed away in my wife's town, and that's all the way down in Mindanao.
  13. Reboot


    Me too so I got curious. Back here in the US I bought imported unprocessed palm sugar a couple of weeks ago at the asian market and fermented it for about a week and a half. 2.5 gallon trial batch. Not exactly the same thing as fresh fermented coconut palm sap but it's the same basic product once you rehydrate it and man...I just ran it through a crude inefficient still this evening and whoa boy is this stuff good on the first run. It's about 80 proof more or less based on the kick. I might not even give it a second pass it's just good as it is and running it through again will just destroy some of the character.
  14. Reboot

    On dating sites...

    Or what about Indian gents. From what I've heard.... "Show bobs and vagine pls."