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  1. Leaving US at end of May. Trip will be shorter this time...just a month. But that's because I am taking my two older kids. They are very excited! I guess I am too. Wife will precede me by a few weeks with baby. She wants to vote.
  2. Reboot

    The Americanization/Westernization of ang Asawa

    I used to be prescribed Ambien. I wouldn't recommend it to anybody to be honest. Bad stuff. But "get her rice" is good advice! When my wife came she had a hard time dealing without it when we'd travel, etc. (We always have rice at home).
  3. Reboot

    Funeral procession.

    Reminds me of when I attended the funeral for my wife's G Granduncle in a smallish town in Surigao del Sur. He was pushing 100 when he gave up the ghost. Big procession after mass and afterparty after that. Good food. Lots of booze. People talked about a funeral from a few years back where the procession was so big it collapsed the bridge crossing the river to the cemetery and some people drowned. The new bridge seems to be better built...I think.
  4. Reboot

    Funeral procession.

    I like the cut of your jib, sir, and would like to subscribe to your newsletter
  5. Reboot

    Fruit Tree Spraying

    That's pretty common but the fruit still good.
  6. Reboot

    Fruit Tree Spraying

    Yep. Have a tree here in Fl. Lots of mangos last year. None this year.
  7. I appreciate your situation as mine is similar (I write for financial press), and I keep doing so if I am in the Ph for an extended period. Best answer I have seen here is "keep it to yourself."
  8. Reboot

    Old fathers raising a child in the Philippines

    How beautiful. I read this post to my wife and we both are teary eyed. Love conquers all.
  9. Reboot

    Subic Bay

    There's plenty of grief these days, starting in SE Asia, down into Africa, and all the way across into Latin America, regarding Communist China and infrastructure. Best thing the Filipinos could do is take it over and start a domestic ship building industry, IMHO. Beware Chinese bearing gifts.
  10. Jolo. Same as it ever was.
  11. Maduro is teetering. Guaido is the legal President under the Constitution. There might be a light at the end of the tunnel. FINALLY. Arriba Venezuela!
  12. Reboot

    Bletchley Park

    When they cracked the German codes at Bletchley Park, lots of ships were able to safely convoy across the Atlantic.
  13. Reboot

    Davao City

    I hear many good things about Davao. Unfortunately, I've yet to spend any time there.
  14. Reboot


    A spent .45 cartridge fits in the ear good and blocks a lot of loud noise. Just sayin'.
  15. Reboot

    The Culture thing ( Even Dogs)

    My wife doesn't care for dogs. Her father had the biggest dog in the neighborhood when she was small. The German shepherd ran off one new year's, ended up as someone's pulutan. I really want to have a dog again (lost mine 3 yrs ago during divorce). She's not keen on it. But she's gotten some fear of crime this past week. A strange superstitious story I won't indulge in this post. But I strategically sighed and wondered out loud how much a dog could help us in the dark long kano winter nights. I do think there's a good shot at a puppy coming now.