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  1. Domino22

    What motorcycle?

    Thanks for your thoughts. As for the baggage I would like to be able to use some soft panniers for a 1 to 10 day trip around the islands and have a ice chest on top of an added cargo rack. I have a Kriega bag system. As for the bikes mentioned the CB500X I would change the tires to a better off road tire maybe 60/40 or so. The Serow is already setup for my travel plans more or less. Anything less than 150cc or lower I feel at my size would struggle going up hills or off road trails/roads not motocross but just trail riding. Yes I agree for just going into town or short rides etc. a scooter or 125cc enduro would be fine. Here is another thought about Bohol awesome roads and the ride from Panglao to Tubigon would rock on a KTM 390 verse a Serow 250, but that said what about all the side roads off that road? Even the main road around the island can hit road repair and those street tires and mud and water do not work well. I could buy a cheap scooter for Dumagete to get around but I need a "Adventure" bike for my planned exploring this great place. Add a mini van for the rainy season.
  2. Domino22

    SRRV Deposit?

    Thank You
  3. I am about one year out before I retire. I have been to the PI 5 times diving and just renting bikes looking around. I see now some bigger bikes are coming in to the PI. I have rented the Honda 150 Enduro, Xrm-sucks-YBR old and worn out. I am 220 lbs fat yes! Will end up in the Panglao/Dumagete/Cebu area. And want to travel around and haul some gear, from my home place which I just said before. I want a new bike and am leaning towards the Honda CB500X or Yamahe Serow 250. I drive slow but want to go off road/jungle roads/sand. Open to all but what would you buy? Note my inseam is about 31 inch and I need to be flat footed or have my heals just off the ground. It is funny that I post this because in the states when I buy a car I buy what I want not what I need.
  4. Domino22

    SRRV Deposit?

    Question if I go for the SRRV visa can I make the $10,000.00 deposit in the USA at a Philippine branch which I think BPI has one in Houston, Tx?
  5. Domino22

    Panglao Island/Alona Beach

    On Alona Beach avoid Alona Kew. My room no toilet paper - used disposable razor left in shower - 2 light bulbs out - internet did not work -pub hairs in the shower - oh ya no towels at all to take a shower! Dirty Dirty.
  6. Thats my 1st choice. And 3 blocks walk to the casino and good food.
  7. Domino22

    Cooking hot dogs

    Yep Nathans or Hebrew are #1
  8. Domino22

    How Filipinas choose a mate

    Here Here!! I have never been married and do not plan on it. Well as of a few years ago. Went thru a 3.5 year fiancee' nightmare and $50,000 on the one I wanted. Came down to me getting into an argument at the US embassy in Bogota' with a "employee" and I won and got her a visa to the states. Visa delivered - plane ticket bought - and the night before she was going to fly to Texas she called me and said she was not coming !! Now that is the short story. So after that I have a different look on life and will only focus on my happiness and pee on the rest of the world so to speak. Not meant to be mean or direct that thought on anyone or a group. But I got burned, on a side note part of the $50g I spent was some really good putang in Aruba all over Colombia and Central America and many nights in Bogota'. Dang she was smoking hot in all way's. She is still in Colombia and I was played but I also had the time of my life. Would I do it again Hell Ya but I am smarter now and would use that to my advantage maybe drop the price down to $5,000.00 So that said I re-focused my life saved my money and will retire in the Philippines at age 58 and single. My assets will remain in the states. I am looking forward to the Filipina who chooses me, game on!
  9. Domino22

    Annoying habit

    I guess it shows. I'm scared!
  10. Domino22

    Living on a pension

    Well maybe a multi cab would cover both. You guys are hard core! I like that!
  11. Domino22

    Annoying habit

    I have read many of these posts. At what point do you take control of this issue without sleeping alone? explanation needed please.
  12. Domino22

    Electricity Bill Conundrum.

    Run Forest run!
  13. Domino22

    Could You Live On Just $32,000 Per Year?

    Spot on what do you need?
  14. Domino22

    Could You Live On Just $32,000 Per Year?

    Hell Ya! With that kind of income go 1st world. Me I can only go third world and it will be the PI.
  15. Domino22

    How Much to Retire In PI

    You could what ever you want to. And send a manned launch to Mars!