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  1. 526

    Investment Funds

    Timber tracks in the states do well enough for us. Tree farming is easy and gives a reasonable tax write off also.
  2. To be "Used", you have to set yourself up. Learned years ago to beat them to the punch. Use the User. Turn about is fair play.
  3. Interesting subject, foreign teachers are highly recruited by the local school districts in South Carolina. Have serveral for tenants and they seem to like it here.
  4. 526


    It's pretty easy to make,...just be sure to follow safety precautions with the raw eggs or might get salmon in Manila.
  5. Saw a big fight at a bar when a customer kept asking the bartender for Three Crown and Coke, bartender thought he was saying "Free" Crown and Coke.
  6. Halloween gives the criminal element a true facade,...."Could you please try to describe the perpetrator mam?"
  7. Yeah, I have also heard that if you lay a brick on the meter, your bill will be much lower.
  8. Even if it does reopen,...What kind of person would book a vacation to a site now known internationally for sewage problems?
  9. Agreed, short barrel shotguns are also preferred by criminals, as it is hard to match ballistics to specific firearms. Carry Condition training should be imperative to anyone carrying a firearm.
  10. Tell the cook to fire up the stove, cause you have a steady boarder.
  11. As far as blood pressure cuffs, have had good results with "Icare Health Care Monitor" app, (free). Also keeps a record for reference.
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