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  1. When a picture is worth 1,000 words,...
  2. Just something about buying a condo in an earthquake zone makes my arse crave stove wood. There are videos on YouTube. Search "Earthquake In Manila"
  3. Actually you have great and simple design and operational program. No worries about balancing PH, chlorine generation, filtration & circulation pumps. Having to have to maintain my own pools over the years i can certainly appreciate.
  4. Count it as a learning experience. Cultural differences abound. Do not set yourself up as a target. Try role reversal. Hit them up first. From the time you step off of the airplane, you have cross hairs on you.
  5. Aw, it's kinda amusing, like a soap opera,... You can tune out for month and pick right up where you left off. Do pick up some good info from time to time.
  6. Wow, Can smell the flowers and Hear the organ music.
  7. Home security is noticed by thieves in more ways than one. Big expensive locks indicate something of value inside. We never lock a door and always leave a radio on low volume, (preferably a talk station). Who would enter an unlocked door with no reservations? Also used to shoot often outside in the middle of the night and scream, (works wonders). Playing crazy often works as an excellent diversion in Many different situations.
  8. Well one thing that i have learned is not to buy beachfront property at low tide.
  9. Great job on the vertical stripes. Someone knew what they were doing.
  10. Wow, looks like plumbing codes are pretty much non existent. Hydrogen Sulfide and Sulfur Dioxide sewer gases should be vented away from the interior. High concentrations are toxic. I keep forgetting the 3 basic things that plumbers must know: 1. Sh_t rolls downhill 2. The boss man is a SOB 3. Pay day is on Friday
  11. A bloke once told me that laying a brick on the meter would slow it down.
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