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  1. I'm also seeing more and more of the young starting to understand how they are being manipulated by the media and politicians. Sadly it looks like there are PR companies now advising some celebrities to come out and apologise for things they did many years ago. It's just pure virtue signaling and feeding the stupidity.
  2. There's been some very good Black women on social media that have made some comments based on facts that pretty much summed up the politicising of this and how it seams to re appear every four years just as there's an election coming up. On top of the politics they also highlighted again based on facts that police brutality and the killing of Blacks by White police officers is in the minority. It was quoted the percentage of violent crimes commited by Blacks compared to Whites and highlighted that Blacks only made up something like 6% of the population but 45% of violent crimes. Also way more Whites were killed by the police and that the majority of Blacks are killed by other Blacks. She even broke it down not just on population but actual violent criminals which made a big difference to the figures. By far the most interesting point that was made was can anyone name a Jewish hardened criminal that Jews have rioted over when they were killed by the police or a White criminal, Hispanic criminal etc. She rattled off some Whites that were killed by Blacks recently including a police officer. She asked where were the White riots with Whites looting other Whites stores? The guy Floyd had a long criminal record which again was highlighted including him getting a 5 year stretch for robbing a pregnant Black women in her house with a group of other Blacks. It was pretty much summed up by saying the biggest issue facing the Black community wasn't racism it was the high percentage of Fatherless families, it was in the culture to look down on people that wanted to better themselves and how growing up if you were successful those around you abused you for selling kind out. Google Candice Owen. A very clever women who gets seriously pissed off with the way the media and politicians make out racism to be the big issue. This is well worth a watch. https://web.facebook.com/realCandaceOwens/videos/273957870461345/
  3. Without a doubt. Some may have genuine grievences, some are egged on politically and others are just weekend anarchists.
  4. When those angry turn against their own kind and loot properties of those that have tried to better themselves it runs deeper than politics I'm afraid. The nuclear family of two parents and 2.5 children being lost was the start of the down fall of society I'm afraid.
  5. I don't mind it's like water off of a ducks back to me, sometimes cabin fever gets to people. If only he had "FAITH" in some of the things I post.
  6. My appologies for not checking the dates. I'd seen ample reports on social media stating how innacurate many of the test are and also how many of the supplied test kits were basically useless. I just clicked on the first link coming up expecting it to be in date order. The UK for example found serious failings with their test kits, fortunately they had the laboratories to trial the kits, the Philippines if you remember were shipping tests to ustralia for validation. https://metro.co.uk/2020/04/16/uk-spent-16000000-coronavirus-tests-didnt-work-12567736/ Even the WHO and DOH do not rate any commercially available rapid test kits as sufficiently reliable. See page 4. https://www.who.int/docs/default-source/wpro---documents/countries/philippines/emergencies/covid-19/who-phl-sitrep-29-covid-19-8may2020.pdf?sfvrsn=fc4d18f1_2 Going back to examples I was giving from Oriental Mindoro and Puerto Galera in particular they tested 286 front liners on the 5th of May and found 13 positives, on the 6th of May they tested another 176 and got a further 7 positives. It took until the 15th of May to get test results back from RITM before they got the first Negative results back and then they had to do a 3rd test to get two negatives before clearing the potential patients. I've attached a link to Live Science and checked it's in date as best as possible which in their opinion states about 30% false negatives. Mainly down to how professionally the tests are carried out and processed. https://www.livescience.com/covid19-coronavirus-tests-false-negatives.html I can only speak for Puerto Galera but they use a make shift test facility comprising of about 5 small converted rooms at Muelle Pier about 10ft x 6ft with a fan to recirculate the air. The swabs are then bagged, placed in a thermal container, put in the back of a van, taken to the port at Caticlan and wait on the next available boat to take it to the mainland and onwards to the Research Institute of Tropical Medicine in Muntinlupa. This usualy takes over 24hrs and then the swabs sit and wait to get tested. Do I have faith in this? What do you think judging by usual standards of health care in the Philippines?
  7. I never put any links as the reporting from Oriental Mindoro was very misleading. Different media had opposing information. It took the Governor to highlight the truth on his Facebook account and he asked for the media to highlight their misinformation. I''ve attached a link this time which highlights the test innacuracies. https://www.medicinenet.com/script/main/art.asp?articlekey=228250 and https://pubmed.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/8862813/
  8. I've used one and to be honest it made me light headed and short of breath. I class myself as a strong swimmer and can hold my breath underwater for a few minutes but found if I dived below the surface with one on then surfaced and blew out any water within a few seconds I was gasping for air. Not a nice feeling at all, I had to rip it off and lay on my back to catch my breath again.
  9. Judging by the way Oriental Mindoro are getting results the tests are about as much use as a chocolate fire guard. They carried out rapid testing on over 600 front liners finding 23 positives, all of which came back negative on the second test followed up two weeks later, double confirmed on a third test. If there's false positives how accurate are the negatives?
  10. The sudden jump was a back log of test results coming in. No doubt it'll shoot up again as the results are being carried out more efficiently.
  11. I don't think they've done enough testing to decide when one wave starts and one stops. Maybe if they've done the majority of each city then we can have a reference point. I doubt that will ever be achieved in the Philippiones, they've recently announced that Covid was in France in December after doing follow up tests, yet they set a reference point at the end of January.
  12. I think he's onto a loser with renting out his condo as he has to set up a company and for his condo it's a 40% limit for foreign control. He's hardly going to set up a corporation to comply either. Looks like he's screwed unless he has some super qualification that's required
  13. A lot is open to interpretation and I'm sure he won't be the first tourist who has bought a condo, found a partner and got a rug rat within 3 yrs. If he wishes to move to a larger condo then he would be crazy not to rent it out and by doing so he is starting a business, paying taxes and will need a work visa. I'm sure there are many guys who have done similar it's just this time there happens to be a rare occurence on going. No fault in applying or a work visa as it shows he is doing things legally and I'd expect the Government would want the taxes and he is going through a legal process. He just wants to test the water before turning up at immigration un prepared. He's hoping someone turns around and says "Yes I've done it, it takes one month, do x,y and z."
  14. He's just testing the water before he goes to immigration and burns all of his bridges. There must be a few people here that have a small condo on a tourist visa and within 3 years have a partner and kid then the condo is too small so they move out and renting the condo out makes sense.
  15. Working on thre principle that if he gets a working visa he can show it will benefit a local, no working visa then no need for a caretaker as he won't be able to rent out his condo as a tourist.
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