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  1. Just to add to what Mike said you may be limited to the people you get building your home depending on the location. The contractor may have build some decent homes 30 or 40 miles away but when it comes to employing workers that turn up every morning nice and early he may just use locals with very limited exxperience. For me a good gauge is how long he has employed his workers. From my limited experience a worker here will never admit to not being able to do something, maybe a bit of Filipino pride maybe a bit of needing the money but judge then on whether they own their own tools or a
  2. Be very careful with casava as it is highly poisonous if not prepared correctly. https://www.seattletimes.com/nation-world/food-poisoning-kills-27-in-philippines-sickens-100-children-who-ate-cassava/
  3. That sounds similar to when I lived in Puerto Galera. The LGU kept bragging about how for a few months Puerto Galera was covid free, proving their restrictions were working. Nothing to do with the fact no one was tested of course.
  4. With my bank the new credit card is just a piece of plastic with a microhip on it that is useless until I activate it. Once I receive the card I have to use online banking with has secure access. I then select activate card and go through more security before it can be used.
  5. A major issue that many overlook is if your contacts keep sticking is the capacitor on the pump is failing or failed. The capacitor prevents arcing of the points and improves the efficiency of the pump. Changing the contacts will just allow the pump to run again for a few more months before they arc up again. I'll attach two links. The first may be helpfull if you live in parts of England the second could help everyone. Be careful with capacitors as they can hold a charge which will spoil your weekend. A faulty capacitor can lead to sticking contacts on the relay.
  6. I've read a fair amount of the article but there was a lot of " could, may, possibly " used and also the little bit about a need for human trials. It's still early days yet and the scientists are still trying to pull together all the information. Interestingly enough too good an immune system has been found to be a bad thing with Covid Sars 2 as it can lead to a cytokene storm and this has been proven. There's been plenty of cases where healthy people and in some cases very healthy people have died of Covid. I'm pretty certain there are more factors involved than just diet. I had a tal
  7. https://newsinfo.inquirer.net/1383971/govt-to-issue-covid-19-vaccine-passports-doh
  8. What about a Hiace van? Way more comfortable and I'd say reliable and could double as a car. Just remove the rear seats, even better you can fit the whole family and then some in it when you go to Jollybee.
  9. It's begining to look more like the flu virus which isn't surprising as they are variants of corona virus. Interesting times ahead if they introduce a vaccine passport. I'll run out of pages in my passport. My only criticism of the report is when they use the word " MAY." Unless the reporter heard wrong I'd prefer if scientists use words like " DOES" or "DOESN'T". I may win the lottery, but I doubt it.
  10. I think the jury is still out as to whether it's the vitamin D deficiency or the lifestyles of those with the deficiency. Again many studies have claimed and counter claimed reasons and all can be credible if worded correctly. I'm more into the belief that those that are deficient of vitamin D tend not to spend so much time outdoors and it could a sedentary lifestyle that plays a larger part. You only need a very small amount of vitamin D supplement to get back to a normal level but again it has to be the correct supplement. Many vitamin D supplements on the market aren't readily abs
  11. I think the survey needs to show how the candidates were selected. On one hand they say 6% of 189,000 citizens and on another line they say they have vaccinated almost 30% of the population. The population is over 9m, call it 3m vaccinated to keep it simple. So by my reckoning they've plucked the results out of thin air.
  12. Fortunately according to the latest data the population is still increasing. Maybe with a change of leadership we can get back to invading countries and regime change to knock the population back a bit,
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