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  1. Good luck to anyone that can control the Philippines as from what I'm seeing they never got the memo.
  2. Get some rubber snakes and leave them laying around but move them to new locations regularly.
  3. The security guard usually stops me and takes it off me. Not that I frequent their anymore.
  4. As I said, double standards. The average person on the street just sees politicians doing what they aren't allowed to do. I'm pretty certain no one would think it's perfectly OK for them because they are in charge. It'll just make the public rebel more to lockdowns.
  5. Some think they are doing a favour by littering as others will get paid to pick it up. Just look at the tables in a McDonald's once people have finished their meals. I get looks of surprise when I take my waste to the bins.
  6. The last regulation from the UK government on anyone coming from or passing through an Amber country has to self isolate for ten days. Italy, France, Germany, Canada, Japn and the US are all on the Amber list.
  7. I think the issue is some come from countries with strict conditions and now their people are seeing them ignoring their own rules. Some of the G7 countries are meant to self isolate for 10 days. That certainly never happened.
  8. Many coins have steel in them. The peso is nickel plated steel and I remember a few years back the UK changing the 2p as it was initially made of bronze which cost more than the coins face value. Now it's copper plated steel.
  9. Watching the media lately with demonstrations over covid restrictions and seeing people being arrested for failing to comply I've surprised to see how some of the so called World leaders are behaving. I've a few anti restriction friends that keep posting videos and photos of the police breaking up demonstrations, closing churches etc and I try to explain it's for the good of everyone, then I look on social media and there's the G7 summit with the same people that bring in the rules hugging and shaking hands with no masks on. They release staged photos showing them bumping elbows while wea
  10. No. Have a nice day Sir and on his way. He was the guy who a few months back was going to wing it as his visa was well out of date. I advised him he would be pushing his luck so at the time he paid good money to get his visa up to date. Unfortunately he ran out of money again and couldn't afford to get it renewed. He was asked where he was going and why but no fees. He only had a few hundred peso to his name anyway but touch wood he is now employed in a job paying crazy money. Whether they have marked him on the system I will find out on his first leave.
  11. My friend flew out from Manila to Dubai 3 days ago with a two month out of date tourist visa and no exit certificate. He's been in the Philippines about a year and a half. No problem with immigration.
  12. The other two paragraphs stated why randomised is better : Researchers not involved with the study were critical. They noted that the Henry Ford team did not randomly treat patients but selected them for various treatments based on certain criteria. Considered the gold standard in medicine, patients in a clinical trial are randomly assigned to take either the drug or a placebo, which is a treatment that does nothing. Doctors then follow the patients to see how they fare. I'm reading this as the Gold Standard is randomised controlled as carried out by the UK trial as opposed to sele
  13. The man/woman or the other 57 genders will be the only one paying any reparations. If acountry puts tarrifs on anything the cost will be added to the consumer, if the price exceeds what a consumer will pay then no sales are made and no tax goes back to the treasury. Once the tax stops coming in the treasury will print money to cover their outgoings and inflation will increase hitting everyone but the wealthy.
  14. I have a friend who keeps posting those sort of claims. For a joke I took a video of myself trying to stick coins to my arm and everyone stuck yet I'm not vaccinated, in return she posted a video of a woman in a hospital bed saying she was magnetized after the covid vaccine. The woman kept trying to stick things to herself and about every second attempt it failed. It was quite funny to watch. I was then winding her up about the vehicles transporting the vaccines in the thousands kept sticking to vehicles as it drove along the road. She still never got the message that I was ripping the piss.
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