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  1. Probably just in time for certain people buy shares in the competitors. That said the Astrazenica vaccine has had a negative effect on Accident and Emergency referals in the UK causing further workloads for the stretched health services. Many with migranes after the vaccine have gone to A and E convinced they've got bood clots. No doubt the same will happen with this vaccine. They need to stop the media reporting until they have answers.
  2. True to form the Government screw you over. There are two classes of National Insurance contributions. The rates for the 2021 to 2022 tax year are: £3.05 a week for Class 2 £15.40 a week for Class 3 The strange thing is if you are living abroad and not working you pay class 3. The rules are as follows: Living abroad but not working Class 3 - but only if at some point you’ve lived in the UK for at least 3 years in a row or paid at least 3 years of contributions. So basically if you are not benefitting from National Insurance which covers the NHS, waste disposal, roa
  3. The full basic State Pension you can get is £179.60 per week. You need 35 qualifying years of National Insurance contributions to get the full amount. You'll still get something if you have at least 10 qualifying years, but it'll be less than the full amount. https://www.gov.uk/new-state-pension/how-its-calculated
  4. All the data I've been reading highlights that the youngsters with severe covid were still in the at risk groups, obese and with underlying conditions. Yes there's more youngsters catching covid especially the new variants but there's not been an increase in deaths that can be pin pointed purely on the new varients of covid in youngsters. Just more suffering minor symptoms than normal. This could be down to the vaccine being rolled out to older people or the most at risk older ones have already succomded to covid and older people being more prudent to avoid the risks. There's even data show
  5. That's the main issue. There's so many highly qualified experts each counter arguing the other and the laymen are caught in the middle. I like to think I'm in the semi safe group with no underlying conditions and fitter than most, so like those that weight up the risk of the virus to the risk of side effects I'm weighing up the risk of catching covid then dying from it against taking what is basically an experimental vaccine. I'm not against a vaccine and will take one when I think the time is right but for now I'll obey the social distancing, wear a mask and shield, keep away from bars
  6. I'm not a Royalist but I had plenty of time for Philip. He's from a different era where you could say things tongue in cheek without meaning to be offensive. Plenty of the military sites have comments from guys that have met him and said he's a typical piss taking squaddie who actually had time for people. I've met a few Royals and most as they are asking you your name are already getting ready to shake hands with the next person. RIP
  7. It has already been proven that it's not the best option for women of a certain age and youngsters, that's the reason a few countries are restricting it's use. In reality it's not a few from many millions which would make it worth the risk but for females under 65 the risk out weighs the benefit as they are the ones getting the clots and as such they are advised to opt for a different vaccine. This fact checked expert has another issue with the vaccine which could open up a whole new can of worms. Geert Vanden Bossche, DMV, PhD, an independent virologist and vaccine expert from Belgium,
  8. I doubt Duterte will allow any intervention over islands that were pretty much lost a long time ago. He has already released a statement reminding people that China is helping the Philippines with Covid. That doesn't sound like he is too bothered. I'm sure neither China or the US is seen as a threat in his eyes to the Philippines so why get involved? It's more a threat to Western interests in the area I'd say.
  9. This could be a big test for your current POTUS. Personally I don't think it's looking good for the Philippines as there's no oil here. .
  10. They've finally came out with an admission of the links to blood clots. The same regulators that said there was no proof then their might be proof and now there is proof. https://www.politico.eu/article/eu-regulator-backs-oxford-astrazeneca-vaccine-confirms-link-to-very-rare-blood-clot/
  11. I'll second what Jollygoodfellow says. Being remote has it's advantages and disadvantages. Starting with your internet you can almost forget the speed you are after if living in a remote place. The internet providers chase the money and in many areas the locals are still using the old keypad phones. Constant electricity is another issue. Some remote areas still aren't on 24hr power supply and some that are meant to be have regular brown outs. Next will be access to drinking water, food, medical facilities and immigration for your visa run. You'll be looking at a town of at least 5k
  12. They're not doing themselves any favours by releasing statements before they have the facts. Many people are cautious of listening to Governments due to the regular lies they get fed, so when a problem raises it's head and within 24hrs the experts that are paid for by the manufacturers tell you everything is safe few believe them. Now they appear to be drip feeding information almost as if to lessen the blow. The blood clots are obviously a major issue that could spoil your weekend especially if you are a younger female and it wasn't picked up in trials, and denied until recently so wh
  13. No change for entry Into the Philippines. https://www.facebook.com/officialbureauofimmigration/posts/1986573754814655 07 April 2021 PRESS RELEASE Aliens not traveling with Pinoy kin can't enter PH during travel ban - BI The Bureau of Immigration (BI) reiterated that foreign parents, spouses and children of Filipino citizens cannot enter the Philippines if they are not traveling with the latter. In a statement, BI Commissioner Jaime Morente reiterated that said existing guidelines on international travel set by the Inter-Agency Task Force for the Management of Emerging Infec
  14. It looks like the US has kicked the vaccine passport into touch and in the UK over 80 MP's are petitioning the Government against having one. https://www.bbc.com/news/world-us-canada-56657194 When the POTUS was asked his opinion he said " Well em it's like, but off course, over to ah and then dropped his cue cards. ( I might have made that bit up.)
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