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  1. I've not got around to reading all of your posts but I'd be careful with the flat roof and bedroom upstairs. I lived in a similar property for just over one year and the heat from the roof makes the bedroom cook, you need your air con on. Any time there was a brown out you could feel the temperature rising instantly. Within ten minutes it was too hot to sleep. I convinced the landlord to build a sloping roof with a 6 inch gap around it to allow air flow and the temperature difference was amazing. I never needed air con.
  2. Maybe there's been an increase in Chinese retirees since they stopped the visa on arrival and in country extensions for Chinese tourists.
  3. I agree with you there. Covid so far this year has killed just over 1m people and by latest estimates the World's population has only increased by about 80m. At this rate Covid has it's work cut out if it wants to wipe us off the planet.
  4. I think word of mouth goes a long way to selling property in the Philippines as from experience over 50% of the properties I see on line for sale are no longer available, they just don't update the web sites. The next is getting a proper licensed Real Estate agent as many don't appear qualified. You've probably a better chance buying or selling via a forum like this and just pay for it, chances are it'll be a fraction of the cost of a Real Estate agent plus you'll be dealing with Foregners who may have the same taste in house design as yourself. Do disrespect meant as we all have our
  5. There's certainly a lot of uneducated locals that don't understand what foreigner's retirement brings to the Philippines. I read a few replies on some of the media sites and it was full of people saying retirees are a burden to the health and welfare system. They obviously are unaware we don't qualify for any of those things and if anything due to the money we bring in many things have improved like better hospitals, more restaurants, activities and countless jobs for the local community.
  6. Hot off the press and peer reviewed the case mortality rates for Covid. As I'm sure as most suspected it varies between locations but throwing in the fact that there is evidence of false diagnosis I wonder if the fatality rate is even lower. Obviously not lower than the 0% in some cases.
  7. If by crop sharing you mean helping out others in lean times and expecting the favour returned when roles are reversed I think you may encounter a well highlighted culture problem unless very lucky. Amended to highlight the issue if it's to do with land. Many Filipinos have large families and they pretty much get first pick on anything. If it's being allowed to use land to grow crops in return for a share of the profits then again if it's profitable it's kept in house and if it's not and you make it profitable you'll need a good contract to remain on the land.
  8. I can only go from general comments by people and so called experts that have openly commented in live media compared to the usual, thousands of experts have said X,Y and Z. Case fatality numbers I'm taking with a pinch of salt as many have highlighted and published policy on the diagnosis of covid which leaves it wide open to manipulation. Diagnosis by symptoms and no testing or any autopsy should be seperated from those 100% proven inconclusively to have had it. Then seperate those with financial or political benefit and the numbers may change again. Close to home in my previous reside
  9. A thought a Shit-tzu was one with only a few animals.
  10. I'm sure it was asked more out of a thirst for knowledge than just sticking his nose into others business. For many a property purchase in the Philippines is a new experience and many want to know the process more than the name of the person involved. There is a standard where the buyer pays certain costs and the seller others but all are open to interpretation. Myself when I bought my condo offered a very low price and offered to pay all legals and administration except the seller's attorney fees.
  11. That's why Scotsmen wear kilts. Balls that big don't fit in pants.
  12. Social media and peoples attitudes are making Covid pretty much uncontrolable. I for one can see a need for those that are vulnerable to be taken care of but they must also have some sort of quality of life. In an ideal World there would be one or two days of the week where the elderly and infirm who were in quarantine be allowed out and the so called healthy kept in. Get some fresh air and sunshine on their bodies. The big problem is the media though. If you look at it as an outsider you're bound to ask why were there videos showing people dropping dead in the streets and at shops
  13. I've had a couple of bad run ins with the kids. First one was in Makati when a group approached me all messing about causing a distraction. Luckily I had my wits about me as one had come up behind me with his arms out of the sleeves of his pullover and his hands sticking out from his waist band. I caught him just as his hand reached into my pocket. My reactions right or wrong kicked in and I launched him through the air and got very aggressive. They ran off like lightning. Maybe not the best tactic but it worked, I never had time to think. The second time I was in Malate and had noticed
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