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  1. I've had it a few times when I'm just about to be served and a hand with money in it appears around my waist and the person behind me is asking to be served. A few times I've just had to lean against the counter and trap their arm. I always apologise obviously.
  2. To be fair there's very few teams that can actually call themselves national teams. They all rely on foreign born players, coaches etc to some extent. I like a good game of rugby regardless who wins and will even cheer on England against my own country Scotland if they play well. I will admit to having a chuckle to myself when England has been playing fantastic rugby then come up against Scotland who have been playing poor rugby yet they don't beat Scotland. Never underestimate the under dog.
  3. Good to hear it as I have an apartment at Alta Vista Out of curiosity did you book it direct or via a private renter? I'm asking this as there's acrazy rate difference depnding how you book. Give Boracay another two years and it will be the place to go as there's still a lot of on going renovations.
  4. You should be fine travelling on your passport. I've never once been asked for an ACR card. The only issue would be if you require an Exit Clearance Certificate.
  5. Glad you liked Boracay. By any chance were you greeted by a person called Jocelyn at Alta Vista?
  6. A little guide to working out the amount of days in the month. Just put both your hands together in a clenched fist with the thumbs tucked in.
  7. Obviously not a British boyfriend if she's going to London.
  8. I still don't understand why people don't buy the cheap tickets via a broker. There's ample websites selling one way tickets for less than $10. Just do a reputation check on the website as some are 100% safe others aren't. I've used those sites before with no issue. I'm led to believe the ticket booked on your behalf is very expensive for the intital purchaser who buys it in your name with free cancellations within 48hrs. They pay say $500 and sell it to you for $10. 47hrs later they cancel the ticket and demand a refund making them $10.
  9. I took my motorcycle in for a service. It had been rigged up with LED side lights by a previous owner which were illegal so I disconnected the wiring. I got my motorcycle back and noticed the mechanic had taken the switches off of the handlebars. I asked where the switches were and he just said " no need sir " I pointed out I never needed holes either in the cowling where they were fitted so get them back now. Too late he had thrown them away. Aye right. I did get a discount though and found identical switches in Manila but the cheek of him.
  10. I would pass on Coron for now. It's a nice place but the tourist beaches and areas are a long way apart. El Nido would be my preffered choice. Probably why I've been there 8 times and Coron just the once.
  11. You can also apply for a Halifax clarity card. It's basically a travellers credit card that gives you the day rate for a fee of about 250 peso.
  12. Open an HSBC account in the UK then an HSBC in the Philippines. You can then global link the two and then money transfers are instant and free. The exchange rate is about .1 of a peso below the daily rate.
  13. My only advice would be to tread carefully if not married and also to think what you want out of the investment. From personal experience I'd find land to lease rather than to buy. Many relationships sadly fail here or partners die. If it's in her name you have lost everything. If it's leased you may lose a years worth of money. You'll get more honest advice depending on your circumstances. If you're over 55 and she's under 30, met on a dating site and only known each other a year, met a few times on flying visits I'd advise one way. If you are similar age known each other years and met in the states etc then I'd give different advice.
  14. I'm a relative newbie here. Just over 3 years and still going through the honeymoon period. Sure there's plenty of things to frustrate someone here but rather than fly home I just up sticks and move to a new area. If I can last just over a year in each place I think by the time I'm 80 I'll have seen it and done it all anyway. If you move back to the West so much will have changed and from my perspective for the worst. I couldn't afford to jump from town to town in the West.
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