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  1. I'd need to see the true figures for those KAPA investors who managed to make money. Where there's a winner I'd hazard a guess there's a few more losers. I'm sure they'll be keen to roll out the winners to draw in more losers.
  2. Just watched the President of the USA saying live on TV he doesn't see the NHS being part of a trade deal.
  3. History has shown that very little that is promised by a politician comes to fruition. I think some privatisation has it's place in the health service, as from experience when it's tax payers money things are less controlled as has been shown by the better services provided on the continent where there's a fair amount of privatisation.
  4. Personally I think all these shows of power is just willy waving and an excuse to prop up the arms industry. No super power will go to war against another in this day and age. We now live in a global economy where billions of dollars of Chinese, Russian, Arab and Korean money is invested in the so called enemy countries. Why go to war when you have a financial strangle hold?
  5. They have their own specialists but again they can only penetrate so far. I spent 6 months in the jungles of Belize in the mid 80s looking for drugs and ensuring there was no Guatemala forces in the area. You'd struggle to cover 3km per day through the jungle and visibility is about 20m. That's a reason the terror groups have been killing the mine workers making roads into the jungle. It was giving the military fast access.
  6. I'm pretty sure there are many special forces from around the World currently in country aiding the Philippines, but with the terrain it's virtually impossible to track anything via satellite and any none local appearing in bandit country will stick out a mile.
  7. Hi Ryan. Welcome to the forum. Good luck on the marriage side but as has been said "slow down.' Would you seriously meet a woman back home and after 2 1/2 weeks think of buying her a house? Because that's what you will be doing as you can only own a condominium.
  8. I wish my partner could make up in ten seconds.
  9. Well we had the conversation. Fortunately or unfortunately people had got to him and her previously allowing her time to get her alibi in I think. I'd gone to have words with him but he'd had a few rums so I said I'd chat with him later. I was away for a few days and he texted me saying he'd heard rumours that there was doubts to the father of the kid. I told him to wait until I get back as I'd rather chat face to face. The outcome was I laid the facts out about the dates etc not tying up and the kid looking 100% Asian. I pointed out I wasn't the only one that had noticed and regardless how angry he got with the people talking behind his back you can't change peoples thoughts. I let him know I had his back and was only saying this as I don't want to see a mate getting screwed. He admitted she had just told him she had a one night stand with a fellow Filipino at the time she met him and just maybe he could be the father. I told him I knew 100% she was only out the night they met as she had an argument with her Filipino boyfriend. She'd told him her last boyfriend was a Canadian, another lie as her previous non Asian boyfriend was an Israeli and she'd even called him her husband on her hidden Facebook accounts. I've left it up to him but told him if he wants further proof I'm happy to show him screenshots of information I'd found out. I told him to get a DNA test but I think he already knows the answer. At least it's given him an insight into the girl he is with. My only fear is he has built up too much of a happy family picture that he will be too embarrassed to admit it.
  10. If the President was to give the green light to foreigners getting the vote and entering politics there will still be a long way to go before they are accepted. In my area one candidate spent over 200 million peso on the recent elections. Her reward would have been a wage of less than 30k but the ability to control who is awarded multi million peso contracts. Would this person roll over if a foreigner was to get elected? Tricky one.
  11. I think your only issue will be renting in the provinces. Wages there are lucky to reach 15k per month for a lot of families. Splashing a little more or buying just two near a good university may have been a better option.
  12. I'm surprised there's not a lot of underage pregnancies and young single parents with the Filipino attitude to sex and sexuality here.
  13. I'm also in the camp where I think this is wrong. Why not just let kids be kids. She's 13 and getting brainwashed into thinking she's special. What mental health issues will she have when puberty fully kicks in and her looks change. I've seen it first hand in the West. Little Prima Donas strutting around looking down on other girls then bang. They age ten years in a few years and their bone structure changes, suddenly they're the ugly duckling who hasn't stuck in at school believing looks will be her fortune.
  14. I own a condominium on Boracay and will be going back out there on Sunday for a few days. In my opinion things are so much better on Boracay. Cleaner water, beaches, improved roads on half of the island and less people. Prices for food and drink are better than where I reside most of the time on Oriental Mindoro and I love having a choice of live music to listen to. The one down sode is due to limit rooms and hotels accomodation prices have increased. It'll take another two years I think then Boracay will be fully up and running. It's by far one of the best places in the Philippines as it has everything you need. Beaches, restaurants, a mall, cinema and loads of activities.
  15. I'm definitely one of the sceptics when it comes to the climate and just how much man can be held responsible. I agree we cause some damage but just how much is up to interpretation and finding non biased scientists. I have a slight education as part of my degree into geology etc and 30yrs ago I was being taught that climate change is cyclic and earthquakes and volcanoes were responsible for a lot of climate change as is solar flares from the sun. Even the UN scientists, of which there are thousands have openly admitted that the majority don't carry out studies but assess the studies of a handfull of scientists then agree or disagree. The problem being that in many cases the studies involve a model of possible outcomes some of which have contained mathematical errors. Tjhey even openly admit to dismissing large fluctuations in temperature to produce a more linear model. If as Al Gore and his climate scientists have proven, most scientific data using models doesn't stand the test of time.
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