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  1. Computers have been proven to be safer than human pilots already. Most accidents are actual human error and as has been highlighted most flying is dome automatically now by the plane computers.
  2. I'm just looking at it from the current drones we have. Guys and girls sitting in bunkers in the Nevada dessert flying some serious technology thousands of miles away with pin point accuracy. I remember even a few years back about prototype fighter planes flying remotely and doing turns at high speeds which would cause a pilot to lose consciousness.
  3. How many years before commercial planes will be pilot less?
  4. I'm OK I've turned into a Jehovah's Witness and as nothing can evolve I'm immune to newly evolved viruses because they can't exist.
  5. Slightly off topic but I lived near Tacoma in Washington state USA for a while. I was ordering some food at a fast food outlet and the server commented on my accent. He asked what accent it was and I replied "Scottish". He then said "cool man, have you ever been there"?
  6. I'm ever the optimist. Probably more Chinese die of food poisoning or smoking than will die of this virus.
  7. I'm actually surprised that the hard ware stores don't sell bits of plastic piping with a nail through it ready assembled. There's missing a trick.
  8. I see the Government has just past a resolution limiting Chinese to a 30 day Visa on arrival with no option to extend or to change the visa to work or study etc. They must also provide proof of accommodation for every day plus have a confirmed return ticket. It was passed in the last two days and becomes law within 15 days. Reasons behind it were given as too many Chinese arrive as tourists when they are actually arriving for work.
  9. It's certainly a new experience here and a matter of adaptability. I'm a relative newbie here and from my little experience Filipinos react better when you pull them away from others and lay the law down. If you do it in front of others pride steps in and you'll never win. I was shocked the things some of my friends told me they have said to their partners but looking in as an outsider they actually have great relationships. The ones that lose it in public tend not to.
  10. No the guy really was stupid enough to get married.
  11. If you've not booked anything also try Puerto Galera on Oriental Mindoro. Probably the best diving in the Philippines and enough ex pats to warrant being able to get Western essentials without feeling like you're back in the West. You can pretty much cover a 30 mile radius in 40 mins as the traffic is just local tricycles and the odd jeepney.
  12. It's not just the walking slow that gets me. It's when they push in front of you as if they are in a hurry then they walk at snails pace.
  13. I couldn't imagine spending $100 per day. My rent is about $490 per month on Boracay. Food and entertainment is about $20 and if I was that way inclined could probably change partners daily. My gym membership is $360 per year and I've got a 4km beautiful beach to run in the mornings. It's certainly a single mans country if you are after the females but to be honest the novelty factor soon wears off.
  14. It's looking pretty bad for the Taal area. I've attached a photo taken from Puerto Galera a good 70km away.
  15. I looked to buy an apartment in Palawan the best part of 5 years ago. Ground cleared and the building had started. 5 yrs later and not much further by all accounts. Probably a handful of properties finished and it's not looking good for the others to be built.
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