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  1. Be aware also that if it's for Facebook they can get free data.
  2. I live on Boracay now. Just making a bad joke that the reason the dogs and cockerels are getting quieter is with food getting scarce for some maybe they've eaten then. 😏
  3. Sorry my humour might be a bit too subtle. I was joking that the reason the dogs and cockerels are getting quieter is because they've been eaten. 😏
  4. He must have caught it eating an old bat.
  5. I'm on a few municipal and provincial Facebooks and it keeps me entertained watching the contradictions. The municipality produce a rule and it gets queried. The person asking the question is told to read the attached rule as it is written in plain English. He then produces one written in plain English from the Senator that contradicts it. Two minutes later another one appears from the President. All three get handed out to the relevant check points and depending who is on duty depends what rule they follow.
  6. Just to throw the cat amongst the pigeons, now that some of the better hospitals in Manila are closing their doors to new patients how long will it be before they start transferring people to provincial hospitals?
  7. I think as we are seeing here is the way the authorities understand or don't understand written English. I'm still seeing two departments sending out conflicting rules. The local police appear to just follow the one that was issued by their immediate boss even if it conflicts with the Senator or President.
  8. His key points taken from his speech are as follows: The President has sought cooperation and understanding from the local officials amid reports that some LGUs have insisted on implementing their own measures to address problems in their areas of jurisdiction. “There is only one republic here, the Republic of the Philippines. And therefore, you should abide by the directives of the national government for the good of the country and the protocols observed during the time of the lockdown,” he said. “In the coming days, we will need the help of the LGUs more and more. So I want to make this clear early on. Let us work together to implement this quarantine, and it should all begin with the LGUs making sure that your actions are consistent with the national directives. To do otherwise would sow confusion,” Duterte said.
  9. That was the idea of the President telling all LGUs that they must comply with the National policy.
  10. Google is your friend but here's one link. https://www.manilatimes.net/2020/03/21/news/top-stories/duterte-tells-lgus-follow-quarantine-guidelines/704675/
  11. I'd give it a few more weeks then re-assess if the Philippines has the health care needed for a lot of seniors. My friend who is a nurse in Oriental Mindoro recieved two emails explaining that Makati Medical and 3 of the St Lukes hospitals will no longer be accepting any more cases of coronavirus due to the current workload, lack of PPE and medical staff now quarantined. Another friend from Cebu whose parents are elderly retired doctors have just been summoned to help out in a provisional hospital due to shortages and this is only the beginning of proper tests being carried out. I can seriosly see things getting messy and that is why the President has been given his special powers so easily.
  12. At last common sense reigns, Yes I know it's rare but the President has decreed that he is the boss and what he says goes, no more local rules, everyone will follow National guidelines regardless what your senator of mayor decides.
  13. To the best of my knowledge non permanent residents visas are cancelled to prevent those that wish to enter the country from getting here. Those cancelled for tourists currently here is just a formality. The executive order says once restrictions are over you have 30 days to renew your visa. So it looks like it's just a temporary control measure.
  14. Hungry people when they are drunk are more likely to commit acts they wouldn't do when sober.
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