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  1. I think God must have been sleeping when these terror attacks happened. You know like he did during the Holocaust and every other case where millions of innocents are massacred.
  2. I think it's also the last time West Ham won anything.
  3. Yes. I'm wary of them as I know a few people who have been screwed over for other reasons
  4. My ACR card expires on the 26th of April. I went to renew it in my local satellite office and was told that as my visa was valid until the 4th of June just renew it then. This sounds dodgy to me and I jokingly asked if I return on the 4th of June are you going to ask me why I never renewed in April then fine me. He just smiled. Does this sound correct? I'm in Manila today so going to renew it there anyway as I've experience of being told one thing then getting grief for doing it later.
  5. All that experimenting with pigs paid off then.
  6. I've a friend that regularly chats to girls from the Bulacan, San Jose area. He does it for entertainment value as almost everyone within 24hrs of talking to them has a sick child or relative. I'm guessing it's a very poor area. The girls must chat between each other as he gets new girls trying to friend him all the time and looking on their Facebook accounts they tend to have the same friends.
  7. I've just caught up with this thread and it's giving me a bit of a chuckle. I'm sure, like the Nepalise Sherpa having additional chromosones that make them suitable for high altitude the Filipina has some for mood swings for no apparent reason. I used to think it's my choice in women but I've had variety of girls from different backgrounds and education standards and theres a recurring theme. Even my son who has only visited the Philippines asks me what it is with the women here? I'm begining to understand why Filipino men get a bad rep for hiting the Red Horse and hanging out with their mates all day. I've got to the stage where I wake up and just say to my partner " Good morning, what do you want to argue about today?"
  8. They'll probably be on their 50th referendum by then as the last 49 we still voted to leave but the politicians will still think the people never knew what they voted for.
  9. Same here. I wouldn't want to offend those on the East coast.
  10. I'd even go as far as to say there's West coast Scots and East coast Scots. Both have their obvious differences in character.
  11. Snowy79

    The other half

    I don't think it's just when you talk to your partner that they have selective hearing, they also have selective reading. Like you Steve, my partner only listens to parts of a conversation but she's very bad when it comes to reading messages. I travel a lot so communicate using messenger. I'd easily say on the average day she will ask me something I've literally just messaged her about at least 4 times. I reply " read my messsage" and she'll go off on one telling me I never told her. I end up taking a screenshot of the message, highlighting the information and sending it to her. Or she will read a message 100% wrong. A few months back I was getting the tampo treatment from her for a few days and asking what was wrong was met by silence. After about three days the argument started about me allegedly telling my son that she couldn't cook. I told her she's 100% wrong and that I'd never complain about her cooking. She then called me a liar and said she had proof. I challenged her to prove it and she demanded my phone and started going through my messages whilst muttering about being embarrassed and disgusted that I'd talk about her in that way. After about 10 minutes and going back about one year into a conversation I had with my son she passed me the phone, called me a liar and told me to read the conversation. My son was asking what Filipino food was like. I said in general I find the usual menus in restaurants and cafes full of salty foods, lots of fat and also sugar when you wouldn't expect sugar. I said I'm not a great fan of it, unlike Thai food. All the time I'm reading it she was going off on one. I pointed out the next sentence in the same conversation which said " saying that, Mary is a FANTASTIC cook and makes me some great meals to my taste." She'd been boiling over this for days all because she never read the whole sentence. Filipinos, you've got to love them.
  12. I don't know. Some of us can speak Polish also.
  13. I'm just about to get a new lodger due to bad blood amongst some people I know. I've seen locals gang up on foreigners even when the foreigner is in the right but this one involves locals. My friend had finished with a women he'd been seeing and has a new girlfriend. They currently share a house with another friend of mine and his Filipino partner. The girlfriend of the house owner invited my friends ex to a birthday party in the house even though she knew it could cause trouble. Sure enough when my friend and his new girlfriend entered the house his ex went crazy. Throwing glasses and trying to attack the girlfriend. My mate got inbetween them and suffered quite a few scratches. The guy whose house it is works offshore and his partner phoned him and put the blame on the girl that was attacked. He has sided with his partner and told them to move out. Personally I'd have thrown out the girl who was smashing the glasses and told her never to set foot in the house again, but it appears that the women has pretended to be setting up the guy who works offshore with a very lucrative job. His girlfriend whose party it was has now gone around her family members and got them all to agree it was the girl who was attacked that was to blame. She's obviously kissing butt so she doesn't lose her big pay day. This is the girl that I'm convinced has a baby by a local and is passing it off as my friends. It's my first time seeing locals turn on each other. It's amazing what money can do to a locals morals.
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