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  1. Snowy79

    Facebook Friend Request

    I's certainly a mine field. My partner also sifts them out and at the same time she sees who likes my posts and then gives me the third degree. If a certain female likes a post more than once in a week that's as good as an affair. She's not the first Filipino to tell me she doesn't trust other Filipino women as most of them at one time or another has tried their luck at breaking up relationships. My partner is pretty understanding as far as Filipinos go and will quite happily point out pretty women to me and ask my opinion, I don't hold back as long as I or she doesn't know them. I was at a BBQ with her and her friends a few days ago and when we got home my partner asked if I liked ????. I didn't recognise the name so asked what one it was? The one you couldn't stop staring at was her answer. I didn't have a clue what she was on about but apparently her friend was staring at me and trying to see where I was looking and had informed her I couldn't keep my eyes off of this one girl. I just pointed out she was wrong as the only one I found in the slightest bit attractive was ???? The one that had tried to get me into trouble. That'll keep her occupied for a bit.
  2. Snowy79

    Verorab unregistered rabies vaccine.

    I'm afraid it is and having gone into the Acute Care Centre to kick a stink up they admitted there is a shortage of anti rabies vaccine. Some areas have none at all. About 10 mins after I had a scratch from a dog tooth while play fighting a program came on the TV highlighting how bad rabies is here. It can lay dormant for up to one year and is pretty much a death sentence and not a nice one at that. The program showed a patient tied to a bed in what looked like a prison cell but was a hospital room for rabies patients. They explained that the patient can be fully aware they have it and hold a conversation with you but feel 100% OK so plead to be untied. Next minute they go crazy and start thrashing and trying to hurt themselves. The guy in the program was talking to his son and begging to be untied as he felt OK. He died within 6 hrs. A big issue with the death rate here is the locals trust the village witch doctor before they will spend a peso on treatment. They have a team going around trying to convince the witch doctor to tell the victim to seek medical treatment after seeing them but you can imagine how that's going to work out. One was explaining that to treat it you take a branch from a mountain tree and shave part of the bark off and brew a tea with it. Unfortunately everyone she had told to take this treatment had died as they never followed her instructions properly.
  3. Snowy79

    Securty Door Lock

    If it was my workshop I'd be fitting a steel door hinged on the left and fitted with a British Standards mortice lock and a decent alarm or smoke cloak, ( smoke bomb that goes off if activated) which fills the room with harmless white smoke that hangs in the air preventing those that break in from seeing.
  4. Snowy79

    Verorab unregistered rabies vaccine.

    There was no more vaccines in the box. They couldn't get the point that just because it was labelled doesn't mean it's genuine. I let them take a note of the batch number as they hadn't been writing it on my vaccination card and had my partner and two other patients as witnesses.I have the card with the nurses signatures on it over the batch sticker. One nurse showed me a folder from a rabies course she was on a few weeks back with hand outs issued by the Department of Health contradicting their own policy. There was no official letter head on the notes though, and knowing that in the Philippines the left hand sometimes doesn't know what the right hand is doing I figure as it could save lives it's better to get the answers from the policy makers.
  5. Snowy79

    Verorab unregistered rabies vaccine.

    Lots of back tracking and assurances that the batch they have is 100% genuine but they couldn't understand why the Department of Health letter said it was banned as their drug had all the correct markings etc. I asked them if they'd ever bought a Chinese Iphone and did it have counterfeit written on it or were the markings identical to the original? I took the batch sticker off of their vaccine and will have it checked with the D of H.
  6. Snowy79

    Securty Door Lock

    Sad but true. Unfortunately some idiots even show how to bypass those locks on You Tube. I had one customer telling me I'd never get through his lock and that if I did he'd double my call out fee. He thought he was going to have to smash his door in. I told him if it takes me longer than 30 seconds it's free. It took about 7 seconds.
  7. It appears Boracay is the story that just keeps getting better. The Hennan group have just been found forging certificates so they can open and the Mayor of Aklan has just ordered Boracay Water to stop operating as it contravenes environmental standards. Six months to clean the islands water and sewage then the main player on the island whose job it is to sort it out isn't in compliance. Why doesn't this surprise me?
  8. I was having a discussion yesterday with a paramedic friend of mine about the standard of health care here and as expected it was getting a fair old slating. I told him I was 3 injections into an anti rabies course and that to take no chances I went to the local animal bite centre. This morning out of curiosity as I figured I was getting hit with white nose tax I looked up the cost of Verorab. The first thing that appeared was a warning from the Dept of Health saying it was oulawed here as the vaccine has fallen off of the back of a lorry and anyone caught administering it will be severly punished. I'm off to the clinic now with a print out. Stand by.
  9. Snowy79

    Securty Door Lock

    Sadly unless it has reinforced anti drill pins and also snap proof any good burglar worth his salt can be through that door in under one minute with next to no noise. One of my previous jobs was as a locksmith and I came across these dailly. The saving grace is they are new to the market here so weaknesses may not be known yet.
  10. I was informed that Galaxy will be given a key role in the rejuvenating of Boracay long term and theri wish was to turn it into something like the Maldives. Low density high value. The also reiterated that they won't be building a huge casino, just a few dozen tables. Now is 10 dozen a few or is it two dozen? Answers on the back of an unmarked $100 bill please.
  11. Snowy79

    Tenancy Agreement

    I seriously need to get my eyes tested.
  12. Snowy79

    Tenancy Agreement

    1403 is for over one year lease and 1643 is a max of 90 days. My lease was one year. I might have to dig deeper as nothing is straightforward lol.
  13. Snowy79

    Tenancy Agreement

    The statutes states that it covers rent only up to 10k peso. I was paying 26k peso on a previous apartment. One of about 79 apartments in the compound. I'll need to try to find what act covers this I think.
  14. Snowy79

    Tenancy Agreement

    Just wondering if you get a dodgy landlord who tries to keep your deposit using loose interpretations of his agreement.
  15. When you sign a tenancy agreement to live in a property and pay rent does the agreement have to be signed in the presence of an attorney to make it legal?