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  1. I'd say 99% of my transactions are done online using my cards so I got my son to erase the security code on the rear of my cards and give me the details in seperate messages. He then activated it for me and has posted it out. It can take as long as it wants.
  2. Reading that only one in 3 Filipinos are prepared to take the vaccine, no doubt from a highly scientific survey but maybe the Government should exert a bit of pressure if they are serious about the vaccine and make it compulsory for any company with a Government contract to vaccinate their employes where possible. The sooner we find out if vaccines work the better. We need to see a drastic drop in hospital admission though to show that vaccines work.
  3. Snowy79

    Gift Tax?

    Scrooge probably wouldn't suggest buying them something instead. I'm sure you've lived here long enough to have tales of people coming into money and the usual reprobates coming out of the woodwork wanting their share. I've had partners pressurised by friends and family to try and borrow money thinking they has access to my finances. She lost friends over it with the usual accusations of " she thinks she's something now she has a wealthy boyfriend." When in reality they never changed and I'm not wealthy.
  4. My thoughts are with you an L. Sounds like he left a fine legacy behind.
  5. Snowy79

    Gift Tax?

    I doubt very much if the Government would have a clue that you gifted them the money. The vast majority of locals have probably never heard of the tax either. That aside maybe it would be easier to buy them something they need. If you gift 300k the jungle drums will soon let all friends and family know they have money and the begging bowls will come out. Money will be handed out never to be seen again or friendships lost if they don't share it. Sometimes a well meaning act of kindness can bring grief for the receiver.
  6. What's the exchange rate these days for nurses to the vaccine? Asking for friend.
  7. As we used to say about our overweight friends " More Chins than a Chinese phone book."
  8. It's OK. They slipped a clause into the system. " Morente said the BI will launch the APIS as soon as technical issues are ironed out to ensure the successful implementation of the scheme." That should take a few years.
  9. There should definitely be a receipt as they stopped issuing stickers in your passport last year, instead you carry the receipt arround with you which shows when your visa expires. My last 2 month extension with a new ACR cost me 5,647.50 Peso, a usual 2 month extension comes in at 1,830 Peso as my office gives the option of not paying the Express lane fee.
  10. I think they will find it was the fault of the 4 dead people.
  11. I have two friends with different experiences of extending beyond the 36 months. The first his 36 months was up and he got a travel agent to get him a 6 month extension bringing it up to 42 months. It only cost him an additional 500 peso on top but he was informed it was a one off. The other explained to immigration his 36 months was up and he couldn't get home. He was told no worries just extend as normal, there's a pandemic on. Two different locations and both satellite offices. A third one was overdue ten months on visas and had to get an attorney and use the main Immigration in Manila
  12. 15 amps should be prefectly fine for a lighting circuit. It's all down to the load and the quality of the wiring. In most modern houses LED lighting is normal which draws less power and is by far more efficient and last longer than standard bulbs. I wouldn't trust the wiring for a lighting circuit here above 15 amps, maybe in a major city where there are qualified electricians and access to quality materials but realistically if you have that many lights you will be seen from space. You can have two reals of wiring both looking identical but if you run 30 amps through both one will heat
  13. You said no breakers tripped that's why I figured they hadn't earthed it properly. It should have the earth spike but also bonded back to the circuit breakers so they sense the large current drop and trip instantly. If not bonded and it shorts to earth sometimes the breakers don't trip. That's why if say a microwave isn't earthed and the body comes live when you touch it the power earths through you and the breakers won't trip, leaving you break dancing. If it was bonded the second it shorted to the body of the microwave the circuit breaker would trip.
  14. I can't see it taking off as a local trained nurse qualification means very little in the UK, plus many nurses have been furloughed as they have closed lots of standard wards and cut back on routine operations etc. The unions would be up in arms.
  15. It might actually work out cheaper and safer in the long run to have an electrician disconnect the wiring at the breakers for the lighting and just run a new decent quality ring mains for the lighting. It's not been unheard of for them just to take a feed from a plug point to feed the lighting here instead of having it's own dedicated circuit. My rental in Puerto Galera being a prime example. I offered to update the lighting for my landlord as his was from the 60s. I tripped the breaker for the lighting and fortunately tested for power at the light to ensure I had the correct breaker and it
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