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  1. I think from close up photos it's now more like small pebbles than sand.
  2. Things may change again any time soon. Roque said members of the IATF-EID will meet Thursday afternoon to discuss the possible revisions to the eased restrictions for fully vaccinated travelers from green countries. https://www.pna.gov.ph/articles/1156651?fbclid=IwAR0bNytTr7tqNbZdjFb_8dnj5Uiiqvm2UT-ELrpjJmU_eNuHZXtYk7UOSxY
  3. A bit of Deja vu going on here. This is following the last downpour, luckily we aren't going into typhoon season.
  4. I may have to invest in a blood pressure monitor I think. I class myself as very fit for my age as I'm coming up 57 and train with people half my age and weight yet leave most standing when it comes to running and swimming. I train using a sports watch with a heart alarm set to 165bpm which is a safe rate for my age. My resting heart is in the low 50s but when I went for my first covid vaccine they said I had high blood pressure. They did use the wrist type though and I'd been playing musical chairs and standing up for 5hrs while waiting the vaccine. After trying the opposite wrist my pressure was fine. Researching apparently the wrist type tend to be less accurate and your arm should be held level to your heart.
  5. Funnily enough my partner used to pick her slipper up and pretend to throw it to scare them away and 3 times now they have taken her slippers and a few times just bitten them.
  6. We have one big male here but he is wary of me. The juvenile males as you say are worse but I ensure I have something in my hand that will launch them into next week.
  7. I actually climbed out onto the outside of m apartment and glued 2 inch needles, hundreds of them to stop the monkeys getting access. Twenty minutes after finishing there was a monkey quite happily walking over them. I never realised how far they can jump also, twenty foot is nothing to them when I chase them.
  8. I've given up on the garden and started a monkey sanctuary. I was growing bell peppers, chilis and golden melon on my balcony. The chilis and peppers did great in strong sunlight but every morning about 5 to 6am my friendly troop of monkeys come along and take one bite at each bell pepper before spitting it out, the melons get taken long before I could harvest them but the chilis remain untouched and doing great. I also threw some blue pea seeds down which grew great but again the monkeys love them so I've yet to get one.
  9. I don't have a dog in the fight but from previous Nobel winners I think the award has lost it's shine.
  10. My friend who I advised many times to ensure he had a valid visa and at the time an Entry Exemption Certificate which was required was one who never listened. He arrived in Cebu after boarding in Dubai where no one checked his paperwork other than flight ticket and RT-PCR. On arrival in Cebu immigration did do the checks and sent him back to Dubai via Clark on the next available flight. Emirates airlines picked up the bill. Currently he thinks he isn't blacklisted and shall be returning again later this month with the required paperwork hopefully.
  11. People always see a negative about not letting foreigners back into the country to see their girlfriends but think how many guys have had a lucky escape. I know of a couple of girls that were playing their partners and gave up as their partners were saving for the wedding instead of sending them lots of money. They've now found more generous suckers.
  12. I'm all for anything goes as long as there's no personal abuse. By all means disagree with each other but provide facts. Sometimes I learn also from people that post contradictory infomation to what I believe to be true. It's all down to where we source our information. I know personally if I want to find information to discredit a political party there's one or two media outlets to get my information, if I need support I'll go to yet another. Every now and again someone links to the full information and it paints a different picture. We'll soon find out the type that if you say you've seen a pink elephant they've got the shoes to fit it.
  13. The UK also has a military agreement with the Philippines. The key ones here: Memorandum of Agreement between the Department of National Defense of the Republic of the Philippines and Military Delegations (signed and entered into force 13 Nov 2009) Memorandum of Understanding on Defense Cooperation between the Philippines and the UK (signed 4 December 2017) https://londonpe.dfa.gov.ph/bilateral-relations
  14. Maybe a solution to help out the moderators is to just not react to posts that get your neck hairs up. I'm sure we all have our Worldy experiences which pretty much imprints opinions in our minds. Many times I write replies then go for a cup of tea and return to delete it before I hit send. Maybe we all just need a release valve now and again. I have friends that I can criticise as much as I want to the extend of pretty much making them look like idiots and they'll laugh it off and similar them to me. I've even had others PM me to ask why I hate a person so much and I point out the person I'm abusing is a long time friend who I have utmost respect for but every now and again he can be a di%k. Others I know if I even think of pointing out an error they'll be in the huff for weeks. We will never please everyone but I agree unless you know a person extremely well a forum is no place for personal attacks.
  15. Facebook must have been down for a while in some of the ones I've been using.
  16. I was surprised to read that he shot a guy on the school grounds who was meant to be a bully and evaded the authorities. The law school even covered for him so I wonder what contacts he had in those days.
  17. I'll second Barcelona. I had two attempts at my backpack whilst on my honeymoon the same two guys both times. I was watching them follow me on the reflection from shop windows and any time I stopped and pretended to look at something they'd come up behind me and reach for the top of my pack. I'd step backwards fast and knock them, after the second attempt I exchanged a few words along the lines of if they don't F off I'll get them in a head lock and start eating my way through their face. La Rambla in Barcelona is famous for it as there's usually crowds watching the street performers.
  18. Can't beat a bit of Canadian music.
  19. Maybe if they make a song and dance routine about scams the kids might learn.
  20. Certainly on Boracay even before the order came out from the BI a friend on Boracay explained his situation to immigration as his 36 months was almost up. They just told him to keep extending as normal with no back handers or extortionate agency fees. Different on Oriental Mindoro where another friend was offered via an agency 6 months extension past his 36 months for 60k, this was about two months ago. I don't know if he paid it as he has a degenerative spine condition and his doctor offered him an un fit to fly certification.
  21. My apologies but I've seen it too many times that I suppose I have become a bit hardened to what can go on. I'm not one for sugar coating things and prefer people being blunt than saying things to appease me. I hope you get things sorted but I'd email or message immigration as I'm sure they will be understanding. I have a friend with a degenerative spine condition who can't fly and his doctor assured him she would issue a not fit to fly certificate.
  22. Better to get a doctor to assess you if bed ridden then no airline will fly you out and immigration will just keep giving you extensions as it's more trouble than it's worth. Never do anything illegal, it's just not worth it and being a sceptic I'd be wondering how much of that 200k will end up in your partners pocket.
  23. Looks like someone has been making a killing over previous motions for consideration. Straight from the Bureau Of Immigration site: Fine for Overstaying – (additional) Php 500.00 per month Motion for Reconsideration for Overstaying – (additional) Php 500.00 + Php 10.00 (LRF) Re-issuance of ACR for (2nd entry of every entry after 59 days) – Php 250 [for minors: Php 150] Application fee is only Php 300.00 for overstaying https://immigration.gov.ph/visa-requirements/non-immigrant-visa/temporary-visitor-visa/extension-of-authorized-stay-beyond-59-days
  24. I don't understand where they are getting the information stating you need a motion for consideration. The press release explains the requirements which is outstanding fines and visa payment. The Executive Order teling us to leave has been supended so there should be nothing to consider, Morente has already decided we don't have to leave.
  25. I was under the impression the fee for overstaying is 500 peso per month plus all outstanding visa fees and express lane fees if applicable. Added to that was a requirement for a letter from an attorney explaining the reason for overstay. I'd imagine there's no requiement for that letter now. Those were the fees my friend had to pay the last time he overstayed and on that premise I'm expecting it to cost me approx 2,330 peso every 2 months as my office doesn't charge express lane.
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