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  1. I have left my account with my credit union who had no objection. I write a check once a month and deposit it my BPI account and it takes about 20 days to clear. I try to budget a month ahead to allow time for my check to clear.
  2. MANILA – The Department of Foreign Affairs (DFA) on Friday reminded all foreign nationals who have secured entry visas from Philippine Embassies abroad, as well as returning overseas Filipinos, to strictly follow local health and quarantine protocols once they arrive in the country. "Foreign nationals who have secured entry visas from our embassies are reminded to strictly follow local health & quarantine protocols. Violators will face arrest and their enablers will be disciplined," it said in an advisory. At present, the following are allowed to enter the country: - Dual ci
  3. 1. Jose Rizal took drugs… At the age of 18, the national hero bought some hashish from a drugstore, which he sampled “in the name of science”. At the time, the drug could be readily and legally purchased from pharmacists along with cocaine, morphine and heroin. 2. He hated the Chinese… Other than campaigning against the Spanish, Rizal also fought against what he considered Chinese exploitation of his fellow Filipinos. He viewed the Chinese primarily as “unscrupulous traders and businessmen” who took advantage of his countrymen. 3. An early starter… Rizal could write and r
  4. Mayor Matt Erwin of General Luna, Quezon has granted a paid leave of absence to single employees of the local government on February 11, 2021. “Pinapayagan ko kayo mag LEAVE sa February 12. Ilaan nyo ang buong araw sa paghahanap ng inyong forever upang makaabot kayo sa February 14. With pay ang leave nyo, kase naka support ako sa pinagdadaanan nyo. Ok? Lab u!” the mayor said in a Facebook post. (I allow you to take a leave on February 12. Allot your whole day to find your forever in time for February 14. Your leave is with pay because I support what you are going through.) “PS.
  5. Thanks for the great info, Myself and my wife have basically been stranded here south of Seattle since last May. We have been waiting out the quarantine restrictions that the Philippines have put in place. Here in Seattle I can go where I want with basically no restrictions. At my age, in the Philippines I would basically have to quarantine in my home and watch TV all day.
  6. President throws Covid relief bill in doubt by asking Congress to amend it (CNN)President Donald President on Tuesday said he is asking for changes to the coronavirus relief bill passed by Congress, leaving the future of the $900 billion stimulus in doubt. President's position could threaten to torpedo the carefully drafted bill, which his own administration helped negotiate -- a move that could lead to a government shutdown and send the economy into a tailspin if he carried through with a veto. "I'm asking Congress to amend this bill and increase the ridiculously low $600 to $2
  7. I suspect that the difficulty of foreigners are experiencing getting into the country has a lot to do with it as well. I know that I usually bring US dollars with me when arriving back in the country.
  8. I have a 2016 Toyota Vios and love it. I bought it from my wife’s nephew who has an auto parts and auto shop in Los Banos Laguna. I followed the advise above and bought a car with a known history. Am sure he could check it out for you. PM me if you are interested.
  9. I bought a cross body man bag. I put all my stuff in it, when in crowds I keep my hand on and never had a problem.
  10. May I ask you, why are you on a sight for expats in the Philippines?
  11. softail


    My wife and I last visited the S&R in Santa Rosa last March and had no problem with both of us entering on one card.
  12. That’s one good thing about me being stuck in Seattle, can pretty much go about my business like normal
  13. My wife’s family lives in Los Banos thus I have spent a lot of time there.
  14. CONSULATE INFORMATION Philippine Consulate General in San Francisco 447 Sutter Street, San Francisco, CA 94108 Consular Service Hours: All IN-PERSON applications are suspended from 23 July 2020 until further notice. All appointments from 23 July 2020 are cancelled. Please see announcements for details
  15. RE: Processing Visa I would like to apply for a 13A visa. Are you currently processing visa applications? This visa application/category is temporarily suspended. Sincerely, VISA SECTION Philippine Consulate General 447 Sutter Street, 6th Floor San Francisco, CA, 94108 Website: www.philippinessanfrancisco.org Like us: https://www.facebook.com/PHinSF Follow us: https://twitter.com/PHinSF ________________________________________ I just received this reply from the Philippine Embassy in San Francisco
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