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  1. If I were someone considering the Philippines for my vacation I am not sure I would be wanting to spend 14 days of my vacation a prisoner in a hotel room. They want tourist money, give them a break.
  2. Senate President Vicente Sotto III called on the inter-agency task force against COVID-19 to remove the 14-day quarantine policy for those entering the country fully vaccinated against the coronavirus. In a statement, the senator questioned the quarantine and said those entering the country were allowed as long as health protocols against the virus were followed. “Why do fully vaccinated people still have to do the two-week quarantine when traveling to the Philippines? It doesn’t make sense!” said Sotto. He said the policy was meaningless and that the purpose of the government’s
  3. Giant fastfood chain Jollibee Foods Corp would close down one of its Bonifacio Global City branches after the viral ‘fried towel’ incident. Jollibee issued a statement early Thursday saying it will close down its Jollibee Bonifacio-Stop Over branch for 3 days for compliance review and retraining of its personnel. “Jollibee has carefully developed and complied with food preparation systems to ensure that we deliver excellent quality products and customer satisfaction,” the company said, adding that it is already conducting a thorough investigation on the incident. “We at Jollibee
  4. PRESS RELEASE 2021 May 21 Aliens with old, unused entry exemptions docs considered expired starting June 1 - BI PASAY, Philippines—The Bureau of Immigration (BI) announced that starting June 1, it will no longer allow the entry of foreign nationals who present entry exemption documents (EEDs) issued by Department of Foreign Affairs (DFA) before Feb. 8 this year. Morente said the BI will implement the said travel guidelines pursuant to a communication received from the DFA. “We were informed by the DFA that entry exemption documents now have a validity of90daysfromthedateofissuance,
  5. Well, with the amount of money they send home to there “needy” families, I guess you could consider them “OFW’s” :)
  6. This sounds to me like Balikbayan spouses and children don’t need a visa per the BI which graham59 quoted.
  7. A shrunken head is a severed and specially prepared human head that is used for trophy, ritual, or trade purposes. Headhunting has occurred in many regions of the world, but the practice of headshrinking has only been documented in the northwestern region of the Amazon rainforest.[1] Jivaroan peopleswhich includes the Shuar, Achuar, Huambisa and Aguaruna tribes from Ecuador and Peru are known to have shrunken human heads. Shuar people call a shrunken head a tsantsa,[2] also transliterated tzantza. Many tribe leaders would show off their heads to scare enemies. https://en.wikiped
  8. I am sure that Ecuador is very affordable and such. When I lived there, they were still taking heads a few miles up the Guayas river and were readily available in the town markets
  9. For most westerners arriving in the Philippines, there can be culture shock. Most travellers would say, however, that their initial experience in the country can be summed up in the words of kindness, politeness and hospitality. Behind that smiling population of good people is a method of interaction that is collectively known as Pakikisama. The ability to adapt your behaviors that allow for successful social interchange. Easily summed up as the ability to get along with people. The word transliterates as a phrase, “please come with or go with.” Once long term foreign residents vacationin
  10. The area has a multitude of foreigners, have made a several good friends. The area is very safe, am able to walk anywhere day or night safely. There are two very good hospitals in the area so health care is good, very important for people in my age bracket. Pretty much anything I need is available with 2 good shopping malls, several good grocery stores as well as a S and R. I love the Philippines and it’s people. I am no stranger to 3rd world conditions. In 1960 my parents and myself found ourselves stranded in the Galápagos Islands. At the time it was very isolated from the rest of the
  11. Try Nuvali Santa Rosa. For me is like the US. When I leave Nuvali I feel like I enter the Philippines, when I re-enter Nuvali I have entered the US again. Lots of expats in the area.
  12. All kidding aside, when I retired 13 years ago, my Dr gave me a little lecture. He told me that if I go home, sit in my favorite chair, turn on the TV and send the wife for a beer I will have a maximum of 10 years to live, something will happen within that time frame. I took him at his word, still alive.
  13. Say they decide to allow the Balikbayan privilege, I make my flight reservations, then they suspend it again, could get expensive canceling.
  14. PRESSRELEASE 2021 March 19 BI to implement IATF order suspending entry of foreign nationals Manila, PHILIPPINES—Bureau of Immigration (BI) Commissioner Jaime Morente announced that they will be implementing a resolution from the Inter-Agency Task Force for the Management of Emerging Infectious Diseases (IATF) suspending the travel of foreign nationals into the Philippines. According to Morente, said travel suspension will take effect on Monday, and will remain until April 21. The move of the IATF is a result of the surge in Covid-19 cases in the country. A similar order was likewis
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