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  1. Yes, thanks. I did contact the airline and they told me her ticket is the only document(plus her passport and green card) she needs. I don't have a Pinoy airport url or onscreen link - let me know if you know of one.
  2. Last week I received a message from the Philippine Embassy in Washington,D.C. that she only needs her passport,green card and e-ticket...
  3. My wife has an e-ticket to leave Manila for Los Angeles on July 9th. She is hearing from others' experience that the government won't let her leave with the results of a current swab test> Is this true? If yes, where can she take the test in Manila and get results in time for her flight?
  4. Does anyone know people who recently(last few days) made a reservation on PAL on an int'l flight, only to have it cancelled?
  5. I think the differing answers depends on which travel dates you want. I'WILL end them, who m booking my wife's flight from Manila in July, not in June, so the airlines are assuming the blocking on int'l flights will end on July 1st. Whether it will is anyone's guess...
  6. Why is it that agencies keep listing flights in and out of Manila and when I call them they insist that the airport is open?
  7. Also, I understand international flights to and from Manila have resumed. Correct?
  8. She's planning to leave Manila at the end of June for the states(she has a married visa and a green card and a return ticket). Will she be able to leave Manila ? Will the U.S.Immigration at LAX present any problems for her re COVid-19?
  9. Since I live in Thailand and have to do my scouting, planning, diagramming, etc. by long distance, before turning it over to my GF's filipino brother, I need names and contact(preferably e-mail) info so I can ask questions
  10. Hey, that's great! Many thanks! The only question left is where can I buy them? Just one or two sources would make my day!
  11. You may be right, but unless there are attacks of flying termites, that's the only way they could attack a wood balcony, 10 feet off the ground, which is attached to a cement-built townhouse. Even then, flashing around the base of the balcony further reduces the chances of invasion. I'm from New Orleans, own a number of wood-frame houses as rentals and we have installed flashing karound and between brick piers, holding up the frame homes. It's worked for 15 years so far.
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