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  1. To be considered in the 1% nationally here you need a salary equivalent to 25000 USD. The average person makes about 4000 USD a year. Oncer you get outside of the NCR and probably Cebu/Davo those numbers are probably lower by a pretty good amount.
  2. Who in the hell is crazy enough to finance a car at 50% interest is what I want to know.... “This means that even when automobile loans were financed at 50-percent interest rate per year, which is a very high assumption even at the worst financing terms" In the end the 1/10 of 1% and up here will be fine - its the people at the 1% to probably 1/2% of income that will fee the pinch on these taxes when they want to try to look like their betters - IMO. I would think though that taxes this high just drive tax avoidance and out right illegal schemes to avoid the ad valorem taxes. How is that really helpful?
  3. Some people might be better off learning another language in a more formalized setting. If you are interested in learning Tagalog or Italian there are classes offered in Manila (Legaspi Village - Makati) for 12 weeks, 3 hours on Saturday mornings for 6000 pesos. (I am not connected to this organization btw) If you are interested you can find them on Facebook @ the Philippine Italian Association.
  4. 200 for initial blue bottle and 35 for refills w free delivery from living water in Biñan Laguna. Normally get them pretty quickly.
  5. From what I have heard British School of Manila is a very well respected International School - Great campus in BGC. Will your company be helping for educational expenses? It may be better to just come into the country solely as a British citizen? If you go there I hope your kids like climbing stairs - they have tons of them all over - I was there for a Model United Nations conference last fall and I climbed 40 flights or so each day.
  6. Get the bigger size passport book. I got the regular size and wish I had gotten the bigger one In less than one year of active use I have used a few pages (My Philippine visa uses 2 pages, the one timeChinese visa sucked up a whole page) plus a bunch of stamps makes me think I will run out of usable space a lot sooner than 10 years!
  7. I was talking to a neighbor in my subdivision, and she said the going rate in Alabang (south side of Manila Metro) for a live-in was around 6k a month, and that it was less expensive due to a larger labor pool to select from than down here in Laguna (you have to travel and fight the SLEX if you want to commute to work)
  8. I've gotten pretty good with the rice and chopsticks as long as the rice doesn't have too much of a sauce or is soupy-wet. You just pile it on and go. However, the stickier rice the Japanese restaurant uses for sushi and tempura is easier to deal with as others have said.
  9. If you are looking for a part or full-time job and have a good internet connection here is some stuff I found. I saw this place and thought I would share it. (I am not connected in any way to the sites listed) https://weworkremotely.com/ Also saw this online the other day: http://thekrazycouponlady.com/tips/finance/20-companies-that-pay-you-11hour-to-work-from-home-21608/
  10. Just wanted to add on to this thread since it seemed appropriate here: If you are looking to work full time and you have a valid teaching certificate from a US state you can get a job in an international school, and make more than most people teaching ESL. Just understand not all "international" schools here are true international schools and even then the pay may not be what you are accustomed to in the US. There are some companies that perform recruiting for international schools and they host job fairs in Bangkok, London, Boston, Iowa, San Francisco, Atlanta. Keep in mind there can be age limits set by schools or informally, whether it is legal or not it does happen. Companies you can look at are Search Associates and International School Services and a less expensive option is TIEonline. These companies are not free but can be worth your time. A good forum to read is internationalschoolreview.com as well. (I do not receive any remuneration from any place I listed. We used one of the companies I listed in our job seeking process last year)
  11. There is a S&R in Nuvali south of Binan that we went too a month ago, just as good as Alabang and we didn't have to fight traffic driving north on the SLEX to get there.
  12. We have Sky's 50mbs internet (which is new here for Binan) and everytime we have checked it on speedtest, we are getting about 45Mbs - service has been much better than I feared reading stuff here last year before we moved. We may just drop it down to a lower speed since the reliablity has been very good (its gone out 2 times for more than an hour or two in seven months.) We pay 2899 php monthly IIRC - no cable tv since we did not buy a tv yet.
  13. We've gotten used mostly to the air drying - but it was a real treat to have super soft clothes out of the dryer when we went back to Florida for Christmas .
  14. We paid for delivery a tank 837 pesos which was over 100 pesos more than last time in November. But our gas bill is dirt cheap compared to home since we do not have a gas dryer here (though I heard you can buy a LPG dryer if you wanted softer dry clothes)
  15. Depending on where you are going to in Cebu, you could always look for a western expat job based there. If you can find a job there, you will probably get western style wages and benefits, in a lower cost environment. It is a big city but prepare to be flexible on a position and compensation vs what you had in the US. Also, consider getting a teaching certificate from your home state and teaching at an international school there. If you get a job on your own, you can be more financially and professionally independent of your wife's family. https://www.google.com/search?&q=expat+jobs+in+cebu
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