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  1. TequilaSunset

    Elevator Manners

    I like being my size. If I am at the front, and I'm getting off next, I stand right in the middle of the doors before they open. Doors open, and I have had plenty bounce off of me, pretty comical
  2. TequilaSunset


    GAHHHHH! Just looked at tequila prices, wicked high, like 2x of what I pay. Next visit I am bringing my own!
  3. TequilaSunset

    Living in the provinces, Do we really Know what this means?

    Funny you should mention quack doctor's. My GF's uncle was dying of throat cancer, and he refused further help at the hospital and relied on a woman who cured everyone... Everyone but him. The superstitions and some of the practices are like medieval to me.
  4. TequilaSunset

    Living in the provinces, Do we really Know what this means?

    Great stories in here, thanks to all... keep them coming!
  5. TequilaSunset

    How to drive a Filipina crazy

    And SOOOOOOOOOOO opens the door for "Revenge" as my GF calls it!
  6. TequilaSunset

    Any expats living in Liloy / Labason area?

    Not sure if you meant in regard to languages spoken there. For me it was a lot of Bisayan and English spoken there
  7. TequilaSunset

    My journey to finding a Filipina girlfriend...

    So true, I had a bit of difficult time dealing with that on my first visit. My second visit they threw me a surprise B'day gathering by the sea just walking distance from their house. Made a big sign, had a nice cake, tons of food, and then people came from everywhere to eat the food... I never got a bite of my own cake! They won me over and each visit it just gets better.
  8. TequilaSunset

    Another talented craftsman here in the province

    My GF has a cousin who is in Dumaguete and makes beautiful resin wicker furniture. True it might not be as pretty as the real stuff or bamboo, but no termite has ever choked down a resin meal
  9. TequilaSunset

    Delta Airlines

    If Delta were the last airline in existence… I still wouldn't use them.