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  1. No it's not breaking any rules for me, it's exactly what I believe, this kids should be Muslims, thanks for opening this issue because it was not in my mind I am thinking only to respect her believe, Dave, I did not understand you last statement,Wishing you well Ahmed on your Quest but the PI is not an easy place to be with regard to Certain things
  2. For me it doesn't mater, only we have to respect our believes.
  3. I am really appreciate your advice, thanks a lot Dave
  4. Sure yes but not in my friends or colleagues and already asked some of my friends here but they can't help in this so I decided to try by myself, maybe, thanks dear for your advice
  5. Why ana Mjnoun ya Akhi Kris????
  6. But I it seems like you are Arabic and you know what I am looking for, can you give me only your advice?
  7. Like to chat with an Egyptians living in Philippines specially in Sebu or Manila
  8. I am planning to visit Sebu on 26th this month and hope to find one who can advice me how to find a good girl to marry, I prefer if I met one from Egypt in Sebu so I will understand him well.
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