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  1. Hmmm! I probably shouldn't mention this, but I was in two Filipino films, one called Sticks of Death, and I don't remember the name of the other. I remember, after being spoiled by HK films, thinking "this movie is gonna suck" lol lol. The company I worked for, CineSuerte, never even sent my family copies of the final cut! I can't get through films other than Dolphy films. Maybe the quality's improved since my 20s. My cousin owns a movie theater in Dau, so I'll definitely hang out and check a few out!
  2. Here in the US I consider myself a city boy, but my heart is pure country. Being from the province I'd rather live there, so I'm happy with my little house in the province. I have three kids I'm toting with me, and its important for me to teach them that part of my culture. If I miss the city, we are halfway between Manila and Batangas. In my younger days as an adult I did live in (and love) Angeles City, but I don't care to have my children in that environment. :-)
  3. Some are seriously boring, some are drama filled, some are super interesting. I just discovered the ones with the Finns going around eating worms, bats, and whatever the locals give them. Hilarious stuff! I'm surprised, some of these guys have thousands of followers
  4. Thank you! Yes I've always been the type to chase my dreams and pass on the practical. I'm also the type not to complain if I hit a stumble! One thing no could will ever accuse me of: Living to regret my decisions!
  5. I moved to California at 30 years old and missed my other hometown (Washington DC) like crazy. I'm here because the economy here allows me to have a great income. But even though I've been in CA as long as I'd lived in DC, the Philippines and DC are "home". I'm sure sometime down the road, I'll miss DC and that's what Facebook and plane tickets are for. Once I get there, though--I'll never leave for good. My hometown, San Fernando, Pampanga, is not the same but it's still home
  6. Greetings! Not quite an expat, more of a repat (if there is such a thing). I was born and raised in the Philippines, came to the US at 12. Went back as a young adult, but returned to finish college although I wanted to stay. It took 25 or so years, but I'm finally able to go back home. I've been saving for years, and am down to the last 9 months of my plan. Next month I will hit my savings goal, my Internet business is not yet sustainable, and I do not have another format of residual income. These forums and blogs have been my motivation to keep pushing... I've got a handful of friends who think I'm crazy, including some fellow Pinoys, but I do not want to wait until retirement age to fulfill my dream. If my money runs out, so be it. Doubt it will happen though! Looking forward to reading more stories and exchanging with you all.
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