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  1. This meme exemplifies a ‘false comparison’ or ‘false equivalence’, allowing the writer to push the underlying message that “the media” over-hyped COVID causing “fear” and excessive measures without actually having to make a logical argument. Personally, if a writer has to use misdirection and cannot support their ‘message’ with a real argument, I start doubting the writer’s integrity.
  2. Are you surprised that the duration, or that someone was actually convicted? Seems most people sit in jail much longer then that just waiting for some possible, future trial.
  3. Just for fun, here is the cost progression of the filing fee for just the Fiance Petition, 1997 to present: US$: 95 - 110 - 81 - 110 - 165 - 170 - 455 - 340 - 535 - 510 Actually, the Fiance petition fee went down, from $535 to $510. Of course, the petition is only the start of the process. Next would be the visa application with the embassy (no recent price change). Then finally, the application for permanent residence after entering the United States. That fee actually went down $10, but you no longer get a free work card as part of the price. Want a work card? Fork over an extra $550 to 580!
  4. That picture is me from this past Easter. Now that it is summer, I only wear white.
  5. A commonly heard assertion, intentionally mislabeling someone’s caution or concern as ‘fear’ in order to falsely elevate the speaker's stature. I have some longtime and good-hearted friends who also say some strange things like this. Illogical statements or views that make me cringe. I probably make them cringe too, but sometimes it is easier to keep old friends then to make new ones!
  6. Head aches, short of breath, cough, stomach distress, fatigue, body aches – hard to distinguish Covid from how I usually feel! Since the vast majority of Covid cases are mild, I bet most of us wonder if we already had a mild case and now might have some immunity. In the month after I returned to the States 3 March I lost about 15 pounds. Not a bad problem at all, but unexpected weight loss is one of the possible symptoms. Since my return, I’ve been tested three times for Sars-CoV-2 (two PCR and one antigen tests), but never had the serological test for antibodies. I can get an antibody test if I want, but I think I’ll wait until the quality improves and more is known about duration of ‘protection’ and reinfection possibilities. I am very careful about keeping strict distancing and reduced exposure risks, and would not want me or others around me to start relaxing precautions in a false belief I may have some limited immunity. As Jake pointed out, some of the viral tests are not well perfected, and anyway, the jury is still out on the immunity levels of persons previously infected. We will all know much more In another couple of months than we do now. There are dozens of studies being done on immunity duration and some very interesting initial reports recently on potential latent immunity derived from long ago exposure to other viruses as a possible contributing factor as to why so many Covid cases are asymptomatic or only mildly effected. As the wise man (Old55) said, 'there's so much we don't know'!
  7. Yeochief- Thanks for the reports. It is good to hear of everyone's experiences when they return to the country. Surely a number of us are stuck outside for awhile, but never know when we might be forced to return for an emergency, although no doubt the quarantine procedures probably will change weekly! The Belmont is not bad, and certainly better then some of the quarantine hotels I heard about. Did you get to chose from a list and get a good price?
  8. This video did get considerable coverage on CNN News online, with multiple stories in different sections, more written stories then I saw on FOX online (I don’t watch the opinionated talking heads on either network). For decades I have been in positions where I evaluate statements to determine the likelihood of a claim’s accuracy, often needing to reconcile sometimes multiple conflicting views to find the most probable truth. (‘Most probable’ since rarely is something 100% certain). I’ve stayed out of the COVID conversation here. We are all often handicapped from reaching logical conclusions by a lack of proven or relevant facts. Despite that, I have noticed many members on this board work hard to keep an open mind in their search for the truth of all we are hearing and reading. This is a great board! The video OMW posted makes a good example of the questions we have to consider before accepting any claim to be even ‘possibly’ correct/accurate/truthful – the questions many of us instantly consider when we hear any ‘factual’ statements. Of course, there will always be some who will believe whatever they hear if it validates their own ideas or ideology. Organizational bias: Who is this group, “America’s Frontline Doctors”? History? Source of funding? Purpose? Known reliability of past statements? Any political affiliation? Quick reliability assessment: Neutral. No history as an organization, just use of the name by individual speakers. No organizational data found, no prior activities seen as a group, just by individuals. Event staging: The event appeared well-organized, high quality video. Who ‘set the stage’ for their program? Medical discussion, but was not affiliated with a medical professional group. Answer- organized and sponsored by the Tea Party Patriots (a group I give a low reliability rating because of their exhibited political bias, but you can make your own assessments). The speakers were introduced by a Republican Congressman Ralph Norman, who has since distanced himself from some of the remarks made by the speakers. Effect on reliability of the video: Lowers reliability of information presented as would be for any presentation from group devoted to a very specific political point of view. Individual Credibility: Expertise in the field? Past accomplishments? Past activities of merit? Quick assessment: Reliability rating of speakers on this exact topic below 40%. The identified speakers are MDs or DOs. [caveat- just being an MD or atty does not guarantee a person is smart, wise, impartial or truthful] One no longer practices medicine. Although they are in the medical profession, at least one with ER expertise, none appear to be virologists or persons specialized in any field directly related to the scientific topic on which they are speaking. Some of the identified speakers have made extremely low-probability factual claims in the past on nonmedical topics. A quick search does not show any other scientific or medical accomplishments that would bolster their credibility. Several of the speakers are involved in other low-probability conspiracy theories, leading to a high possibility that some wish to be identified with extreme positions. Individual Motives: More then one speaker has close political connections to the President administration and have participated in the administrations groups and with persons who have a history of making statements with a low probablity of factual accuracy. Video source & dissemination: The video published directly by Breitbart, a media outlet with an admitted political bias. Although sometimes containing accurate information, the frequency of known incorrect facts diminishes this source’s reliability. Overall Reliability of the Statements Made: Low reliability. [As an aside from reading actual studies (and not the drug company press releases), I rate an about 35% chance that hydrozychloroquine in combination will be found to be of some benefit at some stage of COVD treatment, but it takes time for the studies to pinpoint the correct stage and treatment regimen. However, claims of it being a cure, a vaccine, or that it is now a safe and effective treatment against COVID are exceptionally unlikely (<5% reliable).] Just my opinions, all subject to change as more factual information comes to light. Everyone rates truth with their own scale. It is impossible to be totally impartial, and even then it requires active thought and personal introspection to try to recognize and overcome my own biases Cr@p, that was long-winded! Best I stay out of controversial subjects.
  9. Tommy- I know others have said it, but thank you for taking the time to share your build experience in so much detail. A lot of us may never actually go through a home build from start to finish, but your posts give us an enjoyable education on building practices, pitfalls and local ingenuity! As for all the delays you have faced, it gave you more time to take pics and write posts. Your pain was our gain! Thanks again!!
  10. According to brother Google, from Oscar Wilde. Interestingly, the whole quote is, "Sarcasm is the lowest form of wit but the highest form of intelligence", but as you all pointed out, only if you have mastered the language.
  11. And now we have this one: https://www.rappler.com/world/regions/asia-pacific/253554-new-taiwan-coronavirus-case-was-in-philippines MANILA, Philippines – The 44th confirmed novel coronavirus case in Taiwan had a history of travel to the Philippines, the Taiwan Center for Disease Control (CDC) said on Thursday night, March 5. The 44th patient, who tested positive for the novel coronavirus on Thursday, is an over-30-year-old male who traveled to the Philippines with his friends from February 28 to March 3. The patient was not identified but was reported to reside in northern Taiwan. "Related investigation suggested it is an imported case linked to the Philippines," Taiwan CDC's Central Epidemic Command Center said in an advisory on Thursday. According to the Taiwan CDC, Patient 44 had diarrhea in the Philippines on Monday, March 2. Upon returning to Taiwan, he went to a clinic after experiencing dry throat and "tiredness" on Tuesday, March 3. After this, the patient went to a hospital and was later reported as a suspected case on Wednesday, March 4. Laboratory test results released on Thursday, March 5, showed he tested positive for the virus.
  12. A couple of choices. Talk to your tax advisor about getting her an ITIN, or file 2019 taxes as 'married filing separately'. Another option is to file for an extension of time, then file 2019 jointly after she gets her social security number later in 2020.
  13. Isn't that the type we are talking about here? My son called them my "Jed Clampetts".
  14. I frequently deal with Filipino math and science teachers at the high school level, both public and private. Their descriptions of teaching conditions very closely matches the description you gave in your earlier post. Oddly, I have never heard of discipline as being a problem, but I imagine that varies from place to place. The biggest complaint I hear is how difficult it is to be a 'good' teacher when many other teachers and administrators don't even try. It sounds like your L is one of the especially good ones!
  15. Marvin- I like the approach you are taking. Going in with your eyes wide open, knowing getting all family members to agree is like herding cats!
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