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  1. Tommy- Only if you wish, tell us one of your favorite stories of him. Anyone who has read your posts for years knows your wife is a person of exceptional character and abilities. Perhaps some of these traits came from her father and will continue to live on with her. Thank you for the reminder that these endless numbers we hear (regardless of the cause) are actually real people.
  2. Jack- The embassies stopped accepting and processing N-600K’s in 2019. Not enough facts given here to be sure the child is eligible, but if you think so, the form can now be filed electronically on the USCIS website https://www.uscis.gov/n-600k if you do not want to mail it.
  3. No, I think that was a great summary! On the money issue, I also remember early on hearing that money was set aside for the vaccine, but it was a very low figure. Maybe part of that paid the US$80 Million to be part of the COVAX group plan for lower income countries. For the other vaccines, the last I recall was the government was paying for the other deals with about $2 Billion in loans. I like your phrase "paperwork errors". Very diplomatic!
  4. I agree with your optimism that it will be offered to everyone. From watching the congressional hearings and pressers, rollout is going to be a huge hodgepodge of methods, providers, facilitators and suppliers, with a handful of authorized corporate line-jumpers. There will be tons of glitches for a few months, just as there is in much of the US or in any country without a strong central government or national healthcare system. There has been talk of various registry systems, or tying to incorporate a national ID into the mix, but no plan seems to have gotten much traction. With a
  5. Very tempting for some, but it depends on each person’s individual situation. I had this discussion last week with a (senior) friend of mine, so now he is leaving Manila Thursday and hopes to return to Philippines in April after his two jabs. Here are some of the factors we discussed for anyone that may be interested. Of course, this was for the United States - many different issues if returning to some other countries: Vaccine Availability? There is no good timeline for getting vaccinated in Ph. Even if foreigners are treated the same as citizens, my best guess is that even
  6. Dave- What an odyssey! How did you convince the Alaska desk agent? I hear stories all the time of airline check in agents taking so long to confirm travel eligibility that the traveler eventually misses the flight.
  7. I don’t know what gandang said, but the conflicting themes in your short response gave me a good laugh! (no disrespect meant – probably just my own warped sense of humor )
  8. I just read that all the western vaccines require two doses. Not sure about the China and Russia vaccine.
  9. Looking at that 2nd picture, is that metal framing for the deck? And 1 1/2" decking material? Looks like a pretty solid structure! With the overhead trellis, what are your plans for utilizing this space? I have really enjoying living through you on this build. If you don't publish this record you created electronically or in book form, you're missing a great opportunity!
  10. Dave- Perhaps in your younger 'dealing' days, as I also seem to recall, the products didn't come with written instructions! I didn't know that some vaccines have to be diluted in their vial before use. The inoculation process is not as simple as I envisioned. I pulled the below instructions off the internet, from the US military standing order. I could of asked my RN wife, but that conversation usually gets sidetracked to a lecture on my various vices . The multidose vial may be stored frozen at -80°C and must thaw prior to dilution • Frozen vials should be transferred to
  11. Thanks for sharing! If there was an upside to this pandemic, it was observing what can be achieved when vast resources and attention are focused on a single biological issue. Thousands of small research pieces over nine months – when combined into a single picture – have greatly advanced science’s knowledge of all phases of a SARS virus infection. Of course, there are still questions to be answered on the long-term effects of using any mRNA vaccine, but those potential consequences are seeming less and less likely. No doubt studies will continue on this. The mRNA vaccines are f
  12. Spot on. There are hundreds of American extradited back to the U.S. annually, and even more deported home "with safeguards" as this guy will be. Formal extraditions can become complicated, so the US and many other countries will sometimes use a shortcut and just cancel the person's passport, allowing the sending country to just deport the person home. These events rarely make the newspaper unless it is a high-profile case or some reporter hits on the "scandal" aspect. That is something I have never considered before - is there a known correlation between an ex-wife's pol
  13. Is there an award for "Best Topic Title (and Tag) of the Month"? This one gave me a good laugh once I realized it was about wives! Evidently US immigration has a "take-home" limit now. No more catch and release? u-catch u-keep
  14. You hit the nail on the head. This was all about sex trafficking and also to make sure the foreign fiance has not been deceived about the petitioner's past activities. International Marriage Broker Regulation Act of 2005. The law does not absolutely limit the number of fiance petitions that someone can file, or the number of spouses a person can have (as long as they are only one at a time!). It just increases the hurdles and requirements a person has to meet if they have filed two or more fiance petitions, with one approved within the prior two years. The law also requires the c
  15. Mike J, don't forget there is another way to get Filipino citizenship. The Philippine government can grant citizenship when it is really important, in the national interest, and if you are over 6 foot tall and can play basketball! October 2020: https://www.rappler.com/sports/gilas-pilipinas/angelo-kouame-senate-endorsement-philippines-naturalization This may just be in the future of the national basketball team after Kouame got the endorsement of Senator Sonny Angara with the filing of the bill that will grant him Philippine citizenship. 2014, to a player tha
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