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  1. Hello all , Do you need a motorcycle endorsement on the Philippines license to ride in the Phils? I have been riding dirt bikes only since I was a kid so never had an endorsement here in the US. I don't know anyone that would loan me their bike to take the test here . I plan on buying one when I get there. I guess my question is ,If I get my regular Philippine DL, how do I get the endorsement added?
  2. Is there a good way to receive mail from the states in the Philippines? Not packages per se, just forwarded mail from my old address and such. I know it could take weeks or months to receive it but are there PO boxes to rent possibly ? I wonder if USPS would even forward it with a regular stamp on it.
  3. Thank you all for your replies, very helpful. My last DUI was deferred and will be dismissed in June next year.I did get a police clearance from the county courthouse and will give that a try. My DUI was in a different county but I did disclose it on the Visa application )It just states NO RECORDS FOUND. Hopefully that will work. I am in the process of adopting my Filapina step daughter so am waiting to file her and my wife's dual ,and my 13a at the same time. We will have a long trip to The Philippines embassy in Chicago for interviews so hoping we can do all in one trip!
  4. Does anyone know if three misdemeanor DUIs would be a reason for denial of a Philippines visa? The last one was 6 years ago.. If they denied my 13a visa could they ban me from entry?
  5. Thanks Dave . I am printing the application now. It looks like a pretty simple process. As soon as I figure how to get police clearance from my place of residence. Do we have that here? Like an FBI background check or County Courthouse I wonder.
  6. I am married to a Philippine citizen. Would it be easier to get an immigrant visa before I move to the Philippines? I know I can get the balakbyan stamp good for one year but after reading the drivers license thread it seems I should try getting the 13a visa before I arrive next year. I hear President Duterte may make it a requirement to obtain a Visa in the future and it could help prove the one year residency requirement for a DL. Its only $150.00 according to the Chicago Philippines Consular website. All answers are greatly appreciated.
  7. Combat Infantryman Iraq 07-08 Afghanistan 09-10 . Worked on my M2 50 cal. and M249 SAW automatic weapons and our MATV. ( mine resistant all terrain vehicle). Low maintenence vehicle due to IEDs we would get a new one every 2 or 3 months. Lol
  8. My wife plans on attending college there at some point. I have applied and received her eligibility letter recently from the VA so that should speed up the process . Any new info about using education benefits in the Philippines?
  9. Unschooling is defined less by what its practitioners do and more by what they do not bring into their children’s educational environment. An unschooling parent does not impose a schedule or curriculum onto her child. Rather, she supports the child’s natural drive and hunger to learn with appropriate educational materials, tools, and activities. According to Jennifer James, Director of the National African-American Homeschoolers Alliance (NAAHA), “Families who are considering unschooling should ask themselves if they have enough learning aids in their home, from encyclopedias and bookshelves full of books to a computer and science kits. In order to unschool properly parents need to equip their home with learning tools.” -------- Homeschooling or "unschooling"may be the way to go for some parents ,but I am moving to the Phils for retirement and hopefully ,a less stressful life. Turning my home into a library/lab and becoming a full time tutor is not what I have in mind, I struggle with her 5th grade algebra lol .not to mention the expense of updating learning material and equipment. I prefer to pay someone else to provide the " learning tools" . To each his own .
  10. Thank you all for your helpful feedback. It really is difficult to choose a school without being there . My wife thinks Sacred heart -Ateneo de Cebu in Mandaue may be a good place to start (thanks for the tip Old55 ) and she has an aunt and cousin nearby . I hear so much negative info about public schools but will see for ourselves once we get established there. Our daughter is a straight A 5th grader now and I am still amazed at how fast and far she has came from speaking very little English arriving here as a first grader to being in the top 5 students of all her subjects. I am afraid public school there may be too much for her at first having forgotten nearly all of her native Cebuano language ,but I could be wrong. Thanks again
  11. Hello all , new guy here so please forgive me if I am posting in the wrong place. I am planning on retiring to the Cebu City area next year and my biggest concern is finding the right school for my 11 year old Filipina stepdaughter . It will dictate where we will live there , hopefully a bit north/northeast of the city in Liloan or Consulation. I met my wife and daughter there in 2010 while deployed to Afghanistan and they have been with me here in the US for about 5 years acquiring US citizenship through Naturalization.My step daughter has forgotten nearly all of her native language so it's important we find a primarily English speaking private school . I looked at Cebu International School but it's quite expensive. $9,000 USD per year?! All answers or direction is greatly appreciated.
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