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  1. Good moring I tryed to Change my citizenship I'm from USA, I got a pardon from the state for conviction,I allso was a merchant marien,with a TWIC card witch takes a sercuerity clearence,I'm hopeing for the best I want to start small bissness here and start my life
  2. I got your email from a expats quotes,I think sorry to trouble you,I'm just trying to find info on life here.have a good day
  3. hello this is my first time here,I have two non bias questions first, criminal clearance from NBI in Cebu city,the whole truth is in 1992 I got convicted of 2nd degree atempted murder,it was self defense but I had to do a whole 36 month,will this stop my SRRV application,second I relize I have to put 10,000$ in deposit, ok with this,my question is,how difficult is it to get my monye back if I decide to ever leave thank you kindly
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