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  1. Yeah I also flew out of there this week. The building is nice - a pity there's still a few procedures they need to iron out. Your loved ones/aprtners cannot step inside the door to see you off, if only you are departing. They say goodbye OUTSIDE in the heat. No coming inside and having a last drink or meal at a cafe like the old T1. I can't think of another modern international airport with that restriction. Immigration ......hmmmmm, be prepared for a very long wait to get through. 2.5 hours before a flight is now too short if this week was anything to go by. My plane left 30 minutes late after waiting for stragglers from the checkin and immigration processnig queues. No idea what shops and food they have at the new terminal - it was a blur as I ran to the gate
  2. When I don't want to drive (or fight for a parking spot) in Cebu, we use Grab. It is getting harder to get a Grab though - seems their number of drivers in dwindling since the Uber "merger". I prefer Grab to taxi's because I can pay by my linked credit card - and not having to worry about smaller notes or change for the taxi. I found that Taxi's rarely seemed to have any change when I used them - that got a little old quickly. As for cost - neither local taxi's nor Grab are anywhere near what I used to pay back in Oz - fares of say $3 versus $3.50 are all so little in comparison to those back home I don't really mind Grabbing it
  3. GBT62


    Well as a comparison on the island (not just the city) - I have done 2 trips from Cebu (Guadalupe Bgy) to Moalboal on the other side of the island. Distance according to Google maps is just 86km - with the current driving estimate of 3 hours 5 mins. I have never done the trip in less than 3h hours 40 mins. Last month back in AU I took my GF from Brisbane City to the northern part of the Gold Coast - distance was 84 km - did that in 55 minutes - with roadworks at the southern end. You get the idea ...... she sure got a shock too
  4. People will steal anything from a car parked in the street. My first car - was a HG Holden sedan. Took me 6 months to save up and rebuild engine, gearbox etc while I waited to be old enough to get my license. It stayed down the side of our house. 2 weeks after I had it finished and got my drivers license - I got in to drive to work - now parked out on the street in front of the house.. Started it up fine - let out the clutch .....and no motion whatsoever - forward or reverse gears. I am thinking a clutch failure - and go looking under the bonnet (hood ). All good. Looked under the car - no prop/drive/tail shaft ! Some cheap Bastid had been under it during the night and stolen the damn thing. The car had insurance - parts didn't - too low for the deductible. So off to the wrecking yard - pity that thief didn't use them.
  5. I have found the AirBNB "included" wifi's here are generally as bad as the "free" wifi's in most hotels here (and back in Aussie). I picked up one of those Globe At Home Prepaid Wifi Routers for trips here - if the included Wifi is less than stellar. It's good insurance when you rely on access for work - even when on a break Was surprised on my trip back to AU last month - the hotel wifi at 3 places was simply rubbish. Of course, all 3 were free, so no real interest is given to resolve it - so a decent Phone SIM Data plan saved the day again.
  6. Yeah, have heard Rustans might have before (not sheets but a block to roll out ?). I look in freezers in S&R, Landers and Rustans each visit - time for another expedition now I have the appliance :)
  7. Sorry to drag up an old topic folks, but in my never-ending quest to find a decent pie and sausage roll in Cebu - I just had lunch at Abaca Cybergate today. I grabbed a traditional pie, sausage roll, chicken pie and spinach and feta roll - all takeout to sample over the next few days... They informed me that they will also be opening another Abaca in Robinsons Galleria next week and also they have the same owners as Red Lizard and Phat Pho. I picked up a pie-maker last week in Sydney so hopefully these Abaca treats will make the grade - otherwise I need to search for puff pastry in Cebu again - or make a mess of my kitchen to try to make my own
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