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  1. As above, I’d try setting her phone up as a hotspot. There’s some not bad data loads available. And if you look on the globe Philippines website, I think you can buy her load on there. also, they sell the globe at home prepaid wifi set up there. It claims to be faster than pocket wifi and can be left plugged in. It’s on sale at P 1500. You could try buying that. Says free delivery.
  2. I don’t think steve means the shower. Rather the plastic wall covers. In place of tiling the wall.
  3. I can see it happening. I loaded a tank game on my iPad a few weeks ago. It’s free...then the up sell ads pop up. I was pretty shocked at the price. I figured they’d be $5 or $10. Nope, some are $139. The games can be pretty addicting. Fortunately my cheapness is stronger than my desire to get more a power in the game.
  4. What about a leave of absence from you job? Try it for 3 months or so and see if it’s what you really want. I think most of us who haven’t made the final move worry most about the money, and forget that we may not like it as much as we think.
  5. Ok, I’ll throw my story in. Except about chicken, not car parts. Went to the French baker at moa on Sunday. me: I’ll have the 2 piece chicken meal please. Waitress: I’ll check if it’s available sir......sorry, only 7 piece available. Me:..............uhhhh. Oh. Ok.......
  6. bob1965


    You can buy a refillable k cup and buy whatever beans you like. Saves Money over time. i can’t be the only curry pot.
  7. Transferwise has different fees based on how you pay. Debit card vs direct debit vs credit card. That’s probably why you see the $2 difference. I don’t know if they’re the best, but I have used them several times and like them.
  8. If he paid by credit card he should contact the credit card company. I had a ticket booked on wow...which I booked 5 days before the declared bankruptcy!!!....my credit card company reimbursed the full amount bc I did not receive the service.
  9. Yep, Clark to Macau is now P1741 a good way to check is go to google flights. Put your date and departure location. No destination, and search. Shows you all the options available.
  10. I’ll jump on the bandwagon (the neuropathy). That’s going to get worse. And it’s a major cause of losing a foot or leg. If you don’t deal with it, you’ll very likely regret that choice. end of lecture.
  11. Agreed...compression socks. They really help. And wear them on the flight next time. The heat is probably making it worse. When it’s in the 30’s my fingers and feet swell for a week or so, until I acclimatize.
  12. How was the buying experience? Bought it in your name on a foreign licence? Plates? If you do end up selling it in Manila, post it on here. It does look like a nice bike, someone might be interested.
  13. What did you end up Buying?
  14. If you’re in Manila for a week you can do a few day trips. Tagaytay, Corregidor, intramuros is worth a look etc. Pretty easy to burn through a month.
  15. I think pag ibig is mandatory to whoever has a job there. With contributions coming from both employer and employee. I have a friend who just got her house using pag ibig, and their interest rate is better than regular bank rates. But in general, yes...I don’t understand how the banks can charge the interest rates they do.
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