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  1. bob1965

    Manila mtr

    If you have luggage, don't do it. I took the mrt just to experience it as well...experienced it. Wouldn’t do it again unless I had too. I though the trains were crowded in Bangkok. Manila is way worse. Try grab instead. Or look into the new-ish bus service.
  2. bob1965

    Ferry to MOA / Sea Residences

    I agree with onmyway. I stayed there for 2 weeks at the beginning of the year. I think it’s a great location. Took the ferry to Corregidor. That’s a worth while trip. There’s a guided tour included, and a buffet lunch. I would say sea residences is showing wear and tear way too quickly. In my unit there were cracks in the wall in the bedroom and bathroom. And not small ones, I’d say a fair bit of foundation settling. The pools are nice. But having said that, the water felt kind of “greasy”...and I had a nice red eye the next day. Antibiotic drops helped that. Next time I’ll wear goggles and hope for the best. easy to get to from the airport. Safe area. 10 minute walk to Moa. Couple of local restaurants part of the main floor. 2 convenience stores right there for water, snacks etc. If anyone’s interested, there’s an archery place just down the road. That was a good way to spend an hour. So, I’d stay there again. Although in November I’m going to check our shell instead. It looks nice too. And it’s 3.5 million + for the asking price now. oh...last thing. Try and get manila bay facing unit. Great sunsets. And I was there when they had the fireworks contest. Great view of that from the balcony. Especially with some take out food and a beer.
  3. Maybe slightly off topic...but I agree with jack. There's constantly articles about people having social media posts used against them. People losing their jobs. Insuarance companies cancelling policies. It seems wrong that it happens like that, but it does. So being a bit careful about what you post is a good idea.
  4. bob1965

    Bag of beans.

    Pretty sure it's real. Fries were good too. pretty thick piece of beef. and cooked nicely. Fish was also done well. Not too "battery".
  5. bob1965

    Bag of beans.

    Hi all. Couple of weeks ago I ate at bag of beans in tagaytay. They have a couple of locations. I give it a thumbs up. View over the lake was great. Good service. I enjoyed the food. All in all, I enjoyed the ambiance and food. And will definitely be going back. roast beef was P475. Fish and chips was P340. And the bus runs along the Aguinaldo highway from Manila, so easy ride.
  6. bob1965


    Yep, what's with the no cooking thing? I was looking at a few condos near mall of Asia, and they nearly all stipulated no cooking. That sort of makes it pointless staying in a condo. Back to red planet for me.
  7. bob1965

    Budget of p72,000 pm. Enough?

    Hi I have been thinking about buying a condo there too. I've looked online quite a bit, and I'm not really convinced it's a good financial decision. I'll do some in person looking in sept, but as of now I think renting looks like a better option. As was said, purchasing leaves you fixed in a location. It also appears reselling is not an easy prospect. The concern about spending all the lump sum of cash is certainly valid. What about looking at an anuity. You'll get a monthly income, and once you buy it the cash in out of your control. It's not the best time to buy bc interest rates are low, but it does provide reliable income.
  8. bit late on this, but someone else might be looking. I got a place in pasay from airbnb. price for a single night will be around the same as a hotel. for a week, its less. mine came to $377 Canadian for 8 nights. I was on Newport drive, in a one bedroom condo. maybe 10 minute walk to grocery store/mcd's and resorts world etc. I arrived back into terminal 3 and just walked there.
  9. bob1965

    Living on a pension

    Thanks jpbago. Good info to have. It's not too bad a deal as a backup. The 212 days out of province is why I would keep Ontario as my residence. BC would be more convenient, but only allows 6 months. And I plan on having additional travel insuarance. I can keep the travel insuarance from my job (after I retire) until 65. I just have to see if there is a time limit out of country on that. There's a lot to consider to make it a smooth transition. Good thing I have three and two third years to go. or is it....
  10. bob1965

    Living on a pension

    Oh, I'll definitely be filing a return. I want to keep Canadian residency for various reasons. I'll stay out of country as long as I can while maintain my health insuarance. But I have no doubt the CRA will make sure they get their cut of my pension etc before I see any of it. They're pretty "good" that way. Now, I'm pretty sure a read that if you're living in the Philippines full time, you have to pay tax there. Anyone doing that?
  11. bob1965

    Living on a pension

    I looked into my pension plan, and they will deduct taxes before I get my pension payment. And I suspect it will be more than 25 %. So, no reporting to CRA needed for me.
  12. bob1965

    Buying what vehicle

    I think it's called the Mitsubishi asx there. 1,165,000 pesos.
  13. bob1965

    Living on a pension

    This is a good topic. I've been considering this regarding what will be best when I retire. I pretty much decided I want to split my time, 7 months there, 5 months here. Two reasons for that. First is to maintain my provincial health insurance. Not to sound morbid, but it's only a matter of time before I need first world health care. And 5 months a year in ontario maintains that. Second....I'm no expert on that part of the world. I've been three times to Asia now, and I really enjoy my time there. But I think after a certain amount of time it would start wearing on my nerves. No offence to the country, but things don't run smoothly. Weirdly, that's part of what makes me like it too. It's like there's not much challenge in life here (in Canada). And I enjoy the totally different way of life. But as I said, I figure it will become less fun after a number of months. Being home will reset my tolerance. Well, that's my theory at least.
  14. I think Honda ruckus = Honda zoomer over there.
  15. bob1965

    Living on a pension

    Hi stevewool... the increases are from reaching certain milestones in my pension plan. and yes, it is dependent on me still working and paying in. with my plan at least, we have the right to retire at 55 (as long as we are vested) regardless of how many years we have in the plan. but we only get a % of our pension dependent on years of paying in. so I can take a reduced pension at 55. earliest unreduced pension is 3 years later at 58 (30 years paying in). and those last 3 years make a surprising difference in pension. as I said, when I look at the extra money, i'm not considering what I will need at 55. I have to consider the next couple of decades after that. but I certainly do appreciate the sentiment that nobody dies wishing they had worked longer.