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  1. Thanks. Just spent an hour checking out different stations. There’s some interesting accents out there.
  2. I’m Looking at getting a VPN service right now. If anyone’s Interested surfshark have a deal on currently. $67 cdn for 2 years. Get good ratings on cnet etc. 30 day money back guarantee.
  3. Ok, good to know. 6 months in canada is a month more than I was planning. But by 65 I might be good with that. On a side note, I’ll be taking the reduced cpp and collecting at 60. I’d rather get less when I can enjoy it more. second side note. I should have arrived in Manila yesterday. Instead I’m at work. I hope this doesn’t last too much longer or It’ll be next year before I get back.
  4. Are you sure cpp has residency requirements? Oas does, but I’m under the impression you pay into cpp so they have to pay it back.
  5. Take the walkway from terminal 3 over the expressway. Straight ahead then left on newport blvd. There’s a supermarket 5 minutes walk.
  6. Look on YouTube. bisayanghilaw channel.... BUDOTS DANCE COMPILATION
  7. Oh...and what time is it.... it’s 4.44 am and I’m reading these posts. Bc I got back Sunday. My new schedule is work 730 to 330. Fall asleep at 7 pm. Wake up by 2 am. Repeat. I wish I was back there too.
  8. Are you still cold? Maybe these will help.
  9. Airbnb? I see places in Manila as low as $22 Canadian a night for next week.
  10. You may have all seen that foreigners without a residence permit can’t come in via China, Hong Kong or Macau. If not, and you’re flying soon....try and rebook through another hub. I’m booked to leave Toronto on the 15th. Was connecting through hk. Rebooked as soon as i heard, with no change fee. now, if duterte stops flights via Korea, I’m screwed.
  11. I’m interested to see the change in vendors etc. Been watching the clearing on YouTube. I like to wander around baclaran and that was pretty crazy with vendors. But I think we can thank the mayor, not duterte.
  12. I looked at loans on bikes there too. The interest rate is crazy. If you’re going to keep a bank account in the states, what about getting a line of credit there. That way you don’t have to jump through hoops, the interest rate is better, and it’s revolving credit. Handy in case you need it again in the future. I assume it would also help keep your credit score up.
  13. The pic does remind me of being younger. That was Sunday dinner. Only one type of potato though. And I bet my mother made her Brussel sprouts more “tender” than those.
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