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  1. @KurtVD did you also checked cities outside of Metro Manila? A recommendation would be Davao City. Lots of activities and dining possibilities. There is even a Swiss Deli in Lanang. And if you want to go swimming just head to Samal island. Do you like to live in an enjoyable climate then try to find a rental in The Eden area in Davao City. One caveat in the Philippines is that many rentals have a minimum rental duration of one year.
  2. Would agree but can you be sure that there are up to date alternators being installed in the cars being sold on the Philippines?
  3. Short distance driving (up to 15 km) is not good either for a battery. It will then not be recharged well while that short distance. A special off car battery pulse charger with recondition function can revive a battery as long it is not too far down. A very good brand for battery charger is CTEK.
  4. Most dead people in the traffic in the Philippines are motorcycle drivers and coriders. It is much saver to use a car in the Philippines.
  5. You can also find a leakage by the sound it makes. The company which did searched our leakage used a highly sensitive microphone to locate it. A bigger leak makes bigger noises.
  6. That is nothing against what happened to me in Switzerland. The water tube to my house is leaking. At the attempt to locate the leakage they did accidentally broken the main valve. Damage: a broken street. Monetal damage including fixing the street, the new piping and replacing of the damaged electrical installation between 50k and 100k US$. Fortunately is the insurance paying that damage. For the TS case it is better to repipe if the leak can not be found.
  7. I heard also that MDMA (extasy) can be working quite well also on a PTSD.
  8. Ormoc would have been the better city in the case of hospitals. I heard terrible stuff about the hospitals in San Carlos City (NegOcc) being undermanned and have inequate personel. I heard even of several cases where relatives had to bribe the ambulance car driver for rushing patients to Dumaguete. In my case I can still not decide where to live in the future. My wife stated to me that she do no longer want to live in the Philippines full time due the hospital issue. This makes the situation even worse.
  9. BTW: did you checked also on OLX and other real estate sites (and even searching on facebook) for rentals in the area to get a grip about the rental costs. (Wow. On OLX can currently no rental be found in the specific area.) And then do the boot work in the area. You can also try to ask tricycle and jeepney drivers if they know something.
  10. That there are still so many stupid people not learning the lessons that owning or trading drugs in the Philippines (and other countries) are dangerous or even being deadly.
  11. After Xoom closed my account without explaining why I switched also to Worldremit and never had any issues with them. Probably Xoom closed my account because I did not had an US credit card. Yeah. 3 months not used Xoom after the last successful transaction just to find my account being closed.
  12. In Ormoc City they are planning to turn the burned down Gaisano Capital into a car park with shopping stalls on the side.
  13. Fixed the link in my posting Edit: something is messing up the link again Another try here.
  14. Poles in the streets seems more common than we can believe.
  15. I do use Candesartan from Sandoz. Good alternative if you have issues with ACE- blockers. Me had to change from ACE-blockers due severe cough caused by them.
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