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  1. We give everyone the benefit of our help and faith in their good intentions.Until they murder their wife and bury the body in the back yard then run away to the Philippines to be with another loving filipina.But that's going off topic. For more on that, please go to This Thread :tiphat: But Bob isn't from viva Las Vegas! :89:
  2. Here's a simplistic way of looking at it "Doubts leads to untrust"! "Trust begets love and loyalty"!If neither works, just move on, because there's other fish in the ocean! And about pension houses, you get what you pay for, foriegner prices or not! But since it's in Cebu, I understand the P18,000 to P20,000 a month rent! Where I live, a decent 1 bed room apt only goes for P5,000 to P8,000 a month! It's just all about location, location, location!
  3. Then I guess you won't want to hear Frank "blue eyes" Sinatra to sing his original "My Way"? He's as Americana as they get! Was he ever in WWII or just acted in them? :tiphat:
  4. Tuka Ram,May you live long & prosper! There's nothing wrong living in a nipa hut!They are much cooler!https://www.google.c...iw=1120&bih=635
  5. :lol: Zorro! :)Does turd smell when it freezes in - 15 deg F weather? What scissors? Can't you just break it off by hand? :hystery: Yeah, we're way off topic again!
  6. It was "a hunka hunka burning in love" and not "humpa-humpa burning in love"! Hear it for yourself! :lol:http://youtu.be/2bxxIvPZwG4Ops! Off topic sort of!
  7. Actually, the only reasons why one would to go to Angeles City is for the "HUMPA-HUMPA" and or to buy some of their fine rattan furniture and or wood carvings! :lol:
  8. What's so new when the MCL-08 is 6 years old? Procedures and policies do change over time! What has been copied and pasted here is good information and the website was dated Jan 2010, but the link could not be posted here since it came from an ex-member from this forum who was not a every popular guy with the forum owner here, no need to mention any names! I just wonder though how up to dated it really is I mean the 2008 MCL-08, because I have come to the conclusion, not to believe everything one reads on an Official Philippines government immigration website! A few years ago when doing my wife's application for her Dual Citizenship application, I followed all the instructions from their immigration website, printed out the forms they provided and come to find out at the Philippine Consulate that it was all wrong with the wrong form format and too many copies of documents attached! If one knows of any direct contact to the main BI offices, Embassies and or Consulates in Manila, call or email them first, which may greatly increase one's chances of avoiding mistakes in any immigration application filing, but with that said, good luck to all to those doing their 13a/g visas or whatever in the near future!
  9. Good for you Mike! That was what I was talking about, doing it yourself without the help of an agent or fixer! You must had the time and patience! Will you have the time and patience again when your renewal comes up at the 10 year period? Good luck to you when that time comes! Take care! :hystery:
  10. If you both have a good understanding of one another and trust one another, you can just ask her what her immediate needs are and just give her the necessary funds to tie her over until you get to the Philippines! It's just as simple as that!
  11. It's not clueless, but a borderline derogatory statement by the black and Filipina models, including the caption! JMHO!
  12. Your actual quote: Yes, the PI is a beautiful place and safe in most parts but the only news you see about the PI is negative, and there is quite a bit of that. Hell, there are many (many) places that the Filipinos won't even go traveling to because of the dangers due to actual problems or misconceptions of the place. Besides, CNN's negative comments didn't get posted here by CNN themselves!
  13. My point is, isn't there enough negative comments about the Philippines? It's not a matter of who lived in the Philippines the longest, but of the attitudes of people in general living in the Philippines! All of the bad things in the Philippines won't go away in our lifetime! All we can do is accept it and or be part of the solution instead of becoming part of the problem! I've lived in the Philippines off and on for 24 yrs, and the last 13 of those yrs were consecutive here in Northern Central Luzon and I was born here, I read, write and speak the Filipino Tagalog language fluently!
  14. Will a slightly used "hand me down" nuclear powered aircraft carrier work too? :541:
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