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  1. I dont think this eruption will have any affect on property value one year from today. Once the taal stops making a fuss. The ash will get cleaned up and everyone will forget. If anything it might bring in more tourists. Let's g.j o see the valcano that erupted last year etc.
  2. I wonder how this will affect the local economy in Tagaytay? Some of those mama and pop restaurants or hotel's may not be able to stay closed for too long
  3. My co worker has been living in Costa Rica for the last 7 years. He loves it! He works in the US half the year and lives in CR the other half. I've been talking about the Philippines and he is considering a switch. I will bring him with me to the PH on my next trip for him to check out. I've explained that the cost of living in the PH is lower than CR and no need to learn a new language. He is single and does well with the CR ladies and I've told him that Filipina ladies are very sweet and caring too. I'd like to know if any one on the forum has experience with both Countries and could add any insight. For example: Cr has socialized healthcare but Ph healthcare is cheep and good in the larger cities. Cr is closer to the US but flights are about the same cost. etc. Thanks
  4. I love Filipino culture however the main thing I struggle with is communication. I am a very direct and honest communicator and when I ask a straight forward question I don't always get a direct and honest answer, especially if the answer is no. I've asked my driver if he can do something for me while I am away and the answer is always "yes sir" but he doesn't do it. My wife tells me it's because he is saving face and doesn't want to say no to me. He is a great person but doesn't want to disrespect me by being rude but I'd wish he would just say no so I can find someone else to do it. Oh, and my inlaws don't understand my sarcastic humor. But then again I don't understand their humor too.
  5. I just bought over one Hectare of land on top of a volcano. Had to put it in the wifes name but we've been married since college. I plan on building several houses in the hope that her family will move from Manila and live with us. I never had a family growing up and am very close to my Wife's family. If I can put the houses in my name even though I don't own the land then at least I own something. In terms of inheritance I don't really care who owns the damn land. Our daughter, mother in law, sister in law, the dog. As long as I get to fart around all day and play with my Carabao in the mud they can have it. Just don't kick me off til Im dead. Filipino culture is based on the concept of Giving and sharing. So hopefully our compound will get passed down to her nieces and nephews.
  6. Foreigners cannot currently own land here in the Philippines....period... That's the law... sorry gery0x. Tommy T I thought it is possible to inherit your wife's land. I was under the impression her children get first dibs then the spouse. Or was it Children, parents, siblings, next door neighbor, mail man then foreign husband?
  7. My wife and I bought a farm in Cavite last year and we have been making many changes in our lives in preparation to move out there soon. Life changing stuff. I'll be totally honest with you. If there were not kids playing in the streets I would not make the move. Period. The main reason we want to move is for that lifestyle. kids in the streets, old folks in chairs, dogs wondering around and nobody has shit to do.
  8. My wife and I want to build a house and rent out on AirbNb etc in the Ph. Also thinking of Corporate retreat or wedding reception rental. As a foreigner can I do this and pay tax or does everything have to be in the Wife's (Filipina) name?
  9. On this forum I read a lot of guys complaining about many of the things that are irritating about living in the Philippines compared to their western home country. I think this is normal to vent your frustrations however I must believe that because you are still living in this beautiful country there must be more wonderful things that keep you there. I'd like to know what those things are. I'll go first. I am not a fan of super loud singing or blasting car horns but I absolutely love to wake up to a cock crowing, a few motorbikes speeding by and the sound of someone yelling Taho from the distance. Don't get that back at home and it just reminds me of the Philippines. I love the food! Filipino food most of all but all kinds of food seems to taste better in the Philippines. I especially love street food. I love to see kids playing in the streets with a smile on their face. Kids with home made sidewalk games instead of peering into their phones. What do you love about the Philippines that you just don't have in your homeland?
  10. boyee


    I don't think this is necessarily the case - house prices increase over time without question BUT at what rate and at some point you will want to realise your asset - the market suffers blips and you may wish/need to sell during one of those downturns. I sold my house when I left when the market was hot in my area - looking at prices since then, the increase is only at 3-5% per annum - I could make that by investing the capital elsewhere and not have the hassle/expense of maintaining a property abroad. I used the capital to buy a property in Hong Kong which provided a much higher return. Yes, you can rent out your property but that brings its own challenges and you may then have to offset rental income against the rent you may then have to pay in the new destination. I'm not sure there is a clear yes/no on this decision, all down to individual situation. ya I tend to agree with HK blues. Leaving an empty house back home may provide a sense of security but financially speaking it seems like a wasted source of equity. Why not just sell it and save the money in the bank. You may not get the 3 - 5 % return but at least the money is there if you do decide to return back home. With the money liquid you could downsize or move to a lower cost area if you do go back home.
  11. boyee


    This would be a very good gauge if you remain in the same area that you worked in. 80% makes sense because the cost of living does not change. But I thought moving to the Philippines changes that cost of living i.e. you wouldn't need to save the same amount?
  12. boyee


    That’s the million dollar question ,or in my case the few hundred thousand question. If I only had a peso for every time I've asked this question. It seems that every one has a different answer though. I think I could live like a Filipino or close to it, I'm Chinese so being frugal comes easy. My Filipina wife on the other hand...not a chance! She is way too westernized and would require a lot more money for retirement than I. I think it depends on how much money you have saved up right now. Assuming you will be living off your savings and not a renewable monthly income like a pension. If working another few years allows you to save a lot more money then perhaps that would be wise. However many gents don't have a high savings rate and an extra few years would not add much to the bucket. If that's the case, as it is with most Americans, and you feel you have just enough than pull the trigger. Accept a life of frugality and enjoy the simple things. I use the 4% rule. If you had a million bucks saved and put it in the market you could live off the interest of 4% which is $40,000 per year before taxes. Or another way to calculate it is to figure out how much you need per month. Lets say $,2,000. Multiply that number by 25. That's $50,000. Multiply that number by 12 (12 months per year) and it comes to $600,00. That's you FI number. So if you need $2,000 per month you will have to have saved $600,000. This is conservative and should not draw down your principle and account for inflation. So as you get older and closer to that golden staircase in the sky you can start to spend more and draw down your nest egg.
  13. I AM BOB.... I just want to hear more........
  14. I think most of us who grew up in a Western culture would agree but I wouldn't travel to India and try and convince people that the CASTE system is wrong. Even if, well it just is. Likewise when I'm in the PH I try to put my values aside a little and do as the Romans do. We shall see how that works out for me when I move. lol
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