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  1. As I recall he was on prescription meds for psych issues. Clearly he was not in the head.
  2. yes you are right yes, you are correct. The US is much more dangerous than other western countries and I do live in a major city where guns are very common. I think my point is my family in the PH don't know anyone personally who murdered their parents with his bare hands over a political argument. Because its freaking crazy! They think America is safer based on what they see in the news in Ph. I know how violent America is because I've lived it and personally have known people who live it. None of my personal experiences were ever reported on the news though so the perception that America is safe is unrealistic. Although I am surprised by your statistic above. America has 5 murders out of 100,000 and PH has 11 out of 100,000? I was not aware of that. Wow, twice the amount murders per capita. hmm...
  3. I don't think people realize how dangerous the western civilization are. My daughter was taking Karate lessons for years. There was a boy who was about 15 who was the instructors aid. We've known him for years and many times he taught the classes. One day he got in an argument with his mother about some political issue. I think it was during the 99% wealth inequality demonstrations we were having here in the states. Anyway he disagreed with his mom so he used his Karate against her and killed her with his bare hands. Then he waited for his dad to get home and strangled him to death with his bare hands. He put his dead parents in the trunk of his car and sat on the trunk all day. I happen to know his neighbor who asked him what he was doing and he told her. She obviously didn't believe him and went about her day. This kid went about his day too. Went to school, then went to help teach Karate, then went home as though nothing had happened. It was days before the bodies were discovered. My point with this horrible story is that I only know because the Karate teach and his neighbor told me. It never even made the local paper more or less the TV. This shit happens all the time in the US. It happens to our neighbors or the local Karate school and we would never be the wiser. If this happened in the Philippines we would all say what a dangerous place the Philippines is. The reality is America is ridiculously violent and dangerous and yet it appears to be clean, modern and safe. The PH may look third world but I don't think this type of violence is as common. Safety is relative to our knowledge of what happens around us.
  4. boyee

    Are You Rich?

    Hmm, maybe it is customary. When my wife's family comes to visit us here in the states we pay for everything. Every meal. It is also expected that we take vacation days off work so we can drive them around to go shopping for all the stuff they can't get back home. however, when my wife and I go to PH they do the same. Every meal is paid for, someone is always available to take us anywhere we want in Manila and they try very hard no not let us pay for anything unless it is to take back home. This Philosophy sounds very similar to your story of the host caters to the guest. Either that or you are the rich guy in the family and they think you can afford it. lol.
  5. Well than! How about Archery? If you aim it at the clouds it goes far.
  6. I agree that I have seen and heard of the same. As I read the law, there is not a single mention of "foreigner" or "alien". It says that only a citizen can own and possess a firearm. But all laws here are open to interpretation. Well than Fototek1, start planting Mahogany and Narra trees, buy your wife a long rifle, and ... invest in an artificial snow maker. There you have it all your hobby's are doable!
  7. It sounds like you are still on tract to make the big move. Your original description of you and your wife is very similar to me and my wife. We are mid 40's, Plan on moving in less than 6 years, my wife's family are upper middle class so no worries about that. We bought a farm and are planning on building a Retreat / Air BnB type rental and I love guns. You mentioned one of your hobbies is long distance shooting. I know a foreigner cannot own a gun and I would guess even shooting one may not be permitted. Now I don't yet live there so I don't really know but you might still be about to do it. I have An American friend who went to visit Manila. One of his wife's cousins took him to a gun range and he was able to shoot Uzi's, fully auto m16's etc. The guns and ammo belong to his wife's cousin and the range was private meaning the two of them had a section all to them selves. When the owner found out an American tourist was there he invited my buddy to the gunship where 3 guys were making ghost 1911's. There were even police officers who asked him to join them in a friendly gun n run competition although he politely decline to save face. Very smart move. Now he was definitely a tourist and not an expat but certainly not a citizen and he was there all day. Shooting all day. Everyone obviously know he was not a local but no one cared infact they were curious to see how an American could shoot. Maybe you could keep your hobby of long distance shooting in the PH. as long as you don't own the gun and ammo. Or maybe you'd go to jail. I don't know I'm sure a few Foreigners on this site who actually lives there will be happy to shed some light onto this.
  8. Art. 996. If a widow or widower and legitimate children or descendants are left, the surviving spouse has in the succession the same share as that of each of the children. (834a) So since we only have one child together. My child and I would have equal rights to the land. I am just not sure if her parents and her siblings would be higher up on the hierarchy than us. I would think her child would come first before her parents and siblings but then again what do I know, I'm still worried about the gardener.
  9. Again I could be mistaken but I have read in several places that a foreigner can own land if his wife dies. Clearly everyone in her family is ahead of him but I am pretty sure he is able to own a small portion of it. Does anyone know for sure? Since we bought a farm I am happy to share with her whole family but I'd at least like to have enough space for a Bahay Kubo and my Carabao. Something, I did pay for it after all. The land that is. The Carabao just followed me home one day.
  10. I've looked into land issue before, there is a list of hierarchy Primary - Legitimate children and/or descendants Secondary - Legitimate parents and/or ascendants; illegitimate parents (will inherit only in default of the primary heirs) Concurring - Surviving spouse; illegitimate children and/or descendants It is actually way more complicated than that. After hours of researched I've come to the conclusion that the gardener will have more rights to the land than I. Just kidding, I think 1/3 goes to her parents if they are still alive, 1/3 to her children, and maybe I might get 1/3. Just as long as we don't have a gardener. I believe this is the only way a foreigner can own land.
  11. LOl, Okay no seriously put your hands down. no really put them down. Actually I would stay, even if alone. It was my idea to move to the Philippines, not my asawa. In fact I had to convince her to do it. First of all I love the food!. I love her family, but I guess if she left me they would cast me out of the family. That would suck. I bought a large farm in the hopes that her family will come live with us. That is my dream. I've read that invading in laws can be a thorn in the side but my wife's family are not poor so I think that makes a difference. Not to sound like the jerk than I am, I only mean no one would ask for money with a long sad story attached. So I feel they are genuine when we hang out. Come to think of it they always insists on paying for everything when we visit. Perhaps my experience of the PI is different from the average Joe. But again I've digressed, The balik bayan requires the wife to travel with me I think. This would not always be the case so maybe a SRRV in my own name would be best.
  12. The money isn't the issue but Senior hound dawg has just informed me that with the 13A if the wifey left me the visa goes too where as the SRRV is more loyal. lol
  13. ahh, got it. Well since everything is in her name if she ever developed common sense and left my sorry ass then worring about a visa would be the least of my troubles. Who would remind me of what I jerk I really am? How would I be able to park my car without some telling me which parking stall to take only to find a better one closer to the entrance after I am half way parked. Just don't think I would be able to function without her anyway. But it does sound like the SRRV would be a better choice. Thank you
  14. Please correct me if I am wrong, It is true that 20+ years ago my wife renounced her Philippino citizenship to become a US Citizen. but later the Philippines changed the policy and said anyone who gave up their Philippino citizenship can regain it by applying for dual citizenship. She has done that and has both a US and Philippines passport. We just did this so she could buy land there. Now to my knowledge you are correct the US does not recognize dual citizenship but I don't think this matters. Also because we were married in the US it is true she did need to contact the Philippine consulate here in the states and inform them that the most eligible bachelor in America has been taken off the market. So I think our marriage is official according to the Philippines government. I know I can do all the paper work for the 13A here in the states, intact there is no one year probation and only one visit is required. I'm just not sure if 13A or SRRV is the better option for me.
  15. I realize the SRRV is a bit cheeper but it seems to me the 13A would be more permanent. Or is the SRRV permanent too?