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  1. Well I'm doing it. The wife wants to move all the Western comfort to her new home on the farm. Granted I still have to build the house. Right after I build my bamboo nipa hut where I will live. lol. I guess I better include an inverter so she can run all her western appliances at 110. Anyway if anyone wants to throw in some more random junk into my shipping container leaving Oakland let me know. no seriously please don't, we have enough western electrical shit as it is. Boy am I looking forward to that bamboo hut, charcoal stove, simple life.
  2. Hi, I'm looking for a company that can ship a 40 foot container from California to Manila. Any suggestions? Costs ?
  3. I have Vanguard which I love. But they will not allow me to keep them if I am not a US resident. Ill talk to Schwab, I hear they are more friendly to expats
  4. I'm moving to the Philippines at the end of the year for permanent retirement. All of my financial's are with brokers in the USA. Retirement investments. My understanding is I may not be able to keep my financial Investments with a US company if I move out the Country. i.e. no longer a US resident. What do you guys do? Is there a US Financial firm that will allow me to keep my retirement stuff in the US while I'm living abroad or do I need to transfer everything to a Philippines bank? What is the best way? Thank you
  5. Hi. I have a family member who lives in Manila that suffers from Anxiety and Depression. I'm looking for the best Psychologist or mental health institution money can buy. I am serious. There must be places where the wealthy go for very personalized and effective help. Thank you.
  6. Welcome Peter B. If you don't mind me asking. Why are you moving from Thailand after so many years?
  7. Where I'm from this means she has a big booty.
  8. I cant understand what any of you are saying. Speak American!
  9. My wife's Cousins in Manila all have multiple helpers. Drivers, cleaners yaya's for the kids etc. They pay a decent wage and most treat them well. An interesting comment they make is NOT to over pay. My western brain tells me that if you overpay people they will be more motivated to perform and keep their job. However I'm told by Filipinos overpaying can lead to problems. Seems weird to me.
  10. Sure, I'll go for it. I'll give you feedback and my honest opinion. You come across as a complete arsehole in my honest opinion, very crass as well. Ever since you started posting on here you have always tried to drop money and insinuate your worth into your posts, very tacky. Regarding posting your net worth of $2.6 million dollars... are you really sure that was necessary? Obviously posting personal wealth of this amount is not the safest idea. However it seems to me the original poster intent was not to brag but rather to disclose his situation honestly so readers can get perspective into his situation. I for one am not offended with this bluntness. Clearly locals in the PH and HI know this Gent has money and uses it to enjoy his life. I say go for it.
  11. A buddy of mine and I are going to stay in Makati for two days in May. Never been to that part of the city, anyone have any suggestions of what to do?
  12. I dont think this eruption will have any affect on property value one year from today. Once the taal stops making a fuss. The ash will get cleaned up and everyone will forget. If anything it might bring in more tourists. Let's g.j o see the valcano that erupted last year etc.
  13. I wonder how this will affect the local economy in Tagaytay? Some of those mama and pop restaurants or hotel's may not be able to stay closed for too long
  14. My co worker has been living in Costa Rica for the last 7 years. He loves it! He works in the US half the year and lives in CR the other half. I've been talking about the Philippines and he is considering a switch. I will bring him with me to the PH on my next trip for him to check out. I've explained that the cost of living in the PH is lower than CR and no need to learn a new language. He is single and does well with the CR ladies and I've told him that Filipina ladies are very sweet and caring too. I'd like to know if any one on the forum has experience with both Countries and could add any insight. For example: Cr has socialized healthcare but Ph healthcare is cheep and good in the larger cities. Cr is closer to the US but flights are about the same cost. etc. Thanks
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