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  1. Hi Steve, Only just seen this post. The reason why your pension is different from others will almost certainly be due to you being a different age to the other members and different rules applying. At 44 years you should be fully funded, so no more contributions required. It will also depend on whether or not you contracted out of SERPS/S2P during your working life. the gov.uk website is actually very good (when it works) and as Steve says you can get a reliable forecast of your state pension. For those that havent paid in for a few years, you can backdate class 3 contributions for up to seven years (sometimes even longer), and this can also be done online. In most cases its a worthwhile exercise and cost about GBP 4 per week. Jamie
  2. Thanks Tom .We tried that already. The top result is basically just a press release, and the site basically has everything but a directory of the shelters they offer. Plus, they are far away from Tokyo, but still in a major city. P.s. we are overseas at the moment so maybe the search result is different
  3. Hi Everyone, One of my wife's best friends is currently in Japan. We knew her Japanese husband is a bit crazy, but we have just found out this evening that he has been hurting/beating one of the kids. Does anyone know of any refuge/support network that she can contact? Ive not mentioned the city just in case, but I will PM anyone with specific details who knows anywhere or any kind of support network where she can take her kids to be safe. I've tried searching but it seems there its one of those things that is culturally ignored. Its a long shot here, I know. but we gotta try. Thanks in advance.
  4. HSBC, Citibank, and some BPI ATMs allow you to withdraw up to 20k at a time i believe. Also, HSBC dont charge either You could always use a remittance service like world remit to transfer the cash to yourself and pick up from a local agent. that would be much cheaper
  5. Morning All, With the fairly frequent posts about our partners/spouses and their families repeatedly asking for money, i just wanted to share something which I think is rather nice: A bit of background .... about 2 years ago I helped the missus and her family set up a business (water refilling station) in her province. It started slow, but eventually, with a bit of western business logic, it is now making good money to the point it pretty much covers their life down there and they have also started renovating/extending the house without a single contribution from me. Anyway, so i turn 18 again today (for the 39th time lol), and this morning I was presented with a scrap of paper which turns out to be a bank deposit slip. It turns out that, in addition to saving for the house renovations, Papa had been busy saving money to buy me a birthday gift. Apparently, when it actually came to buy a gift he had no idea what to get (he told my missus that he thinks i have everything already!) so thought better to just put some money in my bank account ....... P10,000. Of course, i would much rather they put the money towards the house renovations as its alot of money for them, but the missus was insistent that I 'taste the juice of the business'! I was incredibly touched and kind of restored my faith in humanity a bit (not that i had lost it, but Filipinos and their families can be testing at times!). Anyway, something nice to share for a friday morning. Jamie
  6. Yep! Although there are actually two run ways (one much smaller that can accommodate light aircraft and smaller commercial planes e.g. A320). Problem is that the two runways cross eachother meaning only one can be used at a time.
  7. Firstly, im so sorry to hear of your health problems .... the last thing you need is a financial issue such as this to add to your burden. Foreclosure is used as a last resort in the event of default and in most countries banks would do their best to negotiate a repayment plan before repossessing your property. That said, this is the Philippines and it could be different. I guess it would really depend on what it states in your loan agreement. There is alot of case law with regards to foreclosures, but it would seem to indicate 3 months of missed payments is the general rule of thumb. If I were you I would go to the bank in person (the actual branch linked to the loan account) and speak to the manager. take of all of your supporting documents (including your health certifications) with a copy to give to the manager. Ask him to escalate this to the manager of the collections department. If he cant do that then ask him to ask his area manager to do it on his behalf. Writing to collections wont help as you will just get a standard copy and paste response. Something else to take into consideration is this; did the bank insist on you taking out some kind of insurance together with the loan? Sometimes these policies can pay out in the event of serious illness which may well help your situation.
  8. Yep its a good place to visit for a few days. be prepared to be shocked at how expensive everything is though.
  9. Singapore is known for its very expensive hotels. There are some cheap hotels in the changi area which is a short cab ride from the airport. Its been a while, but Hotel 81 was always the budget hotel option when i lived in SG. Although from what I have heard i believe the '81' refers to the average length of a guests stay (in minutes) or the number of bed bugs per square cm! Whichever it was, its not good. I would just stay in the airport ..... as far as long layovers go, Singapore is probably the best place to be.
  10. Travelling with Kids is always a pain, but never as bad as you think it will be .... in my experience anyway. Car seats - in the UK private cars have to be fitted with car seats if traveling with an infant/toddler. Not sure about Taxis etc. Eurozone is probably the same.
  11. We have always used Grab so no real change for us. The problem with uber in some SEA countries (possibly the philippines too) is that the driver doesnt know where he is going to take you until he picks you up. Whilst that was designed to stop drivers being selective with their passengers, all that happened was they give the passenger a call, ask where they are going and if they dont like it they just cancel.
  12. Im in the UAE pretty much once a quarter and this has also been our route of choice over the past couple of years back to the uk. To answer your questions specifically: A. Look at skyscanner or Google flights. Those are the best tools for cheap flights. B. Yes, and if you go with emirates the process is very simple. once you have booked your flight with a stopover there is a link on the site with the application form. Its straightforward and most importantly emirates sponsor the visa (otherwise you would be forking out a deposit of AED 10,000). You may actually find your partner is entitled to a transit visa which allows up to a certain time outside of the airport without a visa at all. https://www.emirates.com/english/before-you-fly/visa-passport-information/uae-visas/ C. Absolutely. When you land, buy yourself a metro ticket prepaid card and basically follow the metro line to the key sites (Burj Khalifa, Dubai Mall etc etc ..... Google maps is your friend). That will take you right back to the airport too. You get a reasonable view of the Burj al arab as well from the metro line. Im sure there are organised tours too. Depending on the time of year you go it can be very very hot and humid in July/August so walking anywhere isnt an option and if you get stuck there in ramadan bear in mind that food and beverage options will be limited throughout the country and if you have kids with you i wouldnt even bother going in. The airport is alot more relaxed for F&B during ramadan. Others have mentioned flying through Qatar, and i spotted the other day that they are putting their new 787 on clark to doha which would be much nicer than the old 777 from Manila. Not sure about stop over options, but i was in Doha the other week and wouldnt really rate it that much.
  13. Smart 4g data is the best for sure especially in Manila. Globe is just too intermittent. Not sure about the provinces, but ive been able to download movies at a pretty reasonable speed using a smart bro data sim card which can also be used in pocket wifi.
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