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  1. Thanks all for the ideas. I will see if he is on the birth certificate. Somehow I doubt it. Worth checking though.
  2. As you can tell from all of the ideas, cough is a very common symptom that has a broad range of etiologies. A good place to start is with a Doc you have confidence in. Sounds like you did/ are doing that. There are many rare etiologies that can be hard to track down and diagnose. So even working with a Dr. you trust is only a place to begin. PM sent
  3. So, you are saying it is not by complete random chance that every worker I have ever seen is a young attractive person:)
  4. Thank you all for the ideas. I have inquired a little more. Seems she has contacted the embassy in the past and they said she should write Pres. Duerte and/or sue the Father? Anyway, I will copy and paste the original in case someone else interprets differently - not the best English. She did tell me the guy was a married man, so I dont think he wants any official recognition. I am somewhat surprised the support lasted as long as it did. "Opo. Need me na to move write our President. Pres Duterte as that's the advice of some atourney n the Australian embaccy. Just get d opsition that if ever not me to go in higher level as if d father of my son either if I can talk n Dow my own way to rare this children of my own way by not bothering him I will do n did this but sad I no opsition but to sue him. Indeed not him acknowledged my son no paper I giv except DNA"
  5. Thank you Balisidar. All good questions. I will probably compile a list of ideas for her and try to point her in a direction that may bear fruit. I am not sure of many of the specifics. Actually I just dont do well keeping passwords. I also have an account "Corey" I started after I lost access to this one. Now I don't have the password to "Corey" or that email acct.:) Hear you on the money request. I do have a hard time saying no, but now days I am usually able to say no in the end. I know the money won't fix the problem and will only lead to another request. If only I could fix someone's life for $500, I would do it in a heart beat. I guess that wisdom is what comes with age (and bad experiences). However, I am not opposed to spending some time to try to help her. Thanks again!
  6. Hello all, Reaching out to gain wisdom for a friend. There is a woman I have known for years, but have not talked to for about 20 years. She found me on facebook and asked for help. Her basic situation sounds like she was the girlfriend of an Aussie for about 14 years. I think he would visit periodically and supported her and the son they had. About 5 years ago the support stopped and they have been trying to scrape by. I am not sure what caused the current crisis, but she is too old (she says) to get a job now as a cashier or other (over 50). She approached me for money to start an Avon business. However, it seems the best option would be if her son could get his citizenship and then he could work overseas. I think the father has cut off contact and I am not sure what options they have. Any ideas how they can proceed? Do they contact the Australian embassy? I am sure there are hordes of kids all over the world in a similar situation. However, in my simple mind it seems he would just be claiming citizenship that should be his based on birthright. Seems a shame to have a life full of difficulty if there is another way. Thanks in advance for any help or thoughts.
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