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  1. This is a Collins class submarine of the Royal Australian Navy. I am proud to be associate with my fellow "brothers in crime". However, I'm a little jealous about how they pull into port with their "flag" up. Whatever that vertical appendage is on the bow, it apparently attracts all the good looking babes in Olongapo. Leaving us (US sailors) with fugly leftovers. Gotta love them Aussies! Even their submarine is a horn dog......he, he.
  2. Jake

    Costa Atlantica In Port, 15th visit!

    You ever watch how these bad boys virtually park themselves? Of course in many cases, there are tugs that are attached to the hull, just in case one of the love boat's side thruster malfunctions and the harbor pilot has a fall back plan. First time I gazed upon a cruise liner out in the open sea, I was in shock and awe. I was up in CIC (combat information center or more appropriately.....christ - I'm - confused) monitoring my surface radar. Didn't realize how far out they could be "painted" well beyond the horizon. As she finally appeared on the horizon (about 12-15 miles), there was already a line of horndog sailors waiting to view the babes using the "big eyes". We were so horny that any babes for that matter, including the WalFart double-triple wide version, would give us some lasting/lusting memories.....he, he.
  3. Jake

    2 weeks and counting

    Hmm.......USA32. Is this your 1st time really? Well, prepare to get devirginized all over again. I wish that I could accompany you. I've got some seees-tairs I want you to meet....he, he. Have fun but always have the presence of mind -- watch your six, OK? Respectfully Jake
  4. Hmm.......Officer Danny. Is that how you write your after shift reports? I like it! Triple LIKE!
  5. Oh boy, you opened up a can of worms here Don. There is a little back story to all this which was revealed in another forum I belong to. My fellow master chiefs (active and retired) and I were shaking our heads that the new navy is maxed out on PC. No not the drug but something more stupid -- political correctness. It was not uncommon to have a little fun during the heydays of Vietnam War. Olongapo (my hometown) was considered to be one of the premier R & R port visits to blow 3-5 months of pay in just 3 nights. Whacha gonna do......sailors and marines being sailors and marines (especially those damn Aussies) can really have the best time of their life and yet can only remember a few details. For example: how you ended up back on the ship, barfing and butt ass naked or like a penguin returning to a massive flock, the smell will guide you and us westpac sailors (western Pacific) have a keen sense of smell finding the companion you had last night. OR some of us just say....puck it, go for the first one you meet on the 2nd night....he, he. I think the Australian and the British Navy taught us that! USS BREMERTON, an LA fast attack racked up many accolades during her time. Many of those missions are still classified and in this particular skipper, just like his predecessors before him, he worked his crew hard but played hard too. This skipper was already buddy-buddy with the mayor of Olongapo and of course, "arrangements" were made to show the crew his appreciation for a job well done. Thank god, I'm already retired. Otherwise I would have been in deep kimchi for my nasty jokes and prankster activities. I don't miss the navy but I do miss my boys. These days however, you can never tell what gender that sailor or marine might be. And the butt hurt sensitivity of those that are offended of the "old school" navy. Steady as she goes, all ahead flank, weapons free. Respectfully Jake PS -- respectfully request that Chief Warrant Officer BrettGC, RAN provide more details about his escapades, even the top secret ones......he, he.
  6. Jake

    Help me with Netflix ?

    Thank you everyone, especially Gentleman Jack for informing us about VPN, modems, routers, downloading vs streaming. Regarding the modem/router, I thought all along that these days, that both functions are housed in one package? I guess one needs to be careful when buying your own device(s) that it is compatible with the ISP service. And if you bought your own, does the ISP still come out and charge you for problems in devices not in their inventory? Does your ISP impose a data cap? For example here in Las Vegas, we initially had COX internet service with a whopping 1 terabyte data cap with $10 more for an extra 50 gigs, if you go over the 1 terabyte limit (that's one thousand gigabytes). I figured that was more than enough with multiple devices in my household. But we exceeded the upper limit with only a few more days before it resets back to zero. I soon found out that YouTube has an "autoplay" and will continue to stream unless you disable it. I don't know about NetFlix or other services. You may want to check out their settings. Happy binge watching.......
  7. Or how about the price of eggs in China.....he, he.
  8. Well soldier, you are trained to bend over and kiss your ass goodbye after shooting off your last magazine. But if you have a few more extra minutes.......it's party time! You can make it a sports game called The Last Man Standing -- to see who can dodge those flying lava bombs while staggering for another beer.....he, he.
  9. I'm going out on a limb but I think the mayor's office of Baguio is running the midnight oil in selling his approval signature for some of these building permits. Perhaps senator Gordon should look into that. Meanwhile, natural and man made calamities such as landslides and flooding, due to illegal deforestation could result where a whole side of a mountain collapsing and burying parts of the city. It is.....what it is.
  10. Jake

    Newtown Plaza Hotel - Baguio

    crab mango roll and vegetable tempura? Wow, that's something deliciously unique and to chase it down with a cold one. Excellent boots on the ground report! Thank you Don. You daughter by the way is destined to be another winner in the America's Got Talent show. Respectfully Jake
  11. Jake

    The affluence of Manila

    Dang Joe, you may be retired but you're still active! We need to hook up someday, chase the hot women and the cold beer. My warmest regards to you and your family. Respectfully Jake
  12. Jake

    Flashlights and Batteries

    Hey Robert, I've been accused of Amazon binge shopping for LED flashlights as well. I'm not a prepper or living off the grid but I gave out those small 500LM LED tactical flashlight to all my family members. My own personal collection are the 4 C size LED flashlights, only two. The D size were too big and heavy for my personal taste. My all time favorite is the old MagLite 4 C size. Unfortunately, it came with the MagLite standard bulb type so I'm waiting for the LED bulb that will hopefully fit and not rattle about. You provided some really good information about today's batteries. If I may Robert, this is what I learned from my own homework. Unfortunately, some are being sold fraudulently (even on Amazon) under the original manufacturer's name and are of inferior quality. For example, the ones that boast capacities of 6000mah or more and are sold much cheaper than say, a 4500mah should be avoided. Often times, you could tell by their weight, if the specs are provided. The ones that are durable, not prone to leakage, holds the charge longer are the heavier ones (thicker materials, thicker walls). By the way, the numbers associated with those rechargeable batteries (18650, 14500, etc) are the diameter and length in millimeters -- 18mm X 65mm (not 650). Respectfully Jake
  13. I can remember golfing at the old Binictican golf course. I bought 2 brand new balls -- the first was sliced deep into the jungle and the 2nd and last ball was stolen by those damn monkeys. Probably the same family stealing your side view mirrors.....he, he. It didn't matter, I was too drunk and having too much fun laughing at myself. By the way, I am severely handicapped....so am I allowed all 3 of those caddies?
  14. Dang Frosty, I thought you took a walk-about and got lost in the Out Backs. Great hearing from you again! Respectfully Jake
  15. Jake

    Hi everyone!

    Oops, I meant to say welcome in Russian. Well anyway, the current policy for new members of this forum is that you buy the 1st round of San Magoo. Merry Christmas young man! Respectfully Jake