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  1. On the subject of drinking tea, I have always been curious about the British custom/culture of drinking tea over coffee. I'm also curious why you guys drink the stuff from a small tea cup, as depicted in a lot of movies, even British war movies. What do you usually add to your tea -- or is it normally consumed straight? My first experience drink tea (grew up in southern California) was a cold pitcher of powder mixed lemon ice tea with sugar added. In my adult years, drinking hot tea from a Lipton tea bag (sugar and milk added) was the only choice when the coffee ran out. Although I must admit, a hot MUG of tea mixed with honey and lemon gave that soothing effect when you know you're coming down with a cold or a flu. Otherwise for me, it's still that good ole black coffee, plain and simple. Try to find that selection at Starbucks!
  2. OMW, too bad you can't train them to guard your side mirrors from those monkeys.....he, he. On a more serious note, with children around, I would go really psycho inspecting and cleaning out any hidden areas that offer a warm and dry place during the monsoon season. When is the breeding season for PI cobras? Are pellet rifles legal in PI?
  3. I could imagine the sheer terror of triple mast height swells or waves thrashing your yacht around like a cork in the mountains of turbulent waters. Did you also have a manual bilge pump, just in case? My only experience in the navy was a fleet emergency pull out from Subic, as a super typhoon was approaching the area (around 1978). The first ship that was over the horizon was CVN-65, USS ENTERPRISE, while the rest of the fleet were popping boiler plates just trying to keep up. Other than that, I usually sleep like a baby, making sure I was securely strapped to my rack.
  4. My experience is somewhat unique. Me being a Filipino with an American accent gave me the luxury of incognito most of the time. It is me who usually initiates a greeting that is often met with a pleasant surprise. However, there are times when the expat is obviously an a$$hole -- usually drunk at 9AM or humiliating their wife or GF in public. Back then when I felt young and invincible, I would raise my voice (in a restaurant) and say -- HEY DOUCHEBAG, BACK OFF. He would stop immediately, wondering where that came from, among all the locals surrounding him. These days, stupid people will continue to do more stupid things in public. Since I'm old and worn out, I have to think twice about standing my ground. You never know these days what they are carrying, possibly a bladed weapon. In today's society, people are more sophisticated scam artists, gentle and nice with hidden agendas. Proceed with caution....... Respectfully Jake
  5. Thank you Don. That website has some nice graphics and appears to be near real time.
  6. The sport of windsurfing and Hobie Cat sailing was very addictive for me. When you start to see whitecaps (around 12 knots of wind) dancing across some relatively flat water, especially around Puerto Galera island group to subdue the swells......I'm off for some speed and more speed. Do I crash and burn? Yep, many times but I get back up by using the sail to pull me up (water start) and then go screaming across that water once again. Of course I take a couple shots for antifreeze in my blood and to build up the courage to be stupid enough to go out during typhoon season. And of course, at my age now -- no more windsurfing. I might pull my back out, letting go of a "good one".
  7. Yeah, it was pretty exhilarating. I use to live in the Cavite area (south of Manila) along the coast of Manila Bay. It was interesting to see knee high brown water gushing in and out during low and high tides. I lost count on how many bio-hazards (diapers, dead animals) were running pass my elevated front yard. And with a couple shots of tequila, I use to go windsurfing during those times. Puerto Galera (south of Batangas) was one of the best place to scream across flat water, while holding on for dear life and not get airborne. Thinking back, I would never do that again.
  8. Well James, I'm sure you found a way to make it more entertaining. Cut in down into segments with your own secret recipe on serving the best tasting "seabugs", Filipino style. Again, well done Marine!
  9. Triple LIKE Don! Thank you! As a young and foolish sailor of US 7th Fleet, I was intimately familiar with Subic Bay and of course, my hometown of Olongapo City. Actually, that is where I finally got "de-virginized". I mentioned this before, but I believe I was the only senior graduating from HS.....still a virgin. After nearly two years of electronic tech schools, I made my first WestPac deployment. Yeah, Olongapo was 7th Fleet "Fantasy Island".
  10. Yep, terminate with extreme prejudice.
  11. Please be advised that the US Navy always conducts burial at sea with utmost care, compassion and demonstrates sincere sensitivity of grieving family members:
  12. My cousin semi-retired from being a "lot lizard" a long time ago. He's only active on northbound routes.....he, he.
  13. This is my cousin Jakeoff, showing his unique abilities......he, he.
  14. Congrats on your new build and we appreciate the progress reports with photos. I am very interested on how they would install earth ground and the wiring to each outlet.
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