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  1. Well guys, I must confess......this FilipinO uses that skin whitening cream. My butt is still dark but it feels so smooth....he, he. As far as available space on the bathroom sink area, most of my stuff are placed underneath to where I can find them. Her stuff are all over the place. Speaking of which.......you guys ever dig into your wife/GF purse? It's like sticking your arm deep into a black hole, where you can never find what you're looking for. One time I shook the bag to empty it. Big mistake......ended up in the dog house again. I will never touch her bag/purse for the rest of my life. A word of advice -- use a powerful flashlight to go digging into the unknown.....he, he.
  2. Wow Dan, Didn't know that you're that faithful to your wife's weapon. Judy keeps her's sharpened all the time.....he, he. Good boy ako........ Anyway guys, seems like bladed weapons are allowed in checked baggage at both destinations. But for me, even as a Filipino arriving at Manila airport, I felt uneasiness or feeling slightly paranoid. I would rather send my stuff via BB boxes. You never know what is coming up for the next airport scam, especially during major election campaign where someone needs hard cash. Remember the Bullet Scam?
  3. Jake

    Leaving you Comfort Zone?

    Hey Joe, I could remember Seattle being like San Diego but more laid back. While San Diego had illegals, I believe Seattle or the Pacific Northwest area was being inundated with lost Americans trying to escape normal life by going bare ass naked in the woods of the PNW. Sort of like The Burning Man and Woodstock all rolled into one happy joint. Don't worry, be happy was their slogan, camping out on the streets and nearby wilderness before heading north to Alaska.....he, he. Yeah, and the politicians and politics are going to chit too. I had a very nice comfort zone while residing in Silverdale, Kitsap county and wouldn't mind living there again. But as Dan (Old55) would suggest, maybe 6 in, 6 out rotation. It would seem like a fair compromise -- being able to return back to home base while you need more time to adjust/adapt/reject your new comfort zone. Perhaps that would be my comfort zone -- remaining flexible?
  4. I often wonder myself what my main motivation for retiring to the Philippines is. Partly it's to make my wife happy but if I do a little soul searching, I think what I need is to get out of my comfort zone, and if that means being a little miserable sometimes then so be it. Hey guys, The above quotation I hijacked from Heeb (Greg) who just came on board (I hope you don't mind Greg). It may have been discussed before but I think it needs to be updated with some fresh inputs. Thank you Greg for your concerns about taking the 1st step into the unknown and more importantly, taking the first step away from your comfort zone. Leaving your comfort zone? I don't know what the percentage is to reflect your happy factor that's beginning to tank and getting worse at your home country. Perhaps it was recently a marital issue, family issue, financial issue and soon that deep depression residing inside of you, will become a medical issue. Yeah, what kind of comfort zone is that? Upon arriving to the Philippines, how does one set up a new comfort zone? Or depending upon your personality, what are you willing to give up? How well can you adjust your tolerance level to a new and strange culture? If you were grumpy in your "old life", would you still be grumpy in your new life? Respectfully Jake
  5. Jake

    New Member

    Hey Greg, It's about time you came out of the closet.....he, he. Hopefully you will stick around and chat with us. You will find several veterans here that would love to shoot the chit with ya, you know......sea stories. Anyway, welcome aboard shipmate. All ahead flank! Respectfully Jake USN retarded
  6. Jake

    Blessing our new Home?

    This is an off shoot from Kevin's (SonJack) post about his new home. I'm sure you guys had some unique stories to tell about the various ways to bless your new home, property or new vehicle. I'm sure this subject was discussed before. Perhaps the mods can move this to the proper thread? For those on the cheap (like me), I would hire this pole dancer to entertain your house guests, as you celebrate the blessing of your new man cave:
  7. This is unprecedented, nothing like this has happened before? I think Homeland Security, TSA and Air National Guard would need to overhaul their security procedures to include this new threat angle. Besides high concentration of urban population within seconds from SeaTac International Airport, there are some very important and strategic military bases that are nearby as well. I was stationed at Bremerton, WA, the home port for a few Nimitz class carriers and further north, Bangor Trident Sub base. All juicy targets for a deranged mind willing to go for 15 seconds of fame on Face Book. State and federal agencies better get off their ass on this one......... PS -- don't they lock parked air crafts anymore? Nah......who is crazy enough to steal an F-16 anyway?
  8. As with Jack P, Intrepid and OMW (and a few others), I was grateful that they complied with my wishes of having a customized dog house on their property when I come by to visit. Nothing fancy mate, just big enough to view a 65" HDTV with a 10 MegaWatt sound system for my Karaoke. Oh, one additional thing........in order to properly "bless" your new home and property, please reserve a virgin spot on your new wall. I will come by later to give it the proper "golden shower".......he, he. Well done Kevin! Respectfully Jake
  9. Jake


    Metro Manila, especially Caloocan and Intramuros area are famous for their annual floods. You may want to steal this from the Philippine military. Get your US Army jumpers to help you out. And then pick me up so we could go bar hoppin', OK?
  10. Jake


    Hello my Friend, Apparently nothing gets you down Bob! I am relieved and happy that you're out and about mate. One of these days, we need to drink under the table......he, he. Respectfully Jake
  11. Jake

    Early Christmas BB have arrived

    Thank you Officer Dan for a detailed heads up. I must remind myself to be diligent in tracking the "chain of custody", as your personal property travels across the globe. A simple inventory list readily visible as you open the box was apparently the reason for them to stop rummaging. But temptation is very tempting........as they approach Christmas time. They "deserve" self help to have early Christmas gifts......he, he. Apparently happening NOT only in the Philippines. Respectfully Jake
  12. Jake

    My journey to finding a Filipina girlfriend...

    Well Colonel, I commend you for expanding your horizon, more towards SE Asian countries. As you may know, it is a "target enriched environment".......he, he. On behave of my fellow veterans in this wonderful forum, I would like to call out "attention on deck -- Colonel Redfeather arriving"! As far as I know, you're the most senior among us and we would like to pay tribute to you sir, by announcing......hey guys, 1st round of drinks is on the Colonel! Respectfully Jake USN retarded
  13. Jake

    Second visit

    Even though we haven't met yet, I can see your Scottish heart glowing again. Let me see......you started your journey over 4.5 years ago, by joining this wonderful forum, in which we shared in our laughter and our sadness. But most of all, we shared the love stories that brought tears of joy in our heart. May your journey start every morning with a magnificent sunrise! Well done, my friend. Respectfully Jake
  14. Jake


    There is a YouTube presentation about this popular website ShippingCart.com. The air freight fees are pretty reasonable and the security that it will arrive fast and safe, without customs fee would give me a warm and fuzzy feeling. Now regarding your issue with re-stacking to reduce the overall dimensions. How did you come to the conclusion that their dimensions (1144 cu/inch) was erroneous? Was it simply to instruct them to deflate your blow-up doll first and then remeasure? Just asking for a friend........
  15. Jake


    Miss Queenie, I must commend you for your spirit of adventure. A beautiful red head from New England making her first venture into the unknown jungles of the Philippines. You've been around the block and more importantly, became street smart or jungle smart along the way. And what better way to adapt (like a good US Marine) is to drink with the locals. You go gurl! Oh by the way guys, make sure your off the streets when Queenie is driving home. This is her wild side of the US Peace Corp.......he, he.