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  1. Well Geoff, I guess I'm comfortable with my balls glowing orange in the dark too. Throughout my 21 years in the USN, I've been exposed to the constant 400hz, high power radars and other transmitters typical found onboard warships. Yep, got bit a few times too.....he, he. I believe the submarine nuke engineers (like Earthdome) have their balls glowing blue?
  2. Triple LIKE Paul. Thank you! Perhaps you can start another thread about buyer's guide to this wonderful hobbie. Can one just go for the latest model (the price is probably above my paygrade) or do you need to take baby steps as you crash and burn along the way?
  3. Looks like you performed all the troubleshooting, which points to that one item. Did connecting a CAT5 cable improve your speed? Did you also remove and re-install the program controlling your wireless adapter?
  4. Jake

    Raquel, Raquel!!

    Ahh.....spoken like a true sailor!
  5. A bishop huh? Prepare to get plastered, as you tell some dirty Monty Python jokes in their search for the holy grail.....he, he.
  6. Congratulations Don! Good thing you attached a clear lens to protect the main glass. It took me awhile to understand all the bells and whistles of my FZ70. What helped me a lot was using the online owner's manual. Here's the website for the FZ80, in particular the burst mode: https://www.manualslib.com/manual/1233419/Panasonic-Lumix-Dc-Fz80.html?page=124 Have fun with that X60 optical zoom, the focus is pretty fast.
  7. HA! Bay-lib it or nut......I have tried the cork method. The built up gases combined with my burps caused a massive chain reaction. And it's a runaway of expelling gases that should be classified as alien origin....he, he.
  8. Damn right Viking! The possibilities are endless with that kind of zoom power. I would be setting up that P1000 on a tripod at one of your beaches in Sweden, Sandhammaren Beach where I hope to capture some Swedish blondes frolicking in the water.....he, he.
  9. I've been using this rugged and versatile point and shoot FZ70 for a few years now. The upgraded FZ80 sold at Amazon is around $250 with 4k, 18 megapixels, also with 60x optical zoom and image stabilizer. For shooting on the beach and underwater, these GoPro type cameras are perfect for family outings. Accessories like remote control selfie stick, wi-fi downloads and all kinds of attachments, even your children can use these cameras that can take a lot of abuse:
  10. Hmm......very interesting. I didn't realize that a program exists for the public to track an email to a physical address. I thought that was only reserved for govt officials and hackers.....he, he. Anyway Boss Man......I do hope that he will be exposed and disposed of. Pasig River (Manila) is famous for that.....he, he.
  11. Servus Gery, I've been on this forum for quite a while now. This wonderful forum is rich with street level knowledge, experiences and culture on a global scale. I am forever grateful to learn new aspects of life about their home of origin. And now, I believe you're the first member from Austria. We look forward into your insights and experiences. Respectfully Jake
  12. A future Miss Great Britain? Well done Jack P!
  13. It is pronounced "slip-pairs". It's the wife's early warning device because it makes that dragging sound, even walking across marbled floor. Don't ask me why they do that......and I'm Filipino for christ sake! I hate that sound. As far as wearing slip-pairs on the street, please don't. You can never walk a straight line because you're always avoiding stepping on dog, cat, rat, bird, goat, monkey, carabao chit and other unknown bio-hazards. One more thing -- always use a flashlight at night. Yeah I learned the hard lesson of scraping out dog chit from my hiking sandals (no socks). Hey Steve, I'm giving you another two weeks to master the "Joe Squat". You and your barkadas can "tan-bys" (standby) in any corner, doing the joe squat all day. And there are many ways to get yourself erected again. One sure fire way, is hearing that scraping sound as your wife/GF is approaching you from behind with a bolo knife....he, he. Yeah, es mo pun in da Philippines.
  14. In another dimension? Don't forget about the alter reality of Filipino Time dimension.
  15. On the subject of drinking tea, I have always been curious about the British custom/culture of drinking tea over coffee. I'm also curious why you guys drink the stuff from a small tea cup, as depicted in a lot of movies, even British war movies. What do you usually add to your tea -- or is it normally consumed straight? My first experience drinking tea (grew up in southern California) was a cold pitcher of powder mixed lemon ice tea with sugar added. In my adult years, drinking hot tea from a Lipton tea bag (sugar and milk added) was the only choice when the coffee ran out. Although I must admit, a hot MUG of tea mixed with honey and lemon gave that soothing effect when you know you're coming down with a cold or a flu. Otherwise for me, it's still that good ole black coffee, plain and simple. Try to find that selection at Starbucks!
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