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  1. Damn Clermont, you're like a cat with 12 lives! I'm not going to get religious on you but those are actual miracles -- you are definitely not ready to check out yet. Thank you for sharing this deeply personal struggles of your life and how you dealt with it like a tasmanian devil. We are also grateful that you made us seriously think about our own mortality and the qualities of life during our golden years. Respectfully Jake
  2. I think the "thrill for speed" was invented by you crazy British gentlemen "cruising" the ISLE OF MAN TT". One of the most dangerous race held annually on that island. Gotta love them Brits!
  3. I finally found it. Its action for adjusting the width in millimeters is still smooth, like KY Jelly. Additionally, I needed the hammer for "troubleshooting" various circuit boards. I call it military vibration test -- if they fail the multiple impacts, then it is disposed over the side for a "float test"......he, he.
  4. Excellent topic Tommy T, which produced a lively discussion about alternative options for products made in that region. However, I do like the idea about shipping your favorites via BB boxes but that would add a new concern about step down transformers/voltage regulators (220vac to 120vac), also with questionable specs and performance. If I may, can we discuss cordless vs corded power tools? I'm not up to speed on the latest lithium battery technology but they seem to be more powerful and with longer time between charge. And finally regarding hand tools. I don't know about you guys but I can't find any metric crescent wrenches these days. And those damn 10mm sockets.....they seem to disappear all the time. Must be the gremlins in my garage.......he, he.
  5. I don't know about you guys but I'm still old school, using keyboard and mouse. I have tried to learn the Playstation or XBox controllers but it was more difficult for me to "unlearn" my old ways. My all time favorite was the original FAR CRY and CALL OF DUTY series. Also simulation games like Steel Beast (modern tank warfare) and America's Cup sailing tactics played on a Windows XP computer. I was never a diehard player. Judy would always yell at me to get off my ass and become a productive member of society. She was such a kill joy......he, he.
  6. That's a headshot bullseye Graham! Just like carrying around a dead smartphone while pretending to use it in a shopping mall. Status symbol is so important, especially in this particular food chain (developing nations). Often times in Steve's situation, it is the ladies themselves that are starving after shopping until they drop. They will prepare a meal that would feed an army while you sit at the head of the table, making them feel less guilty of over indulgence......he, he. And of course, don't forget another Filipino culture pertaining to food. As you announce your departure to the host (yep, another Filipino trait), they will make sure that your departure is not without Tupperwares full of leftovers. Hell yeah, cold lumpia with a cold beer later works for me.....he, he.
  7. Jake


    Well apparently, it's not only cash that they will accept. Back in the mid 1990's, I was illegally parked while patiently waiting for Judy to complete her shopping at Divisoria (Manila). About 4 hours driving around, looking for a parking spot. I just pulled into a nice shady spot and a few minutes later, I get a tap to roll down my window. The PNP was writing something down and mentioned that my rear plate was already being removed by a his young partner, a 12 year kid. I only had a few pesos with me, so I presented him with a gift that he apparently appreciated more. An old issue of one of my Playboy magazine was discreetly handed to him, to be followed by barking orders to reinstall my rear plate immediately. Yeah, it's mo pun in da Philippines.
  8. When in Rome.......do as the Filipinos do:
  9. What happened to his bail of 120K pesos? Will it be returned to him? Or was it already spent by the judge and the police chief? He may have some desire to return to PI but he should make certain that he's not on the "blacklist". This is pure speculation but it's common among common folks. It's called crab mentality. Others may see this young family being openly supported by a foreigner and they're not getting a piece of the action. All it takes is one phone call to PNP with exaggerated tsimis (gossip). And another opportunity for the PNP to make some extra cash........
  10. Hey Officer Danny (Intrepid), What was your favorite police cruiser or fast boat, since you are a "harbormaster", coaster patrol, rescue and salvage?
  11. Very nice rig Tommy T!
  12. Triple LIKE Officer Danny!
  13. Need to venture out? From a fellow veteran, may I suggest meeting these veterans of WalMart, while making your final plans to visit PI: Respectfully Jake, USN RET(arded)
  14. Good morning guys, I have similar requirements Tommy T. And as Howard suggested, perhaps I should research more about bluetooth sound systems. It practically eliminates the speaker wires running all over the place but of course, you need to plug in each BT speaker to a wall socket for power. I hope the latest BT technology has improved regarding compatibility issues with various devices, like BT headphones, speakers and the sound quality beyond the living room. Logitech has served me well over the years for 2.1 (left/right and bass) sound system for computers. For TV, I think I may go with a sound bar sitting below the TV or actually attached to it. For private listening, I hope my existing BT headphones (used with my MP3 and laptop) can be mated to that particular sound bar. A separate home theater or surround system with front, center, woofer and rear speakers requires more thought in their final placement. That's why, I rather go with bluetooth to give me more flexibility and hopefully, less headaches.
  15. Yep, I need to update my bug out bag with more beer.....he, he.
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