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  1. We wish you a quick recovery Geoff, so that you can get the proper medical care in Australia. Respectfully Jake
  2. This is how you sometimes crack the sonar dome. USS DEWEY (Arleigh Burke class destroyer) plowing the heavy seas. I miss driving warships.
  3. Speaking of bigshot, sometimes the final decision is made by your new GF or wife. In spite of basic logic of your decision, she wants the house near the beauty salon, in her own barrio. And then you discover your new bedroom is above a crowded intersection, full of jeepneys and tricycles. Es mo pun in da Philippines!
  4. Welcome aboard Crispy. I did not read all 7 pages of comments, many were excellent advice from veteran expats. If I had to do it all over again, I would first and foremost determine if the "papers are clean". Even in a new and well establish western style sub division, you probably need to hire a lawyer. There are many disputes, especially among family members, each claiming they have the titles to a property/house that they are trying to sell to you. Another consideration is researching the historical flood, landslide and earthquake incidence of the general area you may be residing. And speaking of history, go around in a tricycle and get a feel for the area, especially your future neighbors at night when you're trying to sleep. You may soon find out that you're sandwiched between neighbors competing with their 5K watt speaker system. How about a gaggle of roosters singing My Way at zero dark thirty? It's the little things that count. Respectfully Jake
  5. Copy that Sergeant Major! I did ask the hotel concierge if I could purchase a Playboy key. She said not necessary after confirming I was a hotel guest (Salahis Hotel on Roxas Blvd). Upon entry for my 1st time ever, I was overwhelmed with eye candy. Enough to last me a lifetime of wet dreams. But I knew I didn't belong there. Too high society, too much class and untouchable. But doing shots of Jose gave me some false bravado to actually have a decent conversation with Bunny Jade. Unlike the normal conversation I had with the ladies of Olongapo, my hometown.
  6. I met Judy at Playboy International Club in Manila, early 1980's. Back then, Hefner had a few international clubs, so the establishment and especially the Bunnies were the real deal. Hefner's policies were strictly followed and the girls were well protected. Did I mention that dating any customers was prohibited. As a result, Bunny Jade politely turned me down but I started writing love letters, corny poetry, AT&T international operator assist (from San Diego, CA), FTD flowers and more corny poetry. She eventually arrived at LAX on a fiancé visa, married in 1985. Been together 37 years now, with four kids and my own dog house. Any other woman would have thrown me under a carabao taking a dump a long time ago. She keeps her bolo knife well sharpened. Good boy ako.
  7. Ahh....to be young and adventurous again. Many of us found that "diamond in the rough". For example, an innocent flirting with a bank teller or at a nearby call center, or offering lunch at a college of nursing school or pretending to be a saint at Sunday Mass works for me....he, he.
  8. At my age, I use a mouse. I scroll down, up and sideways. And sometimes upside down with close ups.
  9. I didn't know you were an airdale, brown shoe navy. You got some big gonads working in a toxic working environment (AVGAS, bombs, missiles) on any flight deck. Bravo Zulu Joey! I saw video of guys jumping out before impact. Did any of those young soldiers survive?
  10. You're trolling Tommy. Next time, zip up your pants, OK?
  11. You learn to improvise, adapt and overcome like a good Marine. Bravo Zulu Gunny!
  12. These are the unmarked grave sites for those lost at sea. Many were eaten alive. May their souls rest in peace.
  13. I believe that Scott H retired as Sergeant Major (E-9), US Army. He achieved God Status and relieved himself from all responsibilities of future pregnancy tests. The US Army taught Scott well.....hit and run tactics. In the Royal Australian Navy....it's slam bam, thank you ma'am.
  14. Dang CWO Brett.....all I ask if she gives out the correct change (from a stack of coins) and if her medical card was up to date.
  15. “One of the worst feelings in an intimate relationship is to feel ignored” The subject of TAMPO, although it was discussed many times before....thank you Guy for sharing. It's still quite relevant, especially for the new members here. Over the 35 years I've been married to Judy, I am guilty also of giving my wife, the silent treatment. But when I started my retirement years, I had to force myself -- don't sweat the small shit. And indeed, most of our issues were BS. I do get angry but after an overnight of unnecessary stress, I try to kiss and make up. JJ made an excellent point about exposing family issues outside your front door. It's called Tsismis (gossiping). Most of time, it starts with your maids and it spreads like wildfire. All of the sudden, the locals are giving you the snake eyes.
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