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  1. Yours and mine can go out for dinner. WE however, can go to the local strip joints.....he, he.
  2. Too bad Mark......I live in Las Vegas, about 4-5 hrs drive from LAX (without traffic).
  3. Well Mark, it sounds like having immediate transportation to see southern CA will you give more flexibility as you return back to Texas. Additionally, what better way to introduce the newly arrived immigrants to Disney, Universal Studios and all the weird and wonderful people at Venice Beach......he, he. If you plan to entertain your family to the wonders of USA, hide that account until you arrive back. I didn't and returned with leftover cash just enough to pay for the long term parking. Yeah, I usually come back broke......he, he. Keep a track on typhoons during their peak season -- I believe around SEPT and OCT. I prefer travelling around NOV through FEB, which is peak tourist season and RT fares are reasonable if you book well in advance. Of course your travel plans are dependent when your children gets the green light. Respectfully Jake
  4. My first and only time that I "bent over" was a few years after we lost the Vietnam war. I was on the USS JOUETT CG-29, a bad ass missile cruiser, patrolling the waters off Cam Ranh Bay. At the time, it was the 2nd largest Russian naval base and that is where this beautiful Russian bomber flew out and "found" us. Of course, she was detected well over 250 miles from the battle group and was properly escorted in by a couple of Tom Cats. So we had time to muster on the starboard side and render our salute. I believe that Russian intelligence officer taking photos from the bubble window probably saw his first genuine "brown eye"......me! Too bad we can't do it now, with females on board warships these days.
  5. As usual, the Australian Navy leads with style and aggressiveness: HMAS COLLINS With that erected "thing", I would run away too......he, he.
  6. I agree with your assessment of yet, another close encounter. It was no accident that they were in extreme situation, all of the sudden. They "saw" each other probably a few days prior to this incident. Who was "tailing who" or who's got the bigger balls, is another cat and mouse game played out each and everyday. More importantly or more ominous, don't forget the deadly cat and mouse game played under the ice cap. Yeah, all 3 theaters of operation -- air, surface and sub surface is really getting crowded these days. Did I mention space warfare too? Our fast attacks, as well as the British Navy can be very aggressive....silently. I'm an old time surface navy, specializing in combat systems, electronics. I firmly believe that if the bubble finally breaks in any part of the world, our fast attacks will end it......terminate with extreme prejudice, silently. Respectfully Jake
  7. I'm sorry to hear that Officer Danny. Hopefully, your recovery goes smoothly. I also experienced severe pain due to a pinched sciatic nerve affecting my right butt cheek all the way down to my foot. I'm OK now but can no longer play tennis or any heavy lifting. In fact, I'm still a little apprehensive when I let go of a "good one".....he, he.
  8. Bust my gut laughing......
  9. I mentioned this before and it serves as a friendly warning for the new members regarding helping out with the chores. A long time ago, I decided to do some laundry with the "lavanderas" within this family compound in Rosario, Cavite (south of Manila). They all gathered around this single water hand pump, as I arrived with 2 large basket of dirty clothes. Of course I got the stares because they know I'm the fresh balikbayan from the States and was a "bobo" of not being fluent in Tagalog. After several minutes of following their technique, I was already sweating my balls off. And then one by one, they all left and started giggling around the corner of the family sari-sari store. I discovered later from Judy that it was the talk of the compound (tsismis spreads like wildfire). If you use that small and very low profile wooden stool to do your laundry, make sure that your "bayag" is not hanging out for all the world to see. Embarrassing, to say the least........
  10. Hello Mark, I always say -- when in Rome, do as the Filipinos do.....he, he. By the way, are you a veteran? If so, we need to trade some sea stories. Respectfully Jake USN retired.
  11. Jake

    Fecking Frogs

    Wow, is that a Benjamin HP rifle? Nice scope too!
  12. Anything else? Judy and I have been married for 34 years now. On some cases, we come to a lesser agreement and still harbor some deep feelings. So, we have angry sex......he, haw.
  13. You know you have been in the Philippines too long when you start having a Filipino accent with your British/Australian/US/European accent. You know you have been in the Philippines too long when you're doing a "Joe Squat" for hours on end and you don't care that your left nut is hanging out for all the world to see. You know you have been in the Philippines too long when you start dragging your "slip-pairs" along the floor towards a yummy plate full of fish heads and rice. And spooning the rice into your mouth, using your fingers without spilling one grain of rice. And you have number 2, 3 or 4 secret wife/family as you produce more with your "manly tool" enhanced with "bolitas"......he, he.
  14. Excellent conversational starter Kuya John. The future for our children and grandchildren is bleak, to say the least. The political agenda of modern society is to line their own pockets, build their fortified castles and to hell with the rest of the world. It may seem like distant catastrophe of modern day genocide, forced migration of millions of people due to war, famine, drought and flooding (like in eastern Africa, eastern Asia, middle East).....eventually it will come to our doorsteps, if not already. In my own morbid way, I wish that Mother Nature will blow a fuse and teach us, the modern Man to once again respect her. I believe it will get worse, before it gets any better. Respectfully Jake
  15. That's what I call mass production. Only one machine?
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