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  1. Just a few days ago, a modern amphibious ship in port in San Diego Naval Station exploded and caught on fire. The photos below progress from bad to worse. Both civilian and navy fire teams are on scene with helos dumping water from water buckets. It was reported that 1000 degrees heat prevented active assault on the fire plus imminent danger of another explosion. Sixty or more sailors were injured but no fatalities, so far. It's still not under control. Look at the antenna array above the island (bridge) before and after: Main mast collapsed and island severely damage like it was melting. No words as to the cause. Will keep you updated.
  2. That's a head shot bulls eye Viking. Cops moonlighting as hitman use these untraceable weapons.
  3. Excellent point Viking. How they managed to find the right metal, especial for the barrel and bolt is amazing. I googled the chamber pressure of a 22LR for example and it was several thousand PSI exploding down the barrel. Yeah, I agree....these "paltik" guns may not be reliable or safe after a few rounds.
  4. This is an off shoot from OMW's topic about the neighborhood knife sharpener. As you guys may know, there a cottage industry in Danao, Cebu that makes the lucrative "Paltik". The workers there possess excellent craftsmanship producing any weapon of your choice. All from scrap metal.
  5. He probably did an excellent job too.
  6. No one can deny that this is a miracle. Prayers are such powerful tools of life. Thank you Kuya!
  7. I think it was Buds, handed out warm and no place to hide under that intense sun. As you may know, US sailors are not allowed to drink onboard any ship. Therefore they brought alongside a barge with no canopy and no tubs/coolers of ice. You should ask the Aussie and the Brits (and other commonwealth nations) how they really party onboard their ship. Long live the Queen and pass that ration of rum.
  8. With 161 Days Consecutively Operating At Sea, Dwight D. Eisenhower and San Jacinto Break U.S. Navy Record https://www.navy.mil/submit/display.asp?story_id=113370#:~:text=ARABIAN SEA (NNS) -- As,record for the U.S. Navy. My sea duty never came close to that record, in which they are approaching 6 months straight now. Usually 2-4 months out before we make another port visit. But during my extended Persian Gulf patrols, we were given two beers each to celebrate our misery. Yeah, two warm puckin' beers, standing on barge tied alongside a missile cruiser and under a blazing Persian Gulf oven. I was visibly pissed, poured my 1st beer over the side and then purposely gave my 2nd one to my youngest tech. The captain was not amused. Apparently I didn't show enough gratitude and was detrimental to ship's moral. I don't think so.....my tech had a total of 3 beers and was plastered! Damn twidgets (electronics tech)....had to teach these guys how to drink like a real sailor.....he, he.
  9. I am really happy for you Snowy. You've come a long way and finally can walk peacefully without anymore stress like Sanbang, Puerto Galera. Well done sir!
  10. Welcome aboard shipmate! Bravo Zulu for your long range planning but still remaining flexible. Steady as she goes....... Respectfully Jake
  11. Riot by day......and then come home for mamma's dinner and play video games and commando keyboard (troll) all night. They believe they are invincible and strong in solidarity. They believe in hate. Is that emotion just as powerful as love and willing to die for? As for me, I'm always civic minded. My neighborhood is pretty clean. I pick up all my brass.....he, he.
  12. Here is a case where this suffering can and will affect your friends and love ones, even though one might say "it will never happen to me". Not only a medical crisis of global proportion but also an economic crisis as well. I sincerely hope and pray that your friend survives his ordeal. Respectfully Jake
  13. Mother Nature or Divine Intervention will devastate mankind every 1000 years. Sounds absurd, doesn't it? Like another apocalyptic doomsday movie. But if you're a student of modern history, it is mankind destroying itself. With the increase population of rodents, insects and other wild life that thrive in areas of the dead or dying human flesh, will there be another doomsday scenario where governments and media prove to themselves once again, that they are blundering idiots? Will there be a new carrier of deadly diseases, a new vector that's already within the living confines of humans? A new super race of rats, much bigger and stronger? Natural selection by survivor of the fittest can also apply to rodents, right? What does the future hold for our children and grandchildren?
  14. What have I learned? Has my daily routine changed? -- I learned that I get about 3 weeks to a gallon now. -- I learned that shaking hands is a taboo now. -- I learned that flour tortilla dipped in aloe is a suitable substitute for toilet paper. -- I learned how to make cheese cake: And finally, I witnessed a more deadly virus that will never be eradicated. It's called mob mentality, fear of the unknown, govt ineptitude and childish bickering. Will we be better prepared for next COVID 20, 21?
  15. I am deeply saddened about this Paul. Godspeed on your return home to PI. Forget about work.....get on that plane ASAP.
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