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  1. No way Jose.....I'm coming down to have a cold one. The hell with the mask.
  2. I was never good in math. I had to bring a calculator to play blackjack. I even lose playing strip poker.
  3. I pretty much have seen most videos of close formations. Even the Canadian's Snowbirds are very impressive. But this video caught my eye seeing his wing tip's shadow right over his wing man's canopy. Amazing touch on flight controls with big balls:
  4. You got that right Sergeant Major. I live about 20 minutes from NELLIS AFB, a very large strategic base where they hold annual RED FLAG exercises. I even got to see a European Typhoon flying over me. The base is beautifully landscaped, modern air conditioned barracks and the PX stores and commissary is like a shopping mall. The military toys they play with are all state of the art. I just love the sound of freedom overhead.
  5. Perhaps it's a left over from the Spanish culture where I usually take an afternoon siesta after a heavy lunch. It's hot anyway in the afternoon and then a late supper around 8PM. Throughout the day however, my wife has multiple meriendas, mostly desserts. And of course, palutans (finger food) sometimes compliment my afternoon pig out and then a senior citizen nap. Just right after sunrise, I like to take a short walk (Batangas City) to my favorite cafe with their famous tapsilog breakfast and reading PDI newspaper. Life was good back then until the in laws self invite themselves.
  6. It took me awhile but I just retrieved your password for SUGARBOOK. I can see that you are a premium member so I took advantage of the discounts they offered. Thank you Boss Man!
  7. My fellow retired Master Chief, who is a master jet mechanic explained the stages of combustion: Works for me.......
  8. Wow Tommy, you got 66 pages on your thread. I didn't want to go back and review about how you installed the electrical wiring. Can you please tell us how earth ground was connected in all of your outlets?
  9. This is the upgraded F-18 HORNET with an unauthorized hard on: Actually.....fuel tank became loose upon launch and was safely jettisoned.
  10. You're right about that. You wanna shake hands and call it even?
  11. Roger that Tommy. In reference to "masterbater".....that will cost you extra. By the way, please muzzle your security dogs while I do my "extra blessings" in the dark, OK?
  12. Please notify me when you have your perimeter walls completed. I would like to properly "bless" it.
  13. Always wanted a crack house in Detroit but it looks too expensive Don.
  14. Triple LIKE Don! It also brought memories of good times when Judy and I lived in a mobile home and trailer park at the waters edge of Lake Elsinore, CA. It was like a glorified camping with all kinds of personalities living in close proximity of each other. I became close friend with a gentle redneck, a truck driver (long haul) from Kentucky who introduced me to Fireball and PBR's. He said that I was the first Filipino he has ever met. I responded that I'm also a Filipino redneck as well.....he, he. Anyway, getting back on track. Here is another alternative about your future home and property. Anybody thought about manufactured or pre-fabricated home? Aren't they getting high tech in materials and construction? I guess that would be a significant reduction of sale and monthly mortgage, right? Of course it would be more cost effective if you already own a piece of land. And that of course brings up that nagging question.....what about the neighborhood?
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