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  1. Damnit, that last short time was a dud. Picked up a bakla instead. And he had a bigger package than me!
  2. It could have been this. He's now enjoying fresh organic meat from Bubba.
  3. I'm not sure how that works. I believe if you're a foreigner residing in a country for so many months and actively working for the US team, then he's qualified as a crew member. Dean Barker, a New Zealander was the helmsman. A damn fine one too. I believe he was behind the wheel when they broke the 50 knot barrier, doing 53 knots. One other thing I noticed is how they were calm and collective about their ordeal. Even after that around the clock repair of the hole and gutting out all the wires, electronics, pumps, valves and actuators, they continued to have foil problems. Sometime
  4. And here is another video where the American Magic was leading the Italian boat and a gust of wind, slapped them from behind. They couldn't release the main fast enough or it was jammed. Google the photos of that rectangular hole, about 2' X 2'. You can see the crew really loving her, saving it from sinking.
  5. Damnit Kuya, you owe me a puckin' keyboard. I snorted coffee out of my nose.
  6. Hmm.....I wonder if I could ask for just an overnight leave. That's worth about six short times, right?
  7. I didn't know you were in da shits. Must be SOP to demonstrate "superior fire power", even against a cow. Do you miss your toys that go bang?
  8. • January 15-February 22, 2021: The PRADA Cup Challenger Selection Series • March 6-15, 2021: The America’s Cup Match I don't know what happen to the UK boat.....
  9. Well, enough of my "warmongering" and doom and gloom topics (apparently, I pissed off a member here). This topic involves a major fight between the Italians, the Brits and the defender New Zealand. The American boat Magic is out of the race after that devastating knockdown which resulted nearly sinking their boat. That large hole allowed all the electronics to be soaked with salt water and had to be repaired and replace. Unfortunately, they could not achieve their original speed performance and was beaten by the Italians, 4 straight in the semi finals of Prada Race series. The America's Cu
  10. Back in JULY of 2019, South Korean fighter jets actually shot about 500 rounds as warning shots against a Russian surveillance plane violating their air space. The SK military apparently have their own rules of engagement.
  11. In my opinion, the boomers like the UK Vanguard class are super quiet but the technology of silence and sensors to detect that "quietness" keeps getting better and better. For example, in 2005 a Swedish diesel sub (HSMS GOTLAND) with a Sterling engine, sank USS Ronald Regan, circled around the battle group again and made repeated torpedo attacks without being detected -- all wartime simulation. In fact, the US navy leased one to study how to counter this silent killer of the sea. As you may know, the US military is bound by rules of engagement -- let the bad guys shoot first, even afte
  12. I agree Snowy, super powers to plant their super influences at all corners of the world. The British Empire and how the West was won with the slaughter of the native Americans, comes to mind. I thought we would learn our lesson after we lost so many young men and material in Vietnam. But no, we apparently would rather hate, even today with all the political circuses around the world. But in this case, protecting your country against an enemy just a hundred miles away should be viewed like an intruder busting through your front door. Read the local news from Taiwan. The prime minist
  13. Roger that Kuya! It is safe to assume that China, Russia and NK are the belligerent and the aggressor. With all that island territories that China now possess (and still wants more), do you think they will ever listen to that wisdom? Do you think they will ever concede or return those fortified military bases and the rich fishing grounds and oil reserves? How did that happen? Did we sit on our thumbs and looked the other way while they openly built runways and installed missile launchers? For them to "lose face" at this point of time, would be a national disgrace. But let's get bac
  14. WARNING -- RANT ALERT Sovereign and independent nations such as Taiwan, Japan, South Korea and Australia are somewhat self sufficient to protect its people and its shores (Australia having a big coastline of 22K miles to protect). However, we are now living in these chaotic times of a global pandemic, spiced with political unrest and ineptitude. And a hungry tiger, salivating in your backyard. You think the good people of Taiwan are a little concern, or look the other way, denying reality? You think the Filipino fishermen are a little concern, now that the Chinese coastguard have auth
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