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  1. Hey James, Nothing like overcome, adapt and improvise against any challenges that come you way. You meet it head on. Well done Gunny! Respectfully Jake
  2. I was googling videos of the US Navy Blue Angels as I celebrate another birthday for the US Navy and US Marine Corp. Of course, they are all extraordinary -- not the machine but the brave men and women operating these beautiful war machines. One video caught my eye, to the point where I had to hit replay several times. You RAF flyboys were the first ones to design sex in your sexy airframes: I salute you Jack P. As they say in SoCal.....hey, nice ride Bra!
  3. Jake

    Where, Oh Where To Put Obama's Picture?

    Time magazine -- lip of the year award in high definition centerfold
  4. Jake

    Cebu info please!

    Dang, I thought this forum was a little south of PG rating.....he, he. Anyway, welcome aboard CG1 Blue. Your master plan to spend 5 days as a first timer (virgin) in PI will probably be thrown out the window during the 1st night out in town. You're gonna fall in lust-love and after that, you roll with the punches. As they say on the various travel channels.....it's the journey, not the destination. In other words, don't be disappointed or stressed out not being able to "see some wildlife and natural scenery". Many of us have been distracted in countless ways before. Shit happens sometimes....... While you grow in anticipation of your very 1st visit, here is one fine example of some wildlife in its natural habitat: Welcome aboard sir!
  5. Jake

    Foster's Strong Beer

    Unfortunately Rooster, this old timer put too much and got arrested for disturbing the peace. Or to put it another perspective: Flatulance (vs ambulance): an emergency vehicle that picks you up after you got runned over by a steamroller. By the way, any of these Heinekens available there in PI? For about 20 bucks here in SoCal
  6. Plenty of Fish? That's it! I'm cancelling my credit card account.
  7. You're hired! But are you still a virgin?
  8. Jake

    Securty Door Lock

    Well done Dan! I can't wait for another one of your masterpiece of a classic replica of small boats. I was thoroughly impressed with your craftsmanship of that coast guard cutter. I wonder if you also hand craft America's Cup boats? Anyway, I'm sure your extensive street experience in law enforcement gave you a unique perspective coming from the perpetrator. Although I must admit that the Filipino has a few tricks penetrating your home, I believe Dan, the intrepid has more aces up his sleeve. Meaning.....multilayer home security defense, including deadly force authorized. I'm also doing my homework about home security system. Reading all these reviews (usually from Amazon) about the latest motion detection, night vision security cams, security lights, etc has made me more confused. Some of these systems can even wifi back and forth to your smartphone, in HD video and clear audio. For example, while you are videotaping him in real time, you could also tell him "Bawal, hindi umihi dito"......he, he. Again, well done Dan! Respectfully Jake
  9. Jake

    My first time

    Excellent "after action report". Well done Marine! Respectfully Jake
  10. Jake

    Accident Scene Callousness

    It's an open secret that sometimes the bus driver would purposely run his tires over the body again. My friends in Makati said that it's cheaper for the victim's funeral rather than providing compensation for long term medical treatment. As far as being a good samaritan......that's a hard decision to make. Ordinarily, because of our western culture, we render assistance immediately to save lives or prevent further injury. In other countries where western culture is not recognized or even frowned upon, we need to proceed with caution. Perhaps have someone videotape your actions. For example, not moving the victim with possible neck or spinal injury or you took extra precautions and proper procedures to move the victim away from a burning vehicle. But if someone is bleeding profusely or not breathing at all......hell yeah, I'd go in without hesitation. Take command of the situation and direct others to assist you (crowd control, calling EMS, CPR assistance, etc). I often times hear that life is cheap in the Philippines. The hell with the typical mob mentality. I'm going in to help. Respectfully Jake
  11. Jake

    2 weeks training , a good result BUT!

    I had a WTF moment when I first saw this portable hot water heater immerse in a large bucket of water. After a few minute the water was warm enough to use as a "tabo-tabo" shower. In order to keep the water warm, it was left pulled in as we stepped into the shower stall. I immediately unplugged it as I argued about the probability of an electrical shock. Judy fired back, that was her world.....been doing that for a long time, as we continue to argue, butt ass naked. Oh by the way, the floor was wet also. Electrical outlet in the shower? No problem.......he, he.
  12. Jake

    Are Filipinos Racists?

    Hello Dan, You would think that prejudice against the color of the skin or culture would be such an issue in the Philippines. I feel your frustrations and would not blame you for taking even a more drastic action. As you already know, phone calls and documentations with time stamp are your weapons against inconsiderate school officials for not making a courtesy call in a timely manner. May I suggest that you somehow covertly audio tape the conversation for this upcoming meeting with principal. You can easily protect yourself and also demand immediate action against disputing conversation. The board of education or president Duterte would really appreciate the solid proof against spoiled high tenured govt officials who think they are untouchable. As they say in the navy......all ahead flank, weapons free. Respectfully Jake
  13. Jake

    Foreigner living on the streets

    My same exact feelings Boss Man. His story could go either way -- he is either destitute because of alcohol or drugs OR he just ran into some bad luck and needs someone to help him. My curiosity would overcome other reasons for hesitation and would approach him gently. Perhaps his GF can be approached by one of the locals?
  14. I'm old school. Here's a classic Benjamin 397 for about 175 bucks from Amazon. I believe I have eaten barbecued monkey on a stick as I was staggering back to main gate. Not too bad if you chase it down with San Magoo......he, he.
  15. But I tell you what Pare......before we pinish our pirst fitcher of MoJo, I'm sure we could up with some viable solution. By the way, I graduated with a BS degree in BS.....he, he.