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  1. You ever got bit in the butt? I was gyrating like a spastic fool trying to relieve that itch. And no way in hell that I would scratch down there.....he, he.
  2. Here's a selfie during flight operations. And I'm sure the ship's conning officer is putting on makeup while driving. What in the world is my navy coming to?
  3. Excellent idea! You can also solicit some kids (50 pesos each) to assist you. Hopefully they will know that our oceans are the biggest dumping ground. It's a matter of education, starting off with respect for Mother Nature.
  4. Welcome aboard William. Wow finally, a pro tennis coach that I will probably ask for free advice.....he, he. I wish the very best of luck of your journey of a lifetime. Logistics is a nightmare if you don't plan well ahead. And you took the initiative to plan right now. Well done sir. Respectfully Jake
  5. Hey guys, I have a parrot that Judy bought for our granddaughter. I have no idea what breed it might be but seems tame -- only gets excited when hunger or wants the cage transferred outside. My question is.....how the hell can you determine its' sex? Well, for any bird for that matter.
  6. Shaming his nearby neighbors and business owners, as well as the local govt is like walking the tight rope. However, I do hope he finally sets an example to basically to clean up after yourselves. But unfortunately, the culture of littering, pollution and noise pollution has been a way of life. You can't be a one man crusade but I'm glad he was able to persuade the locals to pitch it.....this time.
  7. I had a Jeep Wrangler and always kept that dirty with caked on mud stains on tires and fender. Around Cavite City (south of Manila along Manila Bay) is just barely above sea level. Yeah, I love gunning the engine going through a deep puddle of brown water and mud. That's how I wash my Jeep....he, he.
  8. The news articles said he was leading a flight of 4 F-35's when he was declared missing. I would assume they marked "last known location" and reported it to their command. The technology shown on a F-22/35 on their visors is absolutely amazing about situational awareness that encompasses a bubble around them that is well beyond visual range. There was no report of a parachute, so I guess the pilot had no time or he was unable to activate the ejection system. The name of the pilot is Major Akinori Hosomi, age 41. He was apparently an experienced combat pilot, logging in thousand plus hours on either the F-16 or the F-15 that the Japanese self defense force have in their inventory. My condolence to his family and his unit. Respectfully Jake
  9. Same thing happens during All Saints Day (1st Sunday in November). They would have an empty placement representing the dead, on the gambling table. As a side note, google Manila's apartment tombs. This is part of the culture where you need to drastically adjust your way of thinking about life and death.
  10. Excellent Dan! I remember we didn't hook up when your family went down to Disneyland. That was my fault but I'm willing to make it up when you guys come down to Vegas. I will message you of my contact info. Yeah, we should bet on who goes to jail first or worse, the dog house.
  11. Just a few more feet and I can lick my wounds in the privacy of my dog house.....he, he.
  12. Nope, I ain't gonna do it. I am tempted to discuss the other "fish" but no way, Jose. Good boy ako.........
  13. I'm wondering if some of the govt offices still use a typewriter and also use carbon paper to make triplicates?
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