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  1. Jake


    Well guys, I finally perfected my own recipe of bacon wrapped baluts. If you guys want to try making this delicacy, be prepare for a HAZMAT truck knocking on your door. Your community/county might complain about the toxic fumes coming out from your kitchen. You're welcome.
  2. Hello Paul, welcome aboard Air Force. You and I need to swap some sea stories over pitchers of MoJo about Angeles City and Olongapo back in the day. Respectfully Jake (USN retarded)
  3. Outstanding Marine! With your extensive background, including building your own speedy banca boat, that subject title Pinoy Aquaculture will be successful because you're using the KISS method. Bravo Zulu Gunny!
  4. I don't know Dan, whether I really had it or not. Or perhaps I did have the virus, kicked it and then will catch it again later? I understand that it is currently going through its mutation phase, just like the others. Does that mean, we get a different vaccine each year due to different symptoms? This vaccine making the headlines sounds promising but I must admit, I'm a little apprehensive. Although I was always practicing personal hygiene and following the rules of my community, my very first test positive is considered a bump on the road for me. I did not freak out, saying the s
  5. Roger that YNC. Set condition normal cruising. Secure from battle stations. All ahead flank, watch out world, I'm free to go out and play again. No symptoms developed, not even a cold or flu. However, I do have one serious illness.....it's called lackofnookie.
  6. How are your neighbors and neighborhood? Is it walking distance to the nearest sari-sari store where you can cry in your cold San Magoo because you got kicked out? How many roosters singing My Way at zero dark thirty? Thought about a security camera-audio system?
  7. WOW, that backyard looks huge! From a world class yacht sailor to your new castle, you could build a 40 footer sloop and make it your future dog house. You know, just in case you fall behind on L's honey do list. Also after everything settles down, look for any squatters living within your property. I'm talking about rodents, critters and insect infestation. And during this monsoon season, how's the drainage away from the house? Again, well done Tommy!
  8. Roger that Chief, at 70 years old....I'm still grumpy with a touch of insanity. As long as I have my morning black coffee and some sativa, I'm good to go. By the way, 7 more days before my quarantine expires. I can still smell my farts.
  9. I had an interesting conversation with a contact tracing official, a young college graduate that lives in Oklahoma (go figure). Anyway, I ask him if I need to take another test after my self quarantine expires in about 7 days. You know, just for my piece of mind. To my surprise, he said it will be unnecessary. He further explain that even if you have DEAD viruses in your system, more than likely I will produce another test positive. Here is a website from CDC that may explain my situation: https://www.cdc.gov/coronavirus/2019-ncov/if-you-are-sick/end-home-isolation.html
  10. Well guys, it has been several hours since I submitted this post. I'm beginning to have 2nd thoughts about this whole ordeal. I now wish to get that symptom of unable to smell. That last fart was da bomb and I'm dying here.
  11. Yep, was just informed by my local pharmacy store (CVS) that my COVID test was positive. The next day, got a phone call from the Nevada state contact tracing officials to maintain isolation for the next 14 day self quarantine. I went to CVS (drive thru window using my mountain bike) because my eldest daughter had minor cold symptoms (about 2 weeks ago) and sure enough both of us are positive. It has been 4-5 days now and still no symptoms for me (and my daughter is getting better). No coughing, congestion, fever, fatigue, weakness, loss of sleep or appetite. I can even smell my own farts
  12. You've come a long way from Sabang Beach Snowy. Well done sir!
  13. I can almost imagine hearing and somewhat understanding an expat speaking Visayan or Tagalog, heavily accented with an Aussie or British twang. But I can't even imagine how an Italian, such as our new member Gangdang Smile, would sound like. But I can also imagine the world wide reputation of Italian men labelled as the Italian Stallion? And the common wealth expats have that stiff upper lip reputation? Whereas, the Americans have a reputation as to what, these days? Questions, questions......for the curious mind. Respectfully Jake
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