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  1. At my age, I use a mouse. I scroll down, up and sideways. And sometimes upside down with close ups.
  2. I didn't know you were an airdale, brown shoe navy. You got some big gonads working in a toxic working environment (AVGAS, bombs, missiles) on any flight deck. Bravo Zulu Joey! I saw video of guys jumping out before impact. Did any of those young soldiers survive?
  3. You're trolling Tommy. Next time, zip up your pants, OK?
  4. You learn to improvise, adapt and overcome like a good Marine. Bravo Zulu Gunny!
  5. These are the unmarked grave sites for those lost at sea. Many were eaten alive. May their souls rest in peace.
  6. I believe that Scott H retired as Sergeant Major (E-9), US Army. He achieved God Status and relieved himself from all responsibilities of future pregnancy tests. The US Army taught Scott well.....hit and run tactics. In the Royal Australian Navy....it's slam bam, thank you ma'am.
  7. Dang CWO Brett.....all I ask if she gives out the correct change (from a stack of coins) and if her medical card was up to date.
  8. “One of the worst feelings in an intimate relationship is to feel ignored” The subject of TAMPO, although it was discussed many times before....thank you Guy for sharing. It's still quite relevant, especially for the new members here. Over the 35 years I've been married to Judy, I am guilty also of giving my wife, the silent treatment. But when I started my retirement years, I had to force myself -- don't sweat the small shit. And indeed, most of our issues were BS. I do get angry but after an overnight of unnecessary stress, I try to kiss and make up. JJ made an excellent point about exposing family issues outside your front door. It's called Tsismis (gossiping). Most of time, it starts with your maids and it spreads like wildfire. All of the sudden, the locals are giving you the snake eyes.
  9. Wow, a couple weeks after my 2nd shot, I developed this severe aliment that affects my motor skills. I can't do the dishes, vacuum the house or take out the trash. I'm dying here. Pray for me, OK?
  10. I find this thread amusing to me. Conspiracy theorists, expert talking heads, a Mexican director and greedy self centered politicians....most of their opinions are like a pitcher full of warm spit. Me, as a well rounded individual and a long term member of the Flat Earth Society, all their arguments are flat. Even their beer is flat.
  11. Wow, saber rattling using a dull bolo knife? In spite of their limited resources, the Filipino trigger finger may not be as disciplined following rules of engagement, if any.
  12. OK, who's good in T-shirt printing? I was thinking about this emergency Public Service Announcement on my T-shirt. Of course, it will be pointing down. Never mind......I just got REJECTED!
  13. Got my 2nd shot of the Pfizer vaccine. No side effects, other that local soreness. I will plan to vaccinate the rest of my family ASAP and will continue to wear a mask, enforce personal hygiene and sanitation. It's a change in lifestyle and it's no big deal for me. End of story.
  14. Wow, thank you for sharing Geoff. I've always had great respect for Her Majesty. She doesn't deserve any of this. Like many of us, it's the extended family that has tarnish the British Crown. My favorite Prime Minister was the Iron Lady, only because she had the balls to rescue the British citizens down in Falkland Island. Long live the Queen. Respectfully Jake
  15. I had the fortunate experience of embarking on a Nimitz class carrier, USS CARL VINSON CVN-70 for a few days. Even during no flight ops, the flight deck is still a dangerous place to be. I ducked to clear a wing tip and then tripped over the heavy tie downs. I was trying to keep up with the rest of the joggers. I believe it was about 5 laps (bow to stern) to complete a one mile obstacle course. As a tin can sailor, I was completely lost inside that city. By the way, that sailor who was sucked into the intake actually survived. https://fb.watch/4eBCregbvQ/
  16. My struggle with Math in HS My math skills took a nose dive when they introduced algebra 1, to be followed by chemistry, which I almost failed in HS. But somehow, I excelled in physics because I'm able to touch tangible things. And at that young age, it also introduced me to touch my tangible thang. I was vigorously studying the properties of friction. I excelled in that too and eventually became a goofy electronics tech, USN.
  17. Hey Shipmate, that Ryzen system looks awesome! Cussing up a storm, my first build of a desktop was a no joy. I returned all components back to Fry's Electronics. It didn't boot up, was stuck in the boot menu. After that, every time I need to troubleshoot, I use my crescent-hammer.
  18. Expendable skills.... Using a 10X magnifier, I use to pride myself mounting a delicate 100 leg IC chip on the motherboard without doing a butcher job. Now, I need my soldering hand restrained in a vise to keep it steady. Unfortunately, I have a form of epilepsy. My doctor diagnosed it as TMW syndrome (too much wankin').
  19. This is how I taught advanced electronics about the birds and the bees. However, my students quickly left the classroom when I demonstrated my old school techniques using a vacuum tube.
  20. HMS Queen Elizabeth is a fine looking warship as well as her escorts. The French and German navy are in the hot zone too. And Google the Philippine navy. They're buying/building fast frigates and corvettes in response to China's latest declaration to use deadly force if necessary....to shoot Filipino fishing vessels in "their' waters. Eventually, rules of engagement becomes the fog of war, later blaming who shot first. I'm really impress with the modern military of Singapore and other Asian military desperately trying to protect their sovereignty. In particular, the good people of Taiwan are living in desperate fear of attack, just from 100 miles away. I believe Taiwan will be the most aggressive to shoot first. And there goes the neighborhood. Thanks for sharing Tommy.
  21. Damnit, that last short time was a dud. Picked up a bakla instead. And he had a bigger package than me!
  22. It could have been this. He's now enjoying fresh organic meat from Bubba.
  23. I'm not sure how that works. I believe if you're a foreigner residing in a country for so many months and actively working for the US team, then he's qualified as a crew member. Dean Barker, a New Zealander was the helmsman. A damn fine one too. I believe he was behind the wheel when they broke the 50 knot barrier, doing 53 knots. One other thing I noticed is how they were calm and collective about their ordeal. Even after that around the clock repair of the hole and gutting out all the wires, electronics, pumps, valves and actuators, they continued to have foil problems. Sometimes it wouldn't lower but they sailed on anyway, well behind the Italians. I didn't hear any bitchin' and moanin' from the crew about their broken down boat, they finished with grace knowing they lost 4 straight and final disqualifications to challenge NZ. Again, my money is on the Italians to take the American's Cup. But first they need to knock off UK in the Prada Finals, on going now.
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