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  1. I am about to renew mine in the coming weeks. Did you get your new card the same day, because last time they sent it to me in Palawan a couple of weeks later. Wonder why you got 10 year validity and the other fellow only got 5 years. Did you pay the same price?
  2. I am thinking of applying for a Getgo Debit Card from Unionbank as it gives me an opportunity to store 9 different currencies in a cash wallet. We are off to Hong Kong soon and thought it might be a good way to carry our HK$. Has anyone used this, and are the exchange rates using the wallet currency storage better than banks or money changers in HK?
  3. Yes, Snowy , i agree that sailors on their yachts should avoid sailing the seas in the south of Palawan. The NPA announced that they will not harm the local people as their fight is with the government forces such as the military and police. In my opinion i would not hesitate to visit anywhere north of Brooke's Point. I do have a friend who stays in the south of Brooke's Point and he does not have a problem, but i do agree that one should be vigilant in the south.
  4. Thanks jpbago. I am already aware of this but i am rather concerned about the announcement from the Korean Embassy in Manila which states that foreign resident require a visa http://embassy_philippines.mofa.go.kr/english/as/embassy_philippines/visa/requirement/index.jsp
  5. Just want to say that i have lived in Puerto Princesa, Palawan for over 20 years and since the warnings by various governments life continues as usual and we have certainly seen no difference in living here in the last few months. Everything seems to be normal but there are fewer tourists now and some establishments are suffering. However i have met several tourists recently and they have enjoyed their vacation and never felt in any danger. None of my ex-pat friends are concerned about these warnings. I have also toured the south on motorbike and met friendly people everywhere, irrespective of their religion. About 20 years ago the A Sayyaf kidnapped about 30 people from Dos Palmos resort but absolutely nobody has been kidnapped since then on the island of Palawan. Yes, a couple have been kidnapped at sea, while on their yachts.
  6. I have lived with my wife in the beautiful island of Palawan for over 20 years and have been lucky enough to visit most of the other islands, but we do try to get out of the country quite often, just for a change. Last year we made four X 2 week trips to Myanmar, Australia, Taiwan and Vietnam. I felt it was a little too much traveling but when a promo ticket comes up i cannot resist booking it straight away. This year we have been to Cambodia and next month we will visit Japan. Next year we already have promo tickets to Korea and Sri Lanka. 2019 who knows? The only -lace in the Philippines that is still on my bucket list are the Batanes Islands.
  7. Big mistake!! He should have set the rules straight away when he met his wife, now it is too late without upsetting the wife. When i met my wife i said "no money to your family and no relatives staying with us except for a short visit. Now i have been with my wife, living in Palawan for 22 years and she has never asked for anything for her family, but i guess i am lucky as she and all her brothers and sisters attended university and not short of a penny.
  8. If you really want to get away from it i suggest you consider Dumaran Island , a 30 minute ride from Santa Teresita in the NE of Palawan. Here the people are not spoiled by tourism and when we were there last year all the locals smiled and shouted hello. They were so friendly but you are unlikely to meet many expats there. The island is about 40X30 kms, great for kayaking but you would have to live like a local eating fresh produce and seafood as there are no supermarkets there.
  9. I am rather confused as the some Korean websites say that British passport holders do not require a visa for stays up to 90 days, but the Korean Embassy website in Manila mentions that foreign residents in the Philippines do require a visa. To clarify the matter I have emailed the embassy and several travel agencies who assist in obtaining visas but failed to get an answer. So my question is " has any permanent residents traveled to S Korea recently and did you get a visa beforehand ? " Appreciate any help on this matter.
  10. Hi folks, i have been a resident in the Philipines for 22 years and benefit from my Wife's Philhealth , but nowadays we take several trips out of the country to neighbouring SE Asian nations, usually two weeks at a rime. Can anyone recommend an insurance company that is reliable as we are not getting any younger and feel the need that we should be covered for medical, hospital and repatriation should it be necessary. I have had a few quotes from overseas companies but they are wanting about $300 for two weeks, which seems rather a lot to me.
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